I am a a loss for words. I know you guys understand how cool this is as a baseball fan and a lifelong Giants fan. Here is a pic from game two. For this one story….please leave a comment here and also on the Fox blog. Hope everyone is well! I am 🙂



  1. Happy for you Adam.
    Sorry for Cheryl.
    Still hoping for my Reds to win.

  2. ‘Tis a beautiful thing.

    Way to go, G-Men!

  3. doggies all over Says:

    So-How ’bout that election, hm? LOL
    I say let’s proclaim this as National Gloat Day-
    Otherwise known as The Old Goats Gloat Day.
    Yeah, I know you want to, so just go ahead and be done with it. 🙂
    On the other hand, be warned A good gripe goes on forever…
    LOL (not really) 😀

  4. Congrats’ Adam, the Giant ” Misfits” played a wonderfull series and were by far the better team’

    Doggies………Any gloating was very short lived as the Feds today upstaged any victory celebrations and showed everyone who’s really in charge when it comes to economic policy. The Fed, led by the nations notorious ‘Bankster’ , Ben Bernanke, just decided without a debate or without a vote to start QE (Quantative Easing).

    As you may know, QE is just a fancy term for printing money ( $600 billion worth ) and flooding it into the banking system to hopefully jump start the economy. Their idea, in short, is that if you make Wall Street happy, the economy will follow. The last bankster to try this kind of scheme was Greenspan and it created the housing bubble……….and we all know now where that got us. The danger iin QE s that it can lead to inflation like we’ve never experienced before.
    All I know is that the dollar I woke up with this morning is worth less when I go to bed tonight.

    This is a last ditch effort by the Feds. or as an analogy, Bernanke and his gang threw their last life perserver to us. If we can’t hold on to this one………….we’ll drown. And that is nothing to gloat over, LOL

  5. @doggies

    Naw. Too busy reloading for 2012. Congrats on your results in TX; most all were good for the Republic.


    You are right. You are also roughly two years late to the party. FOREX rates measured over several years almost always track currency gamesmanship in the major economies… So six years of war and spending moved the Y:US$ (“Y” = Japanese en ) from the 120 range to roughly 103. Last six months of the first Pelosi-Reid Congress and then the full O-R-P show for ~22 months… we are at 80. You can read that as pretty much a straight devaluation of 33% longterm and 23% over the last two years.

    QE2 is just more of the same insanity. I’m expecting (and so are most reputable investment advisors) that the Y:US$ will hit 70 in 1Q 2011. Yep, that does mean all my US$ assets are looking at being worth 58 cents on the dollar, from par. Try that with your retirement plan and see how happy you are.

  6. LDG………

    If my rushed research is correct, when the Bank of Japan first attempted QE in march of 2001, the Nikkei initially rallied for ~16%. But, not even 6 weeks after QE started it began a 30% slide for several months and for the ensuing two years to follow it lost 43% of it’s 2001 high.

    Many advisers here are warning of the same effect. The DOW will probably go up for a few weeks (or months) but then………watch out. Have your finger on the ‘sell’ button and do not hesitate to use it.
    A 40% decline in the equity markets over the next two years is quite possible and that would be disasterous for not only the American economy, but the global as well.

    BTW, my “retirement plan” is to keep on working (not by choice, mind you). Maybe I can get a part time job at a cemetery and I can save money digging my own grave………LOL.

  7. @John

    Basically correct. The BOJ didn’t begin to see the light until the change of government also brought in some better thinkers. Koizumi got in as Prime Minister in April of that year but Takenaka wasn’t made Financial Services Minister until late 2002. Until that point, BOJ being “politically independent” like the Fed in the USA (harharhar) pretty much did what it wanted… and the results weren’t pretty.

    You’ve got it right on the Stock Exchanges here at that time as well. Nikkei index is a good track. You can look at TOPIX as well and you’ll see a bit of the same. If you’d prefer to look at the economy externally, here’s the tracker for Y:US$ exchange:

    (just set the range to cover a 10 year period, for example. 20 years is even more interesting but that gets one almost back to the Bubble Years and exchange rates are a poor model of what happened during that aberation.)

