The Dalmatian Coast

Here are some pics as promised from the Dalmatian Coast. Up next will be Dubrovnik.


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  1. Susan Corral Says:

    Since I saw these on your FB, I will say again, beautiful and just beautfiful.

    Tamera looks cute in her hat! How many hats does she own, BTW?

    AND my question to you is are you and Tamera going to spend 5 million like the Clintons did, for your wedding? 15,000 toilets? (those two better stay married after all that! LOL)

    Sibenik is beautiful. And I think you should have your wedding there. What say you?

    Sylvia- still raining- no mowing again! yay!!!!

  2. Susan Corral Says:

    and I am assuming Trogir is a city there on the Dalmation Coast?
    and is that your mess on the table where it looks like there are three tables and a wine rack in the back? what is this place?

  3. Susan Corral Says:

    oops– in my first post- it should read $15,000.00 toilet seats- that dollar sign needs to be there or it reads there were 15,000 toilet seats.

  4. @Susan

    “…am assuming Trogir is a city there on the Dalmation Coast?”

    Yes. Yet another really wonderful one to visit:

    Hope that helps.

  5. Susan Corral Says:

    thanks LDG– small population there- very nice!

  6. Susan Corral Says:

    I just read the link again- slowly- as for the history.

    Kamerlengo, the fortress, looks like the one Adam posted, Klis, so I looked up Klis- and I guess the fortress bears the same name as the village-

  7. @Susan

    Klis is up inland a little bit in a mountain pass. Both town and castle bear the name associated with the pass, IIRC.

    Kamerlengo is on an island, and in Trogir. It is named differently, for the rank of the holding noble.

  8. Susan Corral Says:


    So you have been here?

    By the time I got done reading the history, my head was spinning.

    A lot of this territorial gain done through political and religious.

    Albeit, it still happens.

  9. @Susan

    presuming “here” meant “there”…

    let’s just say I’m rather familiar with the region.

  10. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG & Susan-

    Reading up on the history of the area while driving through was very cool and especially when you see the ruins.

    Where is everyone??

  11. @Adam Housley

    I’m just glad you had such a good time.

    “Where is everyone??” ~ heck of a question, boss. I thought they’s with you’s.

  12. LDG……….we’re all over here…………


  13. Susan Corral Says:

    I am back!

    where the hell are all of you?

    Never mind…I might be doing jail time in the next few days for maybe when the neighbor’s come over here to my house to get in my face when I had to get in their faces for having a dog outside..24/7, without water, after I already alerted the police, and they have not done a damn thing to change this…

    The dog still sits outside in the no shelter, without water, and these assholes think it is cute!

    I already gave them much notice and now it was calling the police!

    The dog is going to be removed!

    THANK GOD!!!!

    The police are coming over in the morning and after my camera shots I took, to show how this dog was in the mode of neglect….

    My neighbors will not like me! And I will be duking it out!

  14. Susan Corral Says:

    Yup! We want our world to be so damn perfect because we live it as is,
    and we have in our head, we are so perfect….

    Not me, not moi!

    I am so damn inperfect, it almost makes me feel happy! LOL

  15. @Susan

    We wuz outs looking for you…

    Seriously, here’s hoping for a good outcome to that matter, and no dukes put up in the process.

  16. Susan,

    Good luck. Hope you and the dog come out OK.

  17. Susan, I hope everything works out. If not, then maybe you can hire this guy……………..he seems to have a knack for animal control……………..

  18. @John

    Oh man. Rather than a whole lot of other replies I might make, may I direct you to the tag and punch lines of an old joke about Louisiana bomb fishing:

    “…and the Sheriff said to the old ‘Cajin : ‘But.but.but.that’s Dynamite!’

    “and the old ‘Cajin said : ‘You gonna talk, or you gonna fish?’ and handed the lit stick to the Sheriff.”

