Richard’s Race to Space

We are in blustery and cold Mojave California for an early morning interview with Sir Richard Branson. We also got a sneak peek of SpaceShipTwo, which he aims to be the first commercial spacecraft to launch…sometime in 2o11. I know a few people from this blog who I think I’d like to put on one of those first flights…maybe we can make it a one-way to Mars! Check out our LiveShots link below.



47 Responses to “Richard’s Race to Space”

  1. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Saw your live report this morning – interesting indeed

    I didn’t catch the following – How much is it gonna cost for a ticket – round trip – of course???

    I sure hope I am not on your list for the one way flights – LOL

  2. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone
    Doing the happy dance around here – we woke up to RAIN – well actually showers, but it is constant and wet. FINALLY some rain around here. The local weather stations here are trying to tell us we may have snow tonight. Don’t know what drugs they are on – but time will tell on the snow thing.

    Hope everyone is doing OK out there.

  3. KC,
    We had a dusting of snow this morning. It has since melted.

    Do you want to send any of us into space??? LOL

  4. KC.,
    hear snow is coming toward Sacramento. And, then moving on to me….looks like it will start snowing sometime tomorrow and continue into Wednesday.

    i wouldn’t mind a little space trip, but am really ready to get off a plane in 4 hours! guess i better stay put.

    bet that snow heads your way, later in the week……

  5. KC,
    Hope the snow does not know how to find Ohio.

  6. OOOPS…I meant Karen2…..

  7. Adam Housley Says:


    Now….as to the question of cost… is a 2 1/2 hour trip and costs 200-thousand big ones.


  8. Adam,
    Will Fox pay your way on that trip into space?

  9. Okay… I can do the 2 1/2 hours. the $200K – s l i g h t l y out of my budget 🙂

  10. OK……….Here’s the first poster reporting for that one way trip………….but can we make it Venus instead of Mars? If I’m to be blasted off this rock for good, I’d rather go where the women came from.
    And forget about the cost. As soon as I’ve passed the Moon I’m cancelling my credit card. What are you going to do?…………Come after me? LOL.

  11. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning all
    Well, as I thought, NO snow in Fresno. I can’t even remember how many decades ago it did snow here-just to rare to happen in this “hell-hole”. However, we did have a very HARD freeze last night – everything is frozen solid including our U. S. of A flag out on our flagpole. First time that has ever happened. They say it got down to 27 degrees during the night and expect the same for tonight. So much for what was left of our garden! ! ! ! !

    John – now that is a good idea about the credit card – LOL

    Did anyone out there get snow last night???

  12. @Adam Housley

    Good pic of you with Sir Richard. Between all the cars and ROV’s last week, and this story, you are back on Tech Tuesdays sort of reporting. Big fun!


    re: “Venus”

    That’s Amtor, earthman… and when you get there, an upset credit card company will be the least of your worries.



    No snow here (at least down on the flat lands) but we’re getting similar freezes… thing is, those are usual here this time of year.

    Hope you kept warm. I have the notion you did just fine. ((wink))

  13. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    RE: plane crash in Fresno – landed just inside the airport fence- minor injuries to pilot, cuts on his face, hands, etc. Pilot was the only one in the plane.

    Just wanted to let you know since you had it on your tweets

  14. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    hee hee hee – really laughing out loud here. You have come to know us soooo well my friend (wink, wink)

    Gonna have the same hard freeze tonight so we broke down and turned on our heater for the first time.

    Oranges, lemons, and other citrus are all not picked, so the farmers around here are really worried about their crops. They were all hoping for rain not a hard freeze.

  15. doggies all over Says:

    Thunder snow! Am hearing it’s happening in Wisconsin. I’d never even heard of it until a few days ago. What a phenomenon!
    Hmm…would a tick-ee one way be only $100,000? Chances of finding 100,000 people w/$1 would be simpler…taking lessons from Robert Schuller, lol.
    Sylvia, hope the storm’s GPS is out of whack.
    (Note to self:Find out if anything is ever IN whack).

  16. @doggies

    re: Note to self…

    …and may you be “in fine whack”, always.

  17. We have been having very strong wind gusts since last night. Some of them have registerd 60 mph! No snow…yet. Temp dropped from 56 during the night (complete with thunder storm) to 30 this evening. Wind chill has been in the teens! If you don’t like the weather in Cincinnati just blink and it will change.
    BTW….Patty’s part of the world got a major snow storm.

  18. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG- I am starting the tech Tuesday thing again next Tuesday and also an APP Friday feature. Hopefully!! 🙂 Thanks for the props on the pic.

    John….I am confident Venus wouldn’t accept you. However….due to your visit to this blog you have just one a free trip to the outer limits with…..drum roll please……SUSAN!! LOL

    What do you think Sylvia, KC & Karen2??


  19. Adam,

    As for tech Tuesday, I am the least tech oriented person on this blog (or maybe the universe). I can barely use a computer or a point and shoot camera! LOL

    As for John and Susan winning a free trip to the outer limits….I thought they were already there! LOL ……Of course some people think the same about me!

  20. say… where is Susan these days, anyway? Last comment from here on this ‘blog was back on 28.Nov.

  21. doggies all over Says:

    Oh, LDG, I now have, thanks to you, a new favorite website! What a neat one!
    And thank you for the well wishes. I think I’ll use that as my next toast.
    I have bookmarked AND subcategorized it.
    Being a word/grammar/vocabulary nut, I will use it again and again.
    *Adoring eyes* I LOVE IT! 😀

  22. @doggies

    Yay! Happy to have been of service.

