Haitian Quake in Pictures

Sorry guys for the delay, but we have little or no internet service on the tarmac and even when we do and are not being blown over by jet exhaust, the speed is 1995 dial-up slow and it would take me until 2012 to upload my photos. Here is one and for the rest follow the link. I will be able to comment and you can also follow me via twitter on this blog’s main page. Why is everyone so silent, do I have to keep the convo going! 🙂 Click on Share below to see the rest of the pics.



68 Responses to “Haitian Quake in Pictures”

  1. @Adam Housley

    don’t you dare apologize… your Twitter feed has been great and you are on scene with mud on your boots. That’s the job that need be done.

    Keep at it, compadre.

  2. LDG,
    I agree.

  3. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I also agree – between his Twitter feed and fox news I have been able to keep up to date.

    So glad to hear a lot of the orphans are here in the states now ready to re-unite with their adoptive parents. Some families have waited over 18 months to add these children to their families.

  4. Thanks Adam for keeping us informed on all things Haiti.

  5. @Adam Housley

    In between all the other things you are doing… could you see if *this* mind-numbing example of modern-day-USAID stupidity has been overturned yet (if at all)?


    thank you kindly

  6. I got an e-mail from our relative in Iraq and I am so excited. Never got one from there before . He said it was tough but time passes quickly because they are so busy. I asked what else I could send. Hope to get a reply. I told him to tell his guys we appreciate what they do. Love the military! They are the greatest!

  7. @Sylvia

    You certainly sound excited… ((happy-for-you smile))

    I can say with some certainty that your words of appreciation got passed around the unit/team, and were just what the troops needed to hear.

    Do let us (here) know if there is anything we can do to help with sending needed things, please.

  8. Hello All…..

    Sylvia, agree with LDG, please let us know if we can send things to your relative and their unit/team.

    I just got off the phone with Karen T. Christina is doing well. Her illness is treatable. Karen T thanks you all for your prayers.

    I now have another huge request for prayers…. Karen T had a stroke yesterday morning. Please pray for Karen.

    Thank you.

  9. Karen,
    I just e-mailed you….will pray for Karen T’s recovery.

    Thank you and LDG for your kind offers for the military. I will keep you posted when I hear more news.

  10. @Karen2

    Oh… poor Karen T. I do hope it was a very very small stroke… but even those are scary. Hopes and prayers for her quick recovery, and that Christina continues to get well.

  11. @Sylvia

    most welcome, Ma’am. Hope I can help out.

  12. Thank you!

    I will pass your words onto Karen T.

  13. Hi all

    KT called me this am- around 5:00- she had two strokes yesterday- her speech is slurred and she has no feeling on her right side- she is scared!

    I offered her to come and stay with me- she is thinking about it- when she is better- since we have the great adapted gym which specifically works with disabilities and stroke patients, I told her about it- She is only 47- Christina is doing much better- I had talked to her a couple weeks ago and I imagine with the stressful job and her personal life, it got to be too much. (She can’t even remember who the President is. I told her not to think about it as if she remembered her blood pressure would only go up)
    She is at Desert Springs Hospital in Vegas- I have her cell phone number, if anyone wants it-

    Adam– as you know, I have been following you on FOX, newsblog, and FB- You are doing an awesome job- so is AC — did you get the address to the nursing home- I saw on the twitter feed you were looking for the address- is it the same one I asked about on your FB a few days ago? 20 minutes away from the airport? A few days ago, doctors were leaving the nursing home because there were NO SUPPLIES!!!!

    I saw the homeless in Philadelphia are going door to door asking for donations- the homeless helping the homeless- awesome!

    Cool story Sylvia- about your relative!

    And @ all- LDG just had a birthday last Saturday- let us all sing Happy Birthday-

  14. LDG,

    Belated Happy Birthday wishes.

  15. For those of you who don’t do Facebook. Two ER doctors who work with my husband are going to Cap Haitien (north coast) tomorrow to volunteer for a week. I sent their names to Adam and Rick Leventhal in case they report from that area. I don’t know if either Adam or Rick got the message.

  16. LDG-

    DISTURBING link you posted- I have been watching CNN and FOX (too much)– the police just shot some what they thought were looters- (rice had fallen off a truck and these guys went to get the rice and were shot in the back) one guy died and his body (two hours later) is still on the side of the road-

    Syliva- bless those two doctors!

  17. I just talked to KT and her sister- apparently, she can move her right arm a bit- her sister told me Karen is very confused and disoriented- This call affected me more than the first one…I think the reality of her situation hit me! She says to all thanks for the kind thoughts- I told her sister my offer is still good.

