Memorial Day Slideshow


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  1. Adam,

    I’ve been to Pearl Harbor, the Arizona Memorial, the Cemetery of the Pacific, and the Viet Nam Memorial. They are all beautiful tributes to the brave military that gave their lives for country.

  2. cheryljones Says:

    So somber, so fitting a remembrance. Thank you, Adam.

  3. cheryljones Says:

    TO LDG:
    I am in need again of the Irish story you gave of the ‘green’ where pets can go after death with no roads, no traffic.
    It was in conjunction with a place for Irish drinkers who had died.
    I have a friend who lost her 12-year old Megandog, and would love to put this on her facebook.
    I kept it, but cannot find it after my computer crashed. Irish blessings on you.

  4. cheryljones Says:

    LDG, Sylvia found it for me, and it was perfect. Thank you again for taking me there.

  5. cheryljones Says:

    Sylvia, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. Adam Housley Says:

    Thanks guys for the support on the pictures. I went to the cemetery again today and it was an amazing sight….so many people. Some DO remember!


  7. Cheryl,
    You’re welcome, you’re welcome, you’re welcome! LOL

  8. Adam

    It is important to remind people that the purpose of the holiday is to honor our military who gave their lives serving our country. Keep up the good work.

  9. cheryljones Says:

    I wish I had a dollar for every Veteran’s Day-type of email I got yesterday. I’d donate it. So many were thanking our soldiers, praising our soldiers, asking for support. All beautifully intended and of course should be obeyed, but that is not what yesterday was for.
    I’m so glad the cemetery was crowded yesterday. That’s faith in action.

  10. @Sylvia

    Thank you for the assist!


    I’m so very glad you remembered that (“Piddler’s Green” for pets, from the “Fiddler’s Green ” of legend). It is a favorite, and I hope it helped your friend to see it.

    @Adam Housley

    Bravo on the slideshow, and all the good you do. I put up a brief essay on CompHyp (link to there under my name) for this year’s Memorial Day and it almost goes hand-in-hand with your sense of remembering the fallen.


    Hope you’ve been well. I’ve been a bit busier than I’d usually want to be, but all is well here. G’morning one and all!

  11. cheryljones Says:

    Good morning, LDG, and welcome back from your self-imposed exile. It’s good to see you again.
    After 2 hours of hunting, my hubby says, “I know about Fiddler’s Green, honey-I was in the cavalry, remember?”
    Grrr….to sorta quote Ruth Graham, (wife of Billy), “I’ve never wanted him dead, but there were many times I wanted to kill him.” LOL! I LOVE that!
    Just kidding, people-folks!

  12. cheryljones Says:

    TOKYO β€” Embattled Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama said Wednesday he was resigning over his broken campaign promise to move a U.S. Marine base off the southern island of Okinawa.

    Insights, please, LDG, whenever you can.

  13. @cheryljones

    (fair disclosure: I have clients in politics here. Oppos, not DPJ. I’m a very biased source.)

    Leaving a lot out, but here goes:

    Hatoyama is out. good riddence. His party (the Democrats; DPJ) still control the lower house of the Parliament, so they can put up whoever they select as the new party leader as “Prime Minister”. (The job isn’t really Prime Minister in the European sense, but that’s the closest easy translation.) Whoever they put up to the job will then be asked to form a Cabinet of Ministers (which collectively has the “power” of the Executive in most situations). The most likely next duckpin up for political bowling is Kan Naoto (N. Kan), who is really just more of the same noise that brought in Hatoyama.

    What this is not really about is the Futema base issue… that was just the latest demonstration of incompetence.

    What this *is* about is that over the massive screwup that was the basing agreement “re-negotiation” is that the Socialists (Social Democratic Party; SDP) punted out of the coalition government that gave the DPJ control of the upper house of Parliament as well. With them gone to opposition, getting a bill through the upper house without months of delay is no longer a sure thing. *BUT*, what the DPJ was betting on was that they and/or some other allied minor party could come out winners in the upcoming upper house election (July 11th) and the government could keep control that way even without the SDP. That was increasingly in doubt over the weekend as polls came in with a Hatoyama-led DPJ at about 20% approval… so the kingmaker(s) called in Hatoyama and pretty much told him to leave for the good of the party… he did… and in his resignation speech called for the biggest of the kingmakers to resign from his job (Sec Gen of the party… the election chief). That is just stirring up more trouble for the DPJ.

