Mardi Gras

My annual trip to visit my buddy Chris went fantastic. Here is the link and some pictures down on St. Charles.











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  1. I’ve never been to NO. Sounds like a fun place to visit. As for the food…I don’t eat any fish that still has its head!!!

  2. Ah, the MardiParty… what fun! Probably even more fun to ‘do’ than ‘see’, too.


    @Sylvia ~ you should go anyway. Just call ahead to Doggies and have her swing over with a picnic basket for you. ((grin))

  3. LDG,

    That sounds like a plan!

  4. off-topic:

    all safe *here* in LDG family, but prayers for the folks on the coast and upcountry would be appreciated. still getting major major aftershocks… we feel them strongly here and we’re hundred+ miles from the real danger area. in fact now getting a very strong one… ((cjecks the time stamp on the ‘blog))

  5. (more)

    has some of the feeds from local TV reports, too.

  6. Japan Met, who also does Earthquake advisories, on this event:

    you should see the 14:53 JST 11.March 2011 header on the graphic.

  7. LDG,

    I just woke up to this news. Glad you are OK. Prayers for those who got the damage.

  8. Very glad that you are OK LDG.

  9. @Sylvia

    thank you kindly.

    We’re getting the first meaningful casualty counts now (at midnight, here)… the loss of life number is going to be staggering.


    We’re doing the ‘old’ fashioned trick of using internet for long distance and local landline phones to connect worried family members… just like the crew did in SF in 1989 (had to use GEnie for internet back then!). thankfully down here the issue is commuters stuck in train stations that can’t get home as all the rail lines shut down. Cell phones, cellular internet and all that sort of thing are or were down because in an emergency, Emergency Services commandeers the bandwidth for their communications (like rescue teams)… so no one could call home. I understand that the folks supporting the rescue and relief effort up in the damage zone are doing the same to try to clear some of the missing persons. Gotta be tough up there right now.

  10. doggiesallover Says:

    LDG, thank you so much for thinking of us and letting us know you and yours are OK. I bet those aftershocks are scaring the kitties. Are they nervous? I would be.
    This is horrible! It may not actually be this way, but it sure seems that there are more earthquakes lately. Probably statistics won’t bear that out.
    To those who are living this nightmare, my prayers go out to all of you everywhere.
    Sylvia-Just 4-5 hours from N’Awlins. And I don’t do the suck the crawfish head thingy, either. How disgusting and gross! Who ever dreamed THAT up?
    Thanks again, LDG.

  11. @doggies

    Most welcome, but I’ll try to write something about good news next time. Somehow.

  12. @All

    Seems our good host got the call… (from his twitter feed: )

    Headed to Japan. Updates coming. Also I’ll be posting on twitter.

    There is something utterly ironic about all this. You see, presuming things don’t get worse here, I’m scheduled to be overseas in a few days…

  13. LDG

    Good to see you are safe.

    I just heard the USS Ronald Reagen has been deployed toward Japan. She’s about 500nm away as of 21:40Z. Hopefully the US and Japan have worked out the protocal that allows her to participate in rescue operations inland. My understanding is there is a need for helicopters to assist in roof top rescues in the tsunami stricken areas. Hopefully the Reagan can assist.
    Be safe and my thoughts are with you and the rest of Japan.


  14. @John

    Thanks, my friend. We’re being as safe as we can.

    Firefighting resources, more air, and some big undamaged flat spots with fuel for birds… yep, a second carrier will help.

    Locally, though, we’ve got a lot of air assets tasked up that way. JASDF Iruma and JGSDF Maebashi and Utsunomiya (my neighbors) are all covered under the emergency orders… the whole CRF is, really. That gives us: 1sqn heavy lift fixed wing; 2sqn medium fixed wing with dirtfield capability; a full regiment of Army Aviation including 2co of 16 Chinooks each… about 100~150 helos in all. I’d imagine that air traffic control will be as big a problem as rescue planning, shortly.

  15. LDG

    Re: the helos…………that’s good to hear.