    The agency which pays me for Ken’s care sent us all a notice asking us to contribute to Haiti and they will match us- We are to take whatever hours we want deducted from our check. I am giving five hours- I donated personally last week. I hope we raise a lot… Next Friday we will be notified as to how much was raised.

    I am watching the Hope For Haiti Now- Stevie Wonder was just on- he is soooooooooooo good! Is anyone else watching? It really is awesome- the entertainers/performers are doing a superb job!

    Adam- do you know where Little Paradise is in Haiti? They need help there- Apparently, after the earthquake, they got hit with a little tsunami and several fishermen lost their lives in this tsunami…. (adding on to what already had happened)

  18. I am not watching the Haiti special because I need a break from watching all the horrific pictures coming from there. It is so tough to see the disaster. We donated to Partners in Health and I hope their medical teams can bring some much needed medical treatment to the Haitians.

  19. Brief update on KT…

    Had a very short telephone conversation this morning. Her speech is still slow, but her attitude sounded a bit more upbeat. She remains in the ICU, but is told she may be able to move to a regular room in a couple days.

    She did say she is being cared for by excellent nurses.

    She was also very appreciative of everyones thoughts and prayers.

  20. Sylvia-

    did those two doctors leave today?

  21. Susan,
    I suppose they did. They were going to fly to Ft Lauderdale yesterday and to Haiti today. Larry will be working at the ER 3-10 today so he will find out then.

  22. Karen,
    Thanks for the update.

  23. Just talked to Karen T.

    She was able to get out of bed and walk with a walker! She was determined to find a shower, and did! She did say she had to ‘drag’ her right leg, but she walked!

    She is regaining some feeling in her right arm. Her speech was a bit quicker, but still not perfect.

    She wanted to THANK YOU ALL for your prayers. She is so grateful.

    So, please keep her in your thoughts. She has a long road to recovery.

  24. K2 and I have been talking to one another as with KT— KT is very scared

    First to K2, thank you for our fun conversations. Five cats are on your way. I am packing my stuff right now to make the drive to Minnesota and drop off the cats!

    Second: I realize how some of us don’t know KT very well but she was a definite blogger with Adam’s old blog and then she came on board here and met some new ones.

    Here is her cell number: 702-812-1006.

    If you would like to call and just show some support, regardless of how well you know her or did not, she will love it!


  25. Does anyone like Seal?

  26. this song by Seal is based on faith which he sung for the special to raise money for the Haitians…

    I love him!

  27. did the doctors get there, Sylvia? and what do they have to say about what is going on?

  28. Susan,
    Haven’t heard any news yet.

  29. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Thanks for all of the updates on KT – she and her daughter will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers

    I like Seal’s music tooo

  30. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:





  31. @Adam Housley

    re your RETWEET of this item (18minutes ago AON): Venezuela VP Ramon Carrizalez and cabinet minister quit President Hugo Chavez’s government, citing ‘strictly personal …

    I may have more on that shortly. Checking a source for quality.

  32. @Adam Housley

    ok, I’ve got more now:


    There’s a little matter of *what* those “strictly personal” reasons were.

    Hope that helps!

  33. Susan….. sheesh…. 5 cats! Well, not so worried about the cats arriving, but now I have to clean the house!!!!

    Latest update on KT. She has a hole in her heart and will need to undergo heart surgery. So, at least they found the reason for the stroke.

    But, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
    Thanks to all of you.

  34. Karen,
    I will continue to keep KT in my thoughts and prayers. Hope the surgery goes well. Is she doing better with the stroke symptoms?

  35. @Karen2

    “But, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.” ~ done.

    Thank you for the updates.

  36. cheryljones Says:

    Hello all, and my prayers are for KT, too. How scared she must be, and now facing surgery. Please tell her for me that the first few days after a stroke are the worst;after that comes improvement.
    Sylvia, Godspeed to your husband’s friends and co-workers. I’m sure they are swamped w/work, and as Adam said, internet is iffy at best.
    Hugs and prayers to all.

  37. @All

    A little fun is clearly needed… and no John about to deliver it, so…

    While you endure listen to the State of the Union address this evening, how about a nice drinking game?



  38. LDG,
    That is hilarious!

  39. LDG,
    Too funny!
    Maybe if I am drunk, I won’t yell at the tv too much!

    Also have seen SOTU Bingo cards….


  40. Hey guys! Its been a while since I have come to Adam’s blog BUT I have been following you (Adam) on Twitter and of course on Fox News. The pictures are heartbreaking from Haiti.

  41. Wow, so much going on.
    LDG, sorry I missed your bday. I hope you had a enjoyable day!

    K2 or Susan, please pass our prayers and concerns to KT and her daughter. Goodness, what a scary thing to go through.

