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Sorry for my absence the last couple of days, but as you can see by the posting on the front of foxnews.com, I have been slammed with this exclusive story and also two others coming out this week on Fox News Channel. Take a look and tell me what you think and what are your thoughts.


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  1. Sherrie Says:

    Sad but great story Adam!
    I imagine Obama will not do anything until our border agents start getting slaughtered. Then, it will take him 3 months to decide what to do.

    Sorry I kept teasing you about your assignments.

    RieuSoul on Twitter

  2. Adam,

    Your report is outstanding but the outcome looks bleak. The border will never be secure because politicians want the hispanic vote.

  3. cheryljones Says:

    Excellent reporting!
    Battling for the Border pictures will not show. Just FYI.
    Now-to me, it’s not the people who want to come here to work, it’s the drugs! Just as it is everywhere. We are in a war will will not win. The world is in a war it will not win. And I do not see a solution.
    Please be careful out there, bud.

  4. Bravo, @Adam Housley.

    Sure brings to mind an old phrasing about border security (at that time re: parts of Europe) “The only way a border can be secure is if both nations secure it, or neither needs to. Anything else is a disaster.”


    G’morning All and welcome new friend Sherrie!

  5. cheryljones Says:

    LDG, I love that. How true, how true. I’m thinking US/Canada.

  6. @cheryljones

    Most welcome.


    It seems our good host (on twitter) is rather pleased that the Yanks found the net in injury time… USA and then England through to the round of 16 at World Cup. ’tis good day for Association Football Fans…

  7. Sherrie Says:

    @LDG You couldn’t be more right! And, thanks for the welcome.
    @cheryljones. I too have thought about Canada/US. Not many problems there.
    Yes, me thinks Mr. Housley is either working or partying his butt off right now! Hopefully, the latter….he sure deserves it. What a story. It’s still unbelievable to me that Obama can ignore this………..or even wait 3 months to decide what to do. We need troops down there NOW!

  8. cheryljones Says:

    Sherrie, being a comparative newbie here myself, I did not realize you weren’t one of the old guard. I’m glad you found us, too. 😉
    You’ll get many enlightened conversations, and you’ll learn so much!

  9. Welcome to Bullpen Sherrie. I hope you enjoy visiting here.

  10. LDG,
    Any comments/opinions on the Gen McChrystal incident?

  11. Sherrie Says:

    Thanks for the welcome ALL! This is really a great site. Bravo to Adam on a job well done.
    And what a story. It’s unbelievable that part of our country is occupied by a bunch of thugs and all Obama wants to do is sue AZ.
    Anyone have any thoughts on the senator stating that Obama wouldn’t secure the border because he wanted republican support for his massive immigration reform?
    And, the amnesty executive order?

  12. @Sylvia

    “Any comments/opinions on the Gen McChrystal incident?” ~ none fit for publication, really. Just read *all* the sources on it you can and compare; there is a lot of half-the-story reporting happening from both camps.


    “Anyone have any thoughts on… ?” ~ It has been almost declared policy since mid-1990’s… and it is almost certainly dereliction of the Executive’s responsibilities… but be careful; it’s not a promise of a horse trade. It is a bludgeon. The politics of making the problem worse to force one’s opponents to join you in fixing it. Sound familiar?

    “And, the amnesty executive order?” ~ The President can do it. It won’t do what is right or needs to be done, but it is within authority as it stands, for now. But one wrong word on the declaration and he’s toast in a legal challenge (and two, maybe three wrong words and it’s an impeachable offense). That implies it is a brinkmanship play, not something actually going to happen… but…

    …there are going to be a lot of “dying for the cause” moves made by U.S. Democrats that know they are unelectable come November, and more will come in the lame duck session if they lose control of one or both houses. Look for big trouble in those cases.

  13. LDG

    Is it possible that Obama wants Gen Patraeus back on the battle field to keep him from being a potential pres or vp candidate in the near future? I always thought he would follow in Ike’s footsteps of war hero to Pres. Also, does anyone care that Obama slammed Patraeus during the Iraq surge debate while Bush was Pres?

