I truly hope you have an amazing 2012…thanks as always for the amazing support in 2011. May the coming year be filled with good health, good fortune and amazing times with family and friends. Here is my latest post on fox news.com with some of my favorite news pics of the year. I’ll post some personal pics soon.




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  1. Happy New Year. May 2012 be kind to all. The previous year was difficult because cancer took a relative and a friend. It’s about to take another friend soon. My wish for the New Year is that somebody find a cure for this horrific disease.

    Adam, your pics are great and I always look forward to your reporting.

  2. Goodbye and good riddance to 2011. I join you in your prayer, Sylvia, and add good mental, physical and emotional health in 2012.
    Adam, I saw your pictorial on Foxnews.com, and even without your name in the headline, was sure it was yours-and I was right. Thank you as always for taking your camera along so that we can live your experiences!

  3. @Adam Housley

    Sent e-mail to you, compadre.

    Hope you are having fun at CES.

  4. Adam Housley Says:

    Sylvia…I will say your prayer also and Doggies…thanks as always for the support. I am going to set up a new blog/way that we can all stay in touch that works with my iPhone…that’ll help me answer and respond without having to be on my computer.

    LDG…thanks for the e-mail.


  5. Adam,

    I have an iPod and hubby has iPad, we both have lap top pc’s, so we have “all our bases covered”!

    BTW….my former neighbor Barry Larkin just got into the HoF and the autographed baseball he gave us is now worth more money! LOL

  6. @Adam Housley

    most welcome.

    iPhone/iPad blogging using WordPress (like this ‘blog does)?


    Apps for both devices, AFAIK.


    And building on @Sylvia’s baseball HOF news, we’ve just sent over one of our best to MLB: Yuu Darvish signed with the Rangers last week. You’ve likely heard me talk about this pitcher before; He’s the real thing. Only open question is if he can adjust to the way things happen in the Majors.

  7. LDG,

    Did you see the movie Moneyball? It’s a great movie about the wheeling/dealing stuff that baseball GM’s do.

  8. @Sylvia

    I’ve not seen the movie version; I’m very familar with both the real-world events and the book version.

    Is the movie a good time?

  9. K. C. - Fresno, ca. Says:

    Well, Happy New Year to everyone out there. Planning on having a great 2012 as is my wish for all of you.

    Sounds like the birthday party for Guy was a blast. Cute pictures.

    Hope you received my email last week wishing you a very happy birthday – if not – Happy Late Birthday to you my friend.

  10. K. C. - Fresno, ca. Says:


    By the way, hope you do not go to high tech in changing this blog. All I have is this computer – nothing else. Would hate not being able to keep in touch

  11. @KC

    Yes, got it. Just getting around to replying to about 2 weeks’ worth of personal e-mail. Kind of sort of got overbooked for a bit there. My regrets for the delay.

  12. LDG,

    The movie was enjoyable. We get Netflix and some movies have been awful but this one was very entertaining. Also watched Midnight in Paris a few days ago and it was also very good.

  13. BTW….I am “debated” out and can’t watch any more episodes of Republicans destroying themselves. I am an Independent who dislikes MOST politicians and the BS they sling!!! This country does not have enough good honest people willing and able to take command.

    That was my political rant …..for today!

  14. @Sylvia

    good rant… and then you got the SOTU address yesterday…


  15. LDG,

    I did not watch/listen to SOTU. My sanity (or what’s left of it) can’t handle any more of the rhetoric and lies.

  16. Hello? Yoo-hoo….Gee. Can’t even get an echo in here. Hoping everyone’s doing as well as can be wished for, and happy early Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

  17. ((waves; smiles))

  18. Hasn’t been a great New Year. My Mom is VERY ill and I don’t see any hope of things getting better. I think her doctors have run out of magic pills.

    Hope everyone else is having a good year. It would be nice to hear from some Bullpen folks.

  19. @Sylvia

    Sad news, that. May good things come to you and yours, somehow.

  20. @Adam Housley

    Just an FYI: sent e-mail to you.

  21. Thanks LDG. It’s just tough to watch an alert, sharp minded person become so frail.

  22. Japanese Tsunami Debris On Path to Wash Up on US
    Twenty-five million tons of tsunami debris — houses, cars, boats, body parts — is floating across the Pacific
    You know, this just proves that what happens around the world DOES affect us all.

