The Gate

So we have an amazing story coming soon with the U.S. Coast Guard. We spent two great days with our men and women and saw the new National Security Cutter…..which is more than amazing. One of the stations we landed was Station Golden Gate and I hiked up the hill to grab a few photo’s. One is a self portrait. πŸ™‚


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  1. Adam,

    Beautiful pictures. It’s nice to see a place without snow! Expecting more here today.

  2. @Adam Housley

    Marvelous! I’ve been where you took those pictures, but nothing I ever snapped came out as good as those.


    Max came to visit over on the last topic thread… I’ve encouraged him to come over here if he looks back in.

  3. Adam Housley Says:

    Thanks guys! I will post more later. I talked to Max on facebook and he has been slammed with school this past semester. He plans on stopping in more often and was happy to know that we missed him. πŸ™‚


  4. K. C. - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone,

    Well, yesterday (Sunday) was a great day to have chips, spinach dip, and homemade chili. Oh yah, also to watch a football game. Great excuse for pigging out. (grinning)

    Max – it was great hearing from you. When you have time, pop back in and let us know what you have been up to in the past months.

    Adam – love the photos – still waiting for you to create a book of photography from your vast collection. I am sure it would be a best seller.

    LDG – I wanted to send you an email when the game started because I figured being 16 hours ahead of me – you would know who won ! ! ! Mark busted out laughing and just shook his head, wiped the tears off his face, and told me to go ahead and email. As you can tell, I chose not to send you an email because something (probably Mark’s reaction) told me not to do it. He said at least you would know I am a natural blonde.

  5. @KC

    *That* is priceless, on just so many levels.

    thank you for the Monday smile.

    I hear it was a great game. Did you have a team to cheer for?

  6. K. C. - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Did I have a team to cheer for?? Well, let me just say that at the beginning of the game, I was very confused because everyone playing had on the same style and color of pants so hubby explained to me that they had different colored shirts. Some wore green and some wore white. So, as I kept looking at the green shirts and gold pants, I decided that they should be called the “Mighty Ducks” cause that is just what they reminded me of. Hubby was for the guys in the white shirts and gold pants.

    Anywhooo, at one point in the game, hubby was in the kitchen and I yelled “they did a take-away.” He says, what do you mean a take-away and I explained to him that the guy in the white shirt threw the ball and a guy in the green shirt (mighty duck) caught the ball and started running in the opposite direction. He just looked at me and told me that was called an interception- so I asked him what that meant – and he started laughing again and said it was when one team takes the ball away from the other – DUH – seems like we were saying the same thing (laughing).

    I think my only other blunder was when they kicked the ball between those 2 poles sticking in the ground and I yelled goalie and raised my arms in the air. I guess I was the entertainment during the whole game because Mark is still laughing about it.

    But, my Mighty Ducks won and his guys in the white shirts lost so I guess I was cheering for the right team.

    The good news is, we won’t have to go through this again until Super Bowl next year – as that is the only time we watch football.

    By the way, is that ice sculpture in Japan that they were showing on TV by you, and if so, were you able to see it. It really looked awesome and I bet quite a sight to see.

    Did you NOT watch the game??

  7. @KC

    Clearly, you have just the right attitude about American Football.

    re: ice sculpture ~ hm? Perhaps the Snow Festival up in Sapporo?

    If so, then no… Sapporo is up on Hokkaidou. Far north. (It would be like asking you if you got to see something in Portland, Oregon. Not impossible, but not close by.)

    re: NOT watching ~ correct. It isn’t something they show live here, or at all really (except on the American military bases). I did catch some of the highlights via the ‘net. Ah well for my Steelers, but as I also like Green Bay I can’t feel too bad about the outcome. I knew we were doomed anyway… the Curse of O was laid on the Steelers…

  8. I have mostly been doing school work. I work at the college day care as well so that takes a lot of time. So I don’t sit around online most of the day anymore πŸ™‚
    How have you all been?

  9. Adam Housley Says:


    We have been doing great…I get swamped and miss my daily stop-ins, but everyone is very understanding. Glad work is well. Also…loved the Darth Vader SuperBowl VW commercial….BRILLIANT!!

    Glad the Packers won and the Niners are going to win next year!!!!!

    Photo book coming soon.



  10. @Max

    Doing reasonably well here; got some odd things keeping me busier than I am supposed to be, but nothing bad.

    I do look forward to seeing you around here more, given the time.

    @Adam Housley

    Since you mentioned about a photo book, I’ve always wanted to ask if your interest in photography was what motivated you to take up Journalism as a career. You certainly have the eye for good shots.