  14. @Sylvia

    “Is it possible…” ~ sure. that would be just about the level of misunderstanding the military that is par for the course. Hint to Obama’s Managment: It is against the law to campaign while on active service in the US military. anywhere. desk jockey or under fire. period. If David Petraeus is ever going to do anything in party politics, you’ll know it… because he’ll have to retire to do it.

    “Also, does anyone care…” ~ again, sure. Not that bugger-all can be done about that now, though. Save it for campaign day and run it as a before-after ad. (but gee, there seems to be a great supply of such available already.)

  15. cheryljones Says:

    Um, let’s not forget that Reagen also issued an amnesty program in 1986.

    OK, it was a little different, but…

  16. Sherrie Says:

    For what it’s worth, I believe Senator Kyl. Yes, LDG, it sounds familiar.
    And, I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama signed that executive order. This administration along with the Democratic congress has shoved so much down the American people’s throat that they were against. Anything they do between now and November wouldn’t surprise me.
    Sylvia………I don’t think Obama really cares whether he wins re-election. Actually I don’t think he cares about much of anything other than what he said during his campaign that he wants to fundamentally change this country.
    Don’t think he cares whether we win the war or not……..just as long as we’re out next year.
    Don’t think he really cares about the gulf or the damage it will do for decades.
    It’s pretty obvious he’s not that concerned about our southern border and the horror the people who live down there are experiencing. Not to mention the danger he has knowingly put our border agents in.
    His only concern is pushing as much of his socialistic agenda through as fast as he can and before November.
    While he enjoys the perks of the office, plays golf, hangs out with celebrities, takes as many vacations as he can, shoots hoops and hops on OUR plane to go to an Obama supporters packed area to push his agenda our country is going bankrupt, no jobs are being created, taxes on everyone are going up along with the possibility of a VAT tax.
    Just my opinion roomies. Anyone who disagrees please post your thoughts.

  17. As an Independent I have to say that Bush didn’t exactly try to secure the border. He was afraid to lose the Hispanic vote. I try to criticize all politicians when I disagree with them!

    I have to admit that Obama gives me more opportunities to be negative than ever before!

    Since I can’t think of anything nice to say about the current administration I will leave that to my liberal friend Cheryl. I always feel there are two sides to every story and I don’t let political differences get in the way of friendship.

  18. @cheryljones

    “it was a little different, but…” ~ you have such a gift for understatement, did you know? ((laugh))

    Also, I think you might be overlooking the legal difference between legislation and executive orders in the current case; furthermore, it is not an amnesty that was discussed, but a combination of ordering mass paroles of the detained and mass exemption from pursuit to the at-large. Even *if* that was a good idea, it has several immediate weaknesses that might just get it overturned in the courts.


    “that Bush didn’t exactly try to secure the border.” ~ correct, as charged. Willfully done too, IMO.

    “He was afraid to lose the Hispanic vote.” ~ Maybe for some party members, but not for his own campaign, no. Not even in his best year did a significant non-Cuban-Exile Hispanic vote support Bush43. There was nothing there to lose.



    Today’s fun item for you, thanks to the political cartoonist at our best English-language newspaper:


    (Hints to help: DPJ is minshutou; the Democratic Party of Japan; we have an Upper House election coming on July 11th.)


  19. @cheryljones, re: Sherrie’s post of 0453hrs

    ((stage whisper))

    Whaddya think, should I be telling her about the opportunities in the AAWA-PP?


  20. @Sherrie

    You’ve got it going there! You did, in all that, mention a particular point that added something really valuable to the overall view, IMO:

    “…cares whether he wins re-election…”

    I had a friend put forth the comment recently that President Obama is just doing what he has *always* done in life: …marking time at his current employment waiting for his chance to move on to something more suitable to (in his mind) his ability. Everything, everything, is seen to be a stepping stone.

    That sound like it fits into your view of things?