  23. ((peers in; looks around))

    Just sticking my nose in to see if anyone got out to see Act of Valor last weekend. Lucky lot you all are… we don’t get the film here until who-knows-when (except on-base).

    Anyway… Hope you are All having a better go of things.

    p.s. @AdamHousley ~ we’re really past 30 days’ advance notice right now, compadre. Going to need to start nailing things down if we’re to make things happen here.

  24. Thanks, LDG. I was shocked that nothing had been changed on the blog. I keep hoping, but this is getting a little ludicrous.
    Adam, Adam! Wherefore art thou?

  25. I am still here checking for updates. Hope we can keep this blog going.

  26. It is a rather useful point of contact for folks, as well as fun. Here’s hoping with you, @doggies and @Sylvia.

    Oh… and I really can’t resist, re: “Wherefore…?” ~ Because he must be who he is. ((grin)) On the other hand, a question as to Where he is might indeed be appropriate.

  27. Should we send out a search party?

  28. Might be necessary.

  29. Adam Housley Says:

    I am building a new site that will have everything in one location. So when I get home I start working on that and also Tamera’s second season of their show has been shooting a bunch which puts me outta my office. 😦
    I know, I know….excuses….but I promise it will all be worth it. I am building the site myself.
    Thanks for thinking of me…..and no one go anywhere!!

  30. nice work, @Sylvia. You used bloodhounds or did you just unleash a pride of hungry lions to see what they downed and then checked the remains…?



    @Adam Housley

    Welcome back. Gratz to the Mrs. on season 2. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got there. Do check that e-mail from back on the 14th, ne?

  31. Actually one tweet was all it took! No bloodhounds or lions!

  32. Happy March! Can’t believe we got through winter without snow! It is now tornado season.

  33. @Sylvia

    Ah ha… the “little bird told him” technique. Well done.

    No snow? Guess we got yours here. Just got about 6 inches of snow yesterday.

    Welcome to March indeed. Just a week until Purim, yes? Any fun planned?

  34. No plans for Purim except to eat Hamantaschen. Hubby likes poppyseed and I like apricot. There’s a bakery nearby that makes great Hamantaschen.

  35. yum. sign me up for some.


    Very OffTopic:


    Yeah, I see our good host has it about 6 minutes ago on twitter, and yeah I know this is a secondary source… but…

    …let’s just say my otherwise jovial mood just took a shot to the chops.

  36. I have seen the news and am shocked. Too young, too much work yet to be done. A terrible loss for his family and the country.

  37. Adam Housley Says:

    I am really sad right now…..he was a close friend.

  38. Adam, sorry for your loss. Your report on FNC about Andrew Breitbart was very well done. He would have been proud of your comments.

  39. @Adam Housley

    This one has to hurt. My sympathies. If there is any reasonable way to carry my condolences to his wife, please do so.

  40. @All

    The best darn idea of the new week ~ “Breitbart is here”:


  41. Clever idea. Do you plan to buy one?

  42. For sure. Maybe I’ll get one of the posters as well, to use in any media seminars. There are lessons to be taught about that good man.

  43. And then, on the 365th day since…

    …we get a 0220hrs wake-up earthquake (only 5.5 mag or so) right under where our good host was reporting in the days after the tsunami, over on the coastside near Hitachi-shi (Hitachi City).

    Yes, it did put all the cats under the office desk. Poor frightened furballs.

    Here’s hoping this is the only reminder-call we get on this.


    In case our good host’s report on tsunami debris was not enough for you news junkies ((grin)), do check and see the various documentaries and reports running on BBC World, Discovery Channel and History Channel. There are probably more out there as well, but those are the ones I can see on our sat-com that might also be viewable in the ‘States.

    ‘Course, if we’re really lucky… FOXNews might take the opportunity coming later this month to do something from over here…

  44. Hope you don’t get any more jolting messages!!!

    Maybe Adam will show up in your part of the world to visit and report.

    As for my part of the world, we’re suppose to get 70’s weather this week. Hopefully no tornadoes will show up.

    Tomorrow begins Daylight Savings. I don’t adjust well to time changes!

  45. @Sylvia

    Yup… one reminder was more than enough.

