Summer is Here

Sorry for the couple of days off, we get backed up when on the road and specifically in the field….but many of you already know that from hanging around here the last few years. I grabbed some photos on our latest story to air…all about olives. Here is one of my fave’s.


21 Responses to “Summer is Here”

  1. Anne Eldridge Says:

    Some of your pix are suitable for framing….I’ve saved some just to look at on bad or sad days. Thank you for sharing

  2. Adam Housley Says:

    Thanks Anne!

  3. K. C. - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Yah – summer is here alright – 109 degrees again today – sizzle, sizzle, sizzle.

    Adam, I really enjoyed your story on the olive oil. I cannot even imagine our lives around here without olive oil. Use both regular and extra virgin in everything we cook. Love it and it is soooooooooo good for you.

    Morning everyone out there ! ! ! !

  4. I am hoping that the cooler weather (in the high 80’s) will stay for a while. The high 90’s and 1000 percent humidity is a killer.

    I also enjoyed the story on olives. We have some friends in Israel that one year decided to brine their own. It did not go well, she said that they tasted horrible. She apparently did something wrong with the recipe.

  5. Susan Corral Says:

    well, it was 112 today here until the weird storm came in which scared the crap out of my cats! thunder and more thunder! about five minutes of rain and then it was all over!

    My poor cats were meowing big time! Just like a dog does when that noise comes! I had to go comfort them.

    I use extra virgin olive oil in my cooking when I cook.

    For me, when I decide to eat, it is pretty basic. Tortillas, cheese, and lots of hot sauce!

    Food is not something I crave for desire~ I just eat it because my body tells me I have to.

    I don’t eat until it seems like it I have to.

    I love food but I just don’t eat it all day long~ and when I have to, I indulge~ my one meal takes care of it! LOL

    I have the worse eating habits.

    I never eat breakfast.

    I wait about six hours after I am awake to even think about eating.

    About eight hours after I am awake, I eat!

    AND I eat! Big time! LOL!
    I get so damn full, I can’t eat for the next 12 hours! LOL

    I eat one big meal a day~ LOL!

    And as for Ken, he gets three meals a day- diabetic regulation!

    My cats get food 24/7!

    Moi- just when the stomach churns! LOL

    and this is how it is here! LOL

  6. Susan Corral Says:

    and morning to you, KC!

    and thanks for the nice birthday messages in the preceding posts!

    It would have been nice if Adam had posted on my facebook, LOL!

    Adam: Carrie missed it too!

  7. Susan Corral Says:


    I LOVE black olives. I will buy a jar and eat the whole damn thing in one seating!

  8. I love olive oil too. I buy the extra virgin oil and use it for making salad dressing (champagne vinaigrette), marinades, and for grilling sweet onions (along with Mrs Dash lemon pepper).

  9. Adam Housley Says:


    Try and stay cool! ALSO…Chuck is on this site right now and checkin things out. 🙂

    Susan will like that. He always asks…hey Adam…how is everyone and ‘Susan from Phoenix’? LOL

  10. Chuck Denton Says:

    I too love olive oil on almost everything…especially on salad with a little lemon juice!

  11. K. C. - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    110 degrees today – my poor air conditioner is really working hard lately. You would think living here all of my life, I would get use to this heat, but it gets worse every year. Nothing to do with age – right???

    Glad you celebrated a wonderful birthday and you are one proud mama as you should be. She is quite a girl isn’t she.

    Good to “see” you again. Fix you some of that olive oil with lemon juice, then cube up some good sour dough french bread and DUNK – DUNK – DUNK – A meal in its self and soooooooooo good.

    And a good morning to all

  12. Susan Corral Says:

    I like these recipes!!! someone come over here and cook for me!!!

    Sylvia and KC need to do a cooking show! side by side-
    and to Sylvia– I would like the recipe for the Champagne dressing as I buy it already made–

    did anyone see this? 72 more reasons to secure the border!!!
    we are being affected by these drug cartels with our property. Since the property is based on tourism, Canadians, this year has been famine for us because the Canadians are too afraid to come to Mexico!!! And because of this, the extra income we receive has been nada this year except for a couple times as to us getting a monthly income! My brother was thinking about selling the property and no can do!!! It totally sucks and the situation gets worse there- damn those drug cartels!!!

    And to Chuck!!! HOLA!!!! Are you going to be the best man at Adam’s wedding? You have a lovely family! I peeked awhile back on a picture you had on FB with you and your family!

    Speaking of food- I am going to take Ken to go eat mexican food!!!

    Adam has a good recipe for fish filets and tortellini! Sylvia has a great spinach squares recipe-

  13. Susan Corral Says:


    I wish you would do facebook!

  14. Susan Corral Says:

    Adam– and waiting…

    Up next will be Dubrovnik.

  15. Ahhhhh, olives. Olives remind me of Popeye………and Popeye reminds me of rednecks. Which brings us to this……….

    Two rednecks are driving down the road, when one of them spots a billboard for a gas station ahead advertising ” Stop in and Try Your Chance at FREE SEX “.

    ” Hey, my wife told me about that free sex contest they’re having, just this morning “, says the redneck that spotted the sign, ” Let’s stop in and see what it’s all about.”

    ” OK “, says his partner, ” I’ll try anything as long as it’s free. ”

    So the two rednecks park their truck and go inside the station where they are met by the gas station attendant. A good looking, tanned and athletic young man with perfect white teeth and a zero fat physique.

    ” So, tell us what this litte free sex contest is all about “, inquires one of the good ol’e boys.

    ” Well, it’s quite simple actually “, says the attendant, ” You simply tell me a number between 1 and 10 and if your guess is correct…… win. ”

    ” Hell, that sounds easy enough “, says the first redneck, ” I’ll go first and try number 4.”

    ” Oh man!”, the attendant says exictedly, ” You were soooooo close. The number for free sex was 3. ”

    Dejected, the man turns to his buddy and says, ” Come on, you give it a try. ”

    ” Allrighty. How about lucky 7 for me “, the other redneck says to the attendant, ” I know that’s a winner “, he adds with conviction.

    After a long tense pause, the attendant says, ” Sorry, the number was 2. But don’t despair “, he tells both of them, ” You’re always welcome to come back to play again at anytime. ”

    As the two rednecks stroll back to their truck one turns to the other and asks, ” Do you think that contest was rigged?”

    ” Nah, can’t be “, says the other redneck, ” My wife told me she won twice last week

  16. John…..OMG… are hilarious!

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  18. ^

    oh, looky… SPAM and a spam website under the name.

    No clicky, folks. Might catch something.

  19. @Susan Corral re: yours of August 25, 2010 at 10:30 am

    Don’t fret. Friday comes again soon. Maybe this time.

  20. Adam Housley Says:

    JOHN, JOHN, JOHN, JOHN…..I thought I was coming to Carolina….but alas, I am in the Gulf. LDG…I will erase that comment now….wow…does that mean we are becoming popular? Hope everyone is well and having a great week. I am covering the platform explosion.

    new post


  21. Chuck Denton Says:

    Adam, why do you associate redneck jokes with the great state of North Carolina (and my home state)???? Don’t you know NC produced The Andy Griffith Show (well actually that was produced in California)! LOL

    Went wine tasting this past weekend in Temecula. The wines were just ok, but the olive oils were terrific!

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