Tamera on Access Hollywood Live





‘Access Hollywood Live’ | Access Hollywood – Celebrity News, Photos & Videos.

Tamera makes her guest hosting debut!



34 Responses to “Tamera on Access Hollywood Live”

  1. K. C. - Fresno, ca. Says:


    Well, you knew I would be watching that (big grin)

    Congrats Tamera – great job ! ! ! !

  2. susan corral Says:

    I rated the video, all stars~ and the first thing I looked for was the ring~ wow to that!
    and her reality show sounds adorable!!! I am very happy Tia and Tamera will be acting together again~ they flow so well together!

    and to LDG~ thanks for everything!!!

  3. susan corral Says:

    so was that Geraldo I saw in one of the shots? And you wore sneakers? 😀 and who had the better party of Tia and Tamera? 😀

  4. susan corral Says:

    I think I am going to have to hang out on Adam’s blog more often~ I use to own his first blog~ about four years ago? damn, time flies!

    but I sure had the best times~ and never to be forgotten!

  5. @Tamera

    Well done!




    re: “I am going to have to hang out on Adam’s blog more often” ~ Oh boy, here comes some fun. WB Susan!

  6. doggiesallover Says:

    I’m so happy for both of you! Still, I’d like to see more pictures, too! Love from one to another, all the rest of your days. I’m so happy for both of you!

  7. I have enjoyed all the pics and video. It’s also nice to see more friends on the “Bullpen”.

    Been really busy with my daughter, son-in-law, and grand dog Jasmine who are “home” for the long weekend holiday. Have had little time for computer.

    Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday. We will be having a BBQ with friends and family. Neighbors will be doing class B fireworks (totally illegal but overlooked by our burb police).

  8. Happy Independence Day, U.S. of A.!

  9. Adam Housley Says:

    Happy 4th of July everyone!! We had a great time in Nor Cal and great to see/read about everyone coming back to the blog…..even crazy Susan. 🙂

    LDG…have you gotten anything yet?


  10. @Adam Housley

    will check.

  11. @Adam Housley

    checked. nope. not a thing.

  12. susan corral Says:

    My~ it got quiet here!

    LDG, what is going on in Japan? I heard about an aftershock and a tsunami warning? everything ok there?

    Adam~ I love you calling me “crazy Susan!” And your birthday presents are almost done!! 😀

    Speakin of crazy, where is John?

    I can’t stand the fireworks on the 4th, mainly because the next day, 60 dogs were found wandering because of the fireworks! what annoys me is why do people not put their animals inside the house if there are fireworks?!!!!!!
    How does this new posting work? I have all this stuff on my posts? Help!! I can’t see what I am typing!!!


  13. susan corral Says:

    ok! I see my post did post! I had all these boxes in my way!

    We need more pictures, Adam!!! I sure miss our POD~ my throwing spaghetti against the wall!!!

    LDG! I hope you are doing well!! lots of hugs from us!!!! xoxoxo

  14. and then…

    ((time passes))

    @Adam Housley

    I saw on your twitter that you were paying note to Women’s World Cup soccer ‘today’. My regrets, compadre; USA had Japan on the hook most all day, but just couldn’t land them.



    G’morning and a happy new week, from the land of earthquakes, tsunamis, radiocaesium contamination, heat waves, and… typhoons. Apparently, my scoffing at the recent shocks has further angered The Catfish Below The Earth and he’s done called for re-enforcements. Hope it’s better where you are.

  15. LDG,
    Congrats to Japan for soccer win. Must say I don’t follow the sport and don’t even know the rules. One of the alternates, Heather Mitts, is from my part of the world.

    We are in the hot, humid weather which is covering the Midwest. If it weren’t for our pool I wouldn’t be outside much. Hubby and I have to wait until late evening to take our after dinner walk due to the heat wave. As long as we have air conditioning and pool I am a “happy camper”.

    Hope the Catfish Below the Earth decides to take a long nap and therefore calmer days in Japan.

  16. @Sylvia

    Thanks for the good wishes.

    Amazing how we’ve come to depend on air conditioning these days, I think… not that I’d enjoy the weather (rather like yours) we are having here without it…

    but given that we here are getting a lesson in the vulnerablity of modern society to electric power shortfalls these days, there sure does seem to be an argument for building, indeed intentionally slightly overbuilding, generation capability.

    We’ve got schedule disruptions in factories, with some works shifting production hours and days and others simply cutting back, train schedules reduced and lots of efforts at conservation that go way beyond the basics… like street lighting and shop signage unlit… things that folks will do only as long as they sense the crisis and are willing to abey convenience. Even so, we aren’t getting many of the off-line generators back on (nationwide, only 15 of ~50 atomic plants are generating power right now; damage to some, safety checks to others, scheduled maintenance for the rest) and won’t in time for the August max-demand times.

    Going to be time for rolling blackouts again. Oh, and say goodbye to about 6% of our GDP this year from disaster losses and no-electric-power shutdowns.

