Zoo Taking Political Stand?

Here is our live report from the Zoo….the exhibit opened today.


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  1. I posted a comment on the news blog- Actually, I posted a couple comments-

    I say as long as the polar bears are safe in their habitat, they can put up all the shows they want- I do think they should drop the water temp 10% since anything above 50 is not safe and I believe on the news blog you stated the water is 50 degrees— πŸ˜€

    Chinook, was that the one you had on the video? She sure is beautiful-

    well, hopefully their million dollar investment generates much moolah from the 3 million people who come to the zoo! πŸ˜€

  2. oops- I meant to say “drop the water temp 10 degrees”

  3. Great report Adam………….Now to be fair and balanced, go to the gorilla display and ask the local ” inmate ” what he thinks of global warming. I’m willing to bet you’ll get a big thumbs up, like: ” Bring it on ! It’s too damned cold here, even in sunny southern California.”

    And, if the San Diego Zoo is so concerned about the human impact on global warming, why are they allowing their visitors to ride along in carbon monoxide belching tour buses like the one in the background of your shot?……………..Oh yeah, I forgot you Californians don’t know how to get around unless it’s motorized, don’t you? LOL

  4. First a correction. In the post above, it’s carbo dioxide (not monoxide) that’s the culprit.

    But here’s the real reason of concern when it comes to global warming………..


  5. John–

    you sure know what to do to make one laugh! LOL

    You are so right on!

    πŸ˜€ to the local inmate!

    When I was at the Wild Life Zoo here by me, I asked about the lions not having enough space. The answer was the same given about the polar bears. They are fed and they don’t have to roam for food.

    I don’t know if maybe this is good or bad. I just know their internal instincts are subdued.

    It beats watching animal planet and watching how these guys get their food! πŸ˜€

    Global warming– what happens will happen- humans are doing a great job destroying one another anyway! LOL

  6. Haven’t been to the San Diego Zoo in many years but I still remember how impressive it is…..and large. We walked it (no motorized vehicle for us)!

    BTW…..Cincinnati has a terrific zoo/botanical gardens.

  7. John: Only last week did the UN retract the cow fart hypothesis. They said it was based on faulty data.
    All their most famous evidence for AGW are retracted for the same reason. Remember the hockey stick graph?

    If only they could withdraw the Nobel prize awarded to Gore and the UN, saying it was awarded based on faulty data.

  8. Max,
    I agree.

  9. Max, Glad to see you back and I’m glad to hear that bovine flatulence is no longer threatening to put us on the endangered species list…………we’re doing a pretty damned good job of that ourselves without their help.

    Maybe we can make good of all our false pretenses of them and develop a combustable engine that runs on milk. I know that sounds “udderly” rediculous, but think what it would do to Dairy Queen stock. Of course many drivers still have problems operating the self serve fuel pump………..I can only imagine the trouble they’d have with a teat. ” Will that be low fat or regular ” ?

    And speaking of Gore…………I still say cow farts are gory.

  10. Off Topic

    @Sylvia, Avi, (and All, actually)

    ΧžΧ•Χ’Χ“Χ™Χ ΧœΧ©ΧžΧ—Χ”

    Happy Holidays in this Passover time.

  11. LDG,
    Thank you. Your knowledge of Hebrew is impressive.

  12. @Sylvia

    …my knowledge of Hebrew is vastly exceeded by my knowledge of Hebrew-speaking friends, but thank you. I thought it was only appropriate to comment so as you all had to tolerate Susan and I slinging chinese-orgin characters around in the last thread.

  13. argh… grammar police… Susan and I should be: me and Susan

  14. LDG,
    My grammar and spelling have gone by the wayside. I blame it on senior moments since I’m not a blonde!

  15. @All

    Anyone seen KC-Fresno around recently? I know she’s not been commenting “here”, but perhaps out there in Facebook-land or by e-mail?

    Just a little concerned…

  16. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Now I feel important – thanks for your concern and caring. I don’t do facebook, just been MIA for a bit, but all is well –

  17. I think KC is busy e-mailing hilarious stuff……just a hunch!!!! LOL

  18. John: Or we could run cars on methane (conceivable with current technology). Just put a hose in the cow’s butts, collect all the gas, truck it to the gas stations and put it into our cars.