    Sounds like ‘Spring has Sprung’ is you’re getting mid-70’s F weather. Should make for a nice green season for you.

    Thank you for the DST reminder (we don’t do it over here).


    And, from the world of sports:

    my beloved HC Nikkou IceBucks made the Asia League Ice Hockey playoffs this year, drawing the dangerous Anyang Halla team (from South Korea) in the first round. Game four of the best-of-five was played today… (hope this link works for you)


    …and things are all tied up now 2-wins-each. Game 5 tomorrow, at home in Nikkou. GO BUCKS!

  46. March Madness has begun here. Basketball takes center stage.

  47. @Sylvia

    I do like the college hoops game; something just different enough from NBA ball to catch my attention. Any of your favored schools in the tourney? I’m not even sure that Pitt got an invitation this year, which just shows how little I know of this year’s March Madness…

  48. LDG

    Bearcats and Buckeyes are in. Are there any other schools?

    Actually, the brackets will be announced on Sunday. Don’t know about Pitt. Cincy upset Syracuse. They play Louisville tonight for Big East final. Buckeyes beat Michigan this afternoon.

    Nothing like some March Madness to distract from politics!

  49. @Sylvia

    “Are there any other schools?”

    ah, good point. ((silly grin)) Consider my question to be more like how even the Globetrotters need the Generals to make a game of it…

    Luck to both schools, Syl.


    And… for the first time in the history of the club… HC Nikkou IceBucks are through to the *Finals*; 4-3 win today sent Anyang Halla packing. Next up: the top of the league side Oji (Oji Paper Company) Eagles. Going to be a fun final round this year!

  50. LDG,

    Hope your Bucks continue to do well.

    We are now on DST. I lost an hour sleep during the night BUT I gained a year at the same time! I bet you can figure that one out!!!

  51. Heh… happy International Sylvia Day, then…

    You’re what, 29, again?

  52. Thanks LDG. You don’t have to “duck”. I’ve gotten used to my senior status…..my son-in-law has already thrown a few age barbs my way (bless his heart)…..and I just have to be happy I’m still around. Many of my friends have died way too young.

  53. @Sylvia

    Don’t mind about the age matter… all of us younger than you are catching up (percentage-wise) every year… ((grin))

    “Many of my friends…” ~ um, yes. Got a couple I would have traded places with. This last calendar year has been particularly hard on friends and associates of LDG.

    anyway, on to somewhat brighter topics.



    Our good host got a slideshow of his Africa tour pictures up on FOXNews Travel, but the only link (so far) is a blind link on his Twitter feed. Here’s the open link:


    Nice job on the pics.

  54. LDG,

    Thanks for the link. Those pictures are awesome.

  55. and in the spirit of continuing with brighter topics…

    this one’s a silly for @doggies


    …and anyone who works in an office.

  56. LDG….Great dog pictures! I don’t work in an office but I am a dog lover!

  57. LOL! Thanks for the kick, Sylvia! I was here yesterday, but something interrupted and I got sidetracked. Again.
    Thank you, LDG-those are precious, and I’m going to be sending them on, you can count on that.
    Oh-and first of all, let it be known that I don’t follow basketball, either, but my alma mater, Lamar University is in the Southland Conference this year. Adam says he remembers playing Lamar in baseball, so I hope this brings back a memory or two for him.
    Under weird news: The Weather Channel said last weekend that the first day of the “Spring Forward” is the #1 day of the year for heart attacks. Isn’t that freaky? Sunlight deprivation to the nth degree!
    Thanks again, LDG and Sylvia! Muchas gracias!

  58. Adam Housley Says:

    Hey everyone…LDG…obviously this election kept us from heading over. It’s slim pickings until the Republicans pick their candidate. Meantime….it was a rough couple of weeks. Andrew died and then my friend Maurice Hilliard died. Just crazy. Both men were 43 and such great people.
    I hope everyone is well.
    Good news….the new website is up and the blog portion…which is this….will be connected soon.
    look at adamhousley.tv
    It is all meant to tie right in with fox news.com
    Let me know what you think.
    Thanks for all the support and well wishes.


  59. @Adam Housley

    re: “kept us from heading over.” ~ Ah well, so it goes. There will be other times, and maybe other places…

    re: both men ~ @Sylvia and I were going over that same ground a little earlier in this thread. Way too much of good people dead too soon going on, recently. Just got to keep the memories alive while we press on and see to the survivors.