    ((insert mean-spirited laugh here))

    The lot of them except a rare one or two are corrupt career politicians who have been caught with their (fundraising committee’s) hand in the cookie jar one too many times. Frankly, how some of them have avoided indictment so far is a bit of a mystery.

    Now the down side.

    The Oppos… mostly the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)… has been tearing itself to pieces in factional fighting since losing the lower house to the Democrats last year. They are also seriously in the minority in the lower house. Unless they get their act together, FAST, they are no credible threat to actually bring down any DPJ government by a Motion of No Confidence.

    That means we here are stuck with these DPJ clowns until either a snap election for the lower house is called or the term limit of the lower house expires… that last won’t happen for about three more years. Of course, given how utterly incompetent most of the DPJ Cabinet Ministers have proven to be, they might just do enough wrong to bring down the government all by themselves…

    OK, here’s hoping that helps, Cheryl. Thank you for asking.

  14. LDG,

    I just read your explanation and I think I understand the gist of it. Sounds like politics in Japan can be very interesting to say the least.

    Do you think the relocation of the US base to a different location on the island will satisfy most people? Do you also think that most people are afraid to lose the base completely considering N. Korea’s recent actions?

  15. cheryljones Says:

    Good questions, Sylvia! To me, it sounds like politics are the same the world over. *Sigh*
    Doesn’t sound to me, though, that Hatoyama’s resignation will achieve very much-or at least do what it was supposed to do. I always feel sorry for the one who takes the fall.
    But this does show the ‘checks and balance’ system (that we here in the US have been without for a long long time) does work.
    Sounds like an uphill battle for your party, LDG. Thank you so much for answering, and for giving us so much more than we’d ever learn on the internet.
    I’m going to mull this over, somemore, while I drink another cup of coffee. Will probably have more questions.

  16. @Sylvia

    aye… interesting to say the least.

    re: the base relocation. ~ No, there is not going to be a happy outcome. The need to keep the helicopters and refueling aircraft close enough to the Marine ground forces pretty much made the 2006 agreement to relocate the airbase on the same island a neccessity. Of course, had the Japanese governement not taken the “safe zone” around the base and reallocated it to the town of Futenma back in 1972 (when Okinawa reverted to Japanese sovereignty), there would never have been the problem of the airbase being surrounded by a densely populated town…

    There is a genuine need for a reaction-capable offensive force in the defense of Japan and for the stability mission in East Asia (esp. re: Korea and Taiwan). One choice would be for Japan to raise and maintain such a force… but Japan won’t raise troops with real offensive capabilities outside the armored force up on Hokkaidou (to be used to counterattack any invasion) and can’t/won’t use military force outside Japan and the nearby high seas, so they really can’t have their own Marine Infantry Division unless we were to get our long-overdue Constitutional reform.

    That leaves the second choice; that the Americans do the offensive warfare task. That’s why there is a US Navy Carrier Strike Group homeported in Japan, same for the F-16s at Misawa, and that’s why the USMC still keeps the main part of the III Marine Expeditionary Force on Okinawa. The thing is, a MEF is a big force…
    …and needs airfields, training areas, and (nearby) more airfields and amphibious transport ships. This has a huge footprint.

    It also doesn’t help that the Socialists and other leftist parties in politics go to great effort in their anti-military campaigns to constantly stir up (and send protestors to support) the roughly half the population of Okinawa that simply hates anything military. Can’t blame the locals much… if your “nation” had 100,000 of “your people” killed or encouraged to kill themselves by their own government’s Army (see the Battle of Okinawa : civilian deaths), you’d probably not like military forces very much. But the other half of the population of Okinawa is very glad to have American bases there, bringing jobs and money in to an otherwise very poorly developed part of Japan… and a lot of those folks never really wanted to be given back to Japan in ’72. So it is all really very complicated.


