HERE IS THE LINK TO OUR STORY ON FOX NEWS TODAY.  It will also take you to our Kyte report and LiveShots post. Of course, since this blog is for the regular crew/friends, feel free to post here and I will respond. If you post in both places I will be MOST happy.


5 Responses to “BORDER BUSTS ARE HUGE!!”

  1. great article and picture shots- Who needs Janet when the US agents are doing it!!! the article made me feel a bit better–
    interesting comments on the other link-

    Speaking of drug cartels and straying from the subject, did you hear the students in Venezuela are going on a hunger strike?

  2. Hello All,

    I just wanted to say hello. I’ve neglected for awhile; but, I have been at college very busy as you all might imagine. I’m heading to NC to visit the grandparents for thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!— I’ll write more later 🙂


  3. we had a drug bust here on November 17th– two Scottsdale guys were arrested trying to smuggle two thousand pounds of pot into AZ- the stuff was worth 4.7 million– (no wonder they could afford to live in Scottsdale)

    Hey Avi– Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!! good to know you are in College- Max went awry- he fell in love and has been in Canada– so don’t fall in love! LOL

  4. Hi Avi,

    Hope college is going well.
    Enjoy Thanksgiving with the grandparents.

  5. Adam Housley Says:

    Hey Avi !!

    Welcome back and stay in touch. As you know, I haven’t been to DC yet, but will drop you a line when I do.
    Make sure you connect with Scott!


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