New Form of Border Patrol

This is the long version of our on Horseback story.


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  1. Adam,

    I bet you enjoyed that assignment!

  2. Great job Adam………….next time out though, try not to wear white clothing when you’re out on night mission. It may attract the eyes of the smugglers…………and maybe even some unwanted wildlife looking for an easy meal, or a rogue lost polar bear looking for a partner.

    Of course this means that the price of partying and the cost of landscaping just went up. Guess I’ll just have to cut my own “grass”.

  3. John,

    Does your “grass” have any weeds in it?

  4. Adam:

    this was cool!

    Do you still have Cali, your horse?

  5. this was more cooler– what you posted a couple days ago:

    ~~~AS much as I like Susan…and Arizona… ~~~

    Thank you so much!

  6. ok– let me tell you how it is by me!

    I live in E

  7. wow! my post went wrong!

    I live in El Mirage~

    the decline of homes going into foreclosure~

    I have had to experience the people who are leaving their animals..

    And now

  8. it so sucks!

  9. WHY AND WHY AND WHY can not an idiot figure out about animals and owning up to them, or kids.. just take responsibility!

    It sure does not make sense to me~~

  10. Susan,
    Those same people probably left their kids behind as well!

  11. Sylvia– that was funny!

    so that is why there are so many kids hanging around!!

    my neighbor two doors down is having to move and they have two dogs– one is pregnant and they asked me yesterday where they could take their dogs since they can’t bring the dogs to their new home– it totally pissed me off- especially since the one is pregnant! And Saturday I took two cats to 4 Paws because one of the volunteers at the shelter lost her home too and she has 11 cats!!!! So I had two open spots which I let her have for her cats– she brought the cats over crying away– and in my head I was thinking why the heck did you have so many cats? (I paid the intake fee as she didn’t have the money) I can barely handle my own- two cats and a dog! grrr!!!!!

  12. Very interesting report Adam….

  13. cheryljones Says:

    Just read Adam’s report on Chelsea King,
    who is missing in California. This is truly heartbreaking.
    I have been following the story since yesterday. I hope the information we are getting from the family is the truth. I am praying for all of them.
    I am a member of a small group who is also following very closely the story of Somer Thompson, 7, who was killed on her way home from school. Every time I think the story cannot get more bizarre, the more I have to think it again.
    Thank you, Adam, for being the voice of care and concern. I can hear the urgency and the frustration within you.

  14. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    God bless her sweet soul – peace precious one

    Another family destroyed by a scumbag

  15. Really is heart breaking. These stories are hard to watch.

  16. Yes KC– another family having a loss!

    SICKOS are everywhere–

  17. cheryljones Says:

    From MSNBC-The story of Chelsea King just keeps getting worse. Amber Dubois has been missing over a year:

    “Both girls are 5-5, both girls are 130 pounds, both white, both beautiful girls,” Dubois said. He also pointed out the geographic proximity: “The location of the two — less than seven and a half miles between the two incidents. So, yeah, in the back of our head, we are kind of concerned that there is a connection.”

    Read more:
    Maybe we can’t be there in life for them, but we can always pray.

  18. cheryljones Says:

    Oopsies-made a post yesterday that quoted another news source. Note says it’s still awaiting moderation. Did I mess up big time? Thought about it, but guess I should have thought about it some more.
    Sorry, Adam.
    Let me just repost the gist of it, then, w/out the links.
    The story of Chelsea King just keeps getting worse. Amber Dubois has been missing over a year. Here’s part of the story:
    “Both girls are 5-5, both girls are 130 pounds, both white, both beautiful girls,” Dubois said. He also pointed out the geographic proximity: “The location of the two — less than seven and a half miles between the two incidents. So, yeah, in the back of our head, we are kind of concerned that there is a connection.”

  19. cheryljones Says:

    Maybe we can’t be there in life for them, but we can always pray.

  20. Cheryl,
    I agree. It’s so sad.

  21. All these senseless attacks on our children are sad indeed, but until we straighten out our judicial system and put the victim’s rights before those of the criminal, I’m afraid that we will be hearing more and more of these horrific incidents.

