So we were driving through Turkey and just spent an amazing day at Ephesus (Efes in Turkey) when we came across this location in the middle of an olive orchard up against a hill. Drivers fly right past headed south along the coast and it’s as if no one remembers it is sitting right in front of you! Called Euromos, hardly any of it has been excavated and we decided to stop for a moment and what a great surprise. Have any of you been here, or to Efes? We have bumped into a few Americans.


38 Responses to “Euromos”

  1. That is far too cool, compadre.

    No, I’ve not been able to spend any real time in Caria or Ionia (old names)… but it is one of those places that matters a lot to scholars of Ancient Civilizations, so I’ve certainly studied about Ephesos.

    Here’s a neat little bit of history for you:

    …a rendering of the archeological map of the ruins of Ephesos, made in the late 19th Century. (Yes, the Germans led the way on archeology in that region; history had twice forgotten that corner of the world and there wasn’t much of a town there by then).


  2. (more)

    and then you found Euromos! That Temple of Zeus and the nearby sites are one of the hidden treasures of the region, it seems.

    Where to, next?

  3. (edit of Comment #1: That would be *Ephesus*… in English renderings. My Bad. Typing in another language again…)

  4. I have never been to any of these places so really enjoy the pictures.. My out of the country travels have been limited to Caribbean, Canada, and Mexico.

  5. doggiesallover Says:

    No, but I learn so much here!

  6. Adam Housley Says:


    I landed late last night and am back at work in LA today. Gonna post some more pics soon.

    Hope everyone is well and thanks so much for the well wishes!


  7. Welcome back Adam. I’ve loved the pics posted so far.

  8. İyi günler, Housley Pasha. Hoşgeldin!

    (Good Day, Lord Housley. Welcome!)

    Before anyone asks… no, Türkçe konuşamıyorum. [I can’t speak Turkish]. I’m just messing around after seeing the “Turkish Royalty” twitpic. That, and I’m still grinning over Mrs.’ commenting folks thought our good host looked somewhat Kurdish.

  9. Adam Housley Says:

    Wow…Yeah some thought I was Kurdish….go figure. I usually get Kenyan. LOL!!
    I am sure you get your fair share LDG!
    How is everyone?


  10. Adam Housley Says:

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We are still waiting for summer here in California. Weird weather.


  11. Adam, I am enjoying summer after a brutal winter. It’s been hot and humid, perfect pool weather. Hubby is keeping busy with gardening, iPad2, and of course his regular job in the ER. BTW…he LOVES iPad. We do “face time” with our daughter and son-in-law (and our granddog) which is so much fun.

  12. @Adam Housley

    re: “crickets” ~ heh. Maybe they came out in the spring weather? Oh… you meant here at the ‘blog…

    It’s little early for crickets here… but with the fields flooded and the rains coming (and going… today was *beautiful* early summer weather) we’ve got the little green tree frogs out in record numbers singing their “kerokerokero” song. I like it, but then I like the sounds of the countryside. Several of my friends / family hate the little croakers. YMMV.

    re: “…get your fair share” ~ oh yeah. Most of the time, they don’t get it even close to right. Had some uses, though, back in a ‘past life’.


    Heard Matt Fong just passed away. My condolences. He was one of the good ones.

  13. I am so enjoying all the one liners about Anthony Weiner that are on Twitter and FB. That guy really should resign.

  14. Sylvia, I agree.

    Adam, sounds like a great trip.

  15. Reports are our good host got to spend the last few days covering the AZ wild fire story… and yet… no SusanAZ comments here.



    Also, @AdamHousley: just so you know to look for it, I sent e-mail your way (yesterday) and I know you’ve had trouble finding them before.

  16. LDG,

    The fires are east of Phoenix. They haven’t affected that area.
    Susan is busy on FB with art and music.

  17. @Sylvia

    Ya… but just like we’d ask you about a news story in Ohio…

    re: “busy” ~ apparently so.

  18. K. C. - Fresno, ca. Says:

    Good morning all and HAPPY FRIDAY

    Been crazy – busy – around here and the days just fly by super fast. Must mean I am getting older ! ! !

    Our garden is finally planted – but with our insane weather – don’t have a clue as to how it will produce later on.

    From crazy winds to rain to lightning and thunderstorms and temps in the high 60’s all week – it is now 92 degrees – just flat overnight it went from 68 degrees to 92 degrees. Crazy indeed.

    So in one week, we have gone from sweatshirts to t-shirts and from shoes and socks to barefoot.

    Hope all is well with everyone

  19. LDG,

    I wish the “gang” would show up here to check in. Don’t know why they can’t take a break from FB and say hi.

    By the way, Doggies has been ill but I’m sure she will post when she’s feeling better.

  20. doggiesallover Says:

    I’m back.
    Sylvia, you have no idea how much I appreciate you. I’m grateful I kew what the heart attack was, and reacted to it in time to stave off open heart surgery. Three blockages, 2 stents put in.
    I also found out that I’m an insulin-dependent diabetic.
    This doggy is going to have to go back to puppyhood and learn how to live all over again-this time the right way.

  21. You will do just fine Cheryl. You are strong, smart, and adaptable. And Morris (not the cat) will be very supportive.

  22. doggiesallover Says:

    You are right about that, Sylvia! Impelling or compelling, lol!

  23. @doggies

    Oh my… glad you made it through!