    KC 🙂 Hi there. Did you survive all your rain, or did you get any?

    and poor Adam, sounds like he has appendicitis. So glad he is back in the states before that hit him. Can you imagine if he werent? ugh.

  42. Oh OUCH!

    Thanks for the heads up, Patty.


    @Adam Housley

    Get well soon, my friend.

  43. Adam, been there – done that!

    Good wishes for a speedy recovery.

  44. Get well soon Adam. Keep us posted.

  45. how are you and the morphine doing, Adam? pobrecito!

    and KT thanks all of you— she is going to have to have heart surgery- and for a laugh– a couple nights ago, she tried to escape- they found her trying to flag down a cab, so they took her walker away! She is much more coherent but her memory is needing some improvement-

    the drinking game and the bingo cards– 😀 😀

  46. @Adam Housley

    I know you are out it right now, but a spammer got through… 27th at 10:14 pm… boil that dustspeck.

  47. this is kt they released me today i am home for a short time i find out next week when they do the surgery i cant thank you neough for your thoughts and prayers

    susun and k2 kept me going in there very patience with me and made me laugh i remeber you guys now i had fun with you all

    i now somebodys husband is sick i dont not now who it is but they are hear in vegas i hope hes is ok

    i saw adam on tv in the hospitol he spoke very fast i dont not now what he reported but i rember him now he made me smile when i saw him on tv please say hello if he rembers me

    my sister said k2 and susun helped her and they called me all the time that was nice it is amazing to me how peeple can can have genuin concern for another they never met but i fell the same way about them my sister likes them both very much

    they talked to me and help me come back to reality sometimes when its only family they baby you to much adn yu just need a friend and they wear there

    i now who the president is now b insane obamama i saw him on tv today or yesterday and the nurse was in the room and i yelled out i now the president now so i can pass the test and go home but i screwed thsat up because bad things came out of my mouth once it cliked in my head apparently the key to going home is yu have to now who the presidence is

    i couldnt not say president obamma it wouldnt come out of my mouth the right way i called him sadame husane obama and the nurse is a democrat she said it wanst not funny but i said i wasnt not joking i couldnt not win the debate i didnt not rember much about him so she walked away thinkig she was right but i am going to make notes for the next time i have to go back there and next time i will win the debate and pass the test and be able to go home sooner i now that i lost my job becuase of that terrerist and made my blood pressure go up

  48. i want to tell fox news that the economy in vegas is very bad and what this president did is to blsame bush and it was congress that spent mpney not only bush this idiot is now president for to years i think and instead of fixing the economy his demented mind was to spend more money and make the economy worse and they say i dont not think clearly because i had some strokes this guy is afecting peeples lives ina very bad way

    i am not the only one who became stressed when the economy got bad peeples lives are being destrotyed i hsave seen first hand in the hospital other peeple who had strokes due to stress when they lost the jobs i have herd stories of sever depression and i think sucides because of job loss over this past year

    he is destroying small busineses and charities and peeple are loosing the jobs then he wants us to go on to his health insurance and it was him who put us in this place to begin with

    i want fox news to report on how many strokes heart attacks sucides deprssion and death are being contributed to this man they compare to god

    this man they call president has taken away my job my health insurance my money my credit my health the use of my leg and my mind

    i have nothing left now but my first amendment right to speak out against what he has done to peeple and even that he took away i dont speak well anymore

    the news stations including fox news is doing good at reporting on job loss numbers but they arent not reporting indepth when we hear someone losses a jopb we think oh they will have a xmas that blows this year or think well they can get welfare what yu dont not know is welfare gives you 318 per month

    peeple are actually getting very sick from stress due to this economy if these news stations would just take it a step far and put the human aspect to it then just maybe peeple will wake up and put somebody in there that nows how to fix this economy i dont not care if that person is democrat or repulican or has purple hair

    i will keep my guns what little money i have left what little dignity i have left and what first amendment rights i have left and the peeple who voted for nthis messiah can keept the change

  49. my blood pressure is up now i am going to go to sleep it took me 2 hours to rite 8 paragraphs

    i will come back and say hello to you guys when i get better

    miss you all very much and very happy i am rembering you guys again

    lots of luv…. kt

  50. Bless you, Karen T… that took a lot out of you to do, but just getting the thoughts in order (no matter about what) helps you get well.

    I for one look forward to your coming back. ’till then, get well and be safe.

  51. Karen T,
    Get well soon and please keep in touch with us. Hope the surgery goes well and you continue to recover.

  52. KT….er, did you forget that you voted for him?????

    bahaha, just kidding!

