The Hereford Brand

So…I have been a bit absent the last two weeks, but my trip to Chile gives me a decent excuse! I hope everyone is well and Fall is surely upon us here in California. It seems like we may have avoided a fire season this year. SO much rain so far and if/when the Santa Ana’s come…areas may be green enough to stop any major fires.

Meantime….my grandma’s hometown newspaper the Hereford Brand contacted me about an article they were writing and here is the final copy! She would be very happy to know we haven’t forgotten her hometown.



18 Responses to “The Hereford Brand”

  1. Nice article Adam.

  2. It is a terrific article.

  3. doggies all over Says:

    I KNEW you had to have Texas roots! Good for you! Wonderful information from you, as always.
    When I saw the heading, “The Hereford Brand’, I was closing one eye and saying, “Hereford? California???”
    I know exactly where that is. That’s some rugged country, there, Adam. You come (obviously) from strong stock.
    Thanks for the link.

  4. Chuck Denton Says:

    Nice article Adam! They should have plugged Century Oak! But well done…

  5. Adam Housley Says:

    Can you imagine growing wine grapes in Hereford Chuck?! LOL

    Anyway…thought you guys might want to see the article. Right now I am in San Fran to cover prop 19 and also for the World Series!

    Go GIANTS!

    Hope everyone is well.


  6. doggies all over Says:


  7. Go team!

    (both, actually. I’m hoping for a great Series and I’ve got family ties to both teams’ home states.)

  8. How about “Go Reds”….next year!

  9. doggies all over Says:

    LOL, Sylvia!

  10. @Sylvia

    Hope springs eternal. Thing is, unlike my favored teams, your Reds might well be something to crow about next year.

  11. LDG,

    Reds fans have lots of practice with “hope”. It’s part of our lives every spring! LOL

  12. doggies all over Says:

    Giants Shut Out Rangers, 9-0, in Game 2 of World Series

  13. doggies all over Says:

    NMove over, Sylvia. Looks like there needs to be room for us on next year’s bench, too!

  14. Adam Housley Says:

    The Giants just need to win one in Texas. Very nervous about this happening. Game 3 didn’t go so well. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!


  15. Chuck Denton Says:

    No terribly happy for the Giants…But I am happy for Bochy. He deserves a ring for sure.

  16. Speaking of ring….I got to “try on” the Reds’ 1990 world champ ring that belonged to my former neighbor Todd Benzinger. It was beautiful. I often wonder if the Reds will ever win it all again.

  17. doggies all over Says:

    Sylvia that must have been wonderful. How nice of him to share his n thrill. I’m guessing a really good guy.

  18. Cheryl,
    Really nice guy. He gave Michelle a bat and a ball (which was autographed by some Reds players) and got us “family” tickets to some games. It was fun sitting in the section behind home plate that was for family.

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