Another Photo !

We are just now getting back our wedding pics and I wanted to post a couple here that no one has seen anywhere! I hope everyone is well and having a great summer so far.


31 Responses to “Another Photo !”

  1. Such a beautiful couple! May God continue to bless you both…

  2. Love the wedding pictures. I still have my wedding gown from 1972 hanging in a closet at my Mom’s house. Don’t know if it still fits…too chicken to try it on!

  3. May the Lord richly bless your marriage!

  4. Aw! You two make a beautiful couple. May God bless you both and your union. Congratulations! =)

  5. susan corral Says:

    such beautiful pictures~ and I am sooooooooooooooo sorry I was not able to make it to the wedding. I have some serious mail issues and I bet my invitation was lost!!!!

    LDG!!! I am home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was outside feeding my colony! It keeps increasing.. TNR next week!!

  6. @Susan

    no problem. called again.

  7. susan corral Says:


    :))))))))))))))))))))) yes– we are doing Jane Austen right now!! and thank you!!!! xoxoxooo

  8. susan corral Says:

    I am sure the wedding dress fits- why, it might even be too big now for you!! you are in good shape! 😀

    @LDG! thank you again for everything! xoxoxo

  9. re: the fit of wedding clothes ~ Sylvia may well be safe. ((nodnod)) I’m guessing Tamera has few worries as well… but… the brave one is our good host. Chose a fitted suit instead of a cut-away; center button.



    Never a problem. Glad I could help in some small way.

  10. Susan and LDG,

    You are very kind to say that. I am now inspired to take a long walk to “stay in shape”…whatever that shape may be!!!

  11. Adam Housley Says:

    Wow…look at all the compliments flying! AND…LDG I did get a suit that was fitted, I figured since she was spending so much on a dress, the least I could do was get a tux that’s nicer than a rental.

  12. Adam Housley Says:

    OH…..and SUSAN….SUSAN….there has bee a SUSAN sighting. 🙂
    We’ll just have to see you in Arizona then!

  13. K. C. - Fresno, ca. Says:

    Well, I must put in my 2 cents regarding your beautiful wedding Adam.

    I have read every article – peoples, Enews, comcast, etc, watched quite a few interview videos, looked at lots of pictures from your tweets and Tamera’s tweets, quite a few photos from your professional photographer, read what you ate at rehearsal dinner and also wedding reception, beautiful centerpieces with lots of pink and grape vines, yummy cupcakes for all, etc. etc. etc.

    I really felt like we were there. From your spiked hair to your converse tennis shoes (classy by the way) – To Tamera’s stunning and beautiful wedding gown, plus the outfit she wore for the reception and the outfit she wore at your after party.

    Really liked the photos of you and Tamera from your Photo booth with costumes. Loved how you had your name and wedding date on the pictures for your guests, also thought it was way cool to have a taco truck at your after party.

    What I want to see is the video of your first dance together doing a traditional dance and then breaking out with LL Cool J’s – Back In Cali. That has got to be one cool video.

    Oh, and then the honeymoon – loved the pictures of your deck in Greece – beautiful view – Also in Turkey, loved the picture of you and Tamera in traditional costume, Tamera on the mule, and especially loved the picture of Tamera helping the turtle across the road.

    The two of you have made beautiful and lasting memories of that very special time in your lives.

    Hubby started calling me the Housley Wedding Stalker, but that is OK because I enjoyed every moment of your special day.

    Oh, Paster Dudley – way cool guy. His brother – “Super Dave” has a huge church here (actually in Clovis) along with their parents Dean and Patty Rutherford. They are one awesome family and I was really happy to read that he performed your ceremony.

    OK – that is my 2 cents – thanks for inviting me along. Congrats again to a very deserving couple.

  14. susan corral Says:

    ADAM, ADAM!! you are loved everywhere!!
    and kc~ i was just checking Adam’s pictures out on the internet. wow!! adam and tamera are quite the beautiful couple!!!

    LDG~ Maggi says, THANK YOU!!! I am going to work on those letters~ she thought your ideas were awesome!! we love you in Arizona!!

  15. susan corral Says:

    what is with this new comment box? more new stuff to confuse me?
    hey, sylvia- i saw your photos with Cindy McCain, so I KNOW you are in good shape~ I can’t figure out why you don’t think so! You are very attractive at 40!!!