    You be well too, compadre.

    re: adamhousley.tv ~ hm. will take a look. BBIAB.

  60. OK, gave it a look. Very pretty, although not much density of presentation… Functionality appears to be good. I’d say it will be all for good when you get more of what you want there.

    I do hope you can keep a function like this with simple commenting *like this* available. Many of the newer website designs that go with Disqus (or similar functions) for thread commenting just muck up the process… and people who get annoyed by the process of commenting, well, they stop commenting. Just my 2c.

  61. hey… I deleted one of those ‘like this’…


    OK, maybe something with a required preview function would be good too.


  62. @All

    alright… Who’s tickling the damn catfish?

    earthquake of 6.8 mag off Hokkaidou earlier this evening and now we got *whacked* with another one:

    2105 hrs local time Estimated 6.1 mag right close by onshore in Chiba (the prefecture east of Toukyou and just southeast of here) that gave us a smart Shindou (Japanese Earthquake Intensity) of 4 here… they got the better part of 6 over on the coast near Narita International Airport. No casualty report yet. Probably too close to shore for a tsunami (although the earlier quake today put out a small tsunami up in the far north).

    will watch the local reports and see what comes in.

  63. Here’s the JapanMet (newest) report:


    They’ve revised the local effects on the coastside down to a 5+ Intensity.

  64. LDG,

    Are you bothering the catfish again? Just wondering because it wasn’t me!

    As for anything techie I like simple.

  65. re: “Are you bothering the catfish again?” ~ not me. I limit my suicidal urges to particularly heroic purposes.

    but some one is certainly upsetting the fish…

    ((casts a suspicious sideglance around))


    different topic: @Adam Housley ~ you’ve got mail.

  66. *looking behind the curtain” seeing if he door is still open! 😉

  67. I am suddenly having trouble posting here and had to log into wordpress. Should I blame the catfish?

  68. testing… 2… 3…

    if this posts, then no trouble here.

    (yes, blame the catfish)

  69. sylviaoh Says:

    I can post using WordPress but only if I add the “oh” to my name. That damn catfish….sorry!

  70. I DIDN”T do it!

    (I hope!)

  71. @Patty didn’t tickle the catfish, or break wordpress…

    @Sylvia now sounds more surprised than usual…

    … and I’m to enjoy a St. Patrick’s Day with hearth, hockey and the Mrs.

    Have a great weekend, @All!

  72. sylviaoh Says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Sounds like LDG has a fun day planned.

    March Madness will take up some of our day. Hubby’s brackets are now a disaster, but all Ohio teams are still alive.

  73. K. C. - Fresno, ca. Says:

    Just stopped in to say Hi to all and Happy St. Patricks Day

    LDG – sounds like a good day planned for you

    Patty – Missed you

    Slyvia – we will see if this goes thru for me – lets hope so

  74. K. C. - Fresno, ca. Says:

    WOW – it worked like normal – whew! ! ! ! !

  75. Adam Housley Says:

    I did not stir the catfish. I did not mess with wordpress. I did not have a green beer…..yet.
    Have a great day everyone!
    LDG, I will ensure that the new spot will be called the same and the interaction will be the same. It will also allow me easier access that I can comment right from my phone.
    Patty, Sylvia, K.C……hope all of you are well.

  76. @Adam Housley

    re: “have a green beer” ~ just so long as no prankster talks you into ordering a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_and_Tan in a RepIrish bar…


    We did good here Saturday, thanks. Now to get prepped for the new week.

  77. sylviaoh Says:


    I read the beer link and decided I’m still not a big fan of beer.

  78. Yum catfish! My fav… but I prefer the farm pond ones!

    Thanks Adam, as well as needed for feet to hit the floor every morning… so all is good …enough!

    LDG… I think I missed you! haha

  79. sylviaoh Says:

    After having little sleep due to the late night Cincy win over FSU, I am trying to function with STRONG coffee.

    For the first time 4 Ohio colleges (Cincy, Ohio State, Xavier of Cincinnati, and Ohio U) are going to the Sweet 16.

    Problem: Hubby is Ohio State grad, I’m a Cincy grad, and they play each other on Thursday. Now THAT is March Madness!!!