    It really wasn’t “checks and balances” in the formal way American government is organized, but yes… it was a self-correction and a much needed one.

    You are right that unless the very few DPJ members that have their heads screwed on straight (think ‘Scoop Jackson’ Democrats) get control of the party in the shake out, not much is going to change this time. But it is probably indicative of a coming electoral backlash against the DPJ in July that might bring back a government that can function with a divided legislature (lower house safe, but upper house in Oppos), and that could be a good start on the road back to reasonable governance.

    You (and Sylvia) are most welcome for asking. I’ll look back in later today to see if there are any new questions I can help with.

  17. LDG,

    Thank you for the info. I have a hard enough time trying to make sense of US politics let alone Japan’s.

    I worry here that the loss of checks and balances will cause great damage to this country. I hope your adopted country gets back to “reasonable governance”.

  18. cheryljones Says:

    “Hatoyama could not withstand the pressure from Obama — who gave Hatoyama the kind of icy treatment that the White House has also been trying to give Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The problem is Hatoyama wilted, and Netanyahu seems to be thriving…
    I will be arriving in Tokyo tomorrow (on Thursday) and will be in Naha, Okinawa this next Monday.”
    — Steve Clemons directs the American Strategy Program at the New America Foundation and publishes the popular political blog, The Washington Note
    I’ve got to run out, but I’ll be back.

  19. @cheryljones re yours of 8:14 am

    (brief interlude)

    er. yeah, right. Anything you say, Steve. NAF pays you to say things like that, yes? They should request a refund.


    Cheryl, anyone who credits anyone in the current American administration, *perhaps* except SecDef Gates and Kurt Campbell (Asia Desk for DeptState), for either the outcome on the base issue or any matter of “pressure”… is all hat and no cattle.

    The only pressures Hatoyama couldn’t resist were (a) the pressure he put on his administration by promising things to win election that not only were not reasonable but were just not going to happen, and (b) the pressure to repeatedly break the rules on political “fundraising” for (apparently) personal gain. Oh, I guess (c), the pressure of their own incompetence, should be considered for the list.

  20. (more)

    hm… does this sound familiar?


    The media is reporting that this resignation was precipitated by Hatoyama’s broken campaign promise to remove the U.S. air base at Futenma. This is true in the sense that the Futenma issue caused the Social Democratic Party to leave Hatoyama’s coalition and caused a public outcry. But in reality, it was merely the final straw in a long line of failures. Long before the Futenma issue blew up, the government’s approval ratings were in free fall over corruption in the DPJ and massive increases in government “stimulus” spending. These issue had been eating away at Hatoyama’s popularity for months, and the Futenma issue merely broke the camel’s back.


    bold added by me.

  21. cheryljones Says:

    OK. Am I right in seeing that what Japan gov’t is experiencing is the same thing that the USA is experiencing? In your opinion, of course, which by admission as a ‘biased source’? πŸ™‚
    Thanks so much for going into such depth and detail to explain it all to those of us in the ‘west’.
    It seems to always be the ones who built later that complain the loudest the world over.
    Thanks again. I’m not sure I would agree with your politics, LOL, but I’m going with ’em for now.
    Seriously, though. Thanks so much. I hope your side gets some changes.

  22. @cheryljones

    “Am I right in seeing that…?” ~ um, can’t say. Not to be rude, but I have no idea what part of the above discussion that would apply to. Reading comprehension FAIL on *my* part, I guess.

    “…biased source” ~ oh yeah. Positively Partisan. As biased as one can be in this case. ((nodnod))

    “It seems to always be the ones who built later that complain the loudest the world over.” ~ So very true! I seem to remember some stories by our good host here regarding NAS Miramar near San Diego, California wherein the disasterous loss to a family was explainable in part by the fact that the land was relatively recently developed under the approach path to a major jet fighter base… something that just wouldn’t have been allowed to happen in years before.

    ((hopes our good host notes clever segue back towards talking about *him* on his ‘blog))

  23. p.s. to cheryljones
    ((BIG GRIN))

    -sarc warning-
    “I’m not sure I would agree with your politics” ~ What?!? The “Ancestral Aristocratic Warmonger Anti-Populist Party” isn’t your cup of tea?