    Im glad that things are coming together for you. It will take time, but since this much has come back this fast…that is a good thing!!

    Please know that this corner of Kansas will continue to keep you in our thoughts!!!

    Adam…you better????

  53. KT—

    YAY FOR YOU! WILL call you tonight on your cell- I was told you weren’t there when I called earlier and I was not even told you went home-

    You did great on here- EXCELLENT!!!! MUCH HUGS! and please tell Jennifer hello!

    @ldg- I thought you were posting in Japan on that one post-

    just took on a bee hive by myself today- found one in my tree in the backyard= it wasn’t there yesterday!

  54. KT! Hello! Loved loved loved your post! Especially your name for Obama and how you angered the nurse….And, Yes, you will beat her in the next debate!

    So great to see you posting here. Rest up and keep the faith…..it looks like Harry Reid may finally need to find new employment in November.

    Patty….. too funny!

    all smiles here…….

  55. The 2 ER docs returned from Haiti with pics and stories of death, destruction, lack of sanitation, little food. The smell of death was everywhere. They landed on North shore and then drove 8 hours to Port-au-Prince to live in a tent on filthy cots. Their clinic was set up on top of a hill. Serious injuries were not treated there…mostly illness. People had to walk up the hill to get medical care. The docs lived on power bars and water. Lost a lot of weight. They felt unsafe and frustrated with the chaos. I will be seeing these Docs tonight at the annual ER corporate dinner. If any of you have questions for them let me know.

  56. Sylvia-

    ask them about follow-up care. I am concerned about the amputees. It doesn’t look like Haiti is designed for crutches and wheelchairs. My neighbor and good friend is a double amputee, from the knees down, and she is constantly battling with the prosthetics to have them fitted right and just on one person alone, it costs thousands.

    I know Heather Mills is working hard at getting prosthetics sent to Haiti. I can see one adjusting with a missing arm, but the legs is something else. In Mexico City, I would see beggars, both legs missing, sitting on these makeshift carts but these were few. In Haiti, there are hundreds or thousands who have had to have a limb amputated.

    Coming from a doctor’s perspective, I can only imagine their frustration.
    I see they have stopped sending Haitians over here as the hospitals are too crowded.

    Please tell those doctors, I applaud them for having gone there to help.

    I talked to KT yesterday. She sounded wonderful. We had a few laughs- she liked my bee story. 😀

    Patty- I couldn’t wait for the cleaning wand. I am having to do this BIG JOB manually…

    How is Adam feeling?

  57. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Great job and Bravo. Glad to “see” you still have that fire burning inside you – that is gonna keep you going for a long time and I bet will help with speeding up your recovery. YOU GO GIRL ! ! ! ! !

    Keep in touch with us when you can, take care, and you will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

  58. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I see you still have all of your insides with you. Glad to hear you did not have to have surgery.
    Hope you are feeling somewhat better now.

    Morning everyone

  59. Adam Housley Says:

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for all of the well wishes and concern. I am sorry for being absent for a couple of weeks. We had limited internet, if any at all, while in Haiti and then as you know….when I got back I was pretty sick. Feeling 1000% better now and look forward to getting out little blog community going again. We need to remind everyone to chime in….no excuses!!



  60. Just got back from ER dinner. To answer Susan’s question….there is no follow up care or prosthetics for amputees in Haiti. Conditions are very bad and the doctors felt it is a dangerous place to be. They said they wouldn’t go back for some time because of the danger and chaos!

  61. Sylvia-

    Well,I guess you got some answers from these doctors… I still continue to watch Haiti and I guess danger and chaos may ensue once
    assistance starts to trickle away. Water, food, and medical needs are still not available to all… so desperate means are for desperate people.
    To be expected…from my eyes.
    Unfortunately, this is not an handful of individuals…millions
    Very sad and most tragic.

  62. Hi Adam– aka Elvis 😀

    very glad you are 1000% better! 😀

  63. Adam…. glad you are feeling better and did not need surgery! So, are you staying state-side for a while?

    Rest up……

  64. Venezuela has some some big time stuff going on right now~ The students have been protesting since the closing of Radio Caracas TV.

    and I heard two gringos were taken by North Korea for trespassing… (Send Bill Clinton?)

  65. Happy Groundhogs Day. Phil saw his shadow so 6 more weeks of winter.

  66. re: Sylvia’s at 0401

    …ah. That explains the snow that just hit us. Not like you all get in the middle U.S., but still enough to remind us it’s really winter.

    (For the sadistic, the big fun on TV this morning was showing people slipping and falling in front of one of the big train stations down in the city. OUCH!)

  67. LDG,
    Did you build a snowman? LOL

  68. @Sylvia

    heh… not this time.

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