Operation Angel Thunder

So, you wonder where I have been the last couple of days? Well, we got an amazing chance to ride along as our Air Force trains to leave no one behind. Called Operation Angel Thunder, it was more than impressive. Here is some behind the scenes video I took and edited.


75 Responses to “Operation Angel Thunder”

  1. I do not like helicopters. Was on one in Maui and once is enough. You are a thrill seeker Adam. LOL

  2. BTW…Facebook seems to get all the activity. I do FB as well as Bullpen, and I get more responses on FB than here. I don’t know why this place is so quiet these days.

  3. Spectacular report, boss. Bravo!

    CSAR is an art, and I’d guess it was a great experience for you to get up close to how it’s done.

    You up for an embed after that?


    That would be “Adam Housley: Man of Action” reporting… “thrill seeker” understates it, IMO.


    Can’t say for sure why this place has quieted down, but I’ll do my best to drop in for a once-a-day here and see if I can help out.

  4. Just dropping in to make some noise here.

    Is anyone home????

  5. Love helicopters!

  6. Adam Housley Says:

    Sylvia we are home! and hey Terri

    LDG..thanks for the kudo’s and maybe once your Asian gig is up you can be the Fox News Announcer and you can write my intro’s!!


  7. Good Morning to everyone /anyone who is checking in today. I do hope the group returns to the bullpen.

  8. doggies all over Says:

    Present and accounted for-MA’AM !LOL
    Good morrning, everyone. I guess I need to sign up and be a friend to Adam. Think he’d have me? LOL
    That was an amazing video-but I’m like Sylvia w/out the experience. I’ll just live it vicariously.
    Glad you’re home, Adam.

  9. doggies all over Says:

    Geez. Must have been my Irish brogue coming out…morning. See? I can spell.

  10. @Adam Housley

    Well, the’ve accepted me as a local here, so I’d have to telecommute to take any Announcer jobs. Sounds fun, though. Does Fox News have a Toukyou studio?


    and a cheery G’morning all around.

    Gee, are folks sure no one wants to take a helicopter ride? They are a lot of fun… especially riding on the outside. Lemme see if I can come up with a picture. Ah… here we go:

    see? Brings a whole new meaning to “bench seats”.


  11. LDG,
    I would die of fright. It was bad enough sitting inside the copter and getting too close to the volcano (in my opinion). The pilot (who was a military vet) said we were safe.

    A few months later that same company (Blue Hawaii) had a copter crash by hitting the volcano! Don’t know if it was the same pilot.

  12. Adam Housley Says:

    I am in Arizona…..slammed right now and would normally call Susan but only here a few hours. Covering SB 1070

  13. doggies all over Says:

    Read about that. I’ve got mixed emotions.
    News alert:
    Just heard about a big shootout in Juarez Mexico w/about 20 dead. I don’t think it’s on mainstream media yet. Poster lives in El Paso and saw it on the news there.

  14. doggies all over Says:

    Breaking News:
    Six Juarez Police Officers Ambushed and Killed
    Very few details but at least it’s on the El Paso TX local news.

  15. WOW……….Glad to see people returning into the pitching rotation here in the bullpen.

    As to my take on helicopters,…………..Real pilots don’t fly aircraft with wings that move. Chopper pilots are nuts and here’s the proof………..Here’s what whirly bird drivers wear when their off duty………..


    Me?…………..I’ll stick to my tin foiled hat, thank you.

  16. See what happens when you don’t post for a while? You use the wrong words like ‘their’………..what should have been ‘they’re’………I think, LOL.
    Anyway, let me make it up for my mistake and show you what REAL PILOTS fly…….

  17. @John

    You one of those rare birds that actually likes CAS missions? Whodathunkit, eh? The average Zoomie USAF pilot-type traditionally comes fitted with a brain that hard-floors at angels 10.

    Me, I love the A-10… would not enjoy being on the receiving end, but it sure is a joy to watch delivering to the other guys.

  18. OK guys…I admit I’m chicken. I could NEVER survive being on that AF plane. Guess I’ll have to stick with Delta for my airplane thrills!

    Good to see Bullpen back and playing again. Now we need to get a few more players reporting in.