  21. Sherrie Says:

    LDG………..yup, after he leaves OUR house, he’ll have a pension for life, healthcare and lifetime protection from the secret service. He can make a fortune speaking wherever he chooses. He’ll write books, or have someone write them for him and make a ton. (Bill Ayres, maybe?)
    In an other word NOTHING!
    BTW LDG What the hell is AAWA-PP? 🙂

  22. LDG,

    Great cartoon.

  23. cheryljones Says:

    Hey-I’m out getting my hair cut, only to come home and find out I’ve been ratted out and that Sherrie is probably not going to like me very much. Thanks, guys! LOL
    Without going deep into my unpopular stance, here, let me say first of all, to LDG:
    You even said it:”It is not an amnesty that was discussed…” Discussed being the key word, here. It’s not a done deal-right? Discussion hurts nothing, no one. Right? If I missed something, I’m sure you’ll give me a hint.
    There is no solution, IMO, but if there were, I strongly suggest that talking it out is the means to the way.
    And I-even I! am looking forward to getting back the checks and balances. The one-sidedness bothers me, just as it bothered me when the other you-know-who was in office.
    Sylvia, thank you for admitting to being my friend. That took guts. 🙂
    Sherrie, I refer to myself as the token lib, here. Every family has that one relative, you know…
    And LDG:I think you’ve got a shoo-in for your (ahem) political persuasions.

  24. Cheryl,
    I am proud to call you a friend. I don’t hold your mistaken political views against you! LOL

  25. cheryljones Says:

    Oh, Sylvia! ROFL! Thanks. (I think).

    @Anyone: I upgraded to the newest Firefox yesterday, and my mouse quit scrolling down. I’ve randomly punched the buttons on it, and now it won’t scroll down, either. Have I locked it, somehow? And if so, what is the #%&%$ key? Or do I go to Walmart?

  26. @cheryljones

    Most important things first: You *know* we love you here, and far more often agree with you sentiments and intentions than disagree… I’ll give you a load of trouble on points of implementation, but often a good reason to smile at the same time. Our good host is one of the most even-handed fellows I know working in media (yeah, that’s a compliment). Remember also, all joking like the AAWA-PP aside, that we are *all* liberals in the classic sense or we wouldn’t be seeking each others’ opinions as equals here, ne?

    Now then… “discussed”…

    It was “discussed” by a group of Senators bringing out into daylight the claim that the Executive might try to pull such a stunt. That isn’t exactly what your (and my) ideal of “discussion” of policy should be.

    “Discussion hurts nothing, no one. Right?” ~ yeah right, that’s what every Emergency Event Negotiator in history starts his schpiel with, you know. Keep them talking while the raid moves into position. Maybe get them to surrender. Sounds a bit less wonderful in that context, don’t you think? Discussion in a forum is good. Deliberation in public debate is also good. But… it can be misused, even abused. I’ll even claim that greatest trick of the passive-opponent is to claim to agree yet to want to discuss the matter further. In that case, then yes, delay or dissembling can hurt the cause in question, and indeed can hurt people.

  27. re: @Anyone

    Sorry, can’t guess a fix by description given.

  28. @Sylvia

    Oops, missed your reply about the cartoon… silly me. Thank you, glad you liked it.

  29. LDG very funny! Funny cartoon also. 🙂
    Cheryl Somewhere there are settings for your mouse. Have you tried those or just unplugging it for awhile? If none of these work try shutting your system down and unplugging it for about 30 minutes and see what happens. I have used FireFox but it’s been awhile. Hope this helps.
    Yes, Cheryl, everyone has one in the family. I’m that one also. You don’t dare send my family a silly political cartoon without getting a bashing about President Bush and how everything in the world including a sneezing fit is his fault. Needless to say I won’t be communicating with them until after 2012.
    By that time we’ll probably just forget each other. Which may be a good thing in the long run.
    BTW where’s everyone from? I’m in Florida……..the land of oil.

  30. Cheryl your mouse settings are in the control panel. I thought so but wanted to double check before posting. Only problem with a mouse I ever had was the old ones. Remember taking that thing apart to clean the little ball?
    We’ve come a long way baby!

  31. @Sherrie

    “BTW where’s everyone from?” ~ I’ll answer with “at”, as “from” would take a really long time to tell. I live in Tochigi, Japan. It’s about 60 miles as the crow flies due north of Toukyou (Tokyo).

