When we were reporting on Gold in California’s Gold Country, I took this picture of an abandoned mine not far from where my grandparents had a cabin many years ago…before I was born. If you ever get the time and are in the area of Sacramento, take a day and head out on Highway 49. Great drive, cool stores, beautiful part of the country.


55 Responses to “Mines”

  1. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG…..I am waiting. LOL

  2. ((laughs))

    So *now* you’ve got the time to do this and you spend it poking me?

    Hehhehheh, OK…

    On Topic:

    I like the picture. Would you care for a comment on (1) California’s small gold businesses getting going again, or (2) the dangers of unsecured or poorly secured old mine sites, or (3) a historical aside as to the type of barbed wire portrayed… ?

    Off Topic:

    Any one else following the rumour-mill surrounding the fading health of Hugo Chavez? Any bets on whether this will do him in before the people of Venezuela get a chance to give him the “Mussolini Homecoming”?

    Even Further Off Topic:

    Our local Ice Hockey team, traditional cellar-dwellers, are off to a 4-0 start (3 in reg; 1 in OT) and are looking good going into a weekend two-game homestand. Go Bucks!

  3. LDG,

    Glad your hockey team is doing well. My Bengals are only doing well with amount of arrests. I think they lead the NFL with that.

    As for Chavez, I am clueless as to the severity of his Cancer. Not exactly losing sleep over his illness.

    As for the gold mines, I love gold but have no knowledge of the mining part of it.

  4. Adam Housley Says:

    Well….Sylvia I happen to like your answers. Here are mine.

    Gold mines in the gold country that built the west beginning in 1849….well there is only one of em open nowadays and that is just happening.

    Chavez trying to dispel rumors of his demise threw a baseball today, but looked like a girl doing it. Let’s hope he succumbs soon.

    Gotta love winning…even if it is in SF Giants torture style.

    AND….drum roll please…here is one reason why I was MIA for a bit.


  5. Adam, I’ve seen your reporting on Murray trial. I think doctors have a responsibility to refuse treatment when it is not safe medicine. My hubby is an ER doc and he would NEVER give meds to patient unless necessary and not simply requested by patient. I also think the whole Jackson family is NUTS….but that’s another story!

    Back to football…fans are boycotting Bengals (Mike Brown) and home games are blacked out on TV due to no sell out. Last week there were over 20,000 empty seats. My hubby is Cleveland Browns fan and he thinks the Bengals will never do well as long as Mike Brown has complete control of team. We the tax payers are getting screwed because we have to foot the bill for everything stadium related. Mike Brown is making millions while we pay for all upgrades to his stadium.

    I guess that’s my ranting for today! LOL

  6. @Adam Housley

    read your above item about the Dr. Murray trial… oh brother, what a zoo. Here’s hoping you get to report on something with a bit more to it again, soon. I mean, you clearly *can* do the Tinseltown Times reporter gig… and it’s even fun sometimes, I’d wager… but…

    …what do you say? Anchoring a news desk or going out to do celeb stories; all part of the job. For every Story of Global Importance(tm) you draw, there has got to be a bunch of these.

    Be of good cheer; even if your Giants were playing from a stretcher most of the season, they still did pretty darn well and may well be dangerous again next year when everyone is healthy.

    Did you hear the announcement about MLB coming over here to open the 2012 season? Mariners vs …um… Red Sox (?) at the Toukyou Dome in March.


    Yes, re: doctor’s responsibilities. Absolutely.

    re: Rant ~ Oh no; you folks got caught up in another of those dirty “keep the team in the city” stunts that the sports team owners are sooooo good at pulling that leave the taxpayers footing the bill for stadium things? You have my sympathy. About the only cure is to look into whether there is collusion between the owner(s) and the city politicos and make them pay at the ballot box next time, but that often is after the money is spent. ((sigh))

  7. and for your HC Nikkou Ice Bucks update:

    Happy Dance time; 5-0 to make our boys 5-0.