    Re: ATC…………if a handfull of USAF/USN air traffic controllers could handle the chaos at Port-Au-Prince after the Haiti quake, using only handheld radios and a mobile radar unit, I’m sure that Japanese intuition will prevail when it comes to not have it “rain aluminum” on the landscape.

    Take care my friend and let us know if we can do anything for you.

  16. LDG,
    Are you concerned about the nuc reactor? Sounds scary to me.

  17. @John

    Yah, I’m not too concerned if they let either ATAC from Hyakuri (which is JASDF) or USAF TAC from Kadena or Yokota tell people where to drive… I’d worry if they expect civilian ATC to handle what they are getting up there, though…


    more concerned about snow… it was snowy last night in Sendai, but thank Heaven it’s about 50F and clear sunny skies up there right now.

    the reactors… several of them… are not dealing well with switching from main cooling to auxilliary cooling (as the plants are on local generators for now… transmission lines and such being down). The best answer would be to get main cooling pumping again soonest. The second best answer is to emergency cool the damn things and presume everthing inside the containment is now junk. Sadly, where this goes wrong is if some one who thinks more about the cost of replacing reactors than the cost of an accident is making the decision as to whether to keep trying the auxilliary system or not.

    Reactor trouble itself is not too scary to me, but I sure think it could be done wrong and *that’s* scary.

  18. @Adam Housley

    If you look here before you look at e-mail…

    I got yours, and will do what I can. My local phone number is at the bottom of the reply I sent you. Advise me when you are on the ground here, please.

  19. susan corral Says:

    LDG —

    BACK from the gypsies…

    sooooooooo glad you are safe– unfortunately, not for all>>> 😦

  20. Ok, Sir Tweets-a-lot says he is on the ground here now…


    Seriously, I hope he’s got a good fixer on the crew. Gasoline is rapidly becoming unobtainable even down here in the flatlands and food in the stores is disappearing fast… there are no long-distance trains running north, nor has highway access been restored headed into the area of worst effect. There isn’t even the regular train service from Toukyou to the airport he arrived at… airport buses are running, but few and far between and the run from Narita into the city is an hour on a good day….

  21. LDG,
    Will Adam be anywhere near you?
    Also, news media is saying nuc leak could be serious. Is that truth or hype?

  22. @Susan

    Welcome back!


    Yes, he’s quite near by.

    Yes, a real nuclear leak would be serious. Truth. It’s very *very* unlikely to happen, however. Small releases and damage inside the containment… not so serious.

  23. BTW no worries about the crew our good host has with him here. A couple of locals as well as the FOXNews regulars he works with.

  24. LDG,
    Did you get to meet Adam?

  25. susan corral Says:

    morning @ alll..

    @ldg– great to hear the nuclear reactor is not a serious issue as I read yesterday it was..

    and i guess we can get our news from what is going on through you~ first hand….

    i am relieved you are took an earthquake for me to email you after all these months… 😦


    i guess i will have to watch FOX to look for you….I literally stopped watching tv… (too much facebook.. addicting….)

    i hope you are well.. and as soon as you post your news on japan on facebook, I will move the story over to my wall..


  26. @Sylvia

    We’ve been talking. We’ll likely cross paths soon.


    not *so* serious… still problematic, especially as the outer structure on one unit just went boom this afternoon. But not instant horrible death like some of the reports were making it sound like earlier…

    Heh, you’ll have first hand news from our good host. I’m just here to hold his Foster Grants for him while he does his thing.

    Also, for the record, I am relieved I am safe too. I was in for the ride in 1989 SF Bay earthquake and getting a reminder after all these years is not the warmest of experiences, if you know what I mean.

  27. LDG,
    We had a mild earthquake in Cincy many years ago and the rattling of the dishes was scary enough. Can’t imagine going through a major one.

  28. doggiesallover Says:

    One law unto itself is that the earth is not supposed to move!
    LDG, please keep the correct information coming. I was listening to a local talk radio station this morniing, where the host is stating that 5n rads are acceptable for a radiologist in a full year, and that because of the breakdown over there, the entire western half of the United States will receive over 750 rads by the end of this week.
    KSET 1300
    Texas Perspective with Daniel Miller
    Daniel will bring you the Texas Perspective!
    Is that total irresponsibility or what?

