A Day to Live in Infamy

I will never forget…how about you? My blog from Pearl Harbor and the 69th commemoration…and the new museum is at foxnews.com/housley….until then….here is a special picture for the BullPen


38 Responses to “A Day to Live in Infamy”

  1. Chuck Denton Says:

    I remember very fondly our covering of the 65th anniversary there a few years back Adam. What a tremendous experience being onboard the USS Arizona with remaining survivors! Glad you’re there again! Don’t forget to enjoy the “desserts” at your hotel (aka a “chocolate monkey”!)

  2. Wish I could be there too. The memorial is beautiful and awesome. The vets from that war are truly part of America’s greatest generation.

  3. Adam Housley Says:


    it doesn’t seem like that long ago and we do plan on trying a chocolate monkey before we leave here….and as I am sure you remember…it was an early rise this AM.

    Sylvia…I couldn’t agree more.


  4. @Adam Housley

    Bravo on a fine report, and thanks for highlighting the new museum!

  5. cheryljones Says:

    My father, at 91, is a WWII veteran. Not at Pearl Harblor, thank goodness, but oh, the stories he can tell of the war in the Pacific! And get this-there was a book written last yeer about a fellow soldier, and my dad’s in it!
    Plus, just a few months ago, he got to tallk to his co-pilot! Daddy was a radio operator in a B-25.
    I’ve thanked him, and they truly are the greatest.

  6. cheryljones Says:

    You all know that’s “year” not “yeer”, right? Amd yes, I know there’s only one ‘l’ in ‘talk’.
    I think it’s too late for me to be blogging.
    Good night, everyone.

  7. Adam, the report on identifying remains of those MIA is so sad and yet so important. The families need answers.

  8. (and then, a few days pass…)

    Anybody home?

    Hm. Must be the snow. Internet doesn’t work in heavy snow, right?

    Ah well, perhaps a little feline amusement will brighten the day…


    p.s. to KC-Fresno if she looks in here: I did send you e-mail a few days back, and have gotten no reply. Same letter, cc’ed to Susan got through, so I know it went out. You doing ok?

  9. LDG,
    I’m home now. Went on errands. It’s a frigid sunny day. The temp started out at 7 and is now up to a balmy 26.
    I will e-mail KC to let her know you sent a message.

  10. @Sylvia

    Oh, positively tropical, that. ((winces)) Hope you didn’t get too much ice and snow to go with it. How are the drivers on icy roads around those parts?

    Thanks for the KC follow-up, too.

  11. LDG,

    People do not know how to drive on snow or ice. We only got about 3 inches but there were accidents. Ice is a problem especially for those who don’t slow down or who don’t see the ice. We have snow emergencies with just a small amount. With heavier snow most things come to a standstill. The schools have so many snow days that they usually have to extend the school year. The problem we are having this month is the unusually cold temps. It is much colder than normal.

    If you don’t hear from KC let me know and I will send another e-mail. She hasn’t replied to me yet.

  12. @Sylvia

    Know what you mean, that. We’re on the edge of a big wide plain and most all the lowlanders are just a menace driving on winter roads. Thankfully, most of the really dangerous areas are a bit off the beaten path and those routes are mostly taken by locals… who have both the skills and the right cars/tires to handle the problem.

    The winter storm that just blasted over your area is a lot nastier than what we’ve seen yet this winter. We’re still to see our first snow… although it is predicted for this weekend… but just a bit to north of here has seen the first couple feet of snow and days of freezing weather.

    Thanks again for trying to scare up KC for me. Will advise when I get word of her.

  13. cheryljones Says:

    Hello, everyone. I’m in between errands, so just sneaking a peek. Pllease stay warm and safe. Believe it or not, we’re at 72ΒΊ! Yesterday we had frost.

  14. Cheryl,
    Send some of that heat to me!

  15. K. C. - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    LDG- Your catch up e-mail is on the way. We are doing great – thank you sooooo much for your concern.

  16. Yay! a KC sighting!

    I see an e-mail in my box, too. Looks like a successful effort, Sylvia!