    We put five in the net against the Nippon Seishi (Nippon Paper Group) Cranes to put our best *ever* season-opening streak to 5 games. Stopped 44 shots-on-goal for the shutout, too.

    Go Bucks!

  8. LDG,
    Does “GO BUCKS” also apply to Ohio State football? They need all the support they can get!

    As for the Bengal crap…..one of the county commisioners who signed off on that deal went to work for Mike Brown (Bengals owner) after the deal was made!!! The other commisioner who voted for it is a Democrat who always seems to land on his feet even when he screws up (no, he didn’t get my vote). This stuff would be easier to swallow IF the team owner put a winning team on the field. He knows less about football than I do, and I just know the basics.

  9. @Sylvia

    re: “Does “GO BUCKS” also apply…” ~ Heck, sure. I’m in an expansive mood. Just be sure they (Ohio State) don’t have any rivals out there with Deer or Elk mascots and we’re good.

    re: Bengals ~ oh. My genuine sympathies. As you know, I cheer Pittsburgh teams in most all US sports, but even I can’t wish that sort of fate on the Bengals.

  10. LDG,

    “Go Bucks” didn’t help. They are DOA. No passing game. No running game.
    Now I have to look forward to the Bengals being worse tomorrow.

    Maybe next year! I’m saying that earlier in the season than ever before. The joys of sports.

  11. @Sylvia


    Ghastly. Any chance of deciding to follow a Pro Lacrosse team or something for the reast of the autumn?

    ((trying to look on the bright side))

    Our good host’s 49er’s pulled off an upset yesterday (and yes, my Ice Bucks did get it done to go 6 wins straight to open the season).

    There’s got to be some team in your area doing it right… I hope…

  12. Adam Housley Says:

    yaaaaaaaaaaawn. We are going 4am-6:30pm on the Jackson trial. Looooong days. YES!! The 49ers are 3-1 and the Giants are the world champs. Never been able to say that before.

    Any better feeling on the Bengals? LDG any chance for lacrosse across the pond? LOL

  13. Adam, are you drinking lots of coffee? LOL

    As for the Bengals, even though they managed to win last week they will not be a contender under Mike Brown. We the tax payers will continue to fund a team and stadium while the Brown family pockets mega bucks. The good news is no Bengal got arrested this week….so far!

  14. MJackson stories… the bane of our good host’s existence… or at least of his sleep schedule. ‘Course, when he was over here it was the time-difference that played hobb with things.

    @Adam Housley

    Lacrosse… heh, presuming that was a serious question… No pro league here, but scads of high school and university leagues. It and Field Hockey were fairly popular girl’s school games in particular. Oddly, basketball is the hot “new” women’s school sport now.


    re: “(not) arrested … this week” ~ Gad, but what a thing to consider good news. Better news would be arresting the politicians behind that funding deal, IMO.

  15. LDG,
    The politicians will never get arrested. The irony is this special deal was sold to the voters as a money maker for the county and then all it does is drain our funds. The fans have spent an additional fortune buying the “right” to have seats which doesn’t include season tickets. Glad Hubby and I didn’t buy tickets!

  16. @Sylvia

    Glad you didn’t, too.


    The Sabbath of Sabbaths. May peace come to you and yours.

  17. LDG,

    Thank you.

    You are correct about Yom Kippur, the holiest day for Jews, was on the Sabbath this year.

  18. Adam Housley Says:

    So…harvested grapes for the first time ever in the rain. UGH…loooong day and I do have pictures to prove it. How about my 49ers! LDG….congrats on the big start to the hockey season and I do hope to come for baseball’s opening day!

    Sylvia…that whole situation is brutal. Some cities can do it the right way like SF and San Diego….both fans and a once bad area of town benefit.