  19. John and LDG….hahaha….love the humor.

  20. Adam Housley Says:


    WOW….really what else is there to say? Now I wonder…since it has been two days since a Susan hearing….is she actually having a hearing? LOL

    Man…summer here in LA has been crappy. More like spring, not a lot of heat.


  21. Adam, it has been unusually hot and humid in Cincy. We’ve been in the 90’s most of the summer. Add high humidity to that and it feels like a sauna. It still beats winter!

  22. Adam: did you have a good time?

    Would you like to take some heat from Toronto, 105 is too much for me.
    I mist the Casper winds.

  23. Adam Housley Says:

    That heat has been coming from the Red bats, hopefully for you guys they can hold off the Cards.

    Feel free to pass along some of that heat, we have overcast conditions for half of the day every day in LA. yuk.
    We had a great trip thanks and too bad you weren’t in Notting to say hello! Also..congrats on your anniversary.


  24. Susan Corral Says:

    Hey, all to you all!

    Adam has a birthday this Friday– what a suck ass day of the week to have it- is on Friday 13.

    And to boot, Fidel Castro, who just came out of hiding, shares the same date!

    Adam, I would hide on your birthday! Two going against you.

    The curse of FRIDAY the 13th and then the Anti-Christ, Fidel Castro, having the same birthday…

    I would highly advise you to just go hang out in a church by your choice, on your birthday, and have some exorcisms!

    Call me if you need a priest!

    And going back in my past posts here, the dog was removed!
    Thank you,. Officer Travis Slate.

    Officer Travis came to my door, AM, after I vented here, and called his number, which he had given to me a few months ago, and he showed up!

    He removed the lethargic dog, which was not doing too well, from the overheating, and he also left a citation!

    The dog was clearly suffering from dehydration and neglect!

    I know! I saw how that dog was suffering!

    How and why people treat animals as an object, to be so ignored and discarded, I will never figure out!

    Or for that matter, why do people treat humans in this way?

    No telling!

    But for gossip stuff here- how do you view the trip to Spain by Michelle?

    I was a bit offended by this in the sense, I think Obama is using his position to get trips everywhere, followed by his arrogance?

    Maybe he made some brownie points there with the President

    AND Sylvia!!!!

    For caring!


  25. Susan Corral Says:


    you so crack me up!!!!


  26. Susan Corral Says:

    remember August, 13th, is Adam’s birthday!

    Let us all meet here to wish this for hm!

  27. Susan Corral Says:

    AND BTW, to LDG-

    I love you!


    and you too, Sylvia!


    Have you noticed who your two great buds are? Sylvia and LDG?

    LDG follows you here on this blog and Sylvia always makes comments on your FB?

    You have some great friends who care!


  28. Susan Corral Says:


    I love you!!!!

    so much!

  29. Susan Corral Says:

    Isn’t Adam cute?

    I think he cares about us!

    He may not tell us all the time because he has to rub shoulders with the best of the best, but I THINK he cares!

    Thank you amigo!


  30. Susan Corral Says:

    tomorrow morning, my goal is to post 359 posts here!

    I remember when I was able to do this from a few years back.

    LDG~ POST a trvia question and let me have some fun.

    I am headed to bed to see if in the morning if you, LDG, has a trivia question?


  31. @Max

    105… in Toronto? You sure about that? That’s the better part of 41C, mate. (Might be heat index, though) Hope it gets nice soon.

    @Adam Housley

    Heh, you could have some of what we’ve got here… overcast AND hot. About like what Sylvia is getting.

    Happy early B-day wishes to you. Lesse, which one is this?

    Oh, and what’s this about Max and Anniversaries?


    You are sweet, and you and Officer Slate did good out there.

    So, you’d like a triva question, eh….?

  32. @ALL

    *trivia question*

    If you’ve lived in the USA, you likely know about “Six Flags” Amusement Parks, which got its start as ‘Six Flags over Texas’…

    …commemorating the six nations that have governed the territory of Texas.