  29. susan corral Says:


    i finally turned the tv on after who knows when to see if Adam was on and I heard the nuclear reactor is still dangerous as i see it here on my home what is going on?
    and thousands and thousands of people are missing~~ omg… families being separated and people wondering where their loved ones are..horrible and horrible…
    go glad foxy made it home safely..i can’t imagine the fear she must have had..
    and the aftershocks still continue- i heard one was predicted to be above an 8…
    this reminds me of haiti…
    and your san francisco earthquake– i can relate- we had a pretty bad one in mexico city in the 60’s..


  30. susan corral Says:

    i heard people are to take iodine tablets or something like this–?

  31. susan corral Says:

    yesterday on facebook, i posted an article about the nuclear reactor on my wall and said: i hoped this didn’t turn out to be like chernobyl..

    well, maren, you know maren, my german neighbor, came on fb and said when the chernobyl incident happened, she was in Germany, and I guess, they couldn’t eat fresh mushrooms as mushrooms store radioactivity..
    (some new info for me..)

  32. @Sylvia

    I can see how even a small earthquake is very disheartening when one lives where they are rare. Scary indeed.


    That would be about the picture next to the “Irresponsibe” in the dictionary.


    It is rough, especially up in the zone of direct effect. Heartbreaking, really.

    So did you see our good host, or Greg Palkot, doing one of the live shots from the incredibly damaged fishing harbor at Ooarai? They picked a location for those that was suitably dramatic.

    There may be some iodine distribution to forstall certain possible radiation disorders… maybe at one of the evacuation centers. I heard they were testing all the evacuees for radiation exposure.

    Yup, Maren has it right. no eating fallout collectors or radionucleid-concentrating food stuff after a release.

    It can’t be a Chernobyl-like event, btw. Only grapite reactors can endure the heavy shelling that was the major e

  33. LDG,
    Adam did a shot on my local Fox 19. I also saw him on FNC.

    I would be concerned about radiation and perhaps avoid all fresh grown food. Are you going to take iodine?

  34. BTW…we are now on DST and my brain/body are confused. I got up at 6:30 AM which is really late for me!

  35. (correction, spelling)

    It can’t be a Chernobyl-like event, btw. Only grapite reactors can cause such a fire that spreads radioactive damage.

  36. @Sylvia

    No one has suggested that the general public do so. Not enough evidence that is needed or effective.

  37. LDG,

    Adam just reported a volcano problem and evacuation. How dangerous is that and are you in the area?

  38. susan corral Says:

    omg!!!! i was on fb and i saw adam’s Hitachi photo he just posted, so i commented and shared his photo on my wall- adam got on and said, ldg is working with them!!
    i almost cried!!!
    ldg– you are incredible-i bet your services are well welcomed!!!!!! such a horrible way to have to meet or help someone- but you are helping the top correspondent on FOX!!! BLESS ALL OF YOU THERE!!!!

    my regards!! xoxoxoxoo

  39. Adam just posted on FB that LDG is working with him! AWESOME!!

  40. susan corral Says:

    and yes, ldg..i did see greg- i was looking for adam.. it breaks my heart to see the devastation and the incredible loss of human lives.. 😦

    but i am glad you and your loved ones are safe… xoxoxo

  41. susan corral Says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Nuclear officials say a hydrogen blast occured at Fukushima Dai-ichi plant. Developing …

    wow~~ i am reading adam’s twitters on the side.. it does not appear to be getting better..

    i am going to watch the news..

    adam/ldg~ i hope you all are safe~~~~

  42. we’re good right now.

    going to be interesting when we go up north.

    Yes, that means I’m not getting my vacation.

