Mine Blast

I finally got a new computer after 4 and a half years. My old Macbook is being donated to a worthy citizen who can use it and my new one has a ton more speed and memory! Now that I have it up and running I wanted to share a couple of pics with you guys. The first is from the Rare Earth Mine Story we covered last week near the California/Nevada line. And the second comes from my fisheye lens looking at City Center in Las Vegas.


26 Responses to “Mine Blast”

  1. I love the fish eye picture!

  2. You take great pics Adam
    BTW…my hubby just ordered an I-Pad2 on line today. After MANY PC’s we are going back to Apple. I will still use my medium size PC and Larry will still have a large PC on his desk, but the Ipad2 will be our portable puter. Lord knows if I’m “trainable” on it. I’m not a techie!

  3. Heh…

    LDG Says:

    April 6, 2011 at 6:43 am

    @Adam Housley

    Just caught your live feed on FOXNews Live from Mountain Pass. Good job on a very complex topic (says the guy trained as a mining process engineer, way back when) and your interview with the Chief Technology Officer for MolyCorp made it better. Bravo. Susan is going to love seeing this report… her father was a mining geologist.

    Oh, and I noticed they were shoveling out while you were reporting. Any chance of seeing a ‘lift’ (mining by explosives) while you are out there? Big Booms and watching a couple acres of rock jump is always a fun experience…

    You did get to see one!

    Good shots, both pics. Bravo.

  4. Sylvia… I am using the Mac and like it better than the PC laptop Steve uses. and I also have an iphone and that is not to difficult to operate.

    Adam, love the photos.

  5. Adam Housley Says:

    Rebecca— THANKS!

    LDG…Glad you reposted that info! I totally forgot about Susan’s connection. Also..I got to see two of em. 🙂

    Sylvia- I went to Apple 4 1/2 years ago and have been very happy. I have a new Macbook Pro, an iPad 1, iPod touch and an iPhone4.

    Barb. Thanks! I see you are an Apple fan also.


  6. @Adam Housley

    no problem. So where is Susan, anyway? (on Facebook… I know)

    Sure liked that phone of yours, feature-wise. Internet reader integrated with a GPS mapbox… both very fly. No clue if you could actually make a telephone call with it, though.

  7. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG…it is a savior. Also….
    Bonds found guilty of obstructing justice, while the jury deadlocked on the 3 other counts. The guilty verdict was the most serious. We are live at 4:05pm pst 7:05 est.

  8. Adam, were you surprised with the verdict?

  9. @All

    hm… I’m not real familar with the Bonds case charges; was the obstruction of justice charge based on witness tampering or such? I thought they were going for the ‘Scooter Libby’ conviction on this one… you know, we can’t prove the original charges, and we can’t prove the additional charges, *but* we can nail you for perjury because of an unretracted part of your original testimony…

    Anyone care to try and walk me through the details on this? Or point a link to someone who has done so on a ‘blog or news column somewhere? I’d be most appreciative.

  10. LDG,

    I don’t know the details but I bet Adam does.

  11. doggiesallover Says:

    I was still paying homage to the giant catfish when I came here and found the fitst comment:
    rebeccannb Says:
    April 12, 2011 at 10:34 am
    I love the fish eye picture!
    LOL! Hmm…
    And then I was reading about the Barry Bonds trial w/all the lawyers, and I think I’ve figured it out.
    It’s the… bottom feeders causing all the havoc.

  12. Cheryl…LOL

  13. @doggies

    The Grand Unified Theory of Havoc, eh? I like it!

    (Just… don’t tickle the catfish…)

  14. doggiesallover Says:

    Shhh…not a breath to stir the air around Honorable Catfish.

  15. Thank you, doggies… I *think* it is helping.


    And here’s another OffTopic item, but one I know some folks here are interested in:


    Chabad, doing there very best to come through with Passover Seder in Japan, even with the troubles here, and even for folks up in the earthquake ZoME.

  16. there *their*

  17. LDG,
    Thank you for that article. I was not aware that Chabad was active in Japan. It is really nice to read about their efforts to help. I know there are Jews all over the globe (although in small numbers) but was unaware of Chabad’s contribution in time of crisis. I do not attend Chabad here because I am not an orthodox Jew. Larry and I belong to a reform Temple.

  18. Adam Housley Says:

    Doggies…I have become a big fan of the fisheye!….not so sure about this catfish tho. Meantime….I think LDG is a closet professor of religion he seems to have his ear to the ground always, even the famed white buffalo!

  19. @Sylvia

    Yes, I find that Chabad’s good works and historical place are their good points… orthodoxy, specifically such a highly rabbanic orthodoxy, not so much. But they sure are willing to carry the faith even in some really dangerous places; remember the Chabad House was one of the targets in the Mumbai (Bombay) attacks.

    @Adam Housley

    Heh, something like that. Oh, a reminder here in case the e-mail slipped through a crack… I’m off on that trip to the USA from the 19th ~ , so if you are up in NorCal for the Easter Weekend, drop me a note and I’ll free up time if I can. Fair Warning: the Sharks are playing at the Tank on Saturday so I’m booked for that day…

  20. Adam Housley Says:


    Got it and responded! Hopefully our paths will cross. How is everyone? Anyone deal with the crazy weather? I covered the Dodgers being taken over by MLB…and as one Dodger staffer said when I asked “what do you think about the move by MLB?”….the response….”finally!”

    The Dodger owner says he will sue MLB. Going to be interesting.



  21. Adam, we had tornado warning sirens going off most of the night on Tuesday but no tornado happened. Didn’t get much sleep.
    As for MLB, my Reds are falling fast after getting off to a good start. We need pitching!

  22. @Adam Housley

    Got your reply, and here’s hoping.

    Dodgers? OK… this vacation stuff is nice but I think I better look at FOXNews… this is the first I’ve heard of it… good thing they’ve got a good reporter on the story.


    I got word from KC you sent regards; thank you so. Sorry to hear you all are getting such weather, though.


    Greetings from Northern California. This is me, doing the not doing anything thing. It’s kind of fun. Maybe I’d best do this more often than every 2~3 years…

  23. LDG,
    Glad you are enjoying doing nothing but relaxing. That’s what vacations are for. If you ever get to my part of the world hubby and I would be happy to meet you.

  24. K. C. - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning all and Happy Friday

    Sylvia – We had a great time yesterday on our lunch date with LDG. Awesome man and has the most beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen. (sorry LDG – just had to mention that). And I was a good girl and remembered to tell him “hello” from you.

    LDG – Again, thanks for lunch yesterday. Hubby and I had a wonderful time and can’t wait until the next visit from you. Have fun on your “cordial hunt” Sunday. Sounds like it will be a blast.


  25. Thanks for the news K.C.
    Sure wish I could have joined you for lunch.

    Happy Easter to all.

  26. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG- You are in the best place in the world! And thanks as always for the support/compliment.

    Sylvia- Glad the tornadoes stayed away from your area and the Giants need a bit of pitching themselves…and some dang defense.

    NICE K.C…..glad you guys got together!

    Happy Easter everyone and many more healthy ones to come!!



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