    So, in keeping with our good host’s original thread:

    Starting with Roman Empire times, how many ‘flags’ have flown over…?

    a) Florence (Firenze), currently of Italy.

    b) Trieste (Triest), currently of Italy.


    c) Zadar (Zara), currently of Croatian Dalmatia.


  33. LDG, yes with the humidity it’s 41. We arrived during a heat wave. It isn’t nice.

  34. off topic @Max

    Ah ha… seems the Canadian “Humidex” runs a bit hotter than the Heat Index calculation; different humidity basis.

    …learn something new every day. Thank you, Max.

  35. @Susan

    (@Susan’sCats if they are the only ones awake to read this)

    You ok out there? I hope I didn’t stun you with the Trivia Question…

  36. Happy Birthday Adam….a little early. I know you are already celebrating because I saw the pictures on FB.

  37. LDG,

    Your trivia question is tough. I googled those places and still don’t know an exact number. So I’m going to try with 8, 5, 5. Maybe Susan will have a better answer.

  38. @Sylvia

    Oh, thank you for trying! Yeah, it’s a toughie. Let’s give it a little more time and then I can give some justified numbers… but if you’d like to talk of which you counted for your choices, that would be fine.

  39. K. C. - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    In case I miss you tomorrow


    Isn’t this birthday the last year of your third decade on this wonderful planet???? (grinning) You young whippersnapper you.

    Have a wonderful day filled with love, happiness, and laughter

  40. KC…send Adam some of your priceless jokes. LOL

  41. Adam Housley Says:

    Thanks for the early wishes and I have something cool to post here. I’ll get it posted on Friday.


  42. @Adam Housley

    Having finished celebrating International Housley Day here up the time zones… it must be about time to party in California.

    θͺ•η”Ÿζ—₯γŠγ‚γ§γ¨γ† (o-tanjoubi omedetou; “Happy Birthday” )

    Here’s to many more.

  43. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, ADAM………..I hope you’ve recovered from the celebrations by now.

    LDG……Regarding the flags, Florence and Trieste have been under several “flags”, my guess is French, Austrian. German and of course Italian. There have been others, mainly from empires of the day, such as the Hasburg, Ostrogoths and Byzatines. Add those to several “families” that ruled these regions, my guess is 10.

    Now, for some more , somewhat easier flag trivia……..

    What is the oldest state (country’s) flag still in us today? and……..

    What country hosts the oldest tri-color red, white and blue flag?

  44. I’ll even make my trivia questions above and ‘open video’ test. The answers to both questions are in the following vid……………for those who hate to Google.

  45. happy Birthday Adam

    John, don’t forget to count when they were city states.

  46. Susan Corral Says:

    To Adam:

    How to say Happy Birthday in 161 languages!


    Hold that trivia question- I am coming on tomorrow and doing some work here!

    So sorry, I did not see it as I just got on here!

    Do I have to cheat and look at John’s?

    Never mind, I am going to do this one on my own.

    Quick glance- 15? but then I went back and looked at another site- and I saw 7-

    Dang! I am going to take this challenge! And I am going to do this!

    Will be here in the morning– I hope you are around or I will just leave a few hundred posts for you to review!

    BTW— I so love my work at 4 Paws– things worked out for the better as to my quitting the last place.

    This shelter is awesome!!!! I work with retired teachers, nurses, and above all, caring people! We are a bunch of hen pecking women!

    It gives me a good fix when I leave there, as I am there four days a week now, to come home and feel so blessed and grateful to have been around these people who care. It helps my disposition! LOL

    I love it there! I am now going to be going to Assisted Living Homes to see if we can get seniors to foster our senior cats. They don’t have any out of pocket expenses- just to provide love and a home. All the vet bills are covered and 4 Paws retains ownership. So in case of death, the cat comes back. We have older cats at the shelter, so because of age, they are not adopted out as quickly, but we need to find them some good homes in lieu of being in a cage. Pam, shelter manager, and I both hate cages. We let the cats out all day long.. making decisions as to which get along with those. Pam, is not only beautiful on the exterior as she is, but so beautiful inside.