  43. susan corral Says:


    no–no vacation for you– you are helping…wonderful!!!!!!
    my best to you, adam, and all those there.. xoxoxo

    (i just saw this: The death count from Friday’s massive earthquake & tsunami continued to climb on Monday when thousands of bodies were found in Miyagi Prefecture.) 😦 😦

  44. LDG,
    Can you send pictures please?

    Stay safe. I feel so horrible for all the people affected by this disaster.

  45. @Sylvia

    Our good host has his camera rig with him… the issue maybe access to be able to upload pictures. But I’ll remind him to try.

  46. Thanks LDG.

  47. susan corral Says:

    ldg and adam:

    how are you guys doing? i am glued to the tv– not liking what i am watching- food shortages..people standing in line for hours waiting for food- shortage of water..freezing temperatures..
    estimate of damages 36 billion dollars… bodies everywhere…

    I just listened to a nuclear energy specialist in reference to the nuclear reactor plants- my understanding is as long as the primary containment remains intact, the release of radioactivity would not be such a hazard?

    much talk now about putting off building nuclear reactors here in USA becuase of what is happening in Japan.

    adam did mention on his wall on facebook, there has been no looting..
    i would imagine how desperate people would get without food and water~

    how are you guys holding out?

    many hugs from me to you/adam/crew…


  48. K. C. - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Such sad, sad, happenings – our hearts go out to all

    Adam, you are in good hands with LDG by your side, however, both of you – take care

  49. doggiesallover Says:

    Wow. I am so proud of both of you guys, but LDG and Adam-you’ve got to quit meeting like this.
    I read that the US Seventh Fleet said Monday it had moved its ships and aircraft away from a quake-stricken Japanese nuclear power plant after discovering low-level radioactive contamination.
    Adam and LDG, my prayers are with you and your families.

  50. susan corral Says:

    there is talk about a nuclear meltdown… with megyn..

  51. Hoping for some better news. There’s been way too much bad news.

    Stay safe. Prayers for all.

  52. susan corral Says:

    if obama had not done so many bailouts, we could have more money to send to japan– looks like china is the only one with money…

    i am concerned about the nuclear rods overheating– not good!! not good!!!!

  53. susan corral Says:

    the guys on the USS Reagan have been exposed to radioactivity– from our end..

    the news does not get better..

  54. susan corral Says:

    facebook walls are hopping with prayers for japan..
    all my friends have prayers, videos, etc~

    prayers to you ldg and japan… xoxoxoo

  55. susan corral Says:

    it is 3:00 am in japan- so when you see this ldg.. it is awesome you are with adam– adam is in the best of friends and vice-versa~~ xoxoxo

  56. susan corral Says:

    i just “heard” adam on megyn’s– i guess no one sleeps presently~

    adam and ldg-my friends send you two their support and love… πŸ™‚

  57. susan corral Says:

    da*n.. adam– hard keepng up with you– a few hours ago, you were in Hitachi and now Nakaminato…. I bet you all are dragging by now.. 😦

  58. Just got in and was checking to see if there was any more news from Adam and LDG.

  59. K. C. - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Great reporting – you and Shep are doing a fantastic job.
    Put a MASK on please now that #2 went

  60. KC…don’t think a mask will help if there is radiation.

  61. susan corral Says:

    I have watched FOX since this morning- back and forth with the nuclear reactors.. Greta is on right now.. Adam is going to be on now– he has not had a break.. and she is talking about Adam moving location.. he is now headed south…
    wow!!!! this story just doesn’t get better…
    shep is talking about the obstacles the correspondents face too.. fuel etc..

    and there are more explosions going on~

  62. susan corral Says:

    i don’t think a mask will help either, sylvia…

    hi kc!!! isn’t this horrific… i can’t even imagine what the conditions look like there- the fear- the horror of it all- and then what the future holds.. omg!!!!!!

  63. susan corral Says:

    Greta put up the site: for the Samaritan’s Purse, if anyone wants to throw in a couple bucks for the people in Japan..

  64. Samaritan’s Purse is the real deal.
    i posted earlier, but don’t see it here. Look how long it has taken to get Katrina cleaned up and this is a million times worse. Will they ever be able to get it all cleaned up?

