‘On the Fox Lot’

Check out our online weekly entertainment show on Foxnews.com  This is my first time hosting and one reason I was a tad absent the last few days. Crazy Hours!


17 Responses to “‘On the Fox Lot’”

  1. Adam, I think it’s good to take a break from the depressing news that you have always covered and do some “fun” stuff.

    Tell Simon he is the only one who gives honest comments. The others tend to over praise.

  2. Crystal was awesome. Lee was good but not as outstanding as Crystal. She reminds me of Janis Joplin….yeah, I know, I’m old! My hubby (before I knew him) went to Woodstock…..the original Woodstock! That tells you how ancient I am. LOL

  3. cheryljones Says:

    Nah, Sylvia. He was a cradle robber. It just tells us how old HE is! LOL j/k
    Don’t tell him I said that.

  4. Idol winner Lee has family in Cincy burbs and Adam did a live segment on my local Fox 19 news last night. It was so cool seeing Adam chat with the local news anchors.

  5. Adam Housley Says:

    Thanks guys!! It was a fun night and I will post pics later. I also wrote a blog for the foxnews.com sight if you wanna check it out. foxnews.com/housley

  6. Adam Housley Says:

    Hey now!!!! I am alone again. LOL
    Here is another report we just did today on carhops. What do you guys think?

    Also, the written story and pictures can be found on foxnews.com/housley


    Now I am gonna have one of those chocolate malts!

  7. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend everyone, but……………………….let’s not forget………………

  8. Susan Corral Says:

    Long time for me as I have not been here for mucho tiempo!

    I never watch the Simon stuff- Is it Idol? I have no clue!
    And the two times I did, I just did not like him. He was rude and offensive especially to those cute people who were trying. So channel changed- maybe to off!

    He is a jerk! Simple as this! And I don’t want to spend my time on the tele watching someone make rude remarks especially when the contestant puts all its efforts to be noticed for this asshole to think it is cute to demean! LOL

    Hence, my never watching Simon and his kissing bud next to him.

    This arrogant asshole has no right to dehumanize people as I have seen him do and then the support he gets blows my mind!

    People actually think it is cute he can ridicule and demean people? Hence, giving this arrogant jerk control?

    I will bet he is a lousy bed partner- hence, his arrogance! LOL

    I can’t stand him!

  9. Susan Corral Says:


    Did you miss me?

    I miss you!

    I am working very hard with our shelters here and now I am involved with our Governor and our Councilman Sal DiCiccio .

    On Memorial Day, we should all take the time out, sincerely, to pay our respects for those who have died in the line of duty– anyone…

    Whether this should be done with a simple prayer or just hanging out a flag..


  10. John,

    You are right…we must never forget the reason for this holiday.

  11. cheryljones Says:

    Thank you, John. Amen and amen.
    Question for Adam: How can a balk be called on a catcher, please?
    (This was a high school playoff game):

    “With two strikes, two outs and runners on the corners, Port Neches-Groves pitcher Austin Stone was determined not to give up the game-winning run in the bottom of the ninth inning in Game 3 of the Indians’ regional semifinal playoff series with Friendswood.
    Unfortunately for Indian fans, Stone never got that opportunity. The home-plate umpire called a balk on catcher Brandon Provost as Friendswood’s Tyler Sullivan took off toward second base.”

    And oh-maybe you saw where our Lamar University won the Southland Conference championship. I remember you said you played there.

  12. Cheryljones…………..Although it is rarely enforced at any level of baseball, a balk can be called against a catcher if the catcher does not stay in the catchers box until the pitcher delivers the ball. It is a common mistake young catchers make during an intentional walk. If you ever watch an intentional walk, you’ll see the catcher point his glove in the direction he wants the pitcher to throw the ball, but he will not move in that direction until the ball is thrown.
    Hope that helped……….


  13. Susan Corral Says:

    I hope you all have a good day-

    I found this on the internet and I thought it was pretty cool!

    Let us take a few moments this Memorial Day to reflect on the meaning of the day, to observe the day and be mindful of the sacrifices of others before we go and enjoy the freedoms they bought for us.

  14. I just learned something new about baseball. I never heard of a balk called on a catcher. Thanks for the info John.

  15. cheryljones Says:

    Well! I learned something, too! Never heard of such a thing. Thank you, John. You’re a good egg! 😉

  16. Cheryl, a little “cracked” but a good egg!
    Sorry John, but I just couldn’t resist! LOL

  17. Adam Housley Says:

    John…thank you! I also posted a Memorial Day slideshow of my fave pics.


    also thanks for answering CherylJones. I don’t think I have ever seen a balk called on a catcher in all my years of playing and watching baseball. I have seen catchers interference, but that call is brutal and too bad an umpire allowed it to change a game.
    I played at Lamar in an independent game and one of my friends Anthony Iapoce played outfield there. Another teammate of mine Kevin Milar played there also.

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