  32. …and with that, I bid you all a fine remainder of your day. It being a touch before 0600hrs local and my obligations done, I’m to rest. Be well and safe, All, and see you on the ‘morrow.

  33. Rest well LDG.

    Sherrie, I’m from Cincinnati. I have relatives in Florida. My cousin and her family are in Boca. My son-in-law’s parents are in Vero Beach, and my husband’s brother and sister-in-law are in Naples. The Naples pair are liberals who hate Bush, all Republicans, and FOX NEWS. When I mentioned I was a Fox News Fan my sister-in-law yelled “Fox lies”. So it’s a good thing they moved to Florida last December.
    And my daughter and son-in-law live in Phoenix.

  34. cheryljones Says:

    LDG, *blushing here* about being accepted, and NOT ‘noring you, but Sherrie’s question is easier-by far! And my manners today are atrocious-Loved the cartoon! Could just about put anything or anybody’s name on that hen, couldn’t you? The mark of an excellent communicator!
    And you know what? I like Adam, too!
    Sherrie, thank you for the mouse info! I will try that and report back.
    I live in very southeast Texas. No relatives in FL that I know of, but a lot of blogger friends. I am on IH10, about 80 miles from Houston and about 50 miles from Lake Charles LA. My dad is staunch Repub, my mom is more a free thinker. We all live around here. I am 6th generation native Texan.
    Now let’s guess ages.
    Just kidding!
    Hubby just got home from a week at Boy Scout Camp. LOL! He was with the campers, but teaching adults how to be rifle/shotgun range instructors. I’m going to listen to BS stories-that stands for Boy Scouts, of course! But I’ll be back later this evening. Out to eat! Yay!

  35. Cheryl,
    When did Boy Scouts start using guns/rifles?

    BTW…I know that you are a sharp shooter.. a.gun loving liberal. So you are a free thinker like your Mom.

    As for ages….I believe KC and I have seniority.

  36. cheryljones Says:

    Brought down from LDG for easy reference-and LDG, I hope you can tell the respect that everyone here has for you,
    You said:
    It was “discussed” by a group of Senators bringing out into daylight the claim that the Executive might try to pull such a stunt. That isn’t exactly what your (and my) ideal of “discussion” of policy should be.
    OK, might as well just put it out here:the word ‘might’. And I think the word ‘stunt’ shows a little slant to your premise, there?
    I will bow to your intelligence any day, LDG, and I guess I do tend to be more subjective than reactive. (That’s part of my charm). 😉
    The description I read of ‘back office, middle-of-the-night secret meetings’ only made me quit reading right there. That’s when I go into shutdown mode.
    As far as one side or the other being the passive manipulator, isn’t it a question as to which side is the more talented in negotiations? After all, this is SOP, and covered well in the first chapter of Negotiations 101.
    The truth is, though, that as long as both House and Senate are on the same side, then those who hold the seats are gonna win. Both parties do it, which does not make it right, but politicians by sheer definition will do whatever it takes to further their own agenda(s).
    It’s too bad life’s not open like a chess board, but sounding theatrical here, I’ll take talk over bombs almost any day.

  37. cheryljones Says:

    No, no, Sylvia! Morris was there with adults to train them, not the Scouts-which, by the way, are celebrating their 100th birthday this year. As an aside, Morris was involved as a child in the 50th anniversary!
    But I will say that way back, when my daughter went to Camp Fire Camp, she did take rifle shooting. I was totally ticked, too, because nobody asked if it was OK with me. (It wouldn’t have been, at the time.)
    My mom may have more latitude than my dad, but she’s not nearly as vocal as I am. In that respect, I’m Daddy’s girl!

  38. Cheryl,
    Politics is dirty and often dishonest. Promises made are often broken. Resumes are enhanced, every word uttered is parsed, and gotcha is the name of the game. That is why I stay Independent and don’t get involved in political parties.
    In a perfect world I would choose talk over bombs too.

  39. Cheryl,

    Getting late for me. Talk tomorrow.