  65. susan corral Says:


    i don’t think japan will ever be the same..the memories, in itself, will haunt for years to come.. 😦

  66. I don’t know how people can survive so much disaster. The bad news just keeps coming.

  67. susan corral Says:


    so I hear..I just turned on FOX and overnight, the news got worse- on the nuclear event scale, Japan is rating a 6.. and 140,000 people were forced indoors as there is dangerous levels of exposed radiation…..

    Adam looked pretty tired on Greta’ could clearly see he was dragging by now.. 😦 (hopefully, he and his crew, LDG, got some shut eye)

  68. susan corral Says:


    I just got an email from our good friend, LDG– He is doing well…
    and I am sure after he is rested, he will pop in here and report the latest~


  69. susan corral Says:

    i see on megyn, the radiation level is rising.. the rods are boiling.. omg!!!!

    ldg– this is serious..

  70. susan corral Says:

    obama went golfing this week-end?????????????????????????// wtf!!!!!!

    japan is in serious trouble and he was golfing??????????????????

    he should be addressing this issue on national tv!!!!!!!! our ally..and he was golfing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my blood is boiling…

  71. @Susan and @All

    I got some rest. Team on the coast got pulled back into the big city for the “day” (last night your time) and are doing today’s coverage around there. Our good host has been run ragged a bit as has Palkot and crew, but AFAIK they got at least half a sleep cycle in a nice hotel down there.

    When those ‘liveshots’ to support U.S. broadcasts are completed in about 4 hours, then we may be in motion again.

    Don’t worry about the crew too much, please. They are being very careful and avoiding taking the wrong kind of risks.

  72. LDG,
    Will you continue to work with Adam and his crew?

  73. @Sylvia

    That’s the plan as of now.

  74. susan corral Says:

    i see donald trump agrees with me.. (obama and golfing)

    and if anyone saw what Guliani had to say about the dispostion of the Japanese people, it was very nice… their discipline and their equanimity..

    i would love to embrace all of Japan.. and of course, LDG…

  75. susan corral Says:

    ahh!! i see ldg was here~ i had this open and i didn’t get the new comments….

    your words are comforting, ldg~~~ xoxoxooo

  76. susan corral Says:

    i guess to say safely: at least Adam is with the good people in Japan and not in Chavez land..

  77. susan corral Says:

    this was just posted on my wall on facebook–
    this is for Japan–

  78. I love that song Susan. I remember when it was recorded.

  79. susan corral Says:

    it is nice, isn’t it Sylvia- ❀

  80. K. C. - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    THANK YOU – Without Friends – Where would we be ! ! ! !

  81. susan corral Says:

    good morning everyone~

    i hope all of you are well..
    and I hope LDG and Adam are getting some shut eye~

    a great day @ alll~

  82. Just checking for news from Japan. Hope Adam, LDG, and crew are safe.

  83. @All

    I’m safe. Been pulled out at least for now.

    It is *possible* that I’ll get the call to go back out with other assets.

    Our good host and his team are safe as well. I’ll leave it to him to tell you more about what’s up with him. (because I don’t know all the details)


    I know folks are concerned and probably want to help in some way. American Red Cross is a good way to help, of course… look to their website or local office to make a donation targeted to Japan.

    There is also a need that is often overlooked… animal rescue.

    Between the orphaned animals and those whose owners must/choose to evacuate, the load on rescue shelters is enormous right now… and we don’t have enough capacity in the best of times. Here’s where to help:

    ARK is the premier rescue shelter organization in Japan. Follow the information on the page or go to their homepage and hit the PayPal link, if you so please.

  84. hose Host

  85. susan corral Says:


    DONE!!!!~~ paypal…I am sooooooooooooooo glad you brought up the animal situation… I saw some footage on the animals and of course, my heart was at the bottom of my feet… probably lower than the bottom of my feet….

    I was gone all day (shelter) but when I got back, I saw a few minutes of the news..apparently, ALL then networks who have their correspondents there, were in communication about keeping the correspondents in Japan because of the nuclear radiation…which to my understanding, is becoming a serious health threat…

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ = hose….