    Come on… what’s not to like about us? We’ve had a heck of a family planning policy : “More Babies for a Strong Army” ; our traditional immigration policy is tied to national goals : “Support the Emperor, Expell the Foreigners” ; and our education system for the landed nobility was second-to-none. We also are strong believers in tax cuts as sufficent world-wide conquests should result in enough loot er, acquired revenues to balance the national budget just a few years after our massive rearmament expenses.

    I think you’d fit right in with us, Cheryl. We are very accepting of loyal supporters. Of course, those that turn out to not be loyal supporters, well… anyway, do come by and I’ll introduce you around.

    Whaddya say?

    -end sarc-

  24. doggies all over Says:

    No, no, LDG. Epic fail was mine. How could you not pick this out as ‘the same problem as the US’?

    [But it is probably indicative of a coming electoral backlash against the DPJ in July that might bring back a government that can function with a divided legislature (lower house safe, but upper house in Oppos), and that could be a good start on the road back to reasonable governance.]

    It was just a passing thought of majority party, with the minority waiting in the wings for the next public feeding.

    And in RSVP of your most gracious and informative invitation to join you at the party of your choice, and to ultimately make it the party of my choice, I regretfully must decline, in the same generous spirit in which the invitation was issued. However, let me hasten to assure you, dear blogger, that it is only to protect my innermost personality and sanity, which I am sure you, in your abundant intelligence, find misguided and a very poor choice on my part.
    Should you ever elect to change your mind, please think of me fondly and with the utmost immediacy. I shall faithfully await your awakening.

  25. doggies all over Says:


  26. @doggies

    Ah ok, I’m with you now on the “same problem”. Yes.

    And thank you for taking the extended joshing so well.

    As always, a pleasure, Ma’am.

  27. Cheryl and LDG,

    LOL…..great humor!

  28. doggies all over Says:

    @ Sylvia-
    He started it!

  29. doggies all over Says:

    (And I loved it!)

  30. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG and everyone-

    Loved the back and forth and the interaction. Great info LDG and helped clear up some of the questions I had about what was going on. What’s interesting is how the Japanese in some ways are more open to American nuclear carriers for example, but still the base issue is so controversial. I think the whole build up in the Pacific is most alarming.


  31. doggies all over Says:

    Good morning, everyone.
    Adam, can’t you get them to send you to Peru? If you can, I promise to try and figure out the Twitter thingy.

  32. doggies all over Says:

    Oh-and RIP, Pensacola. I heard they found oil on the beaches there this morning.

  33. Cheryl,

    If you learn how to do Twitter you can teach me. I’m not doing twitter either. I can just read what Adam posts on his twitter site on Bullpen.

  34. cheryljones Says:

    Deal! I’ve even looked for Twitter for Dummies or Twitter 101, LOL. I think it’s one of those things that other people just learn how to do by osmosis. You can follow it by phone or on email, too-right? Somebody?

  35. America does events like this and funerals well. A lot of honor for the dead.

  36. Adam Housley Says:

    Just chatted with Max.
    He is now in Wyoming. I was away for a few days, got a mini vacation up north.

    Got a cool post coming.

    How is everyone?

  37. cheryljones Says:

    Going good in Texas!
    Wish I’d been in Wyoming. Bet the weather was cool and I know the scenery was beautiful. Pictures? I hope.

  38. @Adam Housley

    Welcome back! Glad you had a good go back up in NorCal.

    I’m just crawling off the end of “one of those” weeks, but things are otherwise nice here. The rainy season seems a bit belated this year…


    Good to see you here!


    and a cheerful “G’morning!” to All.

  39. Adam Housley Says:

    Morning LDG!! and of course everyone else.

    I did hear from Susan on Facebook and as we all know she has been slammed with her volunteering. we also know… ALL in on that great adventure.

    I am now in Texas for an amazing event call the ‘Snowball Express’
    Video and pics are coming this weekend.

    Hope everyone is well.

    Max said he was going to post!!