    You have all my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  24. Adam Housley Says:

    KC….welcome back….but in bigger news…..Doggies….glad things went better than what could have happened. As Mr. LDG noted, I am covering the fires now and last week I was awol because we are really shorthanded right now and I was all over the place. LDG…I did get your note and will get on it.

    How is everyone? Just FYI…I really don’t spend much time on facebook, it is just easy to post pics from my phone. I need to find a way to make wordpress so easy.

    Hope everyone is well!


  25. @Adam Housley

    Thanks; glad you got it. You be safe out there in the soot, please.



    This should catch you back from another happy weekend ((grin))…

    We’ve got your thunderstorms here now, but *with* the hot weather.



    re: FB ~ seems to have a lot of plusses and minuses. However, I *did* hear from SusanAZ by e-mail and she said she’s pretty much having to give up on FB; too much of a time sink and too much else to do. Glad to have heard she’s well, though.

    Maybe this Bullpen serves best as a general way to follow along, ne?

  26. It’s nice to keep in touch. Hope friends drop by to keep the blog going. I know everyone is busy with jobs, family, or illness but try to find time for bullpen.

  27. and then…

    ((looks at the comment time stamp and grins))

    Just poking around with a (virtual) stick; I’ve been really busy the last few days as well.

  28. It’s getting lonely here!

  29. I am still here. We just got back from vacation to Steve’s mom’s in Illinois. Had a great relaxing time, now the fun begins. I have a summer job at AAA, feel like a college student saying that, sending out the maps, etc. Am also keeping one day at the store so I have a job when the summer is over. Will be busy.

    Adam, have enjoyed the pics.

  30. @Sylvia

    Aw… poor you… can’t have you feeling lonely… We’ll help!

    ((several cats try to type comments))


    @Barb ~ a summer job does sound like fun. I’ve half-thinking of doing summer teaching tours here… but every time I think I can say “I’m free to use my time” something comes up that grabs up my free time… Ah well, that’ll be something fun to do one day when doing other things won’t be an option.



    Anyone have done anything in particular for Father’s Day? My old man is many years long gone now, and I’ve no children, so the day almost gets overlooked these days… but I sure used to think it was a very important day.

    Not sure which would make the better iconic photograph of my father, but higher on the list than the “guy in a business suit” snaps would be either: whipcasting while standing waist-deep in a Pennsylvania trout stream, or; out in the lowvelt in his bush togs with one of the Big Game rifles over his shoulder. Funny way to remember a man known better for his engineering and business leadership, but heh, childhood memories are what they are.

  31. My Dad died in 1993 (on Valentine’s Day). He was a pharmacist and owned his own little pharmacy. My fondest memory was going to Reds Opening Day every year when I was in school. It’s always been a big event here, and kids with tickets got excused early from school to attend. Dad got seats up close between 3rd and home at old Crosley Field. It helped to have a Major League umpire as his close friend!

    As for this Father’s Day it was low key. Just hubby and me. Our daughter and son-in-law will be coming to visit soon…along with granddog . We will be excited to see them.

  32. That’s a *great* memory to have, Sylvia!

    Similar for me: going to Forbes Field w/ my father.

  33. K. C. - Fresno, ca. Says:

    Howdy all,
    It is hot, hot, hot, here – but otherwise – all is great around this area.

    Father’s day here is just another day – so we just relaxed and enjoyed each other.

    LDG and Sylvia
    Great memories you shared – thanks

  34. Lots of news still on the fires in the SW USA and the Op Fast and Furious (Gunwalker) fiasco. Neither good news at all, at least as seen from here.

    So… our good host would be covering which stories out there today?

  35. K. C. - Fresno, ca. Says:

    106 degrees today and climbing – yuk

    Hope the rest of you are staying cool

  36. Adam Housley Says:

    Sylvia…that is a great story/memory.
    As for the heat…K.C….we went from fires for a week, to northern California to open our presents and it was blistering. Back in LA now to catchup and that means stopping in to say hello to everyone.
    New Post and Pic!


  37. susan corral Says:

    I have never been to “Efes.” The only “Efes” I know are the ones I blurt out in my daily vocabulary~

    Pictures are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sylvia~ yes, art and music- I love my musician friends. I have so many CD’s they have sent me and one is coming to Phx. in January and while here, he is going to do a benefit for our shelter. Another is going to give the shelter 50% of the first 50 CD’s he sells. Since I dumped all politics off my wall and I started doing arts/music, I have met the coolest people from all over the world. (and four of my friends are helping me with Adam’s birthday present… 😀 )

    LDG!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAA!!!!

    The fires hit the area where I use to go fishing- Greer~ awful!! just awful! careless humans again!!!

  38. susan corral Says:

    KC~ 112 today and it sucks!! not for me but for all those who are outside all day, working construction and the poor animals who are out there surviving.

    I went downtown last week, ghetto area, to see about a house where people had self-deported via a msg on my fb. Hotter than hell and the house where I went, had about nine stray cats- no food or water- I brought back a bag of food and pans for water. I asked the neighbors if they could help with the water and they said: I don’t want to get involved~

    Anyway, we are TNR’ ing next week there. We just did another colony in Peoria- 19 cats and kittens- it makes me sick to see all of this going on since I am now involved with more of what the shelter does- and we are a big advocate of TNR and so I now go out and trap. And then with this hot weather, kittens are dying left and right~

    and KC~ I just hit my emails and I love your jokes~ 😀 thank you!

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