    And yes, there were two cats roaming and probably awake to have read your post from above! Except the computer was off and these two, Tama and Guillermo were hanging out here in the house because they were just released from GTMO quarters, so Chammy went into his bunk, and I have to sleep with him, nestled, so he does not turn feral on me. As he does have this in his blood. (I stepped on his tail, by accident, about a week ago, and he hissed for about three hours!). His ass was just in my face about two seconds ago deciding on how to lie here on this desk! He jumped on here demanding more attention! PIA!!!! ALERT TO CAT OWNERS! Never own a Siamese! LOL They are like humans, narcissistic! LOL

    Tama and Guillermo are my good boys!

    Guillermo is scheduled in September to get his testicle removed from wherever it is right now. It never dropped! He has one hanging out and the second one is probably embedded in his intestines or wherever it is!

    Since it never dropped, I am going to have to have it removed! His little hormones need to be curtailed, anyway! (He humps Tama, male guys, hmmm? gay? ) They spend a lot of time licking one another- ears, necks, etc! LOL I can handle that but not the other! It is so disgusting!

    Plus all three lick me with that emery board tongue! What is with that? I have my arms licked, my feet, and sometimes my face! It hurts! As I smile!

    God bless all creatures great and small!

    I work with a volunteer who has cancer. Her name is Pat. She is in remission right now but she told me today, when I asked her how she was feeling:

    Susan, I am ready to go.

    I said to her: Why Pat, when you will be missed by us?

    Pat: Because I feel you are here to do a job or learn a lesson and I feel I have done these both and I want to be gone.

    What an impact these words made on me! We are here to do a job or learn a lesson…. and RIP if one these come through.

    This is so right on!

    We are all going to have to go, I guess!

    But while here, do a job or learn a lesson is really a cool way to think!

    God Bless Pat! Let’s keep her in our prayers so she can exist for a bit longer. But is is pretty visible she is sick!


  47. Susan Corral Says:

    And how to say it in Italiano:

    Italian Buon Compleanno!
    Italian (Piedmont) Bun Cumpleani!
    Italian (Romagna) At faz tent avguri ad bon cumplean!

  48. @John

    Well said (on your guesses). More on that after Susan takes a try.

    re: Your Flag trivia ~ arguable that several European national flags are continuations of pre-national feudal banners, but IIRC strictly speaking the 13 star “Betsy Ross” US flag is the oldest unchanged national flag design still in national ceremonial use. The Tricolore of France is just a little younger and is unchanged since adoption… which rather answers your second question presuming by “tricolor” you meant the three-vertical-bars-of-colour flag design.


    Yay for you and 4Paws; prayers for friend Pat.

    I’ll probably be around here briefly mid-day your time ‘today’, so I’ll leave my nasty long difficult trivia question open for you to try at. Enjoy!

  49. Hi… Happy Birthday a day late Adam. The photos of your trip are great and have made me want to go to Italy.
    Since my computer crashed in Jan I have had to share with Steve so my time on line has been cut, and add to that the fact that this summer has been crazy busy I have not been here as much as I would like.
    Becky got her dad and I to join her in a training class to run a 5K, so in this horrible heat we are out running 2 to 3 times a week. We survived and actually completed a 4 mile run last month. We are now taking it again to improve our times and also for the exercise. Becky has left us and graduated to the 1/2 Marathon class. Add to that working a part time job that averaged 40 hours a week in June and July, I was glad we got iPhones, at least I could check my email and facebook.
    Tonight we are going to a “reunion” for the airline that I worked for back in the 90’s (CCAir) We were a small regional airline that flew for Piedmont and then USAir till we were driven into the ground and went out of business. It will be good to see old friends again.
    I have rambled on enough…

  50. Susan Corral Says:

    well, I am getting a lesson on the origins of how flags were created! LOL
    But I can’t find the answer-

    interesting stuff though- things one does not think about-

    Historically, flags were used in war, to provide direction and to signal attacks. The first type of flags was vexilloid which were similar to flags, but were heavier in weight and more difficult to carry. Vexilloids evolved into lighter materials and were made of silk. Using silk made the flags easier to carry and raise and were visible from much future distances. The use of fabric flags started in China with the use of silk and then was adopted throughout other parts of the world including Korea, Mongolia, Japan, India, Persia, Ancient Greece, Roman and Europe.