  40. Sherrie Says:

    Wow, so many posts!
    Cheryl, did you get your mouse problem fixed? I’m planning to move west maybe next spring. Texas is one of the places I’m considering but I think it will be either AZ or NV. Can’t stand this weather here. We damn near froze all winter and kinda went from that into triple digits heat with this high humidity. Not to mention the tropical storms and hurricanes that may come our way every year. Am hoping for a calm summer. If we get a hurricane and any surge everything will be covered with oil. We’re 9 feet below sea level.
    Sylvia and Cheryl, I believe we all would choose talk over bombs. However, I don’t think the drug cartels, Iran, or North Korea will talk. We need armed troops on the border to wipe out as many of those thugs as possible and take back the occupied areas in our own country. I do think Israel will take care of Iran. Hoping we don’t have to get involved with either Iran or N. Korea. So many lives have been lost in the two wars we’re fighting now, young lives.
    And, I worry about those young lives coming home to no jobs and wonder how they will support themselves and/or their families. If the government stays on course there won’t be jobs until after 2013. What a mess!
    LDG, how do you like living in Japan?
    I have to go back to bed for awhile. Only slept about 3 hours and can barely see. Eyes are getting bad and lack of sleep only makes it worse.
    Later all.
    Oh, anyone here on Twitter? Adam is in Mexico now working on another story.

  41. cheryljones Says:

    Anybody know if Adam speaka le espanol?
    Sylvia, I blame the egos in politics. Some I know start out idealistic, but first of all is the belief that that I can get elected, and everything else feeds off of this. Sort of like some of these televangelists. The common good is lost in deals to further me, me, me. And speaking of feeding, there’s the public trough they all eat out of and they do not want to lose that buffet. What they don’t realize is that all that pork isn’t good for them in the long run.
    Sherrie, I could not agree with you more about our soldiers. It breaks my heart. I want them all home NOW! We will never ‘win’ these wars. They’ve been fought for thousands of years, as we know. And we cannot go into other countries and demand they follow our rules-and expect them to change everything almost overnight. Speaking of arrogance!
    So yes, let’s talk it to death instead of attacking.

  42. cheryljones Says:

    OOPS Dept:
    Sylvia-just told hubby you’d asked about rifle/shotguns and the Boy Scouts. He said to tell you that the Scouts have always had rifle/shotgun merit badges, even *gasp* 50 years ago. There’s also a BB gun program for the Cub Scouts. Long time ago, in BS, these were called “Marksmanship” merit badges, but have since been separated into the two different categories.
    My bad.

  43. @Sherrie

    “…, how do you like living in Japan?” ~ very fine, thank you. If you are curious, you are welcome to look in at Mrs. LDG’s web log and see for yourself:


    Don’t be run off by the fact that it is more Japanese than English. As you scroll through postings you’ll often find English descriptions in there.


    “Anybody know if Adam speaka le espanol?” ~ Si. Él habla muy bien.

    re: the rest of the comment: You had me going there up to “…NOW!”, you tease. I got through all that good to get at the last… three sentences that are indefensible, one more based on a of misapplication of a word, and an idealized conclusion that has no bearing on reality. You really want me to take it apart for you, or would you care to restate your thoughts?
    (Of course, you could tell me to bug off, too… makes never mind to me which.)

  44. Bravo on the OOPS Dept, Cheryl. Yes, it was a big part of the basis of Scouting, originally, to prepare young men to be fit as soldiers.


    and a G’morning all around!

    Anyone know what story our good host is covering down in Yucatan?

  45. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone and HAPPY FRIDAY ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Sherrie – welcome to our little blog land and I LOVE your political viewpoints. Soooooooooooo spot on.

    Cheryl – How is that hubby of yours doing after his surgery. Sounds like he enjoyed his campout with the “boys”

    Sylvia – re ages: I got you beat so I am first in the line of seniority – lol

    LDG – greetings to you my friend. I am sooooo behind on everything around here – not enough hours in the day. Just noticed that Princess Foxy, Johnathan, and Gordon celebrated a birthday on the 20th. Need to look at my calandar a little more often (big grin). Please tell all of them happy birthday for me.