  86. susan corral Says:


    our good “hose” was reporting in your link with my friend, John Hook.. who is another great guy~ I use to wait on him when I waitressed at La Parrilla Suiza… he would come in and ask for me.. πŸ™‚ I saw him at the NFL Experience after I gave Adam a migraine..and he recognized me and told me all about his family.. perfect link!!! Two good guys togehter..*FOX 10, our FOX….

    I see the article pretty much says what I stated upbove… about the networks….

    thank you for posting the link…I missed our FOX ..I watched the cable FOX the last two days and Adam was on it seemed to me 24/7…


  87. susan corral Says:

    together– oops~ spelling..

  88. susan corral Says:


    was it two years ago, when Adam was in Ireland with Tamera and we blogged all day about Ireland?

    how different it is today?

    but I remember this one very well: Four Green Fields..

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day as you are Irish..


  89. @Susan

    Yes, remember it well. I’d note that where I sit on the North-South divide didn’t make much of an impression on you then, either… ((grin))

    “Happy St. Patrick’s Day as you are Irish.. ” ~ close enough, I guess. Not like there is a big celebration on St. Andrew’s Day.

    Heh, heard Drop Kick Murphys on the Armed Forces Radio today… Dirty Glass… *that’s* my kind of music for the holiday.

    Well, happy festival @All, and hoist a good beer for me. I’d be drinking with you if I could.

  90. Happy St Pat’s Day. I am Irish just for one day!!!

  91. susan corral Says:


    grinning at your post..not grinning at the headlines I just read about the workers at the nucler plant being injured and the exposure of high levels of radiation…

    Adam has a link on the right with a picture of him and a crew member if one wants to leave a comment….

    and a Happy St. Paddy’s day @ all!!!!!


  92. susan corral Says:

    Dogs are good people~ ahhhhh!!!!! yes, they are~~~

  93. I have always thought dogs were people. I have never had any cats but I’m sure they are people too.

  94. susan corral Says:


    cats are like people, for sure~ demanding they are~ πŸ™‚

    my one cat, gilly, is more dog..he has chewed up about six pairs of shoes.. puncture marks in all of these… he begs for food…. and he has rabbit in him..when he runs, he hops…i have never seen a cat like this one before and i am always around cats… this one takes the prize for being the most ridiculous cat on planet earth.. (i owners like to brag..but even ken’s son when he was visiting this xmas, told me he has never seen a cat who is full of night, i heard eric, ken’s son, break out into a roar of, i went to see what the laughter was all about.. eric told me he watched gilly scale the living room wall and gilly was literally hanging on the valance.. the valance didn’t come down..surprise!!!! also, on a vet visit, gilly got out of the carrier and i pulled over to the side of the road to secure the carrier.. well, he got out again.. and lo, behold, i figured out he had figured out how to unlatch the carrier- my vet had to tape the carrier’s door.. this cat is amazing..)

    yes..cats are cool~~ dogs are cool.. animals are cool…

  95. I want a panda! Saw the picture of the panda hugging a cop and now I want one!!!

  96. Morning, All.

    Anyone seeing live reports from Japan on FOXNews? I’m just curious (and can’t see the live feed) as to where each team is reporting from… had Palkot in Oosaka and Smith in Toukyou yesterday, at least early in the day.

  97. ((smiles at Sylvia and her panda))

  98. re: 2:21 am

    Thank you, KC. Got the mail. Questions answered.

  99. @All

    Those of you hoping for pictures might wish to look at this:

    He’s a Toukyou-based photog who went up north into the Zone of Major Effect.

  100. susan corral Says:


    i just saw the pictures of max hodges.. 😦 😦 😦 (devastation photos)

    and what exactly were you doing for Adam, LDG? work?

    i wish all a nice week-end~~

  101. susan corral Says:

    i didn’t watch tv yesterday.. reference to FOX– so no telling where Adam is now..

