The MJ Case

Here is some behind the scenes video I shot on my iPhone as Dr. Conrad Murray arrived at the LAX courthouse for the hearing today.

Jackson\’s Doctor Arrives


49 Responses to “The MJ Case”

  1. Looks like the circus is back in town.

  2. Sheesh…..guess people have decided his guilt before the facts are known. From what we do know, sounds like stupidity ran rampant in the MJ household.

  3. cheryljones Says:

    Wow. The people have spoken. Wonder how many of them are hoping for a jury summons?
    Good morning, all. 🙂

  4. (and then… a day later 😦 )

    G’morning, All! Hope everyone is well and happy.

    I see that in between things, our good host has been following the Iran situation and protests today via Twitter.

  5. LDG,
    Is there any hope for the Iranians who want a change in regime? Is the US going to stand by and do nothing to encourage or help them?

  6. @Sylvia

    “Is there any hope… ” ~ sure. The open question is whether the masses are ready to pay the price that likely comes with a serious attempt to do that. If the answer is YES, then no amount of regime brutality short of annihilation will stop them. Cf. the end of Marcos in the Philippines

    “Is the US going to…” ~ By that, I presume you mean the Obama Administration, and so my answer is I expect nothing. I may yet be surprised, but unless circumstances force them to act that’s how I read it. Damn shame.

  7. cheryljones Says:

    On a lighter note, my Valentine greetings to everyone. If you don’t have a sweetie, at least I hope you have chocolate. LOL

  8. cheryljones Says:

    …or kibble, as the case may be. 😀

  9. Happy Valentines Day to All.

    Cheryl…..that was funny.

  10. A much needed lighter note, thank you.

    Hope All had a very fine St. Valentine’s Day.

  11. cheryljones Says:

    Mine was good, LDG. Is there something similar there?
    Morris had a holster hand-made for me, a pink one (!) w/a jeweled breast cancer ribbon on it, saying “Survivor”.
    (Note to all:please note that I ONLY use my gun for target shooting and would never ever use it for anything else).
    The holster matches my special 9 mm S&W w/the pink handle and the breast cancer ribbon on the barrel.
    He must think I’m special! LOL How lucky is that?
    The downside is that now I must get a belt-and I HATE wearing a belt.
    Oh, the woe… 🙂

  12. Cheryl,
    I’m impressed……a hand made pink holster and a pink handled gun. Maybe Morris wants to stay on your good side since you are a sharp shooter! LOL

  13. cheryljones Says:

    LOL Sylvia, but the only thing I’m good at shooting off is my mouth. And that’s only because it’s big. 😀

  14. @cheryljones

    re: St. Valentine’s “Is there something similar there?”

    We do it big time. St. Val’s is the ‘girls give chocolate to boys’ day, and March 14th (so-called White Day) is ‘boys give chocolate/flowers/presents to girls in return’ day. Hallmark Card company would be so proud of us.'s_Day#Japan


    just got to say…

    a pink rig?!?!?

    Oh boy, that’s priceless. I’m going to be smiling about that all day.

  15. oh drat. link failed. Try better cut and paste the whole line, folks.

  16. cheryljones Says:

    I hope this works. If not, my apologies and request to please delete.

  17. Cheryl,

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  18. cheryljones Says:

    LDG, I thoroughly enjoyed that. Thank you for broadening my horizons. Again.
    (Actually, my horizons are not the only ones broadening, but that’s anther story.)
    Thanks again!

  19. LDG,

    So, how much chocolate did you get, and what will this years gift be to your lovely spouse?

  20. @cheryljones

    It’s always a pleasure. Thank you for posting the holster picture!

    BTW, are you holster-qualified (shoot from the draw)? Just curious as that’s a rather different art than usual target marksmanship.


    “So, how much… ” ~ hehhehheh. The egomaniacal answer would be LOTS. ((grin)) I can say I got more than I care to eat.

    “what will this years gift be to your lovely spouse?” ~ not sure. depends on how much bank robbery financing can be done lined up in a month.