    Anyway… what made things better 2002~2007 in Japan was ~50% financial restraint and restructuring and ~50% just riding a global upcycle. Not a whole lot of cleverness needed past the basics. Last three years, though, the various political interests are back in the game and well… pretty much not much good happened since.

    re: BTW… ((laughs)) sign me up for the same shift. If we can’t come out a-head, we’ll bury our problems.

  8. Susan Corral Says:

    It was a year ago today, 11/5, when the tragedy happened at Fort Hood.
    Say a prayer or send good wishes to the families.

    I posted this on my FB earlier, without any hits.

  9. Susan Corral Says:

    I know I am going to get slammed with this- but I voted Terry Goddard for our next governor as well as republicans on my votes. I thought he would be more effective as a voice than Jan Brewer.

    Yes, it is a man’s world, sometimes.

    I am ducking now!

  10. Susan Corral Says:

    And hello to LDG-

    How is your cat world?

    I am still going at mine.

    Guillermo gave me quite a scare after his surgery. It was thought he had a heart murmur.
    But, no, relief.
    Alas,the trip to the vets is a nightmare. He wails and wails and wails and wails. How a cat can manage to hang upside down in a carrier, boogles my mind! He looks like a possum!
    Tama and he spend hours licking one another- they have the cleanest ears!
    Chammy is still solo here-
    Someone asked me the other day, how I could live like this, separation of cats-
    Easy- you adjust, as you would do with differences with family members!

  11. Susan Corral Says:

    and, oh yes! to follow suit with the post~

    Go Giants! oops! They won!

    kind of cool- since the last time it was in 1954~ New York Giants?

    I was just a mere child back then… I believe in I was in Colombia… and tele’s were not there.

    And I am sure at the age of two, I was not even caring. (mentality back then: where the hell is my doll?)

  12. Susan Corral Says:


    You haven’t posted on your blog since August?

    Wow- put something up tomorrow and I will post!

  13. Susan Corral Says:

    i posted anyway.

  14. @Susan

    Thank you. I’ll look there in a bit.

    Yeah, had some reasons not to post this last summer, but those ended in Sept. Since then, I’ve been mostly disinclined; no visible reward. My loss, I know. If folks are still interested, I’ll see what I’ve got and get some threads posted there again.

    Cat World goes as well as it can. Had a health scare for one, but seems to be in recovery after a week of diagnostics, medication and throwing money at the problem. Still tracking things on that case. We do have a visitor this month. Foxy’s mom came down to visit and this time brought her little orange kitten with her. So we are having fun with the whole cat-make-friends routine… seems to be going well enough, but we don’t create situations quite as difficult as you have with adult rescue. Not a feral note to any of our kitties’ attitude; just takes time to get along.

    Sure glad to hear your cats are going good. Damn shame that Chammy is so rough but after his feral time it’s no big surprise (although that’s typically Siamese, too).

  15. p.s. @Susan

    Alex sends you his *meow* best, too. He’s playing typist-kitty today.

  16. Susan Corral Says:


    I hear ya, amigo~ “and throwing money at the problem.” (big grin)

    Which one was sick? send my love!

  17. @Susan

    Gordon. Your love, delivered as requested. Thank you!

  18. Hope everyone’s pets are doing well.

    I have refrained from commenting on the economy issues so as not to show my stupidity. I honestly don’t understand the issues and am trying to learn from LDG and John.

    I do know gold is the way to go so I will tell Larry he should invest in some “trinkets” for me!! LOL

  19. G’morning Sylvia; G’morning All.

    offtopic item for our good host:

    Any reports come your way about *this*?

    Just curious.

  20. doggies all over Says:

    Thanks, LDG-you beat me to it. I was going to ask…always glad to have someone raise their hand before I have to. LOL
    Good morning, everyone, and have a good day. I’ll be working on the Citizen Police Academy Alumni newsletter today. If there is a Citizens’ Police Academy near you, sign up now! They’re free and you will be amazed at how much you will learn-even if you think you won’t.