  19. Just thought I would give an update on our relative who’s been serving in Iraq since August. He was home for 2 weeks leave in Fayetteville and just returned to Iraq to finish out his 1 year tour there. Don’t know yet what his next assignment will be.

  20. doggies all over Says:

    I wish he didn’t have to go back, Sylvia. I hope his next assignment will be better for all of you. God bless him.
    Going down to stay w/my mom today while my dad, @ 91 years old, goes to an annual reunion. How kewl is that? Ya’ll be good.

  21. Cheryl,
    His next assignment could be worse. He will be returning to S/O after being with the 82nd in Iraq.

    Enjoy your visit with your Mom. Hope your Dad enjoys his reunion.

  22. doggies all over Says:

    Sylvia, so sorry to you and all the ones who know what that stands for, but what is S/O?

  23. Cheryl…special ops. He is Green Beret. Graduated from Officers Training School and had to spend one year in command of regular army troops before returning to special forces in a command position.

    LDG…I’m sure you know more about military regulations than I do so feel free to add or correct what I have written.

  24. @doggies

    “what is…” ~ I was going to have to guess, too. I’ve never heard that usage before.


    regs change. so do practices. I may be behind the curve, but… here we go.

    …in the US Army, Special Forces (the Green Berets) are SF, or SF(A) formally; are one element of ARSOC, the Army Special Operations; a part of USSOCOM, the US Special Operations Command. The generic term for the trade is SOF meaning special operations forces but implying something other than SF.

    What your relative has done is a very cool thing. They were accepted into SF and graduated the training as a usual Enlisted Rank with the requisite time in service (reaching non-commisioned officer ranks and then some) to even be looked at for qualifying school. They then, later in their career, went to the in-service officer’s school (OCS) and graduted as a Commisioned Officer ready to make a career in command. That’s a *great* choice. Here’s the problem, though…

    One does not become a fresh-out-of-school junior SF officer. There is basically no such thing.

    There are mostly senior NCO slots. There are very few officer slots in the Detachment A’s (the teams that do the rubber-hitting-road part of the trade), and there are not many more in the Det B’s (the command elements directly above the Det A’s) and those are often for Major and higher ranks.

    So… a little new-minted 2nd LT (O-1), even one with a decade as a SF NCO, is still an O-1… a very little fish in the great sea of the USArmy. To grow big enough to get back into a regular SF slot, out they went to an ordinary Army slot to get their first command and (with success) a promotion to 1st LT. I *think*, but a lot is different now, that there are 1st LT slots in SF.

    That’s all pretty much unique to SF. The rest of ARSOC has its little restrictions as well, but for example 75th Ranger is organized as regular battalions, so there are slots for all ranks from E-3 up and O-1 up.

    Navy SOF have their own wonderful way; MARSOC different from that; USAF SOF ( <- those PJ's and aircrews our good host got to go for a ride with) yet different.

    Hope that helps, and thanks for asking of me.

  25. (errata)

    I had a moment to go look. The current usage is ODA for Detachment A and ODB for Detachment B. silly me.

    There are no 1st LT (O-2) slots in regular ODA’s and ODB’s. There might be something special out there, but it isn’t on the ordinary TO&E (organization table)

    There are several Warrant Officer slots, and those take the duties of most all junior officer slots.

    Not sure how a one-year-in-command ticket fits in, but it looks like Sylvia’s relative will need to make Captain (O-3) to get an ODA command slot, and that takes some years to get.

  26. Adam Housley Says:

    Sylvia- PLease tell him that we appreciate his service and wish him a safe final moths in Iraq. John….you can’t spell? At least you post good video! LOL
    Someone needs to get Susan off of my facebook and back here. πŸ™‚


  27. LDG…..he is a Captain with about 16 years experience in the military. He is in command of about 100 guys from the 82nd.

    Adam…thank you for the nice wishes for him. He is not only a true patriot but a really great guy.

  28. LDG…forgot to mention…he will be with A (Alpha) detachment when he is done in Iraq. That was the info given me. I will keep you informed when I know more.

