HERE’S TO 2010

I hope everyone has an amazing 2010. It really is hard to believe how quickly the time goes and while we may not get the chance to get together or talk as much as we all would like to…..I just want you to know that I do cherish my family and friends!

While a year has ended, so has a decade..from SantaRosa to Sacramento and then on to Fox. These last 10 years I lost my grandma (my best friend), gained an amazing niece & nephew and godchildren. Saw a war, 7 hurricanes, watched a man be put to death, tear gassed, Superbowl, World Series, power of a tsunami, a recall, saw 28 countries and made friends with so many of you from all parts of the globe. I have been more than blessed. May 2010 bring family, friends and good fortune for all. Thanks for staying in touch and supporting me here in this little community!


28 Responses to “HERE’S TO 2010”

  1. Happy New Year to you, Adam.

    Thanks so much for this blog. I have not been here as often as before, but your blog introduced me to a great group of people.

    The past 10 years have been busy for you….. And, I am so impressed you can recall it all!

  2. We are happy to have this place for our little community. Thank you Adam. You have enabled us to make some nice friendships.

  3. You sure did keep yourself busy in the last decade- very nice post-

    and to pass some thank you’s to all of you- I just talked to Terri, who had just gotten out of the shower, with a parrot singing in the background, she told me to tell all of you, as I told her Patty had posted about her husband’s tumor, THANK YOU VERY MUCH– And she wanted me to tell Adam here, it was so sweet of you to go post on her facebook.

    Here is her address if anyone wants to send her a card.

    Terri King
    6316 O”Bannon Drive

    Las Vegas, 89146

    Sylvia, I cheered for Ohio yesterday– so glad they won the Rose Bowl!

  4. I thought about Adam’s post of the last decade and I thought I would share with you my last decade-

    Aside from the fact, going from 47 to 57, whereas my elasticity in my skin was much stronger as to present day, wrinkles— beauty fading big time… 😀

    November 18, 2000, a Saturday, I found Ken in a coma- 911 dial—-
    December 17, 2001, Ken left the nursing home to come and live with me as he would have just gone a bye there-

    I left my job as an Administrative Assistant at John C. Lincoln and abandoned my goal– to work as a Paralegal in Criminal Law.

    Within the next four years, both my parents died…

    After dad’s death, I got involved with rescuing animals as this is what he did– from South America until his demise.

    I maybe have saved over 50 and less than 70.

    I have maybe seen two states since and I have done a few road trips– but if it were not for Adam’s original blog, I would not have seen anything as he and you guys here take me around!

    So, yes, this has been a fun time– especially the last three years… and this year, I will not annoy Adam! LOL

    Plus the good friendships– and even those who just ignored me with my bullchara – over looked it-

    Thank you—

    May you all have somewhat, regardless of the crap, a great year!


    Patty– I had to go look up Terri’s number- good thing I am a hoarder with emails- I went back to 2007 before Adam’s birthday in my inbox as I knew I had saved her number because she had emailed it to me, and I found it—

    She was very much happy when I called her to tell her how and what you did— and how freaked out she was when Adam posted on her facebook-
    Kudos to you for gettting the ball rolling!

  5. Thats a cool post Susan. Ya know, even tho some of the events truly s*ck, they make us who we are today. I guess its all apart of the plan for whatever reason.
    Got to thinking about our last 10 years, somethings just dont need to be relived. But at the same time, we are blessed….very blessed and you all are apart of that blessing!

  6. I’m lucky if I can remember what happened yesterday let alone the last 10 years!

    Actually, there were many highlights and some very sad times too. I try to focus on the good times and try not to let the difficult ones get me down for too long.

  7. doggies all over Says:

    …and doesn’t it just seem like last year that we were all being bombarded w/Y2K? Or, no, does it seem like a L-O-N-G time ago?
    ***Prayers for Teri, but since this isn’t a private blog, I
    think her home addy should be deleted. Thanks in advance.***
    Ate my cabbage (for money) and black-eyed peas (for luck) yesterday. Hope they work. People keep saying if they worked, we’d all be lucky and rich. I’m like Sylvia-I keep saying think how bad off we’d be without ’em.
    Blessings to all of you, I should be getting my computer out of ICU Monday afternoon! (Speaking of blessings and good luck…oh. And unfortunately, the $), LOL

  8. You know Patty—

    given the loss of your beautiful daughter and what you have done since.. scholastic in your daughter’s memory– as well as your foundation for transplants…

    Don’t you think you made a good thing here in the last decade?