  21. argh.

    that was supposed to be: …bank robbery financing done lined up…

  22. Sounds like we have Annie Oakly and Wyatt Earp on the blog! LOL.

  23. cheryljones Says:

    Oh, Sylvia. You and I were posting at almost the same time. Thank you. And Morris says thank you, too, LOL.

  24. cheryljones Says:

    Thanks, LDG-I guess if I’m not now, I soon will be, hm? 🙂
    Now Morris and his brand of bothers (lol) who shoot IDPA are, for sure! They’re very holster-oriented.
    Can we use the petty cash for bail money, Adam?!

  25. So, do we call you Sharp Shooter Cheryl?

  26. And now… in an attempt at clever segue…

    speaking of shooting sports and all:

    How are folks liking the Winter Olympics? They are a favorite of mine, but I’ve never noted them being a big deal to Americans I’ve known other than maybe for Women’s Figure Skating.

    In my case, my beloved sport of Ice Hockey is *second* on a long list of things I like at Winter Games… *first* being biathalon.

    …and did I mention that in an alternate reality, ‘Lena Neuner is pretty high on the LDG dream-date list? Then again… I did teach Mrs. LDG to shoot a bit. Maybe she’ll take up cross-country skiing…

  27. @cheryljones

    OK, IPDA shooters are serious about getting it right. That will be a good for you to learn. Bravo!

  28. cheryljones Says:

    Biathlon blows me away! I am in awe how they can exert all that energy, be so winded, and then MANUALLY slow down their heart rates in order to shoot so accurately!
    I LOVE the Winter Games! Naturally the ice skating, but also the biathlon, the moguls, (oh my knees and hips!) and then the ski slopes. Don’t care much for cross-country skiing, though. I used to canoe and kayak a lot, and I don’t want to see where I’m going or where I’ve been. The most exciting part of my journey was always around the next bend. That curve ahead? Irresistible!
    Dichotomy, LDG, that cutie w/that rifle. LOL

  29. I used to be a big fan of winter Olympics but these days I don’t want to watch snow on TV. We have so much of it on the ground here that I want to avoid it on TV!
    Wonder if I could learn to be a shooter….I really like the pink gun and holster.

  30. cheryljones Says:

    Believe me, Sylvia, if I can do it, you can do it, too. It takes time and patience, is all. Oh-yeah, and a gun, lol.
    But there are places here that you can even go to indoor ranges and they’ll let you use one of theirs.
    I never in a million years thought I would enjoy this…I was always terrified of guns!
    This is the story of Julie Goloski who designed mine:
    Here are some pictures of her-she’s cute!
    Sorry, LDG, she’s evidently doesn’t do biathlon, but says she’d like to be!
    From her Facebook page:
    Julie Goloski Golob
    @Barbara – I would love to try it for fun too. I’ve never skied so I would imagine that would be a huge challenge.
    11 hours ago

  31. @cheryljones

    re: moguls ~ I’m with you on that… severe pain just watching. So, how are you on watching Bobsled (Bobsleigh) or the sliders?


    Heh, we are getting sympathy snow for you here (and have been off and on for a week). I’d say we share your pain, except I heard Ohio got about a foot of show this last load… yipe!

  32. LDG,

    We got 9-10 inches yesterday ON TOP of the 6-8 inches that were on the ground from previous storms. So far this month we have had 22 inches of snow which is an all time record for February. To make matters worse the temps have been mostly in the teens-20’s so it’s not melting. Today I have to leave the igloo and go to the grocery. At least the roads have been cleared since yeaterday. Our driveway is another story. It is too large to shovel so Larry keeps making paths so we can at least find the driveway and walk down to the mailbox. He has an SUV so we can get up the driveway. My car will continue to sit in the garage until this stuff melts.

  33. cheryljones Says:

    I would love to bobsled. Heck-I’d like to see some snow, Sylvia. Too bad we’re never content, isn’t it?
    Luge and bobsled. I’d think even someone like me could do that. Not well, mind you, but gravity would at least get me downhill.
    But prayers for the luger who got killed. What a tragedy-and how touching the silent tribute to him at the opening ceremonies. I was glad to see they made changes in the track even though they said it wasn’t faulty. I read that he had told his father that the track terrified him when he went down during his practice.
    I could go on and on…
    And Sylvia, you’d hate our hurricanes even worse.