  40. I talk with Max on Facebook. He is in Casper.

  41. It’s been quiet here and I hope all are well.

    Hope you get some rest time LDG.

  42. doggies all over Says:

    Adam! Where in Texas? I mean, that’s like saying you’re in the Gobi desert-longitude and latitude, dude! ROFL!
    And Adam-I can’t find anywhere to what prison you-know-who-is being sentenced. Can you help? Break the news here, and I’ll plaster it all over the internet, LOL.
    And I’m reining my manners back in. Good morning, everyone.

  43. Cheryl…’s afternoon where I’m at! LOL
    I assume you-know-who is Joran.

  44. Just checking in to see how everyone is doing……

    Welcome to the States Max……..

    Doggies…….I hear ‘you know who’ has been transferred to the Castro Prison. A maximum security prison that has a violent past. Until about ten years ago the institution was mainly run by the prisoners, who were ‘terrorists’ caught from from the Sendero Luminoso (the Shining Path) and Tupac Amaru (MRTA). It has apparently been cleaned up since those days. However, here’s an article that says their warden was murdered in January of this year…………after only one day on the job.

    I’d hate to be ‘you know who’.


  45. Adam, did you watch the debut of Stephen Strasburg the other night? I was lucky enough to be at that game. I’ve been to a lot of baseball games in my life, but never one like that. You’d have thought it was game 7 of the World Series. Great start for the kid and a great night for ‘your’ old team……………..Wan’na come back? We can still use some bullpen help. LOL

  46. doggies all over Says:

    Hey, John, you were spot-on as to the prison. I’d sure hate to be him, too, except Yeah, he’s going to be put in solitary for his own protection.
    Thanks for the information.
    LOL-never thought I’d see you giving out a “Talk Left” link! (Just kidding, there, big guy). πŸ™‚
    And I’m so grateful he’s not my kid. I would be hysterical, solitary or not.
    Good luck to Strasburg-I wish I’d been there. Sounds like it will be an awesome memory. I love it when everything just comes together and ‘special’ happens.

  47. Doggies……….Re: ” LOL-never thought I’d see you giving out a β€œTalk Left” link! “………….

    It must be the ‘ Strasburg Effect ‘………….sometimes you’ve got to throw a curve to keep everyone on their toes.

  48. John,

    You have a very good curve ball! LOL

    As for Joran…..I don’t think solitary confinement will be suffucient to keep him alive there. He will have a target on him.

  49. doggies all over Says:

    I wonder if he will still have this private prison cell if he’s convicted. Hmm…let me email the Peruvian police chief…LOL
    But I do wonder if this is just while he’s being held. Are the other 2 that are there already convicted, I wonder? Anybody know?
    And Sylvia, you could be right. No, I mean I know you’re ON the right, but you could be correct.
    Dang. John’s got me all mixed up! πŸ™‚

  50. Cheryl,

    I do lean right but am often wrong! LOL

  51. doggies all over Says:

    OK, so sometimes right is just what isn’t left out there, Sylvia! But then left isn’t always right, either!
    Love it!

  52. @doggies and All

    I’ve always prefered to be dexter rather than sinister… but given the confusion caused by recent television shows, perhaps droite rather than gauche is a better way to say it?

    ((big grin))

  53. LDG,

    Clever! Smiling here!

  54. doggies all over Says:

    Gee, LDG! No haw to you at all?
    STRAW vote? I know, I lose. What the HAY?
    (Warning:reference is very obscure)

  55. cheryljones Says:

    PS But not as alien as LDG’s, which sent me straight to!
    And Babelfish.
    Not that I didn’t know the words, but the literal translations were…shall we say, foreign?
    Learn something (or two or three) new every day.

  56. Now I am confused! LOL

    But that is nothing new for me!

  57. cheryljones Says:

    Oh, the state of confusion! I travel it often, Sylvia. Ruts in the paths-(that go in circles).

  58. @doggies

    “No haw to you at all?” ~ more gee than haw by far, but can’t be saying there’s no traditional liberal in what I do. Spend too much of my time opposing despotism and working to advance basic human rights for there not to be some of that in there. Not a drop of ‘progressive’ in there, though. At least not what’s been labeled ‘progressive’ for the last hundred years…

  59. (more)

    “but the literal translations were…shall we say, foreign?”