  19. “…is busy e-mailing hilarious stuff… !!!” ~ Thanks, Sylvia. Your hunch was right!



    “Now I feel important…” ~ You are, so you should feel that way. Good to see you again.

  20. LDG,

    How is Easter celebrated in Japan? Are there egg hunts for the kids and baskets of candy?

  21. Happy April Fools Day…..the day we “honor” politicians.

  22. @Sylvia

    I’d presume the Christians do all the usual things, but mostly in the style of Spanish and Portuguese Catholicism as that’s what most of the (very small) Japanese Christian community is inspired by.

    Egg Hunts, candy treats, special food of any kind… nope. That’s all based on the conflation of (pre-Christian) Northern European Spring Festivals with Christianity way back when. (BTW, the name “easter” is likely derived from said N.Eu. paganism.)

    We do have our own traditional Spring Festival-time recognizing the “Ressurection” of life after winter turns to spring… Thing is, most city people think of those times as just “Happy Mondays” (Three Day Weekends) rather than having any real significance. Kind of a pity, that.

  23. (more)

    “…the day we β€œhonor” politicians.”

    ((*SNORT!*)) Too True.

  24. Adam Housley Says:

    Good to see KC and Max and John and everyone back…tho we are missing a few of the originals. So…My nephew was born on April 1st, but he is still too young to get it yet. Can’t wait until he is a little older, his 9 year-old sister can’t either!

    Also…new post drawing a ton of argument. foxnews.com/housley
    all about the proposed Chelsea’s Law and possibly tracking sexual predators.


  25. doggies all over Says:

    Argument, Adam? What are they thinking? I read the story, and cannot imagine anyone disagreeing with it. Obviously people are not aware of the invading horror.
    As you all know, I have been very involved on a private blog regarding Somer Thompson, the little 7-year old who was raped and killed (by asphyxiation) on the way home from school.
    Now that there has been an arrest in her case, our focus has changed from finding the killer to what can we do to make a difference?
    This is the letter that has evolved, and I would love for everyone to mail it to the White House. Please? One moment, one letter, one child…at a time.

    One letter and One voice for One child …

    We the People demand protection for our children from sex offenders, human trafficking & child pornography.

    There is a task force for economy, wars, climate, education, housing, homeland security, etc.

    Our children are not just our future, they are our present and greatest gift, and they need to be our first priority.

    The problem is epic and overwhelming. We tell ourselves What can we do? No one will listen. and The problem is too big.

    The Boston Tea Party and Civil Rights movement were started with a few people too … so let it begin with us.

    Rise up on behalf of the children we will hear about in the news today.

    Let us flood the powers that be with One letter and One voice for One child.

    Please mail this today.

    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500

  26. Thanks Doggies…………….copied, mailed and e-mailed to the White House.


    Children are the innocence we once were…………..let’s help them maintain theirs as long as they want.

  27. doggies all over Says:

    Oh, John, you’re my hero. Thank you so much!
    I’d like for everyone to copy and email it, but I know that’s asking a lot. We need to get Washington to listen. States’ laws should be federal laws, so that these predators can’t just go across a state line and start all over. Right?
    Or am I preaching to the choir?
    Thanks again, anyone who addresses this issue.

  28. Doggies…………..You may have gotten the same return letter I got, but here’s proof that at least someone at the White House acknowleged the e-mail………………Who knows, maybe it was Obama himself……….it does kind of read like something off his teleprompter, lol.

    Dear Friend

    Thank you for writing to me about child abuse. I
    appreciate your perspective and value your input.

    I am committed to making my Administration the
    most open and transparent in history, and part of delivering
    on that promise is hearing from people like you. I take
    seriously your opinions and respect your point of view on
    this important matter. Please know that your concerns will
    be on my mind in the days ahead.

    Given your comments, I encourage you to read my
    Presidential Proclamation entitled, National Child Abuse
    Prevention Month, at
    Month. Presidential Proclamations highlight issues that are
    significant to many Americans and warrant greater
    awareness and dialogue. I hope that you will find this
    document informative.

    Thank you again for writing. I encourage you to visit
    http://www.WhiteHouse.gov to learn more about my Administration or to
    contact me in the future.


    Barack Obama

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