  102. @Susan

    “work? ” ~ work.

    Our good host is on a trip this weekend. You can check his twitter feed for his progress yesterday, if you’d like.

  103. @All

    see my comment of March 11th at 7:19 pm, specifically about how they might screw up dealing with the reactors, and then take a look at this:

    Sometimes, I hate being right.

  104. LDG,
    The people in charge should take your advice. They may actually learn something.

  105. susan corral Says:


    big grin– who would ever question you EVER being wrong.. Sylvia is correct..

    “This disaster is 60% man-made,” said one government official. “They failed in their initial response. It’s like Tepco dropped and lost a 100 yen coin while trying to pick up a 10 yen coin.”

    (I just turned on FOX–and Libya is the story…another horror..)

  106. @Sylvia and Susan

    flattery will get you everywhere, you know.

    re: “advice” and “EVER” ~ with the caveat that it is my stock in trade to provide useful and correct advice, I would note that while my success rate is significatly higher than my batting average… I do make mistakes more often than I let on. Heh, sometimes a lot more often.

  107. Happy Spring!!! Winter is finally over!!!

  108. Yay!

    A joyous Purim to you, as well.

  109. susan corral Says:


    Confucius says: Never argue with smart man..

    (I see one of the reactors has been stabilized).. and an 80 year old woman with a teen-ager were found under the rubble– πŸ™‚

    Qaddafi just got his a** pounded… now what? who is going to boot him out and then who takes over?

    and to Sylvia~ πŸ™‚ to your long awaited Spring~~~

    morning, btw~~

  110. @Susan

    “now what?”

    ~ literally… a lot more pounding.

    ~ your actual question, however: hell, if anyone knows they aren’t letting on. The general thinking seems to be once Libya is ex-post-Qaddafi, we’ll sort that out. Worked so well in Kosovo, after all… ((facepalm))

  111. Thank you LDG.
    How come nobody plans ahead…and why do they (Obama/UN) hesitate until it’s too little too late?????

  112. @Sylvia

    Just checking, but those are rhetorical questions, yes?

  113. LDG,

    Those are my “frustration” questions but you are welcome to comment or give me answers!

  114. @Sylvia

    with the caveat that I’m really out of the loop on what’s happened in the run up to the Libya Intervention… kind of distracted and all that…

    “How come nobody plans ahead…” ~ well, the DoD and (supposedly) the NSC both have planning staffs that rotate through any imaginable hypothetical conflicts to come, and do at least a first draft of “what to do if this happens”. The Obama NSC is an even-more-than-usual political creature, though, so no idea if they’ve been doing their homework assignments or just putting on a good show for the boss. If Tom Donilon (Presidential NS Advisor) and Ben Rhodes (Deputy NS Advisor) are any example, then they don’t have the slightest clue about matters like this problem.

    There’s also a corrolary problem: even if they have contingency plans, nobody seems to look at them much. Which leads to…

    “and why do they (Obama/UN) hesitate until it’s too little too late?????” ~ because, like implied above, these are entirely political creatures and their mechanisms. The concern is almost never “what can we do?” or even “what, for some moral reason, should we do?”; it almost always is “what serves us best (politically or diplomatically) to do?” or simply “what can we do that looks like we are doing something?”… thus the immediate expressions of concern, but the hedging and fudging on actually doing something. Smart (but still political) leaders use this delay to get good Intelligence going and do some goal-setting before asking the military or allies to make formal plans. Weasels use this delay to… delay some more. Whichever, at some point either the problem goes away by itself (at least for now) or becomes intolerably prominent in the media and diplomatic discussion. That later case being the actual impetus to action.

    When action comes, then the quality of the plans or lack-thereof become pretty obvious. The carriers are there; the Marines are off-shore; the massive airlift of relief or intervention materials swings into action… or… things happen in a piecemeal or ineffectual manner; a brigade of French troops that happened to be nearby get called in (Rwanda), or a handful of jets from each of a half-dozen countries are expected to get integrated into a single air force (this time), or…

    Well, you get the picture. It’s a messy business and it takes 10 times as much logistical support as it does fighting power to do anything meaningful these days. It’s expensive. Often, it is unpopular or divisive politically.