    Heh, fun, isn’t it? We all know the English versions of those, or at least words based on them, but it is often amusing to see where they came from, eh?

  60. Adam Housley Says:

    Doggies….LOL….we were in Fort Worth for an amazing event. I have pics and a write up on, but actually have some to post here on Monday. What person being sentenced?

    John I did see part of the game on my iPad using MLB.TV LOL!!
    He was amazing, but so has Mike Leake who jumped straight to the show from college. πŸ™‚
    You are lucky to have seen that game.

    I will read through more comments and post pics tomorrow. We had a loooong few days and flights. Very tired, but the event was memorable.

    Hope everyone is well. MAAAAAAAXXXXXX.


  61. cheryljones Says:

    Sorry, Adam-I was looking for the prison where Joran van der Sloot was going but we finally learned it was Castro Castro. Thanks!
    LDG, yes, fun! I love words. Years ago I spent an hour inside a dictionary trying to find out why pedestrian and pediatrician both started w/’ped’. Hm…Couldn’t figure out what kids had to do w/walking.
    Anyway-I was successful. The roots are different. PEDIatrician, and PEDEstrian.
    Never forgot it, either. The joys and rewards of doing my own research.
    I’ve got jury duty today!

  62. Cheryl,
    You are the perfect one for jury duty….as long as Joran isn’t the defendent!

  63. cheryljones Says:

    Why thank you, Sylvia! Or Drewpy.

  64. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone and HAPPY FLAG DAY to all

    100 degrees here today, but guess it will be better than the 103 degrees we had over the weekend. Makes our little victory garden happy tho . . .

    As for “you know who” – personally wish they would immediately put him in general population instead of an isolated cell. All of a sudden he is soooooo afraid for himself and only himself. Where was his fear while brutally beating and murdering 2 innocent women. Wonder how many others he got away with murdering. He deserves exactly what he gets, as he is of no value to any society.

    Max – glad to see you finally made it to Casper. Took what – almost a year??? lol

  65. @Adam Housley

    Bravo on the Snowball gig. Looking forward to more pics. Hope you didn’t lose too much weight in that Texas heat.


    I did recall that you liked Word Detective, so I risked that you would like a little trickery in the word play here as well. Glad you enjoyed it!


    Happy Flag Day, and happy birthday US Army… seems appropriate, doesn’t it?

    re: weather ~ whoa… it’s only June and you’ve got steady triple-digit (F) temperatures? Guess I shouldn’t mention monsoon season just kicked off here, should I? You won’t see rain again until, what, maybe October?

  66. We’ve had enough rain to last awhile. Extremely hot and humid here. Temp is 86 and humidity is 74%. I only stay outside when in the pool. Otherwise I enjoy the air conditioning. BTW…we keep the house temp at 76 degrees.

  67. cheryljones Says:

    We’re so dry and hot here. Heat index 105-and humid? Hoo-eee! I discovrered today that I cannot *poof* myself to the north rim of the Grand Canyon, dang it.
    Jury duty-my duty-and they picked me! Sylvia, did you call them? πŸ™‚
    It’s supposed to be a short deal, though-we may be through even tomorrow.
    And, “You’re a grand old flag, it’s a high-flying flag…” I love George M Cohen!
    And John Phillips Sousa. (That’s what I do my housework to). LOL

  68. cheryljones Says:

    Sheesh. Pretend I can spell.
    And as far as you-know-who goes…I heard his lawyer resigned today. Is that true? I have so much to catch up on!
    He’s scared. Goody!

  69. I haven’t heard the Joran/lawyer news.

  70. for your amusement, and edification, All

    fun with heat index calculations, from NOAA:

    scroll down to the bottom for a reference chart and the warnings.

    (according to that, though, the entire population of Japan dies every summer… we have a month of 90-90 weather.)

  71. LDG,

    90-90 weather would kill me! I guess Cincinnati weather isn’t so bad.

