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The Tsunami Slideshow

Here are some of the pictures that still stick in my mind from our coverage of the tsunami. I cannot believe it has been 5 years. It truly does seem just like yesterday.


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I can’t put my arms down!

With the snow in the northeast and Christmas right around the corner, I had to see this scene! I remember watching this movie when I was a kid with my grandma in the theater. It’s still funny all these years later. We can all relate!

iReagan is here

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Funny. Some people are claiming this is a Republican love affair. Actually, it didn’t matter to me who was first, but the fact that the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is the first to develop an app specifically for a politician is cool. Check out our story on the link. Leave a comment in both places! What do you think?


Richard’s Race to Space

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We are in blustery and cold Mojave California for an early morning interview with Sir Richard Branson. We also got a sneak peek of SpaceShipTwo, which he aims to be the first commercial spacecraft to launch…sometime in 2o11. I know a few people from this blog who I think I’d like to put on one of those first flights…maybe we can make it a one-way to Mars! Check out our LiveShots link below.


LA Auto Show…Bulking up!

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We are live at the LA Auto Show, which has quickly become one of the most important in the world. Here is our live report.

Bulking Up.

The Chevy Camero

Check out the side of the ‘Bull Pen’ main page to see my tweets from the show and you can also see my report/blog for at.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and tons of turkey! I never seem to get enough.