Get well KT

This is a good time to post an uplifting thread. Hope KT feels better and I hope everyone is doing well. These are the kids at Notre Dame Nativite in Port-au-Prince singing me welcome songs.


15 Responses to “Get well KT”

  1. We all wish KT a speedy recovery.

    We are all glad you are doing better too Adam.

    Yes, it is nice to see an uplifting thread.

  2. Adam….this is so very nice of you. Thank you.

    KT, you are always on my mind. Hope everyday is getting easier.

  3. I cannot believe you did that for me Adam… made me cry… I hope you’re feeling better also, my prayers are with you.

    Thank you to everyone who sent me good wishes and prayers… you have no idea how much it all helped me!

    You are all close to my heart!

    With all my love,

    Karen (KT)

  4. ((applauds))

    “Get well soon’s” to all in need of such, and may good fortune follow you, All.

  5. Hey All,

    I have not been around in forever, sorry! We started the spring semester last month so I’ve been real busy with homework and stuff. Its been snowing here in D.C.; but, no snow days… we hoped we would have one today but fail 😦 . Hope all is well with ya’ll!!

  6. bless you forever, dear Adam!

    KT– thumbs up- your writing is sooooooooooooo improved! xxxx (now teach me how to write!)

    the kids are so adorable in the video! they sure are going to miss you, Adam.

  7. cheryljones Says:

    Good morning. Aren’t we blessed?
    KT, I think you are doing beautifully! I have a blog friend who was in your shoes about a year ago. She couldn’t type like you are doing for about 6 months! Hugs, sweetie! And I feel sorry for the nurse! 😉
    No wonder we worry about you. Dodged another bullet, didn’t you? Whew! But your work is never EVER boring, is it?
    I have to go help fix the washing machine-the same one I was bragging on the day it broke. Sheesh. Jinxed it.
    Hugs, everyone. SEND SNOW!

  8. hey Avi– sorry about the no snow day– 😀

    and post pictures…. do you like living in DC?

  9. Did I hear someone ask for snow??? Just heard the local weather guy say we could get some by the weekend. I’ll tell him to send it to Texas instead.

    Good to see you all on here. Reunion time. Patty better get over here and post something! LOL

  10. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Oh my, what a marvelous improvement you have made. Keep up the great work and many many blessings to you. YOU GO GIRL ! !!! ! !

  11. Avi. Hello! Nice to see you. Are you enjoying college?

    KT, You are doing great! Keep up the good work.

  12. Feb 4– keep the Venezuelans in your prayers–

    very nasty there right now– the news is not covering it too much, albiet it is another country and not here at home.

    And I also understand if you all are not too involved: but just say a prayer for them tomorrow~ They are humans and Chavez has done nothing but restrict their rights and their human decency…

    Thank yout!

  13. Susan,
    Will do. Also, don’t forget the Iranians who want to be free. They get hanged when they protest.

  14. Sylvia– kudos– and yes!

  15. as a matter of fact, speaking of Iran… I am watching the brother of the hiker held in Iran.

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