    No right-thinking wants-to-be-re-elected politician wants to take that on, most of the time.

    So too-little-too-late is often the result.

    Hope that helps.

  115. susan corral Says:


    Often, it is unpopular or divisive politically.

    No right-thinking wants-to-be-re-elected politician wants to take that on, most of the time.


    and changing topics– I heard the damage in Japan is estimated to be 235 billion dollars?

    and a good day @ all– xoxxoox

  116. Thank you LDG.

    I just think indecision makes a country look weak.

    And good morning Susan. Almost afternoon on DST in Cincy.

  117. @Susan

    re: damage ~ I hadn’t heard that number but it certainly doesn’t surprise me… counting damage to the general economy, that might well be low in fact.


    re: indecision ~ I concur.

  118. Adam Housley Says:


    We made it back late last week and then took a couple of days off. LDG was fantastic and we had planned on seeing him a couple of more times, but were rudely interrupted by more radiation. I will be posting some pics soon!.


  119. Good Morning and welcome back Adam. Any more trips planned?

  120. @Adam Housley

    Hey there, welcome back. …and how were the baseball games?

    re: “planned on seeing” ~ yeah, that was rather unseemly of TEPCO, wasn’t it? I am glad I could be of what service I was. Let’s do it again someday, although on something a little more managable… like a war or something. ((grin))

  121. susan corral Says:

    morning everyone~~~
    i hate watching the news~~ it gets worse each day!!

    japan’s water is contaminated..libya is a mess~~

    floods everywhere~~~~

    no complaints about my life..this is for sure!!!!!


  122. susan corral Says:

    RIP Liz….

  123. susan corral Says:

    this isn’t funny– but i had to grin in the tone it was said by Adam: but were rudely interrupted by more radiation.

  124. Good Morning from very cold Cincy. Temp dropped 40 degrees overnight and winter has returned. Not a happy camper.

    Guess I won’t be wearing short sleeves and sandals today. Hope it’s warm and sunny where you all are.

  125. ‘morning All.


    Yeah, they slipped in one last blast of winter here, too. Hope it passes quickly and we can get on to doing that Spring thing.


    “this isn’t funny–” ~ heh. Some times it is best to ‘laugh in the face of death’, and all that.

  126. doggiesallover Says:

    Magnitude-6.5 Quake Off Japan; Small Tsunami Alert
    Sunday afternoon, 6:17 PM CDT

  127. LDG,
    What is going on in Japan??? Are you and family OK?

  128. @Sylvia and All

    We are fine, considering all that came before.

    That Mag 6.5 hit up in the ZoME, but honestly it wasn’t much of an addition to things. Worst area got an Intensity 5- shake. For cmparison, we got a 5+ shake here during the big one… and the folks up north got the full 7 points on the scale.

    reminder, here’s the scale in English:

    What might be a problem (don’t know right now) is if already damaged or partly-repaired structures got knocked down.

  129. (more)

    This is still the larger problem, up in the ZoME:

  130. Got a photo of the Israeli surgical team helping out here:

    The trailers behind them are all converted into modules of the hospital.

    I *think* our good host saw this same team in action in Haiti a year ago.

  131. LDG,
    Thanks for the update. My heart goes out to all the people who still need food and health care.

  132. Adam Housley Says:


    I am watching with all of you and wondering if and when this will all get better. Speaking of watching, after being back about 10 days I am finally beginning to catch up. I also have a anew post!


  133. susan corral Says:

    radiation exposure not cool~~~ at all~~~

    my heart goes out to everyone~~ this is more than picking up the pieces but more like the effect on the individuals..

    the Japanese may be resilient but they are still human and losses are grief.. plus, the rebuilding.. and this contamination.. it would bring fear in me….

    I only speak of how I would feel…

  134. susan corral Says:

    as in Haiti, Katrina, Indonesia, Australia, et al~~~~

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