  80. @Patty

    Missed you too. Hope we see more of you around these parts!


    “Problem” ~ ah so… that could be hard to manage. Hm, have you considered having @doggies call up and support your team (As hers regretably is already out) to give you the advantage of numbers?

  81. LDG,

    I think it will take more than doggies’ fan support to get a Bearcat win!

    We have 2 college flags and only 1 pole. Which flag do we fly first?
    Hubby is leaving up the Cincy flag for now (I think he feels OSU will have more winning days ahead).

  82. @Sylvia

    Well, luck to you both for a good and well-played game… but I’ll pull for your side just in solidarity. Honoured husband wins the good sport prize for the flags, btw.

  83. sylviaoh Says:

    Happy Spring Everyone!

    It feels more like summer. Been in the 80’s here and I am loving this weather.

    LDG….thanks for Bearcat support. Solidarity is good!!!

  84. Good early morning, @All. On a day like today (went here), remember those magic words that get you through:

    “Only two more days until the weekend.”


    @Adam Housley

    Any text or transcript (closed caption list would be good enough) of the Iran LatAm Media story ( http://t.co/0GTLpgaE ) ?

  85. sylviaoh Says:

    Buckeye flag will now be on our flag pole. Bearcats couldn’t hold off strong Ohio State team. I will strongly cheer on OSU and also wish Xavier well in NCAA. Hubby and I are now on the same team!!!

  86. @Sylvia

    Ah well, but on to the next round. Good luck to you (both).

    Do you think that Ohio State has what it takes to go all the way?

  87. sylviaoh Says:

    LDG, I think they have a chance if they play hard the entire games. They tend to get sloppy/unfocused and have to fight back after seeing their lead disappear.

  88. @Sylvia

    Well, they better… because my team (in hockey, here) and your team (Bearcats) are sharing the same fate right now. IceBucks lost today, in overtime, and with it went the championship. Down 0-3 in the 3rd Period, came back scoring 3 straight to force overtime… but put only 16 shots-on-goal the whole game. Oji Eagles had 52… I suspect they scored the OT winner only after disabling our goalie with fatigue.

  89. LDG, sorry your team lost. There’s always next year….which is what I say every year!

  90. sylviaoh Says:

    Ohio State beat Syracuse and now go on to the Final Four. Happy campers here!!!

  91. @Adam Housley

    Hope you are getting down to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery tomorrow (your time; the 27th) for Lex’s funeral (that story tip from a few weeks ago). If you aren’t but for example FOX local in San Diego is, do look to see how they do, please.

  92. sylviaoh Says:


    Did somebody bother the catfish again? Any damage this time?

  93. @Sylvia

    Someone sure did… they got rocked pretty hard up in the NorthEast, but no reports of anything major. ‘Course, that being the area that was so badly damaged last year it’s not like there is much standing that could come down (what new construction there is built to super-high-standards). I’ll go look at the field reports shortly and see if any casualties came in. I just got back into the office after rounds today.

  94. Yup, No casualties. Rail service shutdown in the NorthEast only as a precaution and has already restarted.

  95. sylviaoh Says:

    That’s good news. That catfish better go into hibernation for a long time!

  96. and:


    also, players from both teams took a trip up to the NorthEast earlier and ran a training clinic for kids from some of the schools that are just recovering from last year’s disaster. It was *very* cool to see that happen. ‘Course, the kids were just stunned; most of them had never seen a non-Japanese up close and the most common quote the news reporters got was “They are *so* big!”… heh. There sure were a lot of “thank you’s” said, too.

  97. LDG,

    That is a really nice article. The baseball training clinic for kids is an awesome event. I’m sure they enjoyed it.

  98. Game 2 of the MLB in Japan series:


    Oakland over Seattle to split the series.

    Happy Friday to @All, and here’s to a good weekend.

  99. sylviaoh Says:

    Buckeyes blew it. There’s always next year!

  100. ((sigh))

    commiserations, @Sylvia.

  101. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG- I didn’t make it down there, but I will look into it. Did you see my link on Facebook to a great soldier in the northeast? In any case…I promise I am so close to getting this blog onto the new website and then it’ll be a heck of a lot easier to access. I am building my brothers website also. 🙂
    Sylvia….it was a great run and a good game tho.
    Patty….still thinking about some catfish right now. Making me hungry and K.C. my buddy Brandon Belt may be in Fresno again for the Giants. Hopefully not tho….he should be on the big club.