  19. @Adam Housley

    re: rain at harvest ~ Oh. Drat. I seem to remember about how late rains are really hard on the quality of the crop. Hope yours got in safely.

    re: sports ~ How about your 49er’s… turned things in a good direction, haven’t they. 4 and 1 now? Thanks for the congrats. We finally ran out of invinciblity on the road in South Korea this last weekend, but the Ice Bucks did make a split of the games so far… against arguably the second-best club in the league… 7 wins (6 reg) and 1 loss in regulation… we play again tonight over there and actually are on the road in the ROK and a short stand in the PRC for the rest of this month, but the games after tonight’s are *all* winnable in a big way. The ‘Bucks may well come home to a very happy crowd. Heh.

    re: Opening Day ~ I thought that might well work out. I’ll go with “hope” for now. Keep me appraised as to how I might help, and I’ll start some contingencies as to things to do up north to see the recovery efforts around that time. Just in case.


    And welcome to the new week… (well, Tuesday, but who likes Mondays anyway?)

    Anyone want to hear the story of the “The Mystery of the Dog that *Did* Bark…” that happened last weekend?

  20. LDG,

    Just saw on FNC that Obama sent 100 troops to Uganda to train others. Isn’t that how Viet Nam started?? My relative told me that Africa was going to be the next hot spot. How will military deal with all this with budget cuts?

  21. @Sylvia

    Yes, there has been a deployment. Here’s a more detailed open source report:


    re: “Isn’t…?” ~ Birds of an entirely different feather, my friend. The ‘Nam was a nearly two decade long post-colonial war *before* American troops intervened in force… and one actively a part of a larger conflict (The Cold War).

    re: “hot spot” ~ Is. Has been. Just hasn’t been well reported. One caveat, however… Africa is a *big* place, and there is a lot different and a lot of separation between regions, conflicts and motivations. Lumping it all together is a mistake.

    re: “deal with all this” ~ That’s a hard one, but generally speaking the military and OGAs (other government agencies… a euphemism for you-know-who) is that even in times of severe strain (Carter years being a great example) they are capable of putting together some very reliable small focused efforts. It is the big tasks that suffer in lean years or if forces are overextended.

    Also, note this wasn’t an Obama administration initiative. They couldn’t care less. Sen. Inhofe has been the one true champion of trying to get some help to the Ugandans and the regime just wnet along… note the Friday end-of-day document drop to try and keep it out of the news… heh.

    So, don’t be too surprised about this deployment.

    1) The US military has improved greatly in its understanding of Africa matters. They still can’t hold a candle to some of the European post-colonial forces in level of understanding, but they also aren’t as caught up in the politcal mire as they are. (In my career time, Area Specialists with any real understanding of East, Central, South, and much of West Africa were as rare as hen’s teeth. Now you can safely say they are simply uncommon and often unappreciated.)

    2) There are permanent US military assets tasked to Africa now, finally. Not a lot, but enough to do some things and do them well. AFRICOM is the responsible command.

    3) Look at operations over the last 20 years in Colombia for an example of how a very small number of very good US troops can help make good local troops great… and do so fairly quietly and economically.

    4) The LRA really are a horrible bunch and are a regional threat to Uganda, South Sudan, the CAR and the DR Congo… and they are holed up in some of the nastiest terrain on the planet, and attacking some of the poorest and most vulnerable people on the planet. The Ugandan Army has done great work in reducing the LRA and putting them on the run, but finishing them off is beyond their capability. They tried in 2009 and the LRA gave slip to a massive effort. So now “we” do this the right way. Slow, grinding reduction and then pull them out by the roots.

    5) Oh yeah, it might help to note that we (USA) owe the Ugandans and several other East African nations our thanks for having stepped up and helped in the hellhole assignment of supporting the TFG in Somalia, saving American troops from having to do it any more than absolutely necessary.

    Ok, this is really long… hope it helps.

  22. LDG,

    Thanks for the info. I understand the humanitarian aspects of this decision. Administration is calling it a national security decision which I think is BS to get American approval.

    By the way….my relative’s chosen area is Africa. Need I say more? He is still stateside for now.