  21. @doggies

    Just FYI until our good host comments…

    Fox News has had their Pentagon reporter on the story this morning, but as of just recently he’s got a whole lot of nothing.

    Other sources are waving around a list like this:

    Theory A: a launch from the Navy test range facility on San Nicholas Island.

    but the Pentagon would certainly know if it was one of ours, so…

    Theory B: it wasn’t really a missile. Contrails are funny things, and aircraft can make some really odd ones in certain weather conditions.

    but that doesn’t match what video has been seen, so…

    Theory C: (Very Unlikely!) It was some other nation’s missile launched from either a submarine or clandestine surface launcher (like a modified container ship).

    Sure hope the discussion doesn’t get narrowed down to (C).

  22. Fox News now running a Live Event with Jonathan Hunt on the ‘missile’ story.

  23. I vote for theory A.

  24. Regarding the ” mystery missile “……….the talk in the aviation industry is that it’s obviously a contrail, but what caused it is up for debate. The curious question is why weren’t there any PIREPS ( Pilot Reports ) on this incident?

    PIREPS are usually taken when a pilot wants to report weather conditions along his route, especially if those conditions are not what was forecast, but in today’s vigilant society we are also encouraged to file a PIREP ( or at least contact ATC ) anytime we notice or hear something unusual.
    The airspace over Southern California carries the second highest volume of traffic in the US. So one would think, with that many air crews aloft at the same time, someone would have noticed a missile that was supposedly climbing from the surface and at the very least reported seeing it since there were no NOTAMS ( Notice to Airmen ) warning of a missile/rocket launch for that area.

    My take is that, whatever it was, was cruising at altitude at sub-sonic speed from west to east (towards the coast). From a lower altitude angle it could appear that the object was traveling upwards and away from the viewer ( away from the coast ), however, when viewed at a higher altitude ( from 10,000 feet on up, let’s say ) it would appear to a viewer that the object was indeed traveling straight and level. So a pilot that was cruising at 25,000′, for example, would look at the object and just see a contrail heading from west to east and would have no reason to believe it was a missile that was fired from the surface.

    There were just so many eyes in the sky at 17:00 PST that even with a herculean effort, there is no way the military could have covered up a “stray” missile in that short amount of time. Just look at the Roswell Incident………..after all these years they still haven’t covered it up, LOL.

  25. doggies all over Says:

    I have hust started reading “Night Fall” by Nelson DeMille about this very thing! They are surreptitiously re-checking a case of a mysterious streak of orange light EXACTLY like the one showing on the news, and over 200 witnesses…fiction, but I sure felt like this event was life imitating art.

  26. I read “Night Fall”. DeMille is a terrific writer.

  27. Hm. Can’t say I’ve read DeMille… “Night Fall” is a fictional retelling of the TWA800 explosion mystery, yes? Considering that the real story of that is one heck of a case study in NTSB incident investigation, I’d say it is pretty brave of a writer to take that on in fiction… Glad to hear it is a good read, though.

  28. cheryljones Says:

    Bood call on DeMille, Sylvia. He is good;and LDG, you ae right as usual. (Re:Flight 800). I;ve read 3 of his, now, and will be looking for more.
    Everybody OK? Sound off…

  29. cheryljones Says:

    Oh, sheesh. “G”ood call on DeMille, of course.

  30. Cheryl……….all OK here on the eastern seaboard, but……………..these damned ‘missiles’ are everywhere…………..

  31. @cheryl

    Having a good weekend here. Festival time in town.

  32. Having a good weekend here enjoying the mild sunny weather. Of course I still have to do the usual house chores!

  33. Adam Housley Says:


    I actually like your theory and believe it is likely the most logical. I have some good friends in the missile industry as many of you know…from previous coverage/stories…they think the same thing and they have no reason to mislead me.

    LDG….I actually went to your blog on a number of occasions, but things this fall got crazy….so leave it to Susan to remind me!

    Hope everyone is well.

    I am covering the car show this week and will post a slideshow….and…I KNOW….I still need to post a Croatia slideshow….right Susan?

    Sylvia…sorry about the house chores. 🙂


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