  29. Adam…….you wrote, ” Someone needs to get Susan off of my facebook and back here. “……………man, I could have some fun with that statement. I’m glad your ‘b’,’o’and ‘k’ keys work on your keyboard. LOL

    LDG………Many Americans suggest that we should deploy our troops along the Mexican border to help battle drug trafficing and illegal border crossings. I say station a squadron of A-10’s along the border and let them do their “practice runs” for a few months………I guarantee that you will see a significant reduction in anyone wanting to cross into the US illegally.
    If you like the A-10, then I know you liked this beast. Some call it the forerunner to the A-10……….

  30. @Sylvia

    Ah ok, that explains it. He’s made grade and is getting his ticket punched with a Company command in the 82nd… he’s obviously 18A (Special Forces Officer military specialization) and you’ve got it right, he’ll have his own ODA when he gets back in SF. Bravo and best of luck to him!


    Heh. The Spad. What a beauty. When I first studied the how-to on CSAR, the examples we used were all downed aircrew actions from Viet Nam. A-1’s as the direct support, Jolly’s and BUFF’s as the rotary wing assets. (BUFF in this case being the HH-53, not the big aluminum cloud more commonly called such. By the time I was around, it was the MH-53 Pave Low in USAF service.)

    Not sure your suggestion of A-10’s as a compliment to border security would quite make it past review, but I have to say it would have the desired effect. Ouch.

    @Adam Housley

    Susan will find her way in here, no worries. You are just getting what you asked for by having a FB account.


  31. John,
    If the A-10’s are put on the border, I may even be afraid to visit AZ….and I am not an illegal!!!

  32. Morning, All.

    How goes it?

  33. Except for the chilly, damp weather today things are going well in Cincinnati. Been running errands this morning, got chicken parmesan ready to pop in the oven later for dinner, and am about to go out on more errands.

    How is it in your part of the world?

  34. Adam, how are things in New Orleans?….or are you too partied out to know! LOL.

  35. @Sylvia

    We had a nice warm day today, but with our typical spring winds coming up later in the day. But we’ll be seeing a bit cooler and rainer the middle of the week.

    The blossoms are now almost all off the trees, and the countryside is getting greener by the day. It was pretty before, but now the hills are really nice to drive through.

    We’ll be having our Golden Week holiday starting Thursday (although Mrs. LDG doesn’t get time off work until Saturday). We’ll have several days to have fun, though.

    Thanks for telling about there, and asking about here.

    Hm… where’s Patty? She was usually good for a Middle America weather report… and some πŸ™‚ ‘s

  36. @Adam Housley

    Per your Tweets… Man, are you eating well on that trip, or what?

  37. LDG,
    What is Golden Week and how do you celebrate?

    As for Patty, she is busy on Facebook. I will try to nudge her back over here!

    And Adam is really eating (drinking?) well! LOL

  38. @Sylvia

    Golden Week is a constructed “holiday” period (we have three such in a year) that was intended to give large blocks of time off to everyone at the same time. If they can find a bunch of national holidays at about the right time, they stick them together as a modern version of what was traditionally time for… something…

    Golden Week is, rather mundanely, planting time. In the Japan of even ~50 years ago, the lack of mechanization in agriculture meant that it was an all-call on everyone in the family when it came time to put the little green rice shoots out in the big wet rice fields. So having all the government, bank and commercial offices closed and school kids home was an essential part of getting the crops planted. Even today, farm families still do a lot of such work this time of year; I have friends who “go back home to help” instead of taking a vacation.

    During Golden Week are:

    Shouwa no hi (29th April), the memorial of the birthday of Shouwa Tennou (Hirohito) but made up by the Politically Correct as a time of “reflection” on his 63 year reign. Celebrated formally only.

    Kenpo Kinenbi, Constitution Day (3rd May), the celebration of the ratification of the post-WWII constitution. Celebrated formally, mostly. The national parliament building is open all day for public tours (the only day of the year it is so).