    ((snide remark to follow))

    Of course, our currency should be dropping in value like a stone off a cliff… not happening… between decades of Euro misappropriations and the Pelosi-Reid-Obama damage to the U.S. finances, we are in near-record territory on foreign exchange valuation of the en (Yen). We may be a wreck, but in comparison no one is treating us that way. “In the land of the blind…” and all that. ***Sheesh***

  17. LDG,

    So sorry to hear of the rough times there. I fear we will be getting into trouble if something doesn’t happen to improve the economy. I honestly believe that this administration is CLUELESS! Spend and tax and keep interest rates so low that people are making about zilch on their hard earned money. Most banks here are paying only 1/2 % on CD’s. Inflation is evident at the grocery and department stores. Yet Obama say things are improving. Maybe what’s improving is his golf game and vacations and date night parties. He is living big and everyone else is asked to sacrifice.

    That is my rant for today. I’d better cool off in the pool!

  18. @Sylvia

    We’ll get through, here. Just going to take some effort.

    re: “I fear we will be getting into trouble if…” ~ understatement of the day, that. If the financial markets are any judge, trouble is where you already are. Yes, in part, on your read of the O administration. 70% clueless and about 30% malicious with the possible exception of some of the national security bureaucracy (DoD and the Agency more good than not; DHS and DoE are part of the problem)… not all that different from what we’ve got here in results, but we’re closer to high 90’s% clueless.

    OK… now I’m the one on a rant… got room in that pool for one more?

  19. LDG,

    Always room for one more! Water temp is now the same as the air temp…90 degrees!

  20. Just cheking in. Why is my reply box different? Oh, well. Things are changing rapidly in the online world, I’ve noticed.
    I was talking to my friend Jane the other day and telling her I was going shopping. She told me to make sure I went to a store that was air conditioned. Huh? She lives in Iowa, and I just HAD to ask. The answer is yes, up there, there are stores without a/c. They have to have heat, but do not feel they have to have air.
    I cannot imagine. I told her the story about Foley’s in downtown Houston…built in 1900 with no heat. The 2 brothers figured that the crowds in the winter weather would create enough heat to do without the expense.
    Now as soon as air conditioning came in, I’m sure it went in quickly.
    I’m trying to figure out why Euro is said to have had such bad economic decisions for decades, but the US of A went totally downhill in about 2 1/2 years?
    I’m not the one with the answers-just the questions. LOL

  21. susan corral Says:

    I had another incident of my AC going out~ and it was miserable for the cats- imagine how outdoor animals feel?

    LDG~ your reply and then you posted your link to your blog- not funny what was posted for your blog but your comment is!! love you!!


    I hope you are all well!!!!

  22. susan corral Says:

    was the Rupert incident funny? his wife!!! lord, she sure is younger than him~ what money will get!!!! 😀

  23. Cheryl,

    I can’t imagine any store without AC. BTW…is Jane the one who finally got a hat signed by Greta a few years ago?
    As for econ….I am as clueless as the government! All I know is I can’t spend what I can’t afford to pay for….that’s my Golden Rule!


    Rupert is just one of many who can afford a young wife! LOL

  24. @Susan

    Ya, well… had to delete a couple spammers… happens.

    Thank *you* for commenting; always a joy.


    @Adam Housley

    like Susan said, … “HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” …but a bit more to the point: Sent another work related e-mail your way back on the 14th. Hope it didn’t slip between the cracks.

  25. Adam, will you be going to Oslo?

  26. Sylvia, yes, that’s the same Jane. We have become SO close in the years in between that. I don’t think Greta will ever know what she started. How many of the originals from GretaWire would you say keep in close touch? 30? 40? Thank God for Facebook and Adam’s Bullpen, emails, and private blogs!

  27. Adam Housley Says:


    We are down a few producers with people moving around, so last week I was slammed and have been working without a producer mostly. Then we had about 6 live reports a day all last week about the San Diego mystery…where the boy fell down the stairs and the girlfriend…well…you know.

    How is everyone. Yes LDG and others…if the USA had to lose, I was cool it was to Japan!

    I am back. Oh yeah, and then WordPress wouldn’t let me log in for a couple of days. weird.


  28. @Adam Housley

    Ah so… explains a lot (that about Producers). Working that way is ok in the very short term, I guess, but ouch on the paperwork burden and schedule.

    Oh and gratz to Century Oak about getting picked as the official wine of the LA Open.

  29. Good morning. Just checking in. Headline in local paper (in extremely large print) is “Lockout Over”. Now the Bengals can get back to their losing ways.

    Hope all is well with everyone.

  30. Adam Housley Says:

    I am excited about the 49ers Sylvia. We were soooo good for soooo long and then the last 6 years or so we have been brutal. Harbaugh should be a good one.

    LDG…I am resending your stuff.

    Also…new post about the wine!


  31. @Adam Housley

    re: “I am resending your stuff.” ~ Very fine, thank you. Do slip me an e-mail about the particulars, if you please.

  32. Adam Housley Says:


    Will do. I am supposed to talk with them Monday and have it all taken care of. They were very apologetic.


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