    But………….let’s get back to the subject of marijuana and the effects it has on our society. WARNING: this is R Rated, so all you minors out there…………………..send your parents out of the room……………

  22. OOPS, the link wouldn’t post. I guess that Cheech ‘n Chong are too much for even our dear Adam to take. LOL

  23. Adam Housley Says:

    John- Thanks for the concern/tips….ugh…I think. 🙂 The jacket was nice and warm tho.

    Susan, Yep I still have Cali and now I cannot wait to ride her again.

    And yes, the Chelsea King story was very sad. I agree, we need to do something different cause what we are doing now is not good enough to protect our children.


  24. doggies all over Says:

    I belong to another blog, a private one, relating the murdered 7-year old. The way some of our children are treated, it’s really no surprise they are kidnapped, murdered and raped. One of the posters on that blog has a signature line that says, “When you gamble with your child’s safety, you bet their life”.
    Oh, how sad but true. Kids don’t raise themselves, people! Geraldo Rivera reported, saying (paraphrased), “You wouldn’t let your prize poodle wander around without supervision, why would you let your child?” I just found that his report has been removed from the internet, due to terms of use violation. Reason? He dared to criticize her mother. (*Sigh*)
    Sorry. Off on a rant…I’m back now.
    Good morning, everyone.

  25. Adam Housley Says:

    Morning Doggies. It is an emotional issue.

  26. Good Morning.

    I agree it is an emotional issue. Being the worrier that I am, I always tried to keep watch on my daughter…..including whom she hung out with, making sure the parties she was attending were adult supervised, etc, etc…I know it is impossible to completely protect our kids, but you have to make the effort. I also feel that sexual offenders/preditors have to be dealt with severly. You don’t even want to know what I would do to them. I’ll leave it at that!

  27. doggies all over Says:

    Thanks for the backup, guys.
    What’s it like in your neck of the woods this morning? We’re cloudy, 63º but supposed to warm up quite a bit today. At least that’s what they said.
    Is Spring coming showing up for all of you?

  28. We are going to reach 50’s again today. I’m so tired of winter. It actually feels like a heat wave in the 50 degree range. Rain due tonight or tomorrow.

  29. It was really nice here today…. Did not even wear a coat to work today. Not having to work today would have been even better. Lol

  30. Godd morning, and sorry for my absence recently. It’s been a bit of a go of it all.

    I see our good host, in addition to his other talents of renown, sits a horse pretty well. Bravo!

    Weather yo-yo in full swing here… Sunday was rainy and somewhat cold; today was blue sky and hit 68F in early afternoon; tomorrow is predicted to be cold again, rainy down here in the plains/hill country, with snow in higher elevations.

    On the plus point, the ume (Japanese apricot; a.k.a. “plum”) is in bloom, just a little late this year from the snowy February:

    It’s pretty stuff and it grows wild all about this part of the country. Makes for a pleasant drive over the hills on job calls.

  31. yipe! schpellink naught sew gud.

    Godd Good morning

    …the ume (Japanese Apricot; …

  32. doggies all over Says:

    LDG, those are beautiful! It must be so pretty. Do they have an aroma? That would be too much to ask for.
    Our tulip tree (pink magnolia) is blooming, as is our ornamental plum. Very pretty, but alas, no scent.
    Your typo reminds me of an older gentleman who used to send payments and/or talk to only me when I worked for our hospital. He always signed off, “Be good” except for the one time it said, “Be god.” Told him, I don’t think I can do that. Not even hardly.
    Ya’ll have a blessed day.

  33. LDG,

    Good to “see” you again.

    Our weather has warmed up to 50’s and will even hit 60 today. Sunny now, rain due the rest of the week.

    No flowers here yet.

  34. Adam Housley Says:

    Good Monday everyone!!

    I am heading to Taiwan for the end of the week to cover the Dodgers and their trip to the island. I think LDG needs to come see a game! I will be sending tweets and blogging here and on and of course reporting on Fox News Channel!


