Daytime Florence

Here are some of my favorite daytime shots from Florence. More to come! We are having a blast, but is hot here.


41 Responses to “Daytime Florence”

  1. Awesome pictures. You really are great with a camera.

  2. Sherrie Says:

    I agree with Sylvia Adam! What kind of camera are you using?

  3. Susan Corral Says:

    awesome pictures! don’t worry about the pigeons not being there on the roofs for they are over here on mine!

    as for hot… I sure wish I was looking at what you are looking at instead of what I have to deal with “hot”– LOL

    So glad you are having fun!

    Was it not over two years ago, when you were able to do this vacation thing?

    Oh, while I am here, is it possible for you to pick up a magnet for me so I can put on my refrigerator? LOL

    Say hola to Tamera!

    Buona Notte— xxxx

  4. I want to share some good news with my Bullpen friends. Our daughter’s brother-in-law is now back from Iraq after serving 11 months there. He is suppose to remain in the states until at least next spring. I know his family is happy to have him back home.

  5. Sylvia, that’s great news. Tell him we’re all happy to have him back home. And, thank him for his service!

  6. Thank you Sherrie. Will send on the kind words.

  7. @Sylvia

    Great news and welcome home to him.

    @Adam Housley

    Way to go on the vacation travel there. Wonderful photos and thank you for posting them for us to see. Say, since heading on toward Croatia is on the agenda, will you be going up through the mountainous area around the Dolomiten, or more along the coast (Venice; Trieste)? Just curious. Old stomping grounds.


    G’morning all around!

  8. Congrats to Adam on his engagement. Wonder when the wedding is.

  9. Sherrie Says:

    Evening all.
    Adam is engaged??? Well, congratulations Adam!!! Will be waiting for my
    invitation. 🙂

  10. Adam Housley Says:

    Sylvia- All the way from Italy, that is great news and as for Sherrie…I am using a Nikon D40 and a Panasonic Lumix. For those that were around when I was in Venezuela, you guys remember all my stuff was stolen including my D50….it was replaced with a D40. I liked the 50 better, more manual.

    LDG….leaving for Croatia today. Driving from north to south and any recommendations are most appreciated.

    And yes….we are engaged. A little scary. I’m old! 🙂


  11. Adam,

    One is never too old to settle down!!!!!

  12. @Adam Housley

    First and foremost, my congratulations upon your engagement and best wishes to Tamera. Marvelous news!

    As to traveling from Italy into Croatia, and following that down south:

    If a side trip into Slovenia is possible, do take it. The uplands (old Carniola) is full of marvelous Middle-Ages and Renaissance historical sites of a flavour more Austrian than Italian. If your route takes you only along the littoral, do stop in Koper (Slovenia’s port city) for some of the traditional seafood. I can’t recommend a specific place as it has been too long, but I would be suprised if your guidebooks or some local tour information would not have some suggested restaurants.

    Since historical Slovenia was a bit more influential than it is today, let’s use this as a segue to Croatia… Sisak, site of a hugely important battle that turned back Ottoman intentions against the Christian lands of the region. The modern city of Sisak is just southeast of Zagreb and is the most important river port in Croatia. The area contains Celtic and Roman archeological sites as well as later sites. For more modern enjoyments, even though the city is primarily industrial there are great cafes along the Kupa River and resorts with natural spas near by. Lucky you, they have a tourist website in English:

    Now then, presuming your course is southward rather than eastward (as you said) you will find all sorts of marvelous things, but also some very sad ones… the wars at the breakup of old Yugoslavia were not kind to much of anything. I can only say to pay attention and note sites or commemerations as you find them. The likely last stop on your southward trek will be Dubrovnic… old Ragusa… one of the most important Renaissance-era cities (a rival of Venice in trade and seapower) and once a most beautiful and well-preserved walled city.

    It was beseiged in the war for seven months and shelled indiscriminately. The loss was immeasurable as whole libraries of documents from the Renaissance were gone. However… in one of the few times UNESCO contributed to doing something right, the old walled city has been reconstructed using original materials and techniques and is mostly restored. By all means do see it. Here’s the link to the UNESCO World Heritage site (link disabled to avoid moderation delay):

    h ttp://

    There is so much more, but this all is a good start, and I’m sure you and Tam will find lots of fun on your own. Enjoy!

  13. Cheryl has not been able to get on threads that have pictures….some computer problem. She will return when a picture free thread is posted by Adam

    Adam….Cheryl sends her congrats and best wishes. She has requested to be a friend on your FB page and hopes you will accept her when you have time.

