We’re Busy

Been a little busy the last few days. First we were in California’s Mother Lode for a great story on Gold. That will air soon, but cell coverage was spotty at best. Now we have moved to the north a bit, not far from Sacramento, where a tanker fire has 5,000 homes evacuated in Lincoln. Here is one of my pics that you’ll see on fox news.com


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  1. susan corral Says:

    I am sure you heard the fire here was caused by two campers who didn’t put out the campfire!!! millions of dollars were spent~ all that damage- and they might get 30 months and 25,000 fine- Smokey the Bear is not happy!! and did you get your cd’s?
    LDG- the stuff went out in the mail today- It should be out on Monday, since I made it to the post office as they were closing~
    my new kitty sends her love! her brothers and papa Tama love her!
    lots of hugs to you and yours! šŸ˜€

  2. susan corral Says:

    wow to Adam- that orange/yellow is quite an explosion!

  3. @Susan

    Thank you. ’tis greatly appreciated.

    @Adam Housley

    Good luck and good hunting out there on the Irene story. Gee… first a Virginia earthquake, now a Mid-Atlantic region typhoon er… hurricane… sounds like things over here… let’s not be aspiring to any tsunamis or anything, ne?

  4. Since I’m right in the cone area, I’m especially paying attention to the weather. The Weather Channel just said Sabine Pass-oh, no! We’ll be doing prevention tomorrow, and I’m w/LDG-no tsunamis! Ne!

  5. susan corral Says:


  6. @doggies

    that’s about the next hurri… K… not Irene, yes? None the less, here’s hoping you’ll be safe.









  7. Been off the computer for a few days and am trying to catch up. My son-in-law’s Mother lost her battle with cancer and we made a quick trip to Florida for the memorial service.

  8. Thank you, LDG. We dodged this one, and are getting some glorious life-giving rain because of it. We are blessed.
    Oh, Sylvia, I’m so sorry about your SIL’s mom. And how wonderful and sweet of you and Larry to go. I know they appreciated it.
    I’m looking forward to fall, my very most favorite time of year.
    Hugs, and I hope everyone is doing well.

  9. Thanks Cheryl. We were able to book non-stop flights to/from Orlando but ended up buying 1st class tickets due to limited seat availability. It was worth every penny because we needed to be with family at that time. Some things are priceless, and being with family is always on top of my list.

    And I am so glad you are getting rain.

  10. Ah, September… when everyone gets back from summer vacation and gets busy…

    Hope @All are well.

    9 11 N F

  11. OK here. We finally saw some sunshine yesterday after a week of gloomy days.

    And I agree with….9/11 N F

    Just wish our politicians wouldn’t turn this memorial into campaign speeches.

  12. Where is everyone? Ghost Town????

  13. ’tis a bit quiet… but I’m around, Sylvia.

  14. How are things in your part of the world LDG?

    Kind of quiet after a hectic couple of days on Labor Day weekend..

    We had a small miracle on Sunday. Bengals beat the Browns. Hubby had on his Browns shirt and I of course was wearing my Bengals tee. We were both surprised by the game outcome. Somehow I think the Bengals may have had their best game of the season!

  15. @Sylvia

    Hurrah for your Bengals!

    We’re getting along, over here. Finally got a break in the weather long enough to do some good (private life: garden and neighborhood things; public life: back on rebuilding/recovery efforts for up north) but we sure got drenched by the late summer typhoons. The best news is that we seem to have gotten through the hottest part of the year without very many power blackouts.

    On the politics side, we’ve said goodbye to yet another administration… only to get a new one that drove up in a clown car er… isn’t exactly up to the job. This one’s not going to last, IMO, but they may do some damage to national tax policy (raising taxes rather than doing some much needed cutting of government expenses) before they are gone. ((sigh)) Then again, there wouldn’t be as much work for me if politicians knew what they were doing, so some small silver lining to that cloud…

    Fun stuff: KittyCatsThree are recovering; Ice Hockey season comes soon; looking to have a couple of old friends from the ‘States come visit this autumn. All good, that.

    Wish things around the world looked as promising…

  16. @All

    photo essay at The Atlantic on Japan, six months after the disaster:


    many of the early pictures are transition-shots… click on the image to see then-and-now.

  17. LDG,

    Those pictures are awesome! The before/after/ ones are especially amazing.

    BTW……I woke up to the news that the Democratic NY Congressional seat (Weiner’s) went to a Republican for the first time since the Great Depression!!!! Obama must be getting a little nervous!

  18. @Sylvia

    Pictures: They are really well done. Glad you found them of interest. So much left to do.

    Ah yes, NY-9… what a wonderful thing to behold. The ‘Pubbies had a win in the Nevada special election as well. Here’s hoping the momentum holds.

  19. ((time passes))

    And… welcome to the new week. Here’s hoping we’re done with disaster and tragedy reports for a while.

  20. Happy New Week! Hope it’s good for all.

    We celebrated my Mom’s 95th birthday yesterday. She still lives in her house and is fairly “independent”. She manages with help 4 hours a day and is able to do most things for herself. Mom is an avid Fox News watcher and has quite a few comments for the current administration in DC!!!

  21. Wow, Sylvia! Congrats to Mom on her birthday and well-being.



    So much for no disasters. Typhoon ran right over the Toukyou region today. We got drenched even up here aways-inland. Not fun, but not too bad up here.


    Also, @All

    Your happy thought for today:


    If you haven’t seen this masterwork fo political sarcasm, I’ll go scare up a link and post it here.

  22. LDG,

    Attack Watch is hilarious!

  23. OK, all you pop culture fans… it looks like time for yet another Michael J story. Our good host is covering the Dr. Murray trial:

    Guess it beats working the night shift, eh?

  24. I saw Adam’s comments on FB. It seems this circus (soap opera) never ends.

  25. Adam Housley Says:


    Thanks for posting some stuff on here. Been a busy few weeks, I am on day 18 in a row and am covering the looney circus that is MJ. The people that follow him…to these events…even in his passing are just odd.

    How is everyone?


  26. @Adam Housley

    Most welcome; happy to help when I can.

    ((heads over to the new thread))

  27. Adam Housley Says:

    Here is one reason why I was MIA for a couple of weeks.


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