  35. @Adam Housley

    I’d love to go see the game, but it isn’t happening this week unless you are throwing air and game tickets my way ((laugh)). Work obliges through to midday Saturday. *However…*

    … What route are you taking to Taiwan? Direct flight or through Narita New Toukyou (NRT)? If you are going via NRT, you’d be nuts not to take a day or two on a transit visa and see a little bit of Japan… with a local guide, which would be me as you’d be on the return leg of your trip and that’s likely after my busy time passes. Drop me an e-mail if that sounds do-able, would you?

  36. Adam,
    You have got to take LDG up on his offer to be your tour guide! That would be so amazing.

  37. doggies all over Says:

    …and Adam says…?
    Can’t wait to see the answer.
    What lagniappe!

  38. meanwhile… @Weatherwatchers All…

    remember when I said “…is predicted to be cold again, rainy down here in the plains/hill country, with snow in higher elevations”, yesterday?

    silly me

    2 inches of snow per hour. steady. for the last 4 hours. windy. temps in the small minus land (C, that is… think of about 28F). Every bloody highway overpass a mass of ice, and people all driving like they had their snow tires taken off their cars last weekend and had their common sense removed at the same time. witnessed 2 injury accidents *on my way outbound*. Saw none on the way back, but the roads were almost empty… maybe natural selection had already taken its toll by then.


    Not like this is Kansas (or Ohio, or upper Yukon Territory), but this is not what the guidebooks were talking about when they said “early spring is beautiful in northern Japan”.

  39. LDG….Welcome to the crazy world of global warming! We are at 58 degrees already this morning and if the sun stays out we will be in the 60’s. Heat wave may be short….colder temps due by the weekend.

    Stay safe and warm.

  40. @Sylvia

    “….colder temps due by the weekend” ~ clearly we are swapping weather patterns. We should have it calmer and warmer by Friday.

    and thank you; I’m home and have feline foot warmers in action just to keep extra toasty.

  41. LDG,
    Hope PETA doesn’t object to your “feline foot warmers”. LOL

  42. @Sylvia

    re: “object” ~ the felines are volunteers.

  43. doggies all over Says:

    Aww, then they’re “purrfect” for the job!
    Stay safe, LDG.
    We’re rainy AGAIN. *Sigh* I think I’m devolving into something gilled.

  44. We will be having rain today and the rest of the week. Cloudy now, but no rain yet.

    I prefer rain to snow.

  45. Cheryl….are you becoming a mermaid?

  46. doggies all over Says:

    Hmm…now that you mention it, Sylvia, could be, at that. Better scales on me than me on the scales-KWIM? 😉

  47. doggies all over Says:

    For those of us in some parts of the good ol’ US of A, don’t forget-
    Spring forward, don’t forget.

  48. Only AZ and Hawaii will ignore the change. The rest of us get to lose an hour’s sleep!

  49. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG!! I would have totally done that, but we are flying a straight charter flight to and from Phoenix. BUT….before I knew you here, I have flown through Narita a few times, so next time I will make a point. Also, if you get away, let me know. I might be able to get some tickets to Saturday or Sunday’s game.

    Just woke up and headed out.
    Going to post some stuff here later, but have some photos and a updated blog at

    you can always leave a comment there once in a while! 🙂

    And I would have sent Susan a note if we had any down time in the valley of the sun.


  50. @Adam Housley

    Most kind of you, but I’m going to ask for a rain check (on your time, if not for a game). It’s just far enough away to not quite be a “pick up and go” trip and I don’t free up until late Saturday anyway.

    That said, it looks like you are having a great go of it. The Liveshots report is a good read/watch and I’m looking forward to the updates.

    “…next time ” ~ offer remains open, with the caveat that a little lead-time notice goes a long way toward my time being free. Sure would be fun to have you over here!

    Have fun at the games!

  51. Adam Housley Says:


    WILL DO ON ALL FRONTS!! And thanks for the offer!


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