    Haven’t seen Adam on TV yet this morning so not sure what he is covering. May be that post on our side of the border that the thugs have set up to watch everything our Border Patrol is doing 24-7.

  46. @KC

    Hi there and welcome back! I’ve delivered birthday wishes on your behalf, as requested. A “thank you”, “MEOW” and “meow” in reply, respectively!

  47. Sherrie Says:

    We are in Yucatan Mexico for live reports tomorrow on Fox. Looong trip to get here, but we’ve got an interesting story.

    From Adam yesterday via Twitter. I have the tv on waiting.

  48. Sherrie Says:

    Hi KC, Thanks for the welcome.

  49. Sherrie Says:

    LDG Imagine he’s still covering the drug cartels since they seem to be all over Mexico now.

  50. @Sherrie

    OK, you’ve got the same info as I do. Guess we’ll just have to see.

    p.s. did you note the link for you at 0456hrs?

  51. cheryljones Says:

    LDG, Aww. sorry I didn’t know about the birthdays! Happy barkies from doggies all over. (I think they just want cake).
    As far as the politics go, you’re welcome to take it apart. However, I have read and re-read those 3 sentences, and cannot find anything in there that is not what I truly believe. If you’d like to let things go, that’s OK with me, too, as long as they don’t simmer and boil over. Maybe we should just agree to disagree on this one? I doubt either mind will change. I do thank you for the compliment on the first part. 🙂
    KC! Good to see you again. You’ve been gone too long.

  52. Sherrie Says:

    LDG, yes I did and thank you……sorry. I have it bookmarked and really do want to read it. I use Google Chrome so the language is no problem as Google will translate. Today is such a busy news day with everything going on all over the world.
    My favorite artist has a concert tonight I think, in Toronto near the G-20 summit. After I got that tweet from Adam, I started worrying about him also.
    I am monitoring twitter as I write this with FOX on. I have been all over the FOX website looking for a hint as to what Adam may be doing but found nothing. Imagine it will break like it did when he first broke the first story. He might tweet it before it breaks as he did before. That is what lead me here.

  53. KC has been busy finding great jokes to e-mail. She certainly gives me a lot of laughs.
    LDG…I also send birthday wishes to your family…hope a good time was had by all.

  54. Sherrie Says:

    Iran-tied terror group Hezbollah may be colluding with drug cartels along the U.S.-Mexico border, a Republican congresswoman warned, calling on Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to establish a special task force to figure out how to “clamp down” on this “national security” threat.

    Lead in new story on FOX website.
    This is the very thing that pisses me off re the border. Mexicans think securing our borders is all about them….along with our great gov’t. It’s not!
    So many other dangerous groups and people are crossing that border!

  55. Sherrie, I just started on twitter last week. I don’t comment, just read the tweets. I have Fox News and several Fox people on the site. I really don’t know much about Twitter and I don’t like to let too much info out there due to lack of privacy. I’m using twitter to get quick news.

  56. @cheryljones

    Thank you to doggies! Sadly, no suitable cake to share. We’ll send our appreciation though… (doggies like appreciation, right? not as much as cake, but still…)

    “However, I have read and re-read those 3 sentences, and cannot find anything in there that is not what I truly believe.” ~ well then, far be it from me to challenge a belief-based statement. That’s kind of why I asked. I would only have gone after it from rhetorical and historical baseis. Those would challenge a “this is true” statement, but are nothing to a “this is how I feel” statement. Play through, and thank you for the clarification.


    Oh, very good (about bookmarking Foxy’s). Please enjoy when time allows!

  57. @Sylvia

    Thank you! Yes, a very fine time was had.