    This was kind of my point~

    Even LDG, whom I met almost two years ago, when Adam was in Colombia, and Chavez was talking crap , which would be around this time, I got to meet a good guy as we all did….

    So yes, I do have to go back in time and remember the goodf stuff! For only it is only ten years– the last ten years have not been so bad for me!

    But these last two years have been the best for me– because I really feel through Patty, LDG, KT, KC, Sylvia, and Adam, I met some very genuine friends! And many more here~

    You all have been so cool with me~

    And I JUST want you all to know, I love you.


  9. and Sylvia–

    Amish here I come!

    You are so funny!

  10. Glad to see you all made it through the new years eve celebrations…………I hope most of the hangovers have subsided by now.

    Everyone always wants to start the new year off by looking at things in a new way. Well here’s a new way of looking at earth. Brought to you by a friend of the family who’s living the ultimate dream (at least it has been one of mine)………… and that is flying on board of the Space Shuttle.

  11. John,
    That was awesome. Now I don’t have to fly on the space shuttle. I hope you get a chance to fulfill that dream.

  12. cool link, John!

  13. A little song, so dear to all of us…. Our National Anthem by an amazing ‘little’ singer. Enjoy!

  14. John, WoW!!!! Thanks for the slide show….. AMAZING 🙂

  15. Karen 2,
    That kid can really sing!

  16. doggies all over Says:

    I just realized I did not acknowledge the prayer request for Karen T and her daughter. Please let her know that they are both in my thoughts and prayers, and keep us updated, if you will.
    Patty, I have missed you, too. Now who’d’a thunk it? LOL

  17. doggies. thank you. will let her know.

  18. Adam. excellent reporting on the Las Vegas Federal Court House incident.

  19. doggies all over Says:

    Thanks, Karen2. My heart just goes out to them.
    Still don’t have my good computer…maybe tomorrow.
    Sorry I missed the report, Adam. I’ll try to do better, 🙂
    Got a bite on the palm of my hand from something last night.
    Weird to my dr, too, that there was not a mark on me last night when we went over it w/a magnifying glass and a light, but that this morning, there’s a little slit, and it’s swollen and red.
    But-I have the meds!
    Libs, 1. Others, 😦 LOL.

  20. Adam,
    Enjoying Vegas and the Tech Show???

  21. Adam Housley Says:

    GUYS!! It is crazy here in Vegas. So slammed . Will post update at some point and check in. You can follow on the twitter feed on this blog mainpage!


  22. We know Adam, gadgets are much more fun that we are!

    Hi everyone…yes its freezing cold here and totally miserable.
    Thank God for pipes that arent frozen and power lines that are up!!!!!

  23. Happy New Year to all!!!!

    I have not been here as much as I would like as I would like. I have been using Steve’s computer and have not bookmarked this site yet. Must do that tomorrow, I miss you all.

    Enjoyed Adam’s report tonight from Vegas about the Ford cars that have voice activated phone and other stuff.

  24. Adam, fun story about Elvis tonight on Huckabee.

    Sylvia, sorry about the Bengals …. I saw parts of the first half and thought they would win.

  25. Barb,

    The Bengals turned into the Bungals once again. There’s always next year.

    The good news was they actually won more games this year than previous years. The best news was Ohio State winning the Rose Bowl. Of course Cincinnati Bearcats had an outstanding year until the Florida game.

    Now we focus on basketball and then Olympics.

  26. What a game the Cardinals played!!!! Off they go to New Orleans and the Packers are packing… 😀

    and Adam is going to post something or say hi– he has been a real busy boy with work- (he wanted you all to know, BTW)

    Hope all is well here with everyone~

  27. I should have said what a game the Cardinals and the Packers played- The Packers had the Cardinals sweating big time! 😀

  28. Adam Housley Says:

    Sorry, Sorry…..CES literally knocked me down. I slept all day Sunday after traveling back on Saturday.
    Come back everyone. New post also!


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