  23. @Sylvia

    Most welcome and yeah, if that’s how it’s being explained, that’s demonstratably BS. Pity that. The matter is one of NatSec to our allies in the region, though.

    re: “By the way…” ~ Ah, so? Good on him. Did he pick his qualifying language from in-region, or did he originally focus on somewhere else and then switch to one of the Africa specialties later, or… (some other explanation)? Just curious.

    From all you say, he sounds like a fine fellow. It’d be a pleasure to cross paths.

  24. LDG,

    He’s been African region for quite awhile but detoured to Afghan and Iraq when needed. He speaks many languages. He told me he learns enough to get by in any area.

    Besides being brave and smart he is a really nice guy.

  25. ((time passes))

    Hope All are having a good weekend of it, or will.

  26. LDG,
    That was great! I have to say I stay away from the mall on weekends from Thanksgiving to New Years.I hate dealing with the crowds and lack of parking spots. So I do my shopping on weekdays during “off hours”. No matter how much I love bargains there is no way I’ll go anywhere near the mall on the BIG DAY!

  27. ((more grins))

    Hey, on a more serious matter… I do hope you’re following the whole SB5 (Issue 2) referrendum issue there in Ohio, Sylvia… It’s kind of important. The guys at 3BP are all over it, if you haven’t kept up.

  28. LDG,

    I have followed the SB5 issue and I have already voted by early ballot. I like our Governor and am not a big fan of unions. I have a feeling the issue will fail because of strong union “get out the vote”.

  29. @Sylvia

    It *might* indeed fail… but two can play at “get out the vote”, if you know what I mean… ordinary Wisconsin residents managed to turn back a huge Union effort there, although it took a lot of work.

    Here’s hoping something good can be done in Ohio.

  30. susan corral Says:

    Hello all!!!
    yes, I heard about Chavez, via Alfredo~ he posted a photo of Hugo on my FB wall and Adam’s~ I am with you, Sylvia- I am not losing any sleep~
    I am here to spam up this wall~
    as Sylvia’s knows, I am a fb addict~ I have met many musicians and I have become friends with a few- I do mean friends!
    Well, as you all know too, thanks to LDG, I am very involved with our shelter, Blistered Whiskers, and in the rescuing of cats~
    One of my musician friends has a radio show which is heard

    in Spain and the UK, as well as the USA~ Mark Kerr~ he also is a musician~ anyway, he and several radio stations
    are running this week on the air, a special dedicated to four shelters~ we are one of them~ Blistered Whiskers represents the USA~ it will be aired on radio online tomorrow at 4:00 cst- Terry’s starts at 4:00 and Mark starts at 5:00 cst~ Mark interviewed Maggi (our shelter) yesterday over the phone~ he will be airing the interview~

  31. susan corral Says:

    I also received this in my msgs~ from Mark Kerr~ this whole thing is getting larger than life~
    Mark KerrThis is a copy of the e-mail sent to Terry & I from John Hicks who is over all the radio stations listed in the e-mail below…I’m gonna make a commercial they can run all year 2011/2012 long, along with Terry’s…..

    Hi Terry and Mark

    Congratulations on putting this together. Let’s make this our “Charity of the Year” on Radio Basingstoke, Radio Alton and Radio UK International. We will run the commercial Terry sent me throughout 2011/2012 – if you have anyone who could make up a 300pcx x 300pcx web banner with the three charity website addresses on it that would be great but, if not, I will find someone to do it so we can have one on the front page of each of the websites.

    I will also ask our colleagues at UK Jazz Radio and CMR Nashville to run the commercial as well.

    Best wishes


  32. susan corral Says:

    then Tom Perlongo, Adam got one of his CD’s, good friend of mine now, did this video~

    I wanted to share the good news with you~ especially you, LDG~ since you were the one who got me started in all this!!
    adam~ Mark’s wife has in her info, her news station is FOX!!! 😀 you rock!!!