  17. LDG,
    Glad to help!!

  18. cheryljones Says:

    πŸ™‚ -Blowing hot air your way, Sylvia! (And there’s enough for anywone else).

  19. *psst*


    send out good host some… especially if it comes dry and sunny… California is getting rain right now that rivals Houston in the worst season.

    ‘course, on the plus point, they do live and die by snowpack for year-round water out there and this storm has been marvelous for snow in the heights.

    @Adam Housley

    Should we be sending you a schnorkel?

  20. Maybe Adam is building an ark. Perhaps we should send a few animals his way!

  21. K. C. - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning all and Happy Monday (again) – Man, the weeks just fly by.

    It is wet, wet, wet, around here. Not really cold, but hasn’t stopped raining for days now. We really need it – so can’t really complain – BUT – it would be nice if it didn’t rain all at once and spread it out a little bit better in between days.

  22. doggies all over Says:

    LDG, I’ve been watching the videos of those horrendous storms in CA. I just told hubby today that they’re worse than anything I’ve ever seen around here. But of course around here we still have our trees-and no mountainsides-just overpasses.
    Prayers for all those in natrure’s path this Christmastime.
    And Sylvia-just 2 dogs? LOL-I’ve got a good start for a lot of arks!

  23. Cheryl,
    I forgot how many dogs you have. Is the magic number 10?

  24. Here’s hoping all our rain-sodden friends have made it through safely.

    It’s beginning to look a *lot* like Christmas around these parts, and I’m a week or so from getting a right and proper New Year’s celebration in.

    So, here’s to the season! Enjoy!

  25. p.s. @doggies

    I was witness to a seven inch rainfall in the Houston area some years back (and yes the underpasses were one of the major danger spots). That was a serious “frog-strangler”.

  26. LDG,
    Do you have big plans for the New Year? We used to go to big hotel parties with the loud bands, mediocre food, and stay up most of the night. Now we stay home and rarely stay awake for the midnight hour.

  27. Susan Corral Says:


    a very merry christmas to all!!!!!


  28. Susan Corral Says:

    @sylvia– your comment about the ark—- πŸ˜€

  29. @Sylvia

    re: big plans ~ still hoping to pull something more noteworthy together, but it may just end up instead as the usual; me and a few thousand other celebrants at Shrine come the midnight past. That’s always cold (standing outdoors in midwinter and all), but Dutch Courage is provided. New Year’s Day and the following few days are holidays as well, so there will be fun found.



  30. K. C. - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Merry Christmas Eve day to all

    We have had NO rain for two days now which is wonderful – but it is coming back tomorrow for a few more days.

    Have a great day tomorrow everyone

  31. K. C. - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    If I remember correctly, your home is 16 hours ahead of my home. If this is correct, then it is early Christmas morning at your home.



  32. @KC

    Indeed. ’tis WWYAMC time here.

    (We Wish You A Merry Christmas!)

  33. LOL Adam. The title of this post should read, ” A Day to Live Infinitely “. 18 days and counting…………..

    Just wanted to wish you and all the other readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  34. Adam Housley Says:

    JOHN!!!!! OK…..the Ark is complete…I think we will have trouble finding two of a few of you peeps. πŸ™‚
    Hey now, got slammed with the holiday season stuff, but I made a cool video I hope to post tomorrow.
    AND….even Susan has been AWOL.

    I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and holiday season and I appreciate all the support….even if I get slammed and disappear for a few days!


  35. Adam,
    Hope you have a wonderful New Year. I can’t believe it’s almost 2011. How did 2010 go by so quickly?

  36. @Adam Housley

    Looking forward to the new post. I see you’ve been out being a foodie (as per your Twitter and all).


    In a quick drop for folks here while we await the new thread, here’s a piece on the situation in Mexico for your reading (and criticism if you wish):

  37. LDG,
    That was good info. Sounds like our government will let this play out because no President seems to want to clean up the border. Politicians need the Hispanic vote. I honestly believe there is no way our military will be given the orders to do what is necessary to eliminate the problem. This Administration is weak on border control as was the previous one.

  38. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG…good stuff. Happy New Year to you also Sylvia! and of course to EVERYONE ELSE….even John and Susan! New post. πŸ™‚


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