I had a few days in Nor Cal to help my dad out at the winery for the big ‘First Sip’ weekend. The weather was perfect at about 75 degrees and the vines are just starting to change color to the yellowish green and in some cases the bright reds have already appeared…as if celebrating Christmas in early November. I grabbed this photo outside the tasting room and wanted to share it with everyone. I hope you are all healthy, happy and enjoying the end of the year.


29 Responses to “FALL COLORS”

  1. Sounds like a beautiful time of year in Nor Cal. It has been a great Fall in Cincy but the weather is about to change. Temps heading downward. Getting close to “counting the days to spring” time! LOL
    BTW…now that we are off DST it gets dark here by 5:30….ugh!!! No more after dinner walks.

  2. Oh those are pretty. We’ve got all the leaves turning on the hardwoods now; makes the hillsides a riot of yellows and reds.

    @Sylvia ~ “No more after dinner walks.” Heh, no DST here… and we have one time zone for the entire country and here would be in the east of the country, so we are pitch dark by 1730hours. Maybe we should both consider after lunch walks?

    @Adam Housley ~ (previous thread) “LDG….I actually went to your blog on a number of occasions, but things this fall got crazy….so leave it to Susan to remind me!” No worries. I was obliged elsewhere most of summer and into fall, but there is more posted as of this month to read. I sure appreciate your making the time when you can.

    …and thanks to Susan for reminding us both!

  3. LDG,
    Does walking around Kroger’s getting groceries count as my after lunch walk? LOL

  4. doggies all over Says:

    Adam, so pretty. It’s pretty here, too, if you like green: Light green, medium green, darker medium green-and it’s dark here by 5:30 pm too-
    Can any one of you seriously defend DST to me? Makes no sense.

  5. @Sylvia ~ hehhehheh maybe. Piggly Wiggly sounds like better exercise, though.

    @doggies ~ “Can any one of you seriously defend DST to me? Makes no sense.” Hm? How so?

  6. off-topic

    Hope none of you were expecting Christmas presents from overseas…


  7. LDG……….

    Sadly, when I read this, only one thing came to mind…………The terrorists have just won. The USA just succumbed to the very ideals these terrorists are fighting for and that is to destroy our way of life.

    Contrary to popular belief, they really don’t care how many people they kill in their quest as long as they disrupt (terrorize) our normal routines causing us to change the ways that have made us ( and kept us) a strong nation.

    TSA ( and most of the bloated and over-rated DHS ) are a disgrace to our country. If I was overseas, giving my blood, sweat and tears to protect the American way of life, I would have serious second thoughts about why I was doing that when I see my own government destroying the very thing I took an oath to protect.
    Bring our troops home and help them protect us from ourselves, for we are becoming our own worst enemy.

    Sorry for the rant, but I’m obviously very upset about how the DHS is handling ( actually, not handling ) our security.

  8. John and LDG,

    I never understood why Israel seems to be able to have a better security system than we have.. I want to be safe when I fly but I find the current system to be awful. The full body scanners and pat downs will not stop someone hell bent on trying to kill us. When I get on a plane I look at the other passengers to see if any look “suspect”. I don’t give a damn about political correctness. I say use common sense and don’t waste time/energy on patting down those who don’t fit the profile. And please don’t tell me that body scanners will save lives. A terrorist has other means of getting around the system.
    I used to enjoy flying but not any more. But I refuse to stop flying because then the terrorists win. So I will continue to put up with the pseudo safety measures and still scan the passengers about to board my flight to see if anyone looks rotten…..not that I could actually do anything to keep that person off the plane.

    BTW…..those civilian trials for terrorists sure aren’t working out very well. Perhaps this administration will rethink the idea. GITMO has space available.

  9. LDG,

    I’m not expecting any presents from overseas, so I guess this latest ban doesn’t affect me. But your blog is spot on. Morons was a good name. I would have probably picked a more profane word….but I’m trying not to get thrown off this blog!