    The symbols and actual designs of flags have also changed over time. First, it started in the Roman empire with symbols to represent the emblem of Roman with an eagle that would be raised during war to signal certain actions by the military.

  51. Susan Corral Says:


    Hope you and Mark had a good time on your birthdays!

    Barb- you must love punishment- running in the heat!
    Have fun tonight!!!

  52. Susan Corral Says:

    here is one answer! directly from a site!

    “Looking over all of the flags that have flown over Italy is a bit like looking at a quilt.”

    A lot of good this did me!

  53. Susan Corral Says:

    Firenze– 6?

    Pre-1251 Flag
    Post-1251 Flag
    People’s Flag
    Republic’s Flag
    Medici Dinasty Flag
    Flag According to Book of all Kingdoms (late 14th Cent.)

  54. Susan Corral Says:

    I can only find two for Zara- lots of churches here!

  55. Susan,

    When I looked for info on Zadar I found the Romans,Austrians, French, Italians, and Yugoslavians all controlled it at some time. Don’t know how many of them flew flags there.

  56. @Susan

    If you get caught up in the details of a physical flag, national or personal, you’ll go wrong with the question I put up. For one thing, it is pretty much impossible to speak of “nations” before the 17th century. Before Westphalian sovereignty, flags (like everything else) were personal property of the ruler.

    Instead, like the ‘Six Flags’ amusement concept, what we are looking for is a list of states in-their-time that ruled over those places for the cultural mark they left.

    Of the guesses above: Sylvia made a brave try at all the places; John took a solid run at Florentine history but shouldn’t have put Trieste in the same list; Max tossed in a no-look assist… (hey, you could have at least told John the difference between the medieval commune and the personal award to the Medici).

    Of them all, Zadar (Zara) is the hard one. No shame if that one is out of reach. Sylvia has a good start but she’s certainly overlooking several.

    With that in mind, Susan, please take another try.

  57. above should be “@Susan @Sylvia @John @Max”. oops.

  58. @Barb

    Good to hear from you! All my best to Becky, too.

  59. Susan Corral Says:

    thanks for the clues LDG-

  60. Susan Corral Says:

    my question: everytime Florence was taken over by like the Goths, Byzantines, etc. would not a flag be flown?

  61. @Susan

    re: “my question:”

    You’d think so…

    the cautionary being that until rather recently banner flags most commonly signified either the leader or the formation of troops. Same with land claims. Think of the schpiel given by the arriving Conquistator: “I claim this land for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella” and maybe mentioning that they were king and queen of several places back in Europe, most of which were not formally called EspaΓ±a until after those two got hitched and finished taking control of as much of Iberia as they could.

    …so yea, someone’s or some troop’s banner most likely would go up. But before the late Renaissance, probably not that of a nation. The whole idea of nation was just coming into being. Empire… that idea was well established; State… not so much.

  62. note to self: spellcheck.

    water under the bridge, but my regrets to all.

  63. And speaking of flags………….

    Have you ever wondered how, from the 16th century to mid-20th century, countries like Portugal, the Netherlands, France and Great Britain were so easily able to expand their power across the globe? I mean the size of these countries are relatively small compared to sizes of the countries (land masses) they conquered.

    The answer is not that they had overpowering armies, nor that they had technological advantages in weaponry and it certainly wasn’t that they were smarter than the people of lands like India, Indonesia or entire continents like Africa. No, the advantage they had were……….flags.

