Gotta Love the Summer

I was a bit absent the last few days for the holiday weekend and some nice time with the family in Northern California. We celebrated Father’s Day and my brothers birthday a week late and road horses, motorcycles and ate well. A nice 5-day time away. Here is one of my favorite photos every year as your drive up valley on Silverado Trail. This is in the Vineyards in front of Rudd Winery in Oakville on the east-side of the valley. How is everyone doing and how were your holiday’s?


22 Responses to “Gotta Love the Summer”

  1. Adam, in response to your question Larry and I went to a neighbor’s party. Had terrific fireworks (very illegal). It’s been extremely hot and humid here so we made good use of our pool during the afternoon.

  2. No holiday for me. College and gardening work. I am really needing more sleep. zzzzzzz

  3. Max,

    What gardening work have you been doing at college? I hope you like college and living in Casper. Does Jessica like living there?

  4. Adam Housley Says:

    Sylvia…..sounds like fun and for the record, I am not a big fan of humidity!
    Max…I am curious about your “gardening”?

  5. doggies all over Says:

    I’m home again. Daddy had an epidural yesterday, and says he thinks it helped.
    Thank you all again for your prayers and good wishes.
    What a beautiful picture, Adam! I see why you like it so.
    We also went to a party on the 4th-wonderful barbecue!
    Friend of hubby’s owns a business from where we watch the city fireworks every year. They really were beautiful, and I think they had some new configurations this year. That’s always a nice surprise.
    Still in turmoil, but I’m so blessed, and like I tell my mom and dad-this is why they had kids! LOL Gotta love summer, gotta laugh.

  6. Adam Housley Says:

    Doggies….sounds like there is some good news and i am glad to hear.
    ALSO….Attention……there has been a Susan sighting! On Facebook. LOL!

    Hey…they had me anchor ‘On the Fox Lot’ again…our online entertainment show. It airs today (Friday) live at 10:30am pacific/ 1:30pm easter.

  7. cheryljones Says:

    Congratulations, Adam-what a coup! And thanks for your well wishes. We both have something going right for us. Now where is everybody else?

  8. Cheryl,
    Wish Morris (not the cat) Happy Birthday for me. Hope you both enjoy the day.

  9. Ten days of sun ‘n fun on the Outer Banks in NC for me for the Fourth of July. As a matter of fact I just got back today………, do I miss that sound and smell of the surf already.

    Every year we meet more and more people that have been vacationing at the same area for the past ten years, or more. We had a giant beach party last Thursday and 35 people showed up………….and more joined us from the beach as they walked by to see what was going on. We got their name, rank and serial number and signed them up for next year’s feast. Everyone is amazed that people, that didn’t know each other 4 or 5 years ago, have now become the best of friends………even if it is only for ten days in July. It puts my faith back in the human race when I see people from all different walks of life put their lives on hold for a moment and just be friends.

    So all in all, I had one hell of a holiday. Now I need a vacation from the vacation just to catch my breath……………That, and dry out from all those adult beverages. LOL

  10. Susan Corral Says:

    going with the thread’s topic-

    My fourth of July was spent here at home with my neighbor, Frank, Ken, and moi.

    We did the traditional BBQ- and watched Alice in Wonderland.

    We never did make it to the ditch to watch the fireworks coming from the Surprise Stadium and I don’t think we even missed not seeing this!
    (Are we bad?)

    I did get up in the morning on the 4th and I read trivia which I saw was on the news later.

    I guess T. Jefferson, on his draft of the Declaration, wrote subjects instead of citizens and then changed it.

    I thought, who cares! subjects, citizens…it is still the same! Why bring it up?

    And presently, the word is illegals.

    Arizona has definitlely hit the map, big time!

    Me- I would like for the borders to be secured and the drug cartels and drug lords be gone forever!

    Guns a blaze everywhere!

    Given the Second Amendment- ( I will always argue there are not enough restrictions on buying and owning a gun! Given the amendment meant it for militia and not just owning one because it looks pretty in your pocket and easy to just pull it out and shoot!)

    I don’t think our founding fathers had all this in mind when they sat down and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote.

    So I didn’t feel too bad about not engaging in the fireworks! LOL!

    Whose freedom am I enjoying? My own!

    And this cause I can do everyday. LOL

    So my 4th of July can be everyday! LOL

    But John is the maker for the celebrations. LOL I vote him in for next year’s place to meet and have fun!

  11. I agree and nominate John for “Party Planner”.

  12. cheryljones Says:

    John, I wish I’d been there. (I think). πŸ™‚
    I just love it when things come together like they did for you there! That’s absolutely beautiful.
    God bless the USA!

  13. Susan Corral Says:

    he has my vote too!

  14. Susan Corral Says:

    did anyone catch this today?

    Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who has lived in seclusion since falling ill four years ago, will appear on Cuban television and radio Monday evening to discuss his theory that the world is on the verge of nuclear war, the Communist Party newspaper Granma said in its Monday online edition.

  15. Adam Housley Says:

    Susan….that will be interesting…and John….I must have missed my invite. I am curious as to what LDG did?

  16. @Adam Housley

    Heh, not as much fun as you all had. Did do a little good eating and got to talk to a couple of my American friends on the phone over the course of the weekend. I’m still looking for a good label pin to wear on customer visits that has both the stars&stripes and the mighty meatball (that would be paired flags, US and Japan, for those of you in the cheap seats), but once again I made do with my US-flag pin again during weekend matters.

    We’ll get a local holiday on the third Monday this month, so that’ll make up for my not taking time for Independence Day.

    Otherwise, I’ve been too darn obliged to do much of anything. There was an election here last week.

    I do wish that John’s vacation invite had made it here in time…



    Hope you are having a good go of things!

  17. label” should be “lapel”


  18. LDG,

    Re “brainlocked”… are too young to blame senior moment! That’s my excuse for everything. LOL

  19. Susan Corral Says:


    You would never, ever be brainlocked!

    Guess what I have? Never mind, don’t guess! A Chavez doll from Venezuela!!!

    A high school friend, who travels all over the map, was going to Venezuela so he asked me what I wanted. I said a magnet and a Chavez doll to practice vodoo.

    I received a package yesterday with about twenty magnets from all over the place, including Venezuela, and a Chavez doll. Unfortunately, the pins are not included. Will regular pins work?

    And Happy Bastille day to all!

  20. Susan Corral Says:

    and in case you haven’t heard, Bristol and Levi are getting married!

  21. @Susan

    “Unfortunately, the pins are not included. Will regular pins work?”

    In that particular case, I’d recommend knitting needles… and a hammer if necessary.

  22. Adam Housley Says:

    Happy Bastille Day! πŸ™‚
    We are in Pisa and wishing I had a Chavez doll to enjoy with some of Susan’s pins. Isn’t nice to see our crazy Arizona friend back? LDG…we need to start some 4th traditions for you.

    New Post and you guys will get all my pics. πŸ™‚
    ok….only the good ones


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