For Release!


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  1. Adam, you need a distributor in southwest Ohio.

  2. Adam Housley Says:

    Do you know of one! 🙂

    Hope you are well.

  3. @Adam Housley

    Hey, just a thought… you want to run the idea past the Commercial Attache’s desk at USEMBTOKYO? They’ve probably got some sort of Trade Promotion program for California wine and could point you in the right direction to find distribution. AMB Roos is a NorCal guy, too, if that helps; He’s got to know how important the wine trade is…

    Also: saw you reply on the previous thread. Thank you again.



    Wine and weekends… good things. Now if it would just stop raining for a little bit…

    Anyone finding some fun out there?

  4. ow.

    6.4 mag ‘quake off the Fukushima coast just before 0400hrs local.

    not fun here, but house and family all ok; really not fun over by where they are dealing with the atomic power station problem.

  5. LDG,

    Just came in from pool and saw this post. I can’t believe you’re going through this again. Glad house and family are OK. I would be frantic if i had to endure what’s been happening in Japan. Mother Nature is not being kind!

  6. Looks like I didn’t hit the shift key hard enough with the “I”!

  7. I








    ((big grin)); refers to our good host’s recent tweet about MTV’s 30th anniversary.

    Once, long ago, a very good idea. IMO.

  8. I never watched MTV. I watched American Bandstand when I was a kid.

  9. Adam Housley Says:

    I wahnt mie em.tee.vay of course in your best British accent.
    also…LDG….the Japan idea could work. Let me get a couple of things in order.


  10. @Adam Housley

    “…of course in your best British accent” ~ of course. Just not in RP; sound like a toff if you tried . My favorite was the ‘rage’ IWantMyEmTeeVey in the Geordie accent… can’t remember who actually did that one, but it sure sticks in the memory. Second place would be Sting’s vocal version (also used at the beginning of Dire Straights “Money for Nothing”).


    re: “the Japan idea could work” ~ Great! Which one; above or in the e-mail? ((grins back))

  11. @Sylvia

    Ah… Bandstand. For the acts or for the dances?

  12. LDG,
    Both….it was great entertainment.

  13. Adam,
    I think the main wine distributor in Cincy is Ohio Valley Beer and Wine. Would be nice to get your wine around here.

  14. susan corral Says:

    Hello all~

    are you ok, ldg? i heard about the latest on the news! poor Japan!!! 😦 did you get the shelter pictures? maggi thanks you so much- she sent you a note- i hope she got the address right, as it was all in text- she loves texts!

    and adam~ plzzzzzzzzzzz check your msgs on fb! I am probably msg 2,000 in line.. 😀

    love your border report~ not what is happening but what was reported. it is pretty serious!!!


  15. @Susan

    I’m ok. Yes, got the latest pictures; they are great. Now I owe you a reply letter. As to the rest, you and Maggi are most welcome, as always.

  16. susan corral Says:

    hey~ LDG~ I hope all is well~ I assume you are pretty busy~ we all love you!!! xoxoo

  17. @Susan

    Ya… it has been like that… freeing up for a few days as of the morning.



    and a cheery “G’morning!” all around. Happy Monday.

    …wait; happy monday?… is that possible?


  18. Not such a happy Monday….Dow is tanking and Pres is clueless. He blames everyone but himself. He doesn’t remember “The Buck Stops Here”.

  19. K. C. - Fresno, ca. Says:

    Sylvia – wow – couldn’t agree with you more. I am still trying to figure out why this is the tea party’s fault ! ! ! !

    Greetings everyone

  20. Adam Housley Says:

    Sylvia and K.C… guys are onto something…and Washington is clueless.

    Hope everyone is well and watch Tia & Tamera on Style Network!!

  21. Adam, our cable (Time Warner) went out during storm last night so we couldn’t watch any TV. I’m glad our internet isn’t with Time Warner. TV is back on this morning so I have FNC on while drinking coffee.

  22. hm… wonder if Style Network has an internet feed… might be one for Mrs. LDG to watch.

  23. Adam Housley Says:


    There is soooo much you can now see online. I find myself watching clips on my computer more than on TV…except baseball of course. 🙂

    LDG…I think it is posted online once it airs!


  24. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM! Hope you have a wonderful celebration.

  25. Happy Birthday to our good host!

  26. susan corral Says:

    HAPPY BIRTH-DAY, Adam!!! please read your email at yahoo- I need your frigging address!! 😀


  27. susan corral Says:

    And me too, Adam- I watch more on the internet than I do on tv! I hardly ever watch tv- obviously by the hours I spend on fb!! 😀

  28. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!!!!!! Tried to post on your Facebook wall but it will not let me. Hope you have had a great birthday.

  29. K. C. - Fresno, ca. Says:


    P.S. My birthday was the 8th and hubby’s was the 9th, so we have a lot of leo’s roaming around here.

    Susan-Arizona is celebrating her birthday on the 21st.

  30. Happy Belated Birthday to K.C. & Hubby. Hope you had a great time celebrating! As if you need an excuse to celebrate! LOL

  31. K. C. - Fresno, ca. Says:

    Awwwww – thanks – we had a great celebration, but you are right, we celebrate every day – life is soooo much fun.

    Morning everyone – hope all is well where ever you are

  32. Well now… Belated Birthday indeed…

    Late that it may be, Happy Birthday to KC and her honored husband.

    Thanks for the head’s up on SusanAZ’s b-day too. I’ll get the KittyCatsThree to sing for her. “meowmeowmeow Meow Meow” and such. Heh.

  33. Oops. Not a very good guest, am I? Here I am, graciously invited but go off half-cocked and forget the birthday of my host and KC’s twosome. Please accept abject apologies.
    LDG, hope the Catfish Down Below has settled himself down into the sand once again, and is sleeping contentedly.
    Adam, my congratulations on the Century Oak Winery’s honors!

  34. Adam Housley Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE KC TWOSOME! 🙂 Seriously, thanks as always for the amazing support and well wishes….much appreciated and always read, even if I take a few days off here and there to post a response.


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