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121 Responses to “HARD TIMES ON THE HARDWOOD?”

  1. As I commented on FB….players should take a cut in their multi million dollar salaries. I have no sympathy for the pros or the teams. The spending has been way out of control for too many years.

  2. doggies all over Says:

    Sylvia, Tell us how you really feel. 🙂
    Good morning, everyone.
    Oh-and you guys have a nut for a blogger-friend.
    I just read this headline from Fox:
    Rare Iceberg Spotted Off Island South of Australia

    and I swear- – I thought they were talking about lettuce.

  3. Cheryl…OMG… that is funny!!!

  4. ((tries very hard not to smile; fails))

  5. LDG,
    Our President is heading your way. Any thoughts about that?

  6. @Sylvia

    none printable in a family ‘blog

    …er …eh hem.

    I mean “Here’s hoping he manages not to make things worse.”

    How’s that?

  7. LDG,
    You are a great diplomat.

  8. ((for the second time this morning, tries very hard not to smile; fails))

    There’s a little something on the topic over at CompHyp, if you’re interested. It was on the 11th, titled “APEC Run-Up…”

  9. LDG,
    Just read your “APEC Run-up” and now I understand your comments about not making things worse. Oy Veh as “my people” tend to say when things look gloomy.

  10. Sylvia beat me to it- I was just going to ask LDG that question–
    LDG’s post and scratch is soooooooooo funny!
    and dang, I missed the trivia on his blog- gone for the most part today-

    Adam- times are hard, yes– I have a hard time dealing with those who have a lot of money and maybe losing a bit- I see in the article 80 jobs were lost– 80 people like everyday people– then this is bad!

    I have two brothers who are having a real crappy time right now- so i guess my focus would be them and then a few people I know who also are having a rough time- hours cut back on a very good friend of mine– the guy across the way from me lost his house– and so on and so on–
    and I have gotten use to always being poor so I can handle it! LOL

    I see North Korea is challenging South Korea- well Obama is on his way there too and after a cup of tea or whatever they drink there, I am sure the issue will be resolved!

    KC is on vacation till the 22nd-

  11. @Sylvia–

    two words which describe me-

    shlemiel, shlimazel!

  12. ditto to Sylvia’s comment- the APEC article LDG wrote-
    and I also read the Chavez post-

    I need to get back on your blog LDG– you do have good stuff!

  13. I got an email from one of the Venezolanos on FB about Chavez and Linda Panetta- asserting she is the CIA Director’s daughter with a picture of her, Chavez, and Ortega- all smiles-

    the email claimed she was a supporter of all the anti-American regimes–

    the person who emailed it was upset–

    Anyhow, I checked it out– of course, the story is fiction– since Leon Panetta does not have any daughters and this Linda is a photographer-

    Boy it pays to check it out– and I guess many people got caught up in this fictitious story– 🙄

  14. left you a post, Patty on the Kevin thread-

  15. while Adam is sipping wine at Lodi– big breaking news on Fox Business–

    the Feds are looking to close in on four mosques and a skyscraper– where the Muslim organization ALAVI has been funneling money to the Iranian govt.

  16. Adam sure does see some very interesting attires at LAX-

  17. Adam Housley Says:

    Susan, I got that same e-mail so thanks for checking it out. Just got to my desk and was going to take a look, but now I wont. LDG….prepare for the apology tour and please keep us updated on the international take of this trip. We’ll only get the internet stuff and wont be able to see the TV reports.

    Sylvia I agree…Cheryl…OMG. I LOVE a half wedge of iceberg with blue cheese, bacon and tomatoes!


  18. Adam,
    Will you be drinking wine all weekend? LOL

  19. @Susan

    Good job on checking the substance of that e-mail… it is a rehash of a lie presented months ago, but if you hadn’t seen it get knocked down you might have gotten fooled by it.

    also, re: ALAVI ~ one of the easiest fronts to see through, that one; it is owned by the Iranian government (using money left over from the Shah’s time in American accounts that they control, but are not allowed to take out of the country). A classic money-laundering operation, really.

    @Adam Housley

    Will do on the TV watching. Today’s round was pretty bland; all they got out of the Cabinet-level meeting tonight was beautiful words and this:
    …which really is just a supply of more beautiful words signifying nothing very little.

    Tomorrow morning’s public speech should be what we are expecting from this stop on the apology tour…

    …and I absolutely dread the meeting with tennou heika (the reigning Emperor). Bet he either tries to call him by name or gives him an ipod of his speeches… maybe worse…


    good… well, sort of ok… morning. Hope it is better where you are.