  34. Cheryl,
    So where do I go to find perfect weather…no snow, no hurricanes, no 100+ degree temps, no earthquakes….. San Diego?????

  35. cheryljones Says:

    Sylvia, I think you own about 4 houses and move in between seasons. That’s all I can think of, LOL. But I think we may have to be international.
    I’m thinking Canada in the summer…definitely.

  36. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Morning everyone

    Doggies – love – love – love your gun and holster

    Can’t complain about the weather here – 71 degrees the last two days – feels really good to open doors and windows.

  37. cheryljones Says:

    Aww, KC. Thanks! I’ll tell hubby. He deserves a compliment (every now and then, that is, D)
    And today was beautiful here, too. About 65, bright sunshine. But then there are those hurricanes….LOL

  38. cheryljones Says:

    Oh, Nobunari Oda broke my heart tonight in the men’s figure skating long program! I want to know if he fell and his lace broke, or his lace breaking made him fall.
    Such a beautiful program. So perfect.

  39. cheryljones Says:

    Well! I sure would have said Plushenko, but it was Lysacek!

  40. cheryljones Says:

    Methinks others thought the same.

  41. cheryljones Says:

    Especially Plushenko, hm? But he did show class. Subdued, but class all the same.

  42. @cheryljones

    Laces came loose, then he fell.–lysacek-wins-men's-figure-skating-gold_284818lk.html

    …darn it. Bravo Lysacek. Bravo to Plushenko-the-unaging and to Takahashi for salvaging a medal for Team Japan.

  43. same link as above, trying it at HTML code

  44. cheryljones Says:

    Thanks, as always, LDG. What a disaster. I figured that’s what had happened. )It’s like our elderly, of whom it’s said they fell and broke a hip. No, they break a hip THEN they fall).
    My hubby said, “What? You weren’t carrying on like that when it happened to Tonya Harding”. LOL No, but then I always felt like she was a cow on the ice anyway.
    And of course big congratulations to Takahashi!
    Did I mention I love the Olympics? 🙂
    I even forgot “Lost” Tuesday night! Oh, no!

  45. Hi Guys……………just stopped in to let you know I’m still here. Fortunate for some, not so fortunate for others. Right Adam? LOL

    I’ve been on a religious sebbatical of sorts. I didn’t get a lot out of it though, except I learned this……………….

    God is worn out, so he tells St. Peter: “You know, I need a vacation. Got any suggestions about where I might go?”

    St. Peter thinks, and then says: “How about Jupiter? It’s nice this time of year.”

    God says: “No, too much gravity on Jupiter. It hurts my back.”

    St. Peter says: “OK, how about Mercury?”

    God says: “No way! It’s way too hot for me on Mercury.”

    St. Peter exclaims: “I know! How about going to Earth for your vacation?”

    God says: “Are you kidding? I went there 2,000 years ago, had an affair with some Jewish girl, and they’re still talking about it!”

  46. John,
    OMG…that is hilarious……and I am a Jewish female!!!

  47. hi all-

    Adam wants all of you to know he hasn’t been around because he has been busy and he had some health issues.

    You all are not forgotten… as he considers you all to be his friends. And he sure appreciates what you have given him for support.

    Cheryl– Tanya Harding hangs out on TruTV now– making fun of people who mess up– go figure.. she is now a comedian who tried to break someone’s leg and now finds humor in this in her new role~ making fun of people doing the same as she did~


    I just wanted to pass the word around that Adam is going to post a new link here and he sure appreciates your support! Big time!

    JOHN! I sure missed you!

    HI KC! xxxxx
    (been so busy with raising money as a fund raiser, I hope you don’t think I forgot you)

  48. cheryljones Says:

    Prayers for our Adam. We haven’t forgotten you, either-I hope you get well soon!

  49. Adam–

    did you hang out with O’Reilly when he was in LA? Is he as witty in person as he is on the tele? He cracks me up– but he sure has to be right on every issue~ 😀

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