    You see, they had flags while their counterparts didn’t. And, since one function of a flag is to stake a claim on a piece of land, it became quite simply a matter of sticking your flag in the ground of the country you wished to conquer and then tell the “natives” to get off your land.

    Since there was no World Court or UN, the natives had very little grounds for argument. Dumbfounded, many natives would ask where they could get a flag. The answer was always the same, “You have to make one”.
    ” So if we make one we can get our land back? “, they would ask. ” No “, was the reply, ” But you can take your flag and go find other lands that do not have any and move there. ”

    And so it went for nearly four centuries……………….Learn something new every day, don’t we? LOL

  64. @John

    I’d laugh along with you, except for the fact that you are closer to right that you probably intended. Sovereignty, after all, was only accorded to recognized States. Which, by the off-topic way, is what made *this* so important:

  65. LDG,

    That was an interesting article. I’ve been to St Maartin/St Martin when on a cruise. Never knew about Eustatius.

  66. @Sylvia

    Most glad you liked it. Sounds like you had a nice cruise, too!

    If you’d care for more about the recognition of the United States of America, by the by, I can heartily recommend B. Tuchman’s “The First Salute” as a very readable history… and full of fun stuff like John Paul Jones stay on Texel (in the Netherlands proper) and all the trouble that led to.


    and a cheery G’morning all around!

  67. K. C. - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning all and happy Friday

    Since I do not turn on my puter on the weekends (hubby time) – wanted to let you know of the following:

    TOMORROW – one of our special blogger friends is having a BIRTHDAY! ! ! ! ! !

    A little hint as to who it is – – – – – – She lives in Arizona and her name is Susan.

    So, if you pop in here – give her a Happy Birthday hello


  68. Thanks for the heads up KC. Facebook would probably notify me if Susan has it listed on her profile. Not all FB members put in their b-days (I don’t).

  69. LDG,
    Thank you for the info. I’m a fiction reader…spies and cops! Just read “Rembrandt Affair” by Daniel Silva. I love his books. Also read Michael Connelly books.

  70. I’ll be the second one to wish Susan a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy the day.


    I won’t ask how old you are but,……………….Didn’t you say dated John Paul Jones?
    (see LDG’s post August 20, 2010 at 5:04 am)

  72. @KC

    Thank you for the head’s-up!


    heh. maybe she meant a different Jones?


    HAPPY B’DAY TO YOU (meow MEOW mew mrrow too)

    …ya nut. Have a great time celebrating!

  73. Adam Housley Says:

    This should have gone through on Friday, but didn’t soooo….doing it now.
    SHe can’t be a day over 20!

  74. Adam Housley Says:

    Barb….welcome and we totally understand. My computer works and I tend to disappear when I get swamped with work.


    Loved the flag info. Thanks John and even with the world courts, have we really changed that much?

    New Post!

  75. Susan Corral Says:


    I just got on here! thanks for the birthday wishes!
    and to Adam: nope, not a day over 20!

    and to LDG: yes, a lot of meows here!

    I spent my day with my most favorite friend: daughter, Danielle, who never ceases to impress me with her mind!

    She came over here with so much organic food because she wants me to be healthy! LOL

    She just got back from taking a trip to Hawaii. And now she is working on her Ph.D.

    Not married and nor she wants to be! LOL!

    at the age of 31, she is a very accomplished girl. She spent all that time in the Air Force, INTEL, traveled everywhere and still does, got her Masters in Australia, still going with education, works everyday, and yet found time to spend it with me on my birthday!

    And she is very beautiful! Natural beauty!

    She made my day!

    We had a great day together~ as these are not too often!

  76. Susan Corral Says:

    and if Danilelle would to get married, I would want her to marry Adam but he is already taken and so is LDG–

  77. @Susan


    very, but thank you.

    Glad you had a great day of it!

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