  20. @LDG–

    I saw the original fictitious started back a few months ago before Panetta came in as director and then the story was modified- after sending out too many bogus emails myself, I now check- Now this person is going to have to email his many friends to tell them it is a hoax-

    I also checked out ALAVI after watching the story last night- BTW, I never even knew I had the FOX Business channel- I have a tier for sports so Ken can watch other hockey games and he was flipping the channels and lo behold, I found out we have FOX Business on that tier- From my understanding from former Ambassador Bolton, monies were sent here from Iran to gain monetary value and then sent back to other places- Europe etc-

    I just read 4 GTMO are headed to NY– trial-

    I remember the tennou heike definition- it was on one of our trivia questions from way back– 😀

    I like Adam’s touch of blue cheese on the iceburg- feta would be good too!

    @LDG– I have a cat in my garage- in a trap- waiting for 10:00 to roll around so I can take to 4 Paws– not a very happy camper this one- meowing away but good sign- hissing it is not- and it let me pet him through the cage- (4 Paws won’t take ferals) Tama has been at the closed door which goes into the garage ALL MORNING!!!!!!!!! It is annoying me! 😀

  21. LDG–

    love the scratch out– from nothing to very little 😀 😀

  22. just saw the Japan/USA list for the talks- thanks! (Link you posted)

  23. and a good “meep” to all on Black Friday the 13th– lol

    (Principal in Mass. has prohibited the use of this word as it was causing a disruption) so I checked out “meep.” There is this yellow-like bird played in a video game, Fantasy, who meeps! 😀

  24. @Susan

    Good to go on the rescue cat. Tama is just trying to find out what all the meowing is about in that garage, and he’ll calm back down (as calm as he gets, eh?) after you make the 4 Paws run.

    Yeah, (re: KSM and the GTMO detainees) it looks like Eric Holder is willing to hold a circus in NYC… the damn shame is that half the wannabe-terrorists in the world will try to make a “statement” during the trials, and those sort of “statements” are usually of the deadly-to-innocents-nearby kind. That’s just an idiotic risk to take.

    “love the scratch out” – hehhehheh. At least I didn’t bring up the Obama-question-dodge of the day.

  25. Hi All,
    Trying not to let the terrorist trials in NYC get me too pissed off…but afraid I’m not succeeding. I would not want to be in NYC when this takes place. Whoever made that decision has to either have a screw loose or is looking for trouble in all the wrong places. I just can’t believe this crap is happening.

  26. @Sylvia

    Go ahead; be “too pissed off…”

    I am.

  27. LDG,
    Misery loves company!

  28. @LDG–

    headed out right now- I just got the call- relief!!!!!!!!!!!! between the meowing (incessant) and the Tama’s bullchara, I am about ready to scream– this house needs larger rooms or soundproof walls!

    ditto to the NYC observations- circus time!


  29. duh to me– it took me a minute to think what KSM is-
    loco K. Mohammed!

  30. Another late night watching Cincinnati Bearcat football. They beat West Virginia last night so it was worth the sleep lost. I was yelling at the TV because it was such a close game. I think I took out my frustrations with the Obama administration by cheering on my alma mater.

  31. @LDG–

    I thought about you last night– on O’Reilly he came up with what he calls stupid stuff- one thing he pointed out was in Japan, at the work place, they are now taking waist measurments- 33 for men and 35 for women- if these are exceeded, they have to go to counseling- O’Reilly made a cute comment- something to the effect about Obama being there right now and hopefully he won’t come back here with this idea! 😀

    and my meep story hit Greta’s too- on Best of the Rest! LOL

    good day @ all- going to do a hike and picnic with hija and Ken!

  32. Enjoy the hike and picnic.

  33. I see the WH has revolving doors- Anita Dunn leaves and her husband comes in!

  34. thank you Sylvia– have a good day too!

  35. @Susan

    re: waist measurments ~ yes, it is done. Yes, counseling for diet is recommended if one exceeds it. It is based on a generic WHO guideline, and like BMI is utterly useless in real-world applications if taken as the only standard.

    Bad news: the Americans are already considering using just suct arbitrary measures as part of fitness testing.