  10. doggies all over Says:

    Sylvia, ever notice in the blogs how many people spell moron maroon? LOL!
    Not that this is not serious.
    John, thank you from the bottom of my heart for saying bring them home.
    Whatever the reason, and you’re right, we are losing the war with ourselves.

    LDG-Maybe you see an actual reason for DST, but I can honestly say that I do not. I don’t believe it saves electricity, and since no parent in their right mind would let a child under the age of 12 or so walk to school alone or wait unsupervised at a bus stop in the dark, I just don’t get it.

  11. @Adam Housley

    So, any reason why FOXNews hasn’t mentioned these new TSA restrictions (and the resultant closures)? The TSA promugated the basic regulation last Friday…


    With you on the rant part. Not sure what you’re implying about the troops other than that BS like this is yet another morale hit. (but see below)


    Israel has a better security system because (1) they’ve been at it for 50+ years; (2) there is a real need every day; (3) they have very few points-of-entry and a very managable number of travelers and packages to screen; (4) they spend a lot of effort on intelligence and prevention to deal with problems upstream, and lastly; (5) when it comes down to it, they don’t compromise on necessity. If they do feel they need to search some one, they segregate the individual and baggage and treat it as a crime-in-progress. Note, however, that because of (1)-(4) they need do (5) only very occasionally.

    That is almost the opposite of the US TSA on every point.


    “maroon” ~ it is a Bugs Bunny joke.

    I’ll echo my comment above about calling back the troops. It’s fine to say you want the overseas war stopped. It has, however, little relevance to the matter of how badly transportation security (or almost any other domestic security matter) is being done. *IF* you saying that you are so angry with the administration that you want the field army called home to take over the government then you must understand that you are calling for an equally unconstitutional “solution” to the “problem”. Mistake, that.

    also, re DST ~ what I “see” is also irrelevant. I asked what you were asking for; if you wanted an explanation. Obviously, you don’t.

  12. doggies all over Says:

    Oops. I think I must have been one of those ‘moroons’-that’s usually the spelling, not ‘mAroons’. Didn’t mean to be contentious, LDG. Evidently I can do that without even trying.
    First, no, I just want the tropps home for their sake.
    And please-re:DST? Educate me.

  13. @doggies

    Trying to judge intention in the written form is hard. If I read more into what you wrote than you meant, of course you have my regrets. No slight taken either.

    re: DST ~ lucky you, I wrote something just for you but didn’t want to post it unrequested as it is a bit longish. But saved notes are available:

    The rational about DST:

    It is pretty simple economics with a nice social bonus in many cultures. If your economy has moved off labor-intensive agriculture and on to either industrial activity (which is daylight-insensitive) or consumer and service activity (both fairly daylight dependent), then you want to move the clocks one or even two hours ahead of local time. That puts the maximum number of people’s active hours during times of daylight… and they spend more money and generally use less residential energy during daylight. The down sides of DST are only to morning activities, which is why the USA goes off DST in winter. Too many people walking and driving in predawn darkness during the short days, so move the clocks back closer to local time to put sunrise back where it belongs.

    So it pays off big to have DST if: your national population is mostly metropolitan; your economy is industrial or consumer/service; your country is relatively rich; your electricity demand is mostly residential/commercial. It works better, by the way, in more temperate latitudes than in either tropics (basically little effect) or near-polar (way too much seasonal variation to use DST effectively) regions.

    Here’s the counterexample: We don’t use DST here in Japan. Moreover, here in the east we are over half an hour (~45minutes) local ahead of the national time zone… that means noon comes at about 1115hrs on the clock… which is almost the exact opposite of what DST does… and we see sunrise at about 0400hrs through the summer. Culturally, we have a “get up early” lifestyle, so seeing people gardening in summer at 0500hrs to get the yard in shape before it gets hot is no surprise. But if you like sleeping and don’t like light, you’d better make plans for some pretty thick curtains. Likewise, your picnic better be a mid-afternoon affair as things get a bit dark before 1900hrs even in August.