  102. @Adam Housley

    Understood. If I can help point you in the direction of anything for that, do please ask.

    Yes, saw that report on Spc (now Sgt. ?) Weichel. My associate Wm. Jacobson who has his home in R.I. posted a great story about him:
    …which includes a little seen earlier video.

    I’ve high hopes for the new ‘blogsite, so WTG&KD (way to go and keep digging) on that.

    Thanks for looking in on us here.

  103. sylviaoh Says:

    Adam and LDG,

    Did you hear about the deal Joey Votto got with the Reds? It’s a 10 year, $225 million contract extension. He won the lottery in baseball!

  104. @Sylvia

    No… wow.

    ((looks for details))

    Ah, here we go:


    Cripes, but that’s a lot for a 1st Baseman… even a franchise player. How the heck can the Reds afford that (without cutting everyone else loose)?

  105. sylviaoh Says:

    I have no idea how the Reds’ owner can afford that. Cincy is a small town market compared to NYC. It amazes me. Maybe Adam will have some answers or comments.

  106. ((wave and smile))

    Hope all are well.


    ’tis that time again… There are 15 Steps in the Temple…

    Hope you have a lovely Seder come this evening.

  107. sylviaoh Says:


    Thank you. I’m making brisket, chicken matzo ball soup, and potato kugal for dinner tonight.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend however you celebrate.

  108. @Sylvia

    Thank you! We’re kind of boring around here; we celebrate the coming of Spring and new life, but nothing as significant as either the Jewish or Christian versions… which of course reminds me to say…


    …and being that it is *the* most important holiday on the Christian calendar… Happy Easter to all who celebrate it!

  109. cheryljones Says:

    I also want to wish a happy Easter or Passover to everyone here. It’s nice to see Adam back, too, isn’t it?
    Hope all of you have a wonderful night and day.

  110. sylviaoh Says:


    Any comments about N Korea and the launch a few minutes ago? Should we be extra worried….or just worried?

  111. @Sylvia

    For the moment, just worried.

    click on the CompHyp link under my name and you can see a couple of thread over there about what’s been going on, and there will be more there if things keep getting worse.

  112. sylviaoh Says:

    I can’t see any chance of things getting better. Between N. K and Iran the chance of good news is hard to imagine. They both scare me.

  113. @Sylvia

    Yeah, and they work together.

  114. sylviaoh Says:


    So if embargo doesn’t deter either what else is left? Israel would probably try to take care of the Iran problem. I don’t know if anyone would deal with NK.

  115. @Sylvia

    Either would be a tough nut to crack from the outside, frankly. Israel could ‘defeat’ the current plans and efforts of Iran, but that by itself won’t ‘deal’ with the problem.

    Both countries would be well served with a change in management, IMO, and that *might* solve the problem(s)… almost certainly if the change was by purely internal popular revolt… but that’s proving unlikely in Iran and near-impossible in NorK.

    Hate to say it, but the optimal possible outcome for both may simply be collapse from either isolation or insurrection, and a long drawn-out period of civil disorder. What we’ll likely get is a partial collapse, a period of dangerous instability and then some form of outside intervention… and outside cost in blood and treasure. (cf. Iraq and more recently in-progress, Syria) Nasty possibility, all that.

  116. sylviaoh Says:

    Well, that info just makes it more depressing. I feel sorry for people who live in repressive countries but I don’t think the US can or will solve anything. I don’t think Americans have any desire for more wars and I don’t think any other country will help out. The UN is a waste of our tax dollars and will never solve any problems. So I guess the world will remain under threat from dangerous dictators.

  117. and time passes…

    Here’s a little something from my shop over at CompHyp, posted here with a thank you to our good host for pointing out the GretaWire link I cited:


    Hope @All are having a good weekend.

  118. Good morning.

    LDG, I have been a Gretawire blogger for 8 years and know she has gone to difficult places over the years (including N Kor several times).

  119. @Sylvia

    and G’morning to you!

    I thought I recalled that you were big on Gretawire. Wasn’t knowing someone from there how you came to wander over here?

