In the City

As you may have noticed, I have been on the road yet again. This time I am back in the city by the bay and I always feel so at home in my home area. After a long day at work, the rain finally went away and puffy clouds with bright golden sunshine illuminated the city. I grabbed my little camera and took a few photos, leaving the big camera in the office.


10 Responses to “In the City”

  1. I commented on Twitter but just followed the last link you sent about this post. I am from So Cal (OC). And something about San Francisco and maybe all of Nor Cal is just so different then the rest of the state. And I love that. Beautiful photos!

  2. awesome pictures- 2,6,7 are my favorite~

    Danielle, hija, brought me back a photograph by Matt Summers of the Golden Gate Bridge when she was in SF- which reminds me, I need to get it framed! LOL

  3. cheryljones Says:

    So pretty, Adam! I’ve only been to So Cal, but loved it. I’ve always said that CA is the only other state that has what TX does-the mountains, the beach, the woods…only CA has the drama. Always the drama, LOL.
    I’d love to leave my heart in SF.
    And I want to see Natchez under the hill. LOVE the miles and miles of the Natchez Trace, but never had time to explore it thoroughly.

  4. I’ve been to northern CA and it is beautiful. San Fran and Napa are awesome.

  5. OK—

    THIS is like dead– so I guess I will play!

    The last time I was in San Francisco, about 35 years ago, I was hanging out with a bunch of hippies.

    I decided to go on a CA adventure with one of my hip friends- Beverly, who I met when I was living in Puerto Vallarta- she was working on her Masters.

    We hit Sacramento, Mill Valley, Sausilito, and San Francisco.

    I smoked pot on this whole adventure! David Crosby was my bud in Mill Valley as I had met him in Puerto Vallarta, so we connected in Sausilito and his home was in Mill Valley. So I hung out there too!

    At that time, CA was the day for being free! So why not follow!

    Let the good times roll! LOL

    Anyhow, these are my memories! Yikes!

    I go back and reflect on how I would just let myself so be so impressed… and so now thinking on how I was so displaced… LOL

    I hung out with the wrong people! LOL

    I told someone today, I really don’t care if anyone likes me or not!

    It is not who you know but how you feel about yourself~

    I feel good about me now!

    There is no need for me to feel that I have to fit in to be cool–

    My attitude presently is: Lock yourself into your soul to figure out who you really are.

    Glamour and glitz and a whole bunch of friends are nothing!

    Ask MJ!

    I bet you if you were to go away, for whatever reasons, you would be forgotten.

    But never by me, Adam!

    I have said it once and I will say it again, you are a good man!


  6. And you asked me to be here and I am~ LOL–

    going to recruit LDG!

  7. Hm? Some one was looking for me?

    ((peers about))

    Ah well. Here’s a little something almost-on-topic for our good host and KC-Fresno, both Californians in good standing.


  8. LDG,
    That is funny.

  9. Adam Housley Says:

    Gee LDG…thanks!! We need to get this thing rolling again….me included…so we all just check in daily to see how everyone is doing. We used to have a solid core of people and I still have my album sitting right on my desk at work. Tho I never see it since I am always on the road!

    New post also!
    Hope everyone is well.


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