Drug War Live Report

Here is one of our live reports from the San Ysidro border talking about the increased enforcement and the success our agents are having grabbing cash and guns headed south to fuel the cartels.

Drug War.


27 Responses to “Drug War Live Report”

  1. Glad something is being done finally. The border needs to be patrolled both ways.

  2. Your news blog is getting busy with comments- I see there is another Susan there so which Susan makes the best comments, I will take the credit– LOL

    (I left a couple comments much earlier)

  3. doggies all over Says:

    We’ll be gone the rest of the week-the lib has left the blog. LOL But only for a few days-fat lady hasn’t sung, yet.
    I want to wish each and every one of you a very happy Thanksgiving, and a reminder for us to count our blessings. We have so many.
    You’ll all be in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Doggies,
    Have a safe trip. Enjoy Thanksgiving. And yes, we all need to count our blessings.


    Hope you all have a great day tomorrow and don’t eat to much Turkey and all the trimmings. And a safe journey to all who are traveling.

  6. gobble gobble, gobbled.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Yanks.

  7. LDG,
    Do you miss Thanksgiving dinner?

  8. @Sylvia

    No, I have ways to find suitable food for a feast. I do miss (these days) the very fine companionship of holiday with friends and extended family, but in fairness I had a number of years where I wasn’t available to be “home for the holidays” when I was younger and it didn’t seem a big deal back then. Maybe age is making the whole holiday idea better now, or in hindsight, or… something.

  9. Adam Housley Says:

    Susan….we know there is only one! 🙂 LDG…my mom bought some sshi from a store as a snack before the big Thanksgiving dinner. Hmmm….I like sushi, but that was a new one! 🙂



  10. Adam,
    I will work on Max to come back and post here! I know he’s busy with his girlfriend and playing games on Facebook.

  11. Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone………..I hope your day was as fun as mine was.

    One of our dinner guests was a Secret Service agent who is presently assigned to the White House Presenditial detail. She told us that the “party crashers” last week was not the first time this has happened. She shared some interesting stories and pictures that I will post here………

    Back in July of this year, a young man from Chicago passed by security check points posing as the Ambassador from Uganda. Luckily “Renegade” was prepared and is shown here protecting his family and the White House from the intruder…….

    Next, the agent showed us a favorite technique used by party crashers to get by not only the Secret Service, but even the President himself. It’s called the ” Swinging Decoy Technique”……..

    And finally, here’s a shot of POTUS after being asked a question by Major Garrett, the FOX News White House correspondent……..

  12. Hope everyone had a good Thursday– and now a good week-end!


  13. Hey,……….I’ve been moderated into oblivion. Probably deservedly so, LOL. I left a post last night that contained some political humor. It went into moderation and then vanished into the great cyberspace abyss. Or maybe Adam put me on the ” Under no circumstances post his posts until I’ve read them” list and we’ll see it later. Or maybe we can no longer make fun of POTUS on FOX news blogs since they’re trying to kiss and make up with the White House. Either way, moderate THIS………….Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone. I hope your day as as enjoyable as mine was.

  14. John,
    If the political humor you tried to post was the same one I received from a friend than I can understand why it didn’t pass moderation….but it was really funny!

  15. Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving weekend.
    I still think the Fair tax would help fight the drug war in two ways, first off crime would now be taxed, so that’s less incentive. 2nd legal workers would have the advantage over illegals, so there would be less people runing across the border, so the Border Patrol would have an easier time catching drug runners since they would be a much higher percentage of the illegal crossings.

  16. Max,

    Welcome back!

  17. Hehheh…

    Our good host gets Thanksgiving sushi (shichimenchou maki?!?)…

    …John escapes moderation-purgatory…

    …and Max (WB MAX!!!) is back.

    Looking to be a good week in the Bullpen.

  18. @John

    Job opening for you. It’s in academia, but you might be interested…


    …I’ll wager you’ve got the “prior experience” requirement nailed.

    ((big grin))

  19. LDG,

    That was really funny! Hope John sees that job opportunity.

  20. doggies all over Says:

    Good morning, everyone. Back safely, and to a house in one piece, thank God.

    It’s sad, but even these ‘huge’ drug busts don’t amount to a hill of beans in the long run. I don’t see the drug war ever ending. And it is a war. I think it’s past time to choose our battles-even a blind hog finds an acorn, you know? Is this really the best we can do? So many agencies, each with their own agenda, their own protocols. What if they all worked together?
    I know, spoken like a true lib…
    Hugs, everyone. Avi and Max, glad to see you back.
    Sushi as an Thanksgiving appetizer-LOL!

  21. doggies all over Says:

    On a sweeter note,

  22. That video was beautiful.

  23. @doggies

    that’s great! and welcome back!



  24. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    Great video doggies. Wouldn’t it be soooo simple if everyone in this world could get along like that. What a wonderful world that would be! ! !

  25. doggies all over Says:

    And good morning to you all, too!
    They’re predicting possible snow for us on Friday! Unbelievable. The Houston Chronicle headline this morning said, “Chance of snow Friday is up in the air”. 🙂

    Anybody been reading about our escaped convict? Child molester X 3 (wheelchair bound for 10 years) who stabbed his wife and a man w/a shank WHILE IN PRISON was being transported from one prison to another. Had a gun in the transport van, (!) overcame the 2 (!) guards, commandeered the transport vehicle, took their guns and uniform of one, and hot-footed it away.
    They are locked and loaded all over down here.
    Is this where I say, “Nowhere but Texas”?

  26. doggies all over Says:

    Isn’t that video beautiful?
    I don’t know how it could fail to affect anyone.

  27. Adam Housley Says:


    We cannot hire John!! Can you imagine he and I in the same office! LOL

    New post.


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