  16. susan corral Says:

    I bet you ten to one, there will be an Adam Junior one day!!! or a Tamera Adama.. as Adam loves children, so I am looking forward to the day, I am Aunt Susan!!
    and Adam, I told Tom Perlongo, your new friend, musician, not to spam your fb wall with his music~ I told him your wall was for news, personal posts, but not to be used for advertisements.. or he would have! I was cool about it!

  17. @Adam Housley

    It sure looked good. You’ve got the frame for it, too. But the bride always wins the ‘looks so good’ award… it’s her day after all.



    That was some deal for only 2 cents… ((grin)) …but a great write up.

    just one little question: “Super Dave”? you do know the pop culture reference there, yes? ‘Super Dave Osborne’?



    Most welcome. Also, Check your e-mail, please.

    Yay for good music and musician friends!

  18. Susan…thank you. The 40 thing was very diplomatic.

  19. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG…thanks for the compliment and also for the Super Dave catch…I also thought that. 🙂 I actually met him once when they were filming a Nike commercial at Pepperdine. He was tall, somewhat nice and kinda odd…so he fit the profile.

    Susan, thanks as always. And K.C. !! Wow…very nice of you. Loved the rundown and I read it to Tamera. I have to admit, I am surprised people were interested and glad you followed.

    Tomorrow, more fire coverage from the bureau here in LA. We are monitoring the flames in New Mexico.


  20. susan corral Says:

    LDG~ I just checked my emails and I am devastated- totally devastated!! soooooooooo sorry- so sorry!!
    plzz check your email now too~ i send you all my love and as many hugs as I can possibly send~

    Adam- those fires, wow! right next to a reactor plant~ stay away!!!!

    Sylvia- diplomacy? I thought you are 40!!!

  21. @Susan

    mail checked. thank you kindly, Ma’am.

  22. susan corral Says:

    LDG~ we love you here!

  23. @Susan

    We’re all pretty ‘purry’ on you round these parts, too.


    @Adam Housley

    Cable News (NNN’s News24) here had a morning report on the fires you are covering… and while it went by pretty fast, I kind of think I saw a FOXNews bug on some of the footage. You guys work out a media-share agreement or something?

    note: didn’t see *you*, so no confirming the grab was from FOX that way.



    Too much sad out there in the world this week.

    Time for a smile:

    …let’s see if this gets John’s attention.
    ((big grin))

  24. LDG,

    I like the bar story!

  25. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG- Not sure about the NNN thing, but I will check into it. We didn’t go to New Mexico and had Steve Harrigan in Iowa covering the floods. Steve is now on his way home and Dan Springer has headed to New Mexico. The nuke lab is going to be fine, but the fire is burning fast right now.

    Also…new post!


  26. susan corral Says:

    LDG~ the bar story was 😀 !!!!

    And purry back!!! xoxoxoo

  27. doggiesallover Says:

    Hey-can I get a few waggles in here?
    I gather someone was lost to us, and all I can say is, “I’m sorry.”
    Love the pictures, love the reporter in you, KC! Might as well go ahead and quit the day job-you’re good!
    Hugs to all.

  28. @doggies

    You gathered entirely correctly. Sadly. Not going to go into details here, but if word wasn’t passed to you by e-mail, here’s a link to Mrs. LDG’s family and house ‘blog about the loss…

  29. susan corral Says:

    I looked at Foxy’s blog again, LDG~ and that pang went through my heart!!!

    I am sending you on Wednesday, our little thing we are doing for Gordon! We were so busy the last few times at the shelter, we did not get around to our ‘service.’ But this Wednesday, since it is my long day there, we will have one!! I have to be there around 6:00 am to take in some kittens to the clinic for spay/neuter and then head back there to do my volunteer day. It usually turns out to be a 14 hour day on spay/neuter day! Even FB sends me msgs asking where I am! 😀

    I hope Foxy is feeling better!


  30. @Susan

    Did you also see the two more recent thread postings there? Ashley had her thoughts (I helped with the typing) and Foxy had another post about how we are doing.

    Thank you for your kind memorial. I’m sorry to hear you’ll be so tired, but may blessings follow you for trying so hard to do a good thing.

    Also, the bequest items for BW should be coming in, excepting mine which got mailed way late… er… anyway… hopefully a couple of folks did a little good for the effort.

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