    Midori no hi is Green(ery) Day (4th May), an entirely contrived holiday to fill in a gap in on the 4th. The name comes from the “cover name” used for Shouwa no hi in the years between his death and the formalization of a new holiday on the date of his birthday (Shouwa Tennou was quite the gardener, you see…)

    Kodomo no hi, Children’s Day (5th May). This is the big deal, party-wise. Formerly Boy’s Day… Girls Day is/was March 3rd; notice the pattern? …5-5 …3-3. The numbers 7, 5 and 3 are *very important* spiritually for the health of children in some traditions. Anyway, here’s the WikiP on Children’s Day:


    How do you like the carp streamers? Out here in farm country where families are still bigger than 2.3 people, we get some pretty fun displays of streamers.

  39. LDG,
    I like the streamers. Sounds like a fun holiday honoring children.

  40. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone – Hope all are having a good day.

    I loved the link in the last post about us in California. What is soooooo funny is that most of it is true ! ! ! ! ! (Big Grin)

    We just finished our “Golden Week” over the weekend – Garden in planted and done. With the yo-yo weather we have been having the last 3 weeks – not sure what will survive. It has been crazy.

    Has Larry started his garden yet???

    You are ingesting way to many carbs – LOL

  41. KC,

    We are suppose to have a freeze tonight so all flowers in pots have to go in the screened in porch. He doesn’t plant annuals until May. We aren’t safe from frost until Mother’s Day.

    BTW….our e-mail crashed just after I watched your “Jaywalking” video. Our server said there is an area wide problem with e-mail right now so I’m hoping that is the reason and not some bug!.

  42. doggies all over Says:

    Hmm…our ‘Golden Week’ occurred during the last month. We’ve got squash, 3 kinds of peppers, corn, tomatoes, cukes, radishes, and onions. LOL-does that qualify? It’s not a big garden-about 20’X30′. Hubby just got a wild hair (along w/a few wild hares, too). They’re all growing nicely.
    Interesting about the weather-one fall coming home from vacation in Kentucky, we wanted to come home through Arkansas. The farther west we went, in a straight line, the less fall-like the climate. More foliage on the trees, less color, and warmer. Never did understand that.
    Sylvia, hoping you get your warmer weather soon. We’re having a cool front right now. (YAY!) It’s only 61* here this morning, but we sure need rain.

  43. It was in the 30’s this morning but suppose to reach 60’s today. Sunny and 54 right now (about 11:30 AM).

    And good morning to all.

  44. @doggies and KC

    Wow, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but that all sounds like a some spectacular home gardening… hard work but gooooood eats to come.


    You and I have about the same issue… late freezes… but we are thinking we got the last round of that about a week ago. Still getting cold rain every second or third day, then sunny days in the high 60’s, then back to a rainy day, and so on. We’ll certainly be well-watered when we start to flood the (commercial) fields next week.

    @Adam Housley

    You found a sushi restaurant in Louisiana, and I’m over here wondering why you aren’t eating fried catfish… then I noticed you had a catfish fry too… oh, ENVY.

  45. Larry used to have a nice veggie garden but got frustrated because the “critters” ate everything before we could! He now just plants a few things like tomatoes, herbs, and this year carrots.

  46. @Sylvia


    Tasty critters?

    just asking.


  47. LDG,
    Depends on what you consider tasty! LOL…bunnies, racoons, deer, possum, birds….

    Larry just decided to add mixed peppers to the garden list…some hot and some bell.

  48. @Sylvia

    Sounds entirely like a correctable problem, then.

    All joking aside though, it does sound like you’ll have a nice little grocery garden there. Luck with it!

    (BTW, from your list: yes, occasionally yes, yes, occasionally yes, and depends on what kind of birds but if bigger than songbirds yes. ‘Coons and Possum only good for eats if they are forest-dwelling. Urban/Suburban ones are mainly carrion/waste eaters, so no good as stew.)

  49. doggies all over Says:

    Don’t forget the marigolds! They’re supposed to repel pesky insects. “Supposed to’ being the key words, here.
    I told Morris the critters would thank him this year. We’ll probably be supporting a family of 12. πŸ™‚
    To LDG-bad, bad. LOL

  50. LDG…I couldn’t eat any of those creatures. I did try deer once at a friend’s house…and once was enough. I’ll stick with chicken, turkey, beef, and fish.

  51. @doggies

    What, no Beaumont Bayou Bunny Burgers on the menu?