  33. @Susan

    Way to go!

    Here’s hoping good things come.

  34. An Off-Topic Q @Adam Housley re: a twitter stream aside


  35. LDG,

    Adam posted on FB that he’s going to Africa this month for vacation.

  36. @Sylvia

    Thanks. Should be a great vacation, ne?

    ‘Course, saying one is “going to Africa” is kind of like saying “going to North America”… big place and all that… ((grin))

  37. ah, it seems they’re in the RSA. Question answered. Like it helps to know now that they’re there… ((wry grin))

  38. Hi! anyone remember me? It’s good to be back, but we’re sure missing a lot of folks. Should we send out an APB? Or, better (for us) we have our Sylvia, who keeps up. How, I don’t know, but it’s a good thing she’s on our side.
    Hope all is well with our other bloggers, and I’d sure like to see what everyone is up to!
    Has anyone heard from Max, lately?

  39. @doggies

    ((waves, smiles))

    Welcome back. No sign of Max.
    (“MAX!”; <– a "The Great Race" reference for old movie fans)

  40. Thanks to all veterans for their service to our country. We are a great country because of the brave men and women who have risked or lost their lives to keep us free.

  41. Amen, Sylvia! My deep love and undying respect for my father and my husband.
    “““ Waving back! I remember that Max, too, LDG!

  42. Hey everyone! Max- LDG-Sylvia – Susan!!!!!!

    Sorry I have been MIA forever I just been super busy with school and stuff. I transferred to Florida State University from American University this Fall. How is everyone doing?! Happy Thanksgiving!

  43. Since our good host has returned from his trip…

    A trivia question to get things active here again:

    Note the recent twitter / facebook posting of a picture of the Twelve Apostles Mountains near Kaapstad (Cape Town, RSA).

    How many peaks make up the Twelve Apostles Mountains?


    Yeah, it is a trick question.


  44. LDG,

    Of course I’m going to say 12…..now you can tell me why I’m wrong!

  45. @Sylvia

    heh. You knew it couldn’t be *that* easy…

    Feel free to try again.

    On the the plus point, there is no “why” about that being an incorrect answer. It’s simply not correct.

    The whole question being an old Anglo-African joke to play on visitors… I just thought I’d share.

  46. hm… couldn’t draw any other guesses…


    Since you were so kind as to try, the answer is 17.


  47. LDG,

    Geography is not my strong point!! Actually, I’m still trying to figure out my strong point!

    Today is our Thanksgiving dinner. Larry worked yesterday from 3-11PM so I’m making a turkey today. Wil NOT be going to any malls unless Macy’s offers to give me the entire store for free!!!

    Larry passed a Walmart when he was driving home last night and said the lot was packed and traffic was backed up. He also said he had a lot of patients with stomach problems last night! I wonder why!!!

  48. @Sylvia

    “I wonder why?” ~ hehhehheh oh. shouldn’t laugh at other’s misfortune. None the less… ((grin))

    Please enjoy your belated holiday!

  49. Thank you LDG. And I plan to learn from others’ mistakes…..I won’t over eat!!!

  50. Adam Housley Says:


    And so am I. I have to say….5 weeks covering the Jackson DR. Trial and then 2 weeks in South Africa…I had little if not any internet. I used my phone for Facebook and my twitter feed is on this blog. You guys will get a look at buy pics. I am putting together the digital album now. Hope everyone had an amazing holiday!


  51. Welcome Back, Avi! what’s with the school swap?

    and heh, welcome back to our good host as well. Bet you’re happy to have got the Murray Trial and OccLA behind you, *finally*.

    Looking forward to the RSA trip photos.

  52. Hi Avi. How is life at FSU? What are you majoring in?

  53. Adam Housley Says:

    So true LDG…very happy to get that trial done. I am also working on that photo share. Wading through a couple of thousand and almost done!

    You will see them here soon!


  54. @Adam Housley

    I’ve a host of questions for you about the trip, when time allows.

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