  72. cheryljones Says:

    Our air, you can either breathe it or drink it. We’ve all got gills. Hubby says you sweat just because you’re breathing.
    I was in Arizona one time and the meteorologist was apologizing because the humidity was 12%! I thought, I didn’t even know it could go that low!
    Everyone have a good day. πŸ™‚

  73. Cheryl,

    Phoenix can be so dry that you feel like your skin and eyes have no moisture. Too dry isn’t comfortable either. When we visit M & M I load up on moisture drops for eyes and lotion for skin. And I drink water constantly. Carry a water bottle with me at all times.

  74. cheryljones Says:

    …and glasses w/ice in them don’t sweat. Here, they sweat sitting on the dining room table!
    Don’t forget the Chapstick, Sylvia!
    But I have a theory about humidity, so let me just throw it in here. I have found that when I’m out in the sun, I sunburn much more quickly in high humidity. In low humidity it’s more of a tanning effect.
    Anybody have any ideas why? Anybody think I’m crazy? πŸ™‚

  75. Cheryl,
    I would NEVER think you are crazy! LOL

    I don’t know about your sun theory….I tan no matter what the humidity is or isn’t. I’ve never had sun burn.

  76. cheryljones Says:

    OMG, Sylvia. I’ve had big water blisters before I ever got home! the worst was from the beach when I was in high school. I had small blisters on the soles of my feet and on my eyelids. It’s a dang plumb miracle I don’t have melanomas. I’m so fair, and it ain’t fair! LOL
    I’ve never tanned. Too much English/Irish in me, I guess.

  77. cheryljones Says:

    NOT crazy? Yeah, right. LOL! πŸ˜€

  78. Adam Housley Says:

    I don’t burn that bad normally, but once in a while I can burn if I am in the sun all day without any shade, especially early in the year. My mom has olive skin and go some of that, so I can actually get very dark in the summer. WOW…talking about sun. I can say that I have NEVER actually gone to a tanning booth and have no desire. LOL

    I promise that video is coming, just gotta finish it…not easy. Takes a ton of work.

    Hope everyone is well!

  79. Adam….I would never go to a tanning booth either. I too have skin that tans easily.

  80. cheryljones Says:

    I vote for the spray-on kind of tanning booth. Never been to one, but from those that have, it sure sounds like the way to go, for us poor souls w/no natural ability to tan the old-fashioned way. Now my daughter takes after her dad-blonde hair, tawny complexion. Voila’!

  81. Cheryl,
    Have you tried self tanning lotion? Jergens makes one that I have used in the winter.

  82. LDG and getting a tan…

    back then: No shirt for hours in the sun; “HA! As I feel no pain, I must be getting tan!”; somewhat darker skin under the layer of fur, more red than bronze. Did give the fur nice highlights, though.

    but for many years now: desert cover, including sleeves. slouch hat and a very sterotypical red neck… unless I remember a bandana.

    Live and learn, eh?

    Besides, who wants to look like Mr. Bottle-and-Bed-Tan himself… FL Gov Charlie Crist… the real Florida Orange?

  83. doggies all over Says:

    Oh, yes, we’ve learned, LDG! I cannot for the life of me understand why the US does not require shade cloth (open, but dark) over swimming pools!
    We all know what happens to most sunscreens once they hit water and chlorine.
    Sylvia, I have tried them, and was pleasantly pleased! Beats the old-fashioned stuff, (speaking of orange)! I think it was Coppertone that I liked the best.
    There’s a spray, but you have to rub it in to get it all even.

  84. cheryljones Says:

    From Fox (who else?):
    Stephen Strasburg can hardly throw any better. He set a strikeout record in front of President Barack Obama in another sensational performance.
    John, were you lucky enough to be there this Strasmas?
    This guy sounds phenomenal! Pitching seems to outdo his bunting and fielding, though. So he’s human after all.

  85. Adam Housley Says:


    He can def chuck the ball! I wonder if John was there and if he was, who he paid off for the tix! πŸ™‚
    And wow…the ever absent Susan had some crazy convos going for us….but to my recollection….no one ever got onto the tanning one!

    New Post by the way!


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