    ((big grin))


    Ah, you’ve tried. That’s all that one can ask. I am one for good wild meat, but I can’t say that applies to anyone else. I don’t hunt deer anymore because I take what I’m to eat, and getting 40 kg of venison at a shot is way too much unless I had a community to share with (or a great bloody huge freezer). Same goes for Wild Boar… but I *know* that’s off you menu, so not even asking about that.

    Wish we had more Turkey available here. It’s pretty uncommon.

    On the plus side, Duck is pretty easy to come by. How are you for Roast Duck, Sylvia?

  52. LDG,

    I tried roast duck once and it was too greasy for me. Guess I’m hard to please!

  53. Adam Housley Says:

    DANG!!!! Did I fall behind or what? I took a few days off to visit Louisiana and enjoy a ton of food and fun and this thread blew up. OK….I will catch up and I am editing a photo show right now that I’ll try and post tonight.


  54. Welcome back Adam. Did you get enough to eat on your trip? LOL

  55. We did try to switch over to a Food topic to keep up with the Tweets…


    Welcome Back!

  56. cheryljones Says:

    I can’t do Bambi, Thumper, or Daffy, either. I did have duck gumbo one time, though. (They told me it was chicken). It was good! Until I found out what it was, of course. And I’ve eaten venison, too, and it was OK.
    One of the funniest stories I ever heard was when my ex-bil and sil went hunting. She bagged a huge buck. They got it processed into steaks, and mounted the head. (Yuck). Anyway-while they were eating it, my bil started complaining about how tough it was. My meek and mild little sil patted his hand and said, “That’s OK, honey. You put the meat on the table, I’ll put the trophies on the wall”. LMAO!
    Anyway-I’m gonna go be a vegetarian for lunch.
    Adam, looking forward to your photo show. That oil slick just makes me sick.

  57. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend

    Have you started your meals of three salads a day to lose those 5 pounds you gained????? I believe that was your quote on your tweeter thingie – lol

  58. Adam Housley Says:


    I was planning to start the salad diet, but just got sent to DC for the big White House Correspondents Dinner. So….I was in LA for about 14 hours LOL! I still plan on posting pics from Louisiana, which includes some of that food LDG and others were following on twitter. πŸ™‚


  59. Hey Adam………………I hear the seafood in Louisiana is a little on the oily side nowadays……..

    Damned shame, that situation in the Gulf. This could become one of the worst eco-disaster ever………….and all because somebody decided not to add a safety cutoff valve that could have prevented this. It’s unfortunate, but most man made disasters are caused because someone decided it was more important to save a few pennies on the dollar. That looks good on the books in the short haul…………but, as in this case, it usually also eventually bites you in the ass in the long run. As a lawyer friend once told me, ‘ A penny saved in production can cost you a dollar in court.’

    OK, enough of being serious………….I leave you (for now) with a little joke I just heard………..

    A man and a woman were engaged in sexual intercourse and the man noticed that with each movement of his pelvis, his partner’s toes would rise.

    Later that night, while going at it pretty hot and heavy in the shower, her toes remained still. Confused, he asked: “Why is it that when we do it in bed, your toes go up, but when we do it in the shower, they don’t?”

    “Silly,” she replied: “I take my pantyhose off in the shower!”

  60. John,

    OMG……I almost spilled my coffee while reading this…LOL.

  61. @John

    re: “…a little on the oily side… ” ~ John, buddy, he’s going to the WHCD. Compared to the fare there, not even a Gulf oil spill ranks.

    Oh, and a clarification for you regarding the oil well rupture. Yours: “…and all because somebody decided not to add a safety cutoff valve that could have… ”
    Should be: “…and all because somebody decided not to add a third safety cutoff valve that could have helped but not solved the problem because they sank the damn rig on top of the riser, breaking it in three places. Nothing above the wellhead cut off matters, and the wellhead blowout preventer won’t close with all the damage.”
    (bold added by me)

    Hope that helps.

    p.s. good joke; a couple truly made for each other.