  58. Sherrie Says:

    Sylvia, Twitter is great for breaking news. It almost always hits twitter before anyplace else. Jack Tapper from ABC is really good about breaking news. I follow him along with Major and FOX. PoliJam is very good also.
    I love Twitter, think it’s more safe than Facebook. You can really let too much info get out there. One little slip and you’ve had it. I linked a picture of my neighbors dog not knowing that whoever looked at it could get to the whole album of pics. Not that there was anything there I didn’t want public but, what if there had been? These were pictures I went over and took for my neighbor and landlady of the flowers and baloons she received on her birthday. The dog was wondering around and I got a great shot of his face and put that on Facebook.
    She just went through breast cancer surgery and radiation. I spent a lot of time over there during both and what if I had taken pics of her that were a bit revealing? I wouldn’t and know she wouldn’t want those all over the net. Not that I would ever consider taking pics but what if???

  59. Sherrie Says:

    Adam’s on

  60. Sherrie Says:

    Well, we now know what he was reporting!

  61. what you mean “we”, Kemosabe?

    Do tell.

  62. Sherrie,
    I am on FB too. I really don’t put anything on it that is risky…except my opinions and/or smart ass comments.

  63. Sherrie Says:

    I deactivated my account right away. Unfortunately I didn’t get any personal mail for weeks and went looking for some friend on it a few days ago, so it’s activated again. I won’t comment too much though, not like I do on

  64. Sherrie Says:

    Oh, sorry LDG. Adam was reporting along the eastern coast of Mexico about the 1979 oil spill and how it has affected wild life, etc. since.

  65. @Sherrie

    Ah, the Ixtoc I spill? very good. Thank you.

  66. Sherrie Says:

    Your welcome LDG!

  67. Time for me to get in the pool and enjoy the warm weather. Will check back later.

  68. Sherrie Says:

    Me too. I’m too tired to even be on here right. Maybe back later.

  69. @All

    Have fun and/or rest well. I’m to take a short shift today as well.


  70. Sherrie Says:

    Guess everyone was as tired as I was.
    Just read through everything and realized I made a mistake about who I follow on Twitter. It’s Jake Tapper, not Jack. My eyes really are getting bad or I need to sleep more.
    Sylvia, I missed one of your posts. You have a nice choice of places to vacation down here. Well, other than Naples. You could always get a hotel or motel room. Have a feeling they’re going to be fairly inexpensive for awhile, even in Naples. This spill is killing tourism even though most of the beaches are perfectly fine as of right now.
    Three years ago I found an old college friend from CA. She had moved to the Cincinnati area and loved it there. She lived near Morro Bay in such a beautiful area I couldn’t believe she would ever leave.
    Anyway, she sure settled in. Follows all the local teams and has a ton of friends. Has family there and decided to retire close to them.
    Not me, family is the last place I would want be with when I retire. I’m heading west and doubt I’ll see any of them again.
    Hope all of you are resting well.
    LDG, have no idea what time it is in Tokyo so haven’t a clue as to what trouble you’re getting into.
    Probably see all tomorrow.

  71. @All

    Got the (a? there may be others?) video on our good host’s report of Friday:


    @Adam Housley

    Well done, my fine fellow, well done indeed. A solid report!


    “LDG, have no idea what time it is in Tokyo so haven’t a clue as to what trouble you’re getting into.” ~ I can help only with the first part.

    We are UTC +09 here, and you are UTC -05. Spring ahead 1 for Daylight Saving Time. Makes us here 13 hours ahead of you for the summer. You are 0656hrs Saturday as I type this… We are 1956hrs Saturday, local.

  72. LDG, I checked my world clock last night and now know the time difference. That is close to the time difference of Australia!
    Adam’s story really was interesting wasn’t it? After over 30 years and still all that oil. I saw it three times, a longer version on Shep last night.
    What a day. Was up early to go out to a long breakfast with friends. Tired and full when I got home. Went back to bed and just got up. Had plans to go get a hair cut and do laundry today. Never dreamed I would be gone that long or would eat that much. It’s been 3 years since I had such a breakfast and just not used to it.
    The clouds are rolling in and bet we are going to get some rain, hopefully not a storm though. Guess I’ll go watch some news. Only saw a few minutes this morning.
    Later everyone.

  73. A Good Sunday “Morning” to you all.

    World Cup Today (off-topic)

    It seems our good host (having seen the USA side shown the door yesterday) transfered his support to England in World Cup action today… admirable idea… but for naught: Germany 4 England 1 and Tommy goes home. Drat.