    Yeah, that does mean if you come out with a book of photos, sign me up for a copy.

  11. doggies all over Says:

    Good morning., everyone. I’ve been gone again, and am just now catching up.
    Hi, Max. Did you tell me what you were majoring in and I just forgot? If so, mea culpa. Day care! Oh my goodness. Good thing you’re young, LOL!
    LDG, my Jen is “too old” to become a member of a paid firefighting unit. Seems to me if someone could pass the series of tests they’re given, (and she could, hands down!) then they could be hired. But no…
    We’re at 28ΒΊ with a wind chill of 19ΒΊ right now. All doggies are cuddled, toasty warm.

  12. doggies all over Says:

    LOve these pcitrues, Adam. I forgot to tell you.

  13. @doggies

    re: firefighter ~ ah, too bad that. Not sure there is a ‘hard’ age limit, as I’ve known some who did 10~12 years in the military who then went on to join a fire department, but there are probably factors in your situation that are different. Glad she’s got a good dept. to volunteer for, though.


    Just a little something from the way-back machine on a story our good host covered years ago:

    A federal investigator says in documents obtained by The Associated Press that a tiger killed by police in 2007 after fatally mauling a teen at the San Francisco Zoo was likely provoked into leaping and clawing out of its enclosure.

    I’d love to see that entire set of documents made into a news analysis.

    ((hint hint))

  14. doggies all over Says:

    Thanks LDG. There’s a mandatory retirement age in Beaumont of 55, and you have to be able to have worked at least 20 years when you are hired in. Therefore, in their short-sighted rules, one cannot be over 35 when hired.
    I STILL say…sigh…

  15. Cheryl…55 seems kind of young…at least compared to me! LOL

  16. and then…

    So I was hoping for something good to come by; work being rather short of enjoyable the last few days and all. I once again headed off to read the headlines for the day just to see what, if any thing, of use might be there… and in between the other stories…

    (that’s the key release. BBC, AP and indeed FOXNews have all had versions of this story.)

    Huzzah! Three cheers for the new Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office!

  17. LDG,
    Great story! Happy ending…just what I love!

  18. doggies all over Says:

    YAY for Larry! Wish all shelters could be no-kill shelters!
    I’m on the board of directors of Sweetpups (on Facebook) or
    We do it all to find furever homes or foster parents.
    Sorry-just too perfect an opportunity to get our name out.
    Thanks as always, LDG!

  19. Adam Housley Says:

    Doggies…thanks for liking the pics….and…..55 is young. Especially as the years march on!!



    Did you guys see the Coast Guard story?

  20. I saw the Coast Guard segment and pics. I posted on Twitter or FB. I’m all over the place Adam!!! LOL

  21. doggies all over Says:

    LDG, reminded me SO much of your babies.

  22. Cheryl,

    That is adorable. Will the cat end up in the slammer? LOL

  23. @doggies

    That’s a great report!

    Yes, at least one of the Fearsome Feline Foursome fits the same pattern… except we don’t let ours wander so he sneaks into rooms and moves things around the house. Wonder if acquisitiveness is an Oriental Shorthair trait…? I honestly don’t know but our little stripy cat and that Siamese/Mix in the report would make two cases. Hm.

    Thank you for showing that to us!

  24. @Adam Housley

    Another “attaboy” for your collection: Hot Air dot Com just linked to your liveshots thread on the Hiz’b smuggling down at the border… yeah, I know your broadcast stories reach millions, but its always nice to get linked on the ‘net too.

    You might want to see if Allahpundit or Ed (the HotAir guys) put anything about it on Twitter, too. Retweet fodder.

    Good report, btw. I’ll get something up linking to it on CompHyp in a little bit, just to show my appreciation as well.

  25. doggies all over Says:

    I got an email reply from a former co-worker about all the underthings her cat used to bring home ffrom the neighbors’. Just the underthings! I’m glad it was back when neighbors had a sense of humor. It was hilarious…
    She said now if she gets a bag with white powder in it, she’s telling the cops the cat did it!
    I had no idea cats would do that! the only thing my Perky cat ever brought home was…well, you don’t need to know. But he was such a good kitty.
    And of course that was before we knew to keep them inside. Learned a lot, some the hardest way possible.
    Thanks for the link above, LDG!

  26. Adam Housley Says:

    I will chat more tomorrow and I’ll have some time. We are in Palm Springs for a cool story. Hope everyone is well!


  27. Adam Housley Says:


    Thanks for the link and I am a bit surprised more people didn’t take notice outside of Fox viewers. This has happened before with a few of my stories and when something happens everyone then reports it as new. πŸ™‚

    AND…that cat. Really? πŸ™‚


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