  62. LDG………….Thanks for the clarifications regarding the wellhead………….and Adam’s dining dilemma, LOL.

  63. cheryljones Says:

    Good morning, everyone.
    I’m beginning to believe this oil spill will affect the rest of my life, here on the Texas Gulf coast. When I think of the lives that are going to be changed, the industries that will be affected, the ecosystems that will be forever different… I do realize how fortunate we are that the currents will be taking it east, but the tragedy belongs to all of us.
    Well, that’s what’s on my mind this morning…guess we’ll be eating our shrimp cocktails deep fried. BP will have to start up a competitive company to give Wesson a run for the money.
    OK-there’s gotta be a joke here, somewhere. Somebody help me out! I’m FLOUNDERING. Might as well smile…

  64. Sylvia Says:

    Oh Cheryl….I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at your comment.

  65. doggies all over Says:

    I know, Sylvia. I don’t know, either. Wishing there were something I could do to help-*sigh*.
    But humor’s the best medicine, right?
    Anyone see the picture of the possible NYC bomber on Fox.com? Look at the outline. See those hips?
    Sure looks female to me.

  66. doggies all over Says:

    OK, saw another video of the alleged bomber-looked like a guy.
    And I just had a terrible thought about this catastrophic oil spill:
    It’s almost hurricane season.

  67. @doggies

    ouchy on the joking, but just so you don’t go thinking an oil spill is the end of the world for the Gulf Coast… we’ve been through this before:


    On the plus side, if I may join in the making-light-of-things…

    Don’t worry about hurricane season. Really. You’ll be perfectly fine.
    ((nod nod))

    Haven’t you ever heard of… pouring oil to calm stormy waters?

    (I wish I wasn’t joking. Y’all need a break with all the bad happening.)

  68. doggies all over Says:

    Rupture occurred on June 3, 1979-
    “…Approximately an average of ten thousand to thirty thousand barrels per day were discharged into the Gulf until it was finally capped on March 23, 1980…”
    Thanks, LDG, as always.
    I don’t know why I just remembered this last night, but back in 2005, there was a huge oil refinery explosion in a little community down here called Texas City. Killed several people, and some of the others were in critical condition for months. Some will never recover. IIRC, it was a ‘start up’ that went wrong. (A start up is when they have ‘shut down’ a refining process in order to repair or replace it).
    There are a lot of things on the internet, but I wanted to bring this to your attention-the refinery?
    And the information that came out (again) then, is that BP allegedly has one of the worst safety records in the business.
    I live in this refining area. We’re called the Golden Triangle because the 3 cities are in the shape of a triangle-Beaumont to the north, Port Arthur to the east, and Orange to the east. We are golden because of oil! Black gold. We are in the largest refinery district in the USofA-and 40% of all jet fuel is made right here.
    This is a video made by someone who was there:

  69. doggies all over Says:

    Story in our local paper about a law firm that is filing suit for one of the workers and his wife:
    Stephen Stone suffered injuries in the explosion, but survived.
    His wife is listed as a plaintiff because BP prevented information about survivors from reaching families for at least 24 hours, according to the lawsuit.
    Now why would they have done that?

  70. @doggies

    Did you notice (on our good host’s Twitter feed) that he’s headed your way to cover the story? Looks like you may get to be the next meet-and-greet.

  71. @Sylvia

    Saw it was primary election day in Ohio yesterday… things come out the way you wanted them to?

  72. Sylvia Says:


    There were no surprises. I am an Independent and do not vote in either party primary.

  73. doggies all over Says:

    I saw that, LDG, and thanks! Been waiting for it, and wondering how long it would take him.
    Adam, wherefore art thou? Close enough! How long will you be here? And thanks for covering this. We need to know the truth.
    I’ll do a drive by and toss you a po’ boy.

  74. Adam Housley Says:

    John….no dinning dilemma at all…..the food was amazing as always and I had some blackened fish….with the only thing spilled on it….pepper!

    LDG….wow…..all I have to say.

    Some great info on here….and I know…I didn’t keep my promise and missed a few days. BUT….I worked insane hours, spent hours in the air and then on the rig there was no internet!

    On the way to dinner tho and then back, I shot some video on my iPhone and then edited it.
    That’s the new post. πŸ™‚

    Happy Mother’s Day everyone!! Especially my mom!


  75. Looks like a lot of fun!

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