Clothing with a Conscience

On the job hunt I find myself amidst the brick two-story buildings that pepper the garment district just south of Los Angeles. Parts of this area haven’t seen good times in a generation or more, but as more people move into downtown areas of optimism spring up and growth begins to clean-up once dilapidated neighborhoods around the city. The rebirth actually plays right into the company we are profiling called Apolis Activism.

Began by three brothers about six years ago, the company designs and produces a clothing line that can be found in outlets like ‘American Rag’ and Bloomingdales. It’s not the GQ styling that has brought us here, but the way the Parton brothers have gone about creating their line, which follows the maxim “teach a man how to fish, ” instead of “give a man a fish.”

Here is the rest of my story on  Sorry for the delay, but CES literally kills me. It is true overload for me! 🙂



10 Responses to “Clothing with a Conscience”

  1. Welcome back Adam. Did you find your missing phone? Did you buy any new gadgets?

    And I do enjoy feel good stories that you cover for Fox.

  2. Hi everyone…

    btw..Adam posted on FB that he was headed to Haiti.
    Cant even imagine the things he will see :0(

    Be safe Adam!

  3. hi returned at Adam’s request.
    Just to say that he will be posting about Haiti on here too.

    Hope you are all well.

    I may be back before too long.


  4. @All

    g’morning, and good to see the returnees!

    re: The earthquake in Haiti ~ it is worse than can be ordinarily imagined, I am told. Here’s hoping our good host stays well and safe on that assignment. The “urban” areas of that country are not safe in the best of times…

  5. For those not on Facebook…Adam sent a video from San Juan airbase showing supplies being readied for Haiti. He will send videos when he gets to Haiti. I am concerned about “trouble” because security is not good as LDG mentioned.

  6. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Be as safe as you can – this is just such a sad sad situation for all involved.

    “Waving” to all – Max – come back more often kiddo

  7. KC,
    Max is busy on Facebook. LOL
    We’ve got to get you on it too. If I can do it you can do it!!!!

  8. ((peers in; looks about))


    four days of silence?

    serves me right for being distracted, I guess…

  9. *peers in…looks about*

    humph…LDG is feeling lonely!

  10. Adam Housley Says:

    SIGH……common guys, I had no internet access and you kept it quiet in here! I have a new post with pictures I have grabbed here in Haiti. Hope you all are well and watching the Twtter feed on this blog’s main page. Also hope you guys are not depending on facebook to stay in touch. We have a nice little community here that Max had started enjoying again! 🙂

    Hi LDG and Patty

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