  120. sylviaoh Says:


    Greta told her bloggers to check out Adam’s blog. I did and I stayed!! The irony is I hardly ever comment on Gretawire anymore. Too many nasty people and name stealers.

    I made a lot of friends on Gretawire, a couple I even met in person while on trips. I keep in touch with many of them on FB or e-mail. It’s amazing how friendships develop on the internet.

  121. @Sylvia

    Ah, that’s what it was. Thank you for the reminder.

    We do have fun here. ((grin))



    A little something Kitty for @Susan:


    Sometimes the feral cat at your door *isn’t* just a cat… but aren’t those house kitties nice to neighbors?

  122. sylviaoh Says:

    That video was really cute.

  123. K. C. - Fresno, ca. Says:


    Happy, happy congrats to the news that a little Housley is on the way. Sooooooo excited for all of you

  124. sylviaoh Says:


    Just saw the happy news on Twitter. Congrats!!!!

  125. Congratulations!

  126. susan corral Says:

    OMGAWD!! Adam is with a Junior on the way? Awesome!!! congratulations, dear Adam-
    LDG- I have been so busy- I have the shelter garage sale tomorrow and Saturday- plus, the shelter-I haven’t even been on fb in days!!! and when this happens, this means, I am busy- I loved the ^^^ video!!!
    Hello to all of you! I so hope everyone is doing great!

  127. susan corral Says:

    LDG- when Maggi and I did a run one night out at a lake to pick up some traps we had placed there to trap some cats dumped at a campsite, we saw a bobcat on the way- I told her to not even think about stopping!!) 😀

  128. susan corral Says:

    catfish talk here- I love catfish- farm raised! yummy!! 😀

  129. susan corral Says:

    call me Adam when you need a babysitter- what your child can learn from me!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  130. @Susan

    Hi there, stranger! Hope the garage sale went well and that all is purry for you.

  131. Have I mentioned that we have also adopted a kitten? One of our dogs was going ballistic, and had the poor little thing backed up into a corner. Making a long story (w/vet visits and nursing and getting her acclimated to the pack, Lucky Lou (I did not do the naming of this one) is purrfectly content! Strange how things work out, isn’t it?

  132. PS Oh, LDG, I’m sorry! I forgot to tell you that I loved the video. Just proves that no matter how big, they’re all kitties inside! Thanks. My ‘doggy door” is on my storm door. With the big door closed (and locked) at night, we’re good to go. Now…as to those huge holes that are dug every night, mysteriously…who knows? Possum or armadillo or rabbit…oh, my! 😉

  133. @cheryl

    Wonderful news! I’ve seen households of doggies adopt a kiity (and vice versa), but it sometimes doesn’t go so well. Congrats on your success!

    re: p.s. ~ Heh. Mysterious, indeed. Lucky you don’t have any dainihonmoguraneko (Giant Japanese Mole Cat) around…

  134. sylviaoh Says:

    Awfully quiet here! Anyone around?

  135. ((waves))

    Still about the place.

  136. sylviaoh Says:


    The past 10 days have been stressful and somewhat chaotic. My Mom got really critical on May 7. Her at home care takers couldn’t handle her anymore and she had to be admitted to Hospice facility the evening of May 8. Mom passed away the afternoon of May 11. The funeral was Monday and now I am dealing with all the after death issues/requirements. It is overwhelming.

    Hope all is well in your part of the world.

  137. @Sylvia

    Anything that might be amiss here pales in comparison.

    You have my sympathy; on the odd chance there is anything with the after-issues I might help with, do let me know.

  138. sylviaoh Says:

    Thank you LDG.

    I am trying to get some things done each day but the hardest part is seeing the”last moments” over and over in my mind. I have never seen anyone take a last breath before. The only good news is Mom gave me a big smile 1 hour prior to death. Then she fell asleep. It was surreal. As you can probably guess I am not one who is comfortable with this situation. I don’t even like to see open caskets!

  139. sylviaoh Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that Cheryl’s (Doggies) Mom passed away yesterday. I can’t believe it happened so soon after my Mom. Cheryl called me last weekend and now she is going through the same thing. Kind of eerie.

  140. @Sylvia

    Thanks for the news of Cheryl’s mother. My condolences to her as well.


    re: last moments ~ I’m not going to tell you it would ever be easy, but the ‘replaying’ does lose some intensity after a little time passes. You got a Smile; an understanding that she knew you were there and a statement of joy in that. No trauma, wound, or agony… she just ‘fell asleep’. That’s not a bad out, I think.