  14. Sherrie Says:

    Adam, you are NOT old. Don’t even think that! You and Tamera look very happy and I’m sure will have many happy years ahead.
    Thank you for the tips on cameras. Almost bought the Lumix as it is supposed to be a good camera for low light concerts. Will also check out the Nikon.
    You two have fun on the rest of your trip!
    I’ll be looking for that invitation. 🙂

  15. Susan Corral Says:

    Congrats, Adam–

    my, my, my– what I miss when I am in absentia!

    Post a picture of the engagement ring?

    don’t forget my invitation- LOL

    @Sylvia- glad the guy is back from Iraq- I bet the parents chewed their nails everyday.

  16. Susan Corral Says:


    interesting info- gracias

  17. Susan Corral Says:

    i just got done reading about Croatia-
    i am looking forward to the pictures

  18. This is fun. I think it’s LDG in his high school years…………….

  19. John….are you going to throw the bachelor party for Adam?

  20. @John

    re: July 21st at 12:59 pm

    You are more nearly correct than you will ever know. Heh.

  21. Adam Housley Says:

    Can you imagine a party wit John, LDG, Max, Avi and of course our good friend Hugo? LOL
    Sorry ladies….only for guys…just this one time. 🙂

    LDG, thanks for the tips, We are going to check out what you passed along and I will post pics!

  22. @Adam Housley

    A pleasure to be of any assistance. Have a great time!

    also, re: “Can you imagine a party… ?” ~ oh lordy my. Hugo.

  23. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG. LOL!!

    Pics coming soon. Tough getting internet here in Croatia. 🙂

  24. As we await the return of our vacationing host…

    Here’s a little something from Mrs. LDG to pass the time:


  25. LDG,

    That was really nice to see. Thank you. I’ve been to the Dayton Air Show and loved it. Dayton also has the fabulous Wright/Pat Museum which is an amazing Air and Space Museum (even better than the Smithsonian in my opinion).

  26. @Sylvia

    Most welcome. Yes, Dayton is IMO the better of the museums. A real center of aviation history, that whole region. Great fun to visit.

  27. oh, @Sylvia…

    a favour if you please: could you prod Susan and KC over on Facebook for me and remind them they have unanswered e-mail from me?

    muchly appreciated.

  28. LDG,
    KC isn’t on Facebook as far as I know and Susan is on irregulary. I will e-mail them both and give them your message. I will also message Susan on FB in case she reads it today.

  29. @Sylvia

    Ah, all right. The FB message might work better. E-mail might go into the same place mine went. ((grin))

  30. LDG,

    I notified both with e-mails and on FB for Susan. Hope that helps.

  31. LDG,

    KC sends me e-mails (funny stuff) most days. I will remind her again when I start receiving them later today. We are on a 3 hour time difference.

  32. Susan Corral Says:

    I just found LDG’s email- time to clean out my emails again- last time it took hours! sorry, LDG-

    I found a few others too I had missed.

    @Adam- I can always send you my Hugo doll as a wedding gift? LOL

    and thanks, Sylvia!

  33. Susan Corral Says:

    I have Luke Air Force Base by me- I get to see them do their practice flights. pretty cool when they fly over.

  34. Susan Corral Says:

    Adam needs to post his Croatia and London pictures over here–

    and John… that is LDG

  35. We have a Susan sighting!

    @Sylvia ~ Thank you, Ma’am, for the effort.

    @Susan ~ glad to hear from you here (and I got your e-mail reply too). Thank you!

    hm… now to find KC…

  36. K. C. - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    WOW – I am loved and missed LOL

    I swear I am one sandwich short of a picnic and also not the brightest bulb in the box

    LDG – I could swear I answered your email – but – who knows, maybe I forgot to hit send. It is the heat, it is the heat, it is the heat my friend. Frying of the braincells.

    I will go back into your file I have and resend – SOOOOOOO SORRY


  37. K. C. - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    OOPS – I haven’t been on this blog for soooooo long that my comment is
    awaiting moderation – guess that will teach me not to pop in and say hello more often

  38. Yay! Welcome back KC!

    …and you’ve escaped moderation purgatory.

    Thank you for going back to check about that e-mail, and do also drop over to Foxy’s ‘blog to see what fun we had last weekend, please.

  39. Reunion time on Bullpen.

  40. Adam Housley Says:

    Welcome back KC and thanks again everyone! I loved Croatia…one of my favorite places I have ever seen, especially in the north! We saw so much, internet connection is the only thing they have to work on a bit. I am now going to post some new pics each day. Up first….Istria and Slovenia. Loved em! Thanks LDG for the suggestions!


  41. @Adam Housley

    Most welcome. Always a pleasure. Now let’s see where all you went…
    ((goes to the next thread))

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