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I truly hope you have an amazing 2012…thanks as always for the amazing support in 2011. May the coming year be filled with good health, good fortune and amazing times with family and friends. Here is my latest post on fox with some of my favorite news pics of the year. I’ll post some personal pics soon.




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Thank You

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10 Years ago today I got the opportunity of a lifetime and joined Fox News from KTXL TV in Sacramento. In the time since I have been lucky enough to visit 22 countries and 18 states while on assignment. The support from my family, friends and my wife Tamera has been absolutely amazing.
So many of you have been so supportive over the years and I am so appreciative. These are 2 of my favorite pictures and there are 11 pictures I have grabbed along the way that follow the link.



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When we were reporting on Gold in California’s Gold Country, I took this picture of an abandoned mine not far from where my grandparents had a cabin many years ago…before I was born. If you ever get the time and are in the area of Sacramento, take a day and head out on Highway 49. Great drive, cool stores, beautiful part of the country.

We’re Busy

Posted in Uncategorized on August 24, 2011 by Adam Housley

Been a little busy the last few days. First we were in California’s Mother Lode for a great story on Gold. That will air soon, but cell coverage was spotty at best. Now we have moved to the north a bit, not far from Sacramento, where a tanker fire has 5,000 homes evacuated in Lincoln. Here is one of my pics that you’ll see on fox


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So….I know I mentioned Tia & Tamera’s show was on Style, but with all the business at work and birthday etc…things have been busy as usual. Here is a link to some of the show highlights and videos. The new ones air Monday’s at 9pm on Style, so after you get your news fix on Fox News, turn on over and see the ladies.


For Release!

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