  141. sylviaoh Says:


    Thanks for the support. I am trying to stay focused on what has to be done and not dwell on the past few days. Guess time will dull the loss.

  142. K. C. - Fresno, ca. Says:


    Moina Michael, 1915

    I was reminded of this when I purchased my poppy today

  143. @KC


    Hope you, and @All, had a good weekend. My dear Mum wrote to tell me she actually got out to see the Memorial Day parade in her town.

  144. cheryljones Says:

    Thank you, Sylvia and LDG. In a way, it was sort of a deja vu . What Sylvia had shared with me stayed with me. Sylvia, you’ll never know what a blessing you were.
    KC, that was beautiful. I wore an American flag T-shirt on Memorial Day, and was in the grocery store when an older gentleman came up to me and told me he liked it. I thanked him, and asked, “Did you serve, Sir”? He was in the Navy for 20 years, so I shook his hand and thanked him for his service. He thanked me for my patriotism.
    It was a poignant moment between two strangers with a common love of the USA.

  145. sylviaoh Says:

    Thanks Cheryl. I just tried to prepare you for what you would be dealing with. Our Mothers were going through crisis at the same time and I just happened to be a few days ahead of you!

    Hope you are doing better. I’m busy with all the details involved with closing out Mom’s household affairs. Be glad you still have your Dad.

  146. cheryljones Says:

    Oh, I am, Sylvia! I’ve been staying down there more than I’ve been home, lately. It’s a sad sad situation. They were married 70 years. And btw, people, the funeral home and cemetery cost over $20,000. Prepare, and be prepared.

  147. sylviaoh Says:

    Cheryl, I know about funeral costs! We already had the cemetery plot and monument because Dad passed away in 1993. The graveside funeral for Mom was still over $10,000. I’m still waiting for the final bill to arrive. It is really expensive to die!!!!

  148. and then… ((time passes))


    Hope things are going better for everyone. I see our good host drawn another disaster to report on… hope he’s got his NOMEX Underoos with him…

    Things here are, well, …um…


    …about like this, but waredrobe hasn’t issued us the fancy costumes.

  149. sylviaoh Says:

    Good Morning. No disasters here today…..yet!!! Raining after many sunny days.

    Hope nobody needs any costumes to get through the day. I think we all need some calm time!!!

  150. cheryljones Says:

    Oh, yes. Please…

  151. Hey everyone! I have not been on here in forever, but I wanted to drop in and say Hello! I am going into my senior year of college at Florida State University and will be graduating in May!

  152. @Avi

    Hey there, welcome back! I’m glad to hear you are doing well.


    Is anyone else back from ‘summer break’ here? It’s been a couple months…

  153. Hi all. Summer is flying by and I am not looking forward to cold weather. It’s been a busy time here. Our daughter, son-in-law, and grand dog were here over the fourth holiday week. We’ve also have had time with friends from out of town and from here too.

    Hope all are well. Would be nice to see more people on Bullpen.

  154. @sylviaoh

    Glad you are well and had a good busy time.

    Any thoughts on things out in the world? or politics? “OIHO”, maybe?

  155. @Adam Housley

    Belated Happy Birthday, my fine fellow. Heard you got to a ball game as part of the celebration.

  156. LDG, all I can say is “dope” and “shame” are pathetic and need to be replaced by hopefully better people. I am amazed that voters can over look the lousy job by our current administration.

  157. susan corral Says:

    Did the Bullpen die? is this the latest entry? CONGRATULATIONS Adam on your latest!!! Aden!!!

  158. susan corral Says:

    where is Adam’s new site?

  159. @Susan

    There doesn’t seem to be one that he maintains. No word on the unified media site he spoke of last year. Twitter and FB appear to be his preferred social media…


    @Adam Housley

    Like you’ll see it here, but what the heck:

    My best to you and the missus and congratulations upon the birth of your son! Be well and safe, all of you.

  160. susan corral Says:

    LDG- he has been so busy-no time for this- and now with Aden, much less time! I found a really cute picture of Aden on the internet- darling!!!!! I hope all is well with you! hugs!

  161. susan corral Says:


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