Happy Birthday!

Well thanks to the Consumer Electronics Show, the horrible tragedy in Tucson and then a visit to my main office in New York, I have been out of the loop yet again. I also have been battling a brutal cold, but that became an infection. Yep….2011 has already been eventful. As I sit here I wanted to say thanks again for all the support and I wanted to pass along this Picture I grabbed last year. Because I am usually last to wish everyone congrats….this post is a group Happy Birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚ LDG’s big day reminded me. I hope everyone is well.


31 Responses to “Happy Birthday!”

  1. Welcome back Adam. I do see you on FB and Twitter. Don’t know where you get the energy to fly around the country so often covering stories when they occur. The Tucson one was so heartbreaking.

  2. Ah Ha! The Group Happy Birthday should cover things.

    Thanks (for my part) and may this year turn for the better for all.

    Welcome back and get well soon, compadre.

  3. Adam Housley Says:

    Thanks LDG….Sylvia…I get real tired sometimes, but I am known to have extra energy! ๐Ÿ™‚ Every once in a while tho, it gets me down….and I need to recover. Like just now. I am feeling much better after a bout with an upper respiratory infection.
    Paying bills. YUK!

  4. @Adam Housley

    We could send SusanAZ over there to deliver a care package…

    or I could lie to the Consulate and tell them a homesick Exchange Student in need lives at your address… in LA that’s probably good for a visit or phone call to cheer and motivate you. Ganbatte! Ganbatte! cheers and everything…


    Say, where is Susan?

    Come to think of it, she’s not answered mail for a week. You ok out there, Susan?

  5. Adam,
    When will you be in Phoenix for spring training?

  6. K. C. - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning all and happy Monday.

    Foggy and cold here, but otherwise all is well

    Sounds like you indeed have a Happy Birthday celebration. Glad you got to enjoy a hockey game and good treats.

    Hope you are feeling better

  7. Good Morning, All!

    Hm… no sign of Susan yet.

    Maybe I’d best post something about kitties to try an lure her in:



    Fun was found, thank you. Here’s hoping everyone here has as good a birthday!

  8. LDG,
    I’ll send Susan a message on FB. Patty is there too.

  9. Message sent to Susan and Patty to return to Bullpen!

  10. @Sylvia

    Oh YAY!

    …on both counts. Good thinking, Sylvia!

  11. Meanwhile, since we are summoning up friends, here’s one for John:


    (no, it’s not a dirty joke. pity, I know.)

  12. doggies all over Says:

    I just want to go back to 2010.

  13. @doggies

    Hm? That doesn’t sound so good… Is everything OK?

  14. Adam Housley Says:

    Look at you guys summoning people!! LOL

    I hope to be down in AZ in the middle of March for Spring Training…not sure yet because the date hasn’t been set.

    Also..I am feeling better thanks. The cold this year was a tough one. I normally don’t get sick, but dang…this one was tough.

    Doggies…..always look forward.


  15. Apparently, we aren’t very good at it.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better, compadre.

  16. LDG,
    I tried. Don’t know what else to do to get folks back.

  17. @Sylvia

    You did great.

    I’m just a tad concerned re: Susan. Doggies, too, from her last comment but at least we know she is around.

  18. Sorry for the absence everyone, but it’s been one hell of month. I’ve been snowed on, snowed in, snowed out and iced over. If it snowed……..I was there. BTW, I hate snow and the only ice I like is the cubed kind in my adult beverages.

    LDG……….Great poster. Raptor vs the Mustang……….Hmmmmm. If Chuck Yeager were piloting the P-51 , then I’d rather have him cover my six over some fly-by-wire ,X-Box generation, wet behind the ears dinosaur driver. LOL

    And Doggies, if you really want to go back to 2010 then you’ll need one of these……….

    I hope you and everyone else is doing well.

  19. doggies all over Says:

    Thanks, John. That would be nice.
    But at last, guys, things are looking up for me (a little) from when I posted that-my daughter’s surgery against all odds produced a benign path report, and my mom is out of ICU and finally home from the hospital.
    So, putting a toe back into the wters of 2011 and hoping it’s more hospitable. Hoping every one else is good.
    And I’ve seen Susan on F/B lately, so I know she’s OK, if that helps.

  20. @doggies


    Here’s indeed hoping it is better from here for you and yours.

    Thanks for the Susan update. That does help, lots!

  21. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG…thanks for the well wishes. John nor sure who you ticked off, but just about everything is freezing over in your neighborhood.
    Doggies….I hope 2011 goes a heck of a lot better thats for sure.
    As for those asking, I am watching the Egypt stuff very closely, not sure if I will go, we have some great folks already in the region. You guys will know first if I go.


  22. Cheryl (doggies), I hope this year brings all good news. You and your family deserve a break from the bad news.

  23. @Adam Housley

    On the odd chance you do get the call… and since your team is probably overstraining your supply of local handlers/fixers… one small piece of (unsolicited, I grant you) advice: Get on the phone to your friends at Sky News and see if they have any assets that can be brought in. Generally speaking, the Brits have way better contacts for Egypt than the Yanks do and they might just have the extra support manpower to keep you safe and on the job.

  24. doggies all over Says:

    Ooh! Gosh, LDG, that post almost brought tears to my eyes, for it’s the kind of advice one cannot buy, no matter how much the cost, and can only be given out of respect and gratitude. Wow. That was awesome.
    And thank all of you for your kind wishes. Jennifer’s a very active volunteer firefighter and is really anxious to get back into gear. They’re letting her ride and make the state reports, but no firefighting. She’s chafing at the tethers from doctors and her brethren. My mom, not so well.
    We’re getting sleet and a little ice right now, even here. High today’s been 32ยบ. I know, that’s a heat wave for Sylvia!

  25. @doggies

    Heh, you weren’t here the the time John and some ‘mates were thinking they needed to go down to Venez and get the boss out of trouble.

    As to Egypt: I’d go meet him there myself, but (1) Egypt is out-of-area for me anymore, esp. urban environs, and (2) unless our good host has one hell of an expense account, my rates are a bit high for him. He’d do better with locals and Tommies anyway.


    I didn’t know honored daughter was a Vol Firefighter, did I? That is just wonderful. Is she one of those determined “never turn pro” local smoke eaters, or does she have hopes of jumping to a professional department somewhere some day?

    May joy and comfort come to you and yours, and all your puppies form a puppy pile on you to keep you warm during the freeze… ((grin))


    Susan update: she did just answer some e-mail, so she must still be kicking around out there somewhere. Thanks for the assists and updates, folks.

  26. LDG,
    Susan is alive and active on Facebook. Patty too. I’m trying to balance time on FB, Twitter, Bullpen, and “real” life.

  27. Near as I can tell, you’re doing great, Sylvia. Thanks again.

  28. Adam Housley Says:

    Sylvia, Patty and everyone….thanks for sticking with us here in the pen!!

    Also….LDG….good info and I will keep you guys in the loop if I head that way. Also….The Sky folks are very good friends of mine. ๐Ÿ™‚


    New Post coming

  29. Hey all!
    How have you all been?
    I’ve been watching the Egypt situation closely. Sadly I am not as well informed as I used to be, or I could have been warning people a few months ago, as I was when Russia invaded Georgia.

    Was good to read that the army have been protecting the anti-Mubarak protesters. Hopefully the army can control the situation and put down the brotherhood.

  30. @Max

    Hey there, yourself. Great to see you!

    Let’s roll it over to the new thread.

  31. Adam Housley Says:


    You are soooo right. There is more to this than meets the eye. I too and now rolling over to the new thread!

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