  23. doggies all over Says:

    Sylvia, You are so spontaneously witty! I just laughed out loud! That shows such warmth and intelligence.
    Adam, such a smart bunch you’ve accumulated, here. (Political bent is moot). LOL

  24. Doggies,
    Thank you…but the “warmth” you mentioned is a word not used around here today…18 degrees and dusting of snow! As for intelligence…I have been called a “smart” ass by some (many)!

  25. doggies all over Says:

    Come on down, Sylvia! It’s 43º here, and the beach is just 40 miles away.
    And your post made me laugh. Reminded me of graffiti I saw. Plastered in red spray paint, letters 3 feet high, on an abandoned house: “Asswhole” [sic].
    As it stood, I figured that was better than being half-assed, LOL!

  26. Doggies…LOL

  27. doggies all over Says:

    See? I told you this was an intelligent blog. I’ve told that story to people that didn’t get it. Seriously. 😦

  28. Glad to know I’m smart at something! At least I know the difference between whole and hole!
    I’m still not tech smart!

  29. “I’ve told that story to people that didn’t get it.”


  30. sylvia-

    we can fake it- the tech stuff-

    Outer Limits was one of my favorite tv shows to watch way back before Adam was born!

  31. LDG–

    Thanks for the concern- I was at Maggi’s Tuesday- all day- tuesday is my volunteer day and she asked about you! xxxx
    Chammy is no longer allowed outside for even a minute- he got into it with a full black cat a few days ago- 0ne which jumped into the yard and man oh man- water, rocks, nothing would get them separated- until I kicked one- and back at the vet he went- he had five puncture marks on his ear- so now, i have him inside, cleaning his ear, four times a day and having to put up with his incessant meowing of wanting to go outside— driving me crazy! aside from the fact, Tama and he still hate each other and I have to do the close one in a room so the other can roam the house and vice-versa- shifts! LOL

  32. well, LDG posted a link to teach us how whack got originated as well as mine on, blowing smoke… LOL

  33. i will take the one way trip- LOL

  34. A Susan Sighting! (multiple, actually…)

    Welcome Back, Susan. Ouch for Chammy; hope he gets well soon. Sounds like you need an expert in ((cue the ominous music)) Cat Telepathy ((endcue)) to get some understanding going on. Either that or dust them both with powered catnip and let them loose together…

    (*no*, don’t really do that.)

    Don’t know about your Facebook link… no Facebook access on this box.

  35. LDG–

    the link has been around– from the burning platform- but it fits in for today– LOL I am sure you have seen it-

    and thank you! xxxx

  36. LDG–

    what happens if i dust myself with catnip? LOL

  37. while Obama is accepting his Nobel Prize with “humility,” …
    A “high-ranking” al-Qaida figure was killed Thursday in an attack by a drone aircraft in northwest Pakistan, U.S. officials told NBC News.

    The officials did not identify who was killed, except to say that it was not al-Qaida’s supreme leader, Osama bin Laden. If the report is confirmed, it would be the first time coalition forces had killed a top al-Qaida figure in almost a year.

    BTW- Adam, I like ur picture of you and Sir Richard-

  38. Man, Tigre Woods is getting slammed by his fellow golfers-

    in an article, Jesper Parnevik’s criticism of Woods, a blistering string of comments in which he said he hopes Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren, “uses a driver next time instead of a 3-iron,” regarding her reported use of golf clubs on Woods’ SUV.

    But Parnevik isn’t the only golfer speaking out. Ben Crane said Woods is “a phony and a fake and he can’t retain that squeaky-clean endorsement deal any longer.”

    my suggestion to Tigre is to stay on his yacht while doing the privacy thing and maybe head out to sea and create a new golf game- sea golf!

  39. Tiger won’t be going out in public until his damaged face heals. I heard his wife was practicing her golf swing on his face. He supposedly has a broken tooth as a result. Just reporting what I heard from a friend. Can’t prove it but it sure as hell sounds possible. A woman scorned has to get her golf swings in!

  40. never mess with a Swede- JA!

  41. @Susan

    “the link has been around–”

    ah, ok. Yes have seen that. Thank you for the re-link.

    “what happens if i dust myself with catnip?”

    ~ you’ll be popular, and minty-fresh. If you grow the stuff fresh, and crush it for oil, it is even better. (catnip is basically a kind of mint plant)

  42. LDG–

    DANG- I had mint plants out here which my neighbor had given me but they got those green worms on them so I pulled them out! time to grow them again! Actually, spreading the stuff around may not be a bad idea!

    Does Hanukkah start at sundown today? 11- if so, Happy Chanukah to Sylvia-

    and for those, don’t forget to get your Christmas cards out to ACLU since they are raising the big stink about saying Merry Christmas- I already sent out about nine cards- 😀

    125 Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York, New York 10004.

    I think it was KC who originally sent me this idea- thank you, KC- I spread the word around- and I did get a few hits from people who were going to do it! 😀

  43. I was checking out Sir Richard- he got his knighhood in 1999- lost a baby girl too- premature- that is sad!

  44. Chanukah does begin at sunset today. Thank you Susan for the wishes.

  45. Adam Housley Says:

    WOW…..I opened a can of worms with Susan! LOL….no one is shocked. I am proud of her work with animals tho. LDG….you would have liked our story yesterday about people working overseas. It is over on the liveshots blog.

    I have a new post also here in the bull pen! Check it out.

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