    Not that I think there is a whit of a chance that they’ll go through, but just so’s you know: Japan is still in and next plays on Tuesday vs. Paraguay and we’ll be needing all the good wishes available to carry the day.

  74. @Sherrie

    Yes, right. We split the middle of Australian time zones. They are +10; +9 1/2; +8 (east to west).

    Hope you’ve recovered from your feast!

  75. LDG,

    Will cheer for Japan. Hope my little effort will help.

  76. cheryljones Says:

    Good morning.
    Been gone not because I wanted to be, but because I had to be. Daddy’s down which means they cannot do anything for themselves, as much as he wants to. He’s the one who’s been keeping them both going.
    I need to request your prayers, if you’d offer them. This is serious, and I don’t see any change in the near future.
    I’m incommunicado down there, no internet. 😦
    Just came home to touch base, so I’ll be AWOL for a while.

  77. @cheryljones

    “I need to request your prayers, if you’d offer them. This is serious, and I don’t see any change in the near future.”

    I’ll offer, and you have them. Be well and safe, and may this come out for the best for you and yours.

  78. Cheryl,

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. If you have any messages or updates maybe Morris (not the cat) could send them to FB. I will post any news here that I get from your hubby. Also, Morris can e-mail me.

  79. Adam Housley Says:


    Thoughts and prayers are with you. We hope things turn up and we look forward to your return.

    LDG….after USA and England, I am no longer supporting a team….they all lose in the cup!!


  80. Since this is 4th of July weekend I want to share this with all of you. This group is “4Troops”. The 4 members are former US Military and have great voices. I hope this video works here.


  81. doggies all over Says:

    Thanks, Sylvia-their voices are wonderful together, aren’t they? I checked out their website, too. I’m also seeing them of some Facebook pages.

    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I’m home again, but it’s not because I want to be. They swear they can make it without ‘putting me out’. Like I feel put upon. But I’m going back tomorrow, because nothing’s really changed. Keep storming heaven for them, as my friend Montana says, OK?
    And now I’m going to be doing some serious catching up…

  82. Happy 4th July weekend, i hope you all had a good one 🙂

  83. Hey all,

    Hope all is well with everyone sorry I have not been on here in awhile. I have been interning on the Hill, and enjoying D.C.. School starts back up in August. I’ll be heading to New Orleans in early August for a convention. Been interesting so far on the hill, been working on interesting projects and seeing cool things, and people. So far for the lack of a better word — crashing the press conference of the Speaker and the Russian President thanks to been claimed by a media crew of CBS news. So me and another intern were 5 feet from him for 20mins has been the coolest thing I have been able to experience on the Hill.

  84. Adam Housley Says:

    AVI and Max

    Good to see you guys are well. You need to check-in a bit more!!

    New post everyone.


  85. Susan Corral Says:

    man, is this digression?

    I got lost here!

    what is the issue? LOL

    drug cartels?

    soccer? LOL

    I missed the 1979 oil spill in Mexico.

    Adam~ which one was this?

  86. Susan Corral Says:

    this one?

    The 1979 Ixtoc I exploratory oil well blowout in the Bay of Campeche caused what was then history’s largest accidental marine oil spill, spewing at least 3 million barrels of crude into the Gulf of Mexico — an amount that may have already been surpassed by the Macondo well blowout on April 20. As the BP disaster will doubtlessly change New Orleans and coastal Louisiana, Ixtoc profoundly remade Mexico’s Ciudad del Carmen, the nearest community.

  87. Susan Corral Says:

    what kills my heart is what is happening to the life within the oil slick poison.

    These creatures which were surviving in their habitat, were destroyed by a human’s neglect, all for the purpose for what?


    Maybe, one should think about driving less and not be so oil consumer consumption?

    Take short cuts- do all your chores in one day- whatever!

    When I see the oil slicks killing these indefenseless critters, I just go wow!

    Human beings are very selfish~ they only care about what concerns them- albeit of what goes around them.

    such is the story!

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