    There was an attempt at DST in the years just after WWII, but the popular outcry was so bad and the economy was still more than half labor-intensive agriculture at the time, so there was little to be gained… and the national government abandoned the attempt thereafter.

    So to sum up…

    …not everyone likes or indeed needs DST, but the economic impact in the right places in the right seasons is clearly and documentably positive.

    (fair disclosure: I’m one of the anti-DST folks just as I am hostile to overly wide timezones. I find both have a negative effect on rural lifestyle in many cases. YMMV)

  14. hm.

    apparently my thread-killing powers are still effective.


  15. LDG,

    Your views and wisdom are appreciated. I wish more of Adam’s Bullpen would show up to play!!! I guess FB and Twitter take up too much time. Although I admit I spend time on both, I do try to stop by the “ballpark” to check in.

  16. Thank you, Sylvia.

    This week may also just be a time that most folks are thinking about other things.

  17. LDG,
    Thoughts of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie are filling my brain! I will be cooking tomorrow. Larry is working Thanksgiving evening. The pilgrims don’t care which day we celebrate T-day! LOL

  18. @Sylvia, and All

    Sounds great! Here’s hoping All have a very happy Thanksgiving (whichever day they feast this week!).

  19. K. C. - Fresno, Ca. Says:


  20. doggies all over Says:

    LDG, sorry. I never ever meant to ignore you. Thank you so much for the uh, ‘enlightenment’ (unfortunately, pun intended, lol) on DST. I always before thought that it was made more for the rural folks than for the ‘burban ones. Hm. Thanks again for taking the time and making the effort to explain, but most of all for saving!
    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and thanks to all of you for your wishes and greetings.
    In my family, you must greet with “Thanksgiving Day gift!” in order to ‘get’ someone before they ‘get’ you. I had no idea how it started until I read as an adult it had its beginnings w/the slaves! It’s also used on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And I can’t tell you the shock and instant quiet I caused when I first walked into a room as a child ahd called it out to everyone. Oh. It’s just MY family? LOL

  21. @doggies

    Most welcome. Still sorry for the confusion before, but glad this helped.

    “Thanksgiving Day gift!” ~ oh my… ((big grin)) Sounds like fun, though.

  22. @KC

    Happy Thanksgiving and weekend! Where have you been hiding?

  23. doggies all over Says:

    Worrying about the N Korea S/Korea debacle. Or I guess I should say N Korea/S Korea/US
    LDG, Adam? Any input?

  24. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG and everyone-

    Took the holiday week off….even on facebook…except for answering Susan! LOL! Seriously….LDG your input is always appreciated and I also love the interaction with Doggies and Sylvia and everyone else who checks in. I am working on a way I can combine all this stuff. I actually check in more than people realize. I thought I might have returned to Korea, but instead have a couple of other stories in the works.

    Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!!


  25. @doggies

    re: “Any input?” ~ well, other than the obvious ‘It’s a mess’… ((grin))

    It’s *really* long and complicated, so I’ll avoid starting into details here. Come over to my place and you’ll see a couple of items on the problem. I’ll answer what I can if you have questions.

    @Adam Housley

    Welcome back, compadre. Looking forward to seeing what all you are working, but ’tis a pity we weren’t graced with an Asia trip for you. Better luck next time… wait… is wishing you were going to a potential war zone “luck”? ((ponders))

  26. Adam Housley Says:


    LOL!! That’s a funny ponder. I know the feeling tho. I am back more often. 🙂

  27. @Adam Housley

    Well, lesse… you’ve recently had stories about HR5034 and Hispanic businesses in the LA area. What’s on the docket from here?

    @Sylvia (and All)

    חג שמח

    Happy Hanukkah, my friend.

  28. LDG,

    Thank you!

  29. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG & Everyone!

    We are at Pearl Harbor and I just put up a new picture just for you guys.


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