    For example, one can measure my waist… ~92 cm (about 36 inches). Then you can measure my chest… just over 120 cm (about 48 inches. Yes, I wear a size 48 suit jacket) …and that’s about the point that eyes start to go wide. Neck is about 17 1/2 inches… they blink and measure again. I’m only 180 cm tall (5′ 10″~11″). All the calculations go to hell at that point. There simply is no rote measure that deals with a non-fitting-room-model physique. The doctors know that. The bureaucrats only know what is in their rule book, and when something in the real world doesn’t fit, they have no clue what to do. That’s about the time I growl and show teeth… realizing they have a bear, not a human, in the health check, they quickly stamp all the paperwork and go to the next guy in line. No counseling scheduled.

    Of course, I’ve never had to try that while hunting season was open… might be a bad result then.

    ((wry grin))

    anyway, enjoy your hiking day!


    Way to go, Bearcats. #5 ranking right now. Luck next week against Illinois. Sadly, I can’t cheer for your team two weeks later, though… yours are going against Pitt on the 5th of Dec.

  36. LDG,
    I know you are a Pitt fan. This is one time I have to go against you and hope your team doesn’t win! Of course my team has to beat Illinois in 2 weeks (I believe next week is an off week for UC.)

    This afternoon we went to the first play of our Broadway Across America season. It was White Christmas and it was fabulous. I never saw the movie but have seen bits of it on TV over the years. The actor who did the Bing Crosby role sounded and looked like Bing. All the performers had great voices and were amazing dancers. And the costumes were gorgeous. The scenry was also top notch. I love theater.

    Tomorrow will be more football. Bengals play at Pittsburg. I guess LDG and I will be cheering for different teams! I bet I can yell louder!

  37. “Tomorrow will be more football. Bengals play at Pittsburgh. I guess LDG and I will be cheering for different teams! I bet I can yell louder!”

    Heh, I bet you can, Sylvia. Here’s hoping for a good game.

    p.s. you get all the good theater… lucky you!

  38. LDG,
    One of the main roles was done by Lorna Luft, daughter of Judy Garland. She resembles her late mother and has a powerful voice.
    Yes, I am lucky to have good theater available. I prefer it to movies.

    Larry is watching Wizard of Oz on TV right now (speaking of Judy Garland) and I thought about my “Kansas Friend”. You need a dog named Toto.

  39. LDG–

    As usual, your response to me was informative and entertaining- 😀
    You and Ken have the same waist size- he is 35 acually- don’t know what suit jacket size he would wear- we don’t do suits! Large in the sporty look~ 😀

    I see:
    US President Barack Obama has urged Burma’s prime minister to release the pro-democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.

    Mr Obama delivered the message as he met leaders of the Asean grouping of south-east Asian nations in Singapore.


    send Billy Clinton-he has better results with releases!

  40. He takes his sweet time trying to figure out what to do in Afghanistan and wants to take his sweet time on the Fort Hood incident but is running around asking for releases?

  41. connecting Syvlia’s post of OZ and Adam’s discussion of 80’s music and Rick Springfield–

    Didn’t R. Springfield have an album- Living in OZ? 😀

  42. oops– spelling needs to be corrected in name- (Sylvia)

  43. @Susan

    Ken is a bit taller than me, if I recall rightly. You can judge the basis of his “jacket size” by a chest measurement (in inches) across the fullest part… but a real tailor would tell you that isn’t enough… posture and shoulder span really define the fit.
    (or *formerly* in my case, the need to carry other things under the jacket. All my older suits are really wide cut and most are doublebreasted for that very reason. They look huge on me these days.)

    other matters:

    Ever heard of a Canadian P.M. from a while back named Paul Martin… got dubbed “Mr. Dithers” by the media… ? A lot of the foreign policy tough-calls on the Obama administration are getting the “um…” treatment. Maybe we have a new Dithers Administration. Then again, P.Martin didn’t go around making demands he won’t back up, either.


    Hm… I wonder if “Wicked” is going to show in your area. Very popular show, and fits in with the mention of Oz. Any idea if you’ll get a chance to see it?

  44. LDG,
    I have seen Wicked (twice). It is fabulous!

    As for dithering…..isn’t that what Carter did?

    We are watching the Bengal/ Steeler game. It is close. Bengals ahead by three. Being the pessimist that I am with the Bengals, I think your Steelers will pull it out.

  45. @Sylvia

    alas, it was not to be… bravo Bengals. That’s twice this year; ouch.

  46. LDG,
    I am shocked. The Bengals might be for real. We haven’t seen a good team in years. I was cheering so loud at the TV that my throat is now sore!
    BTW…you are a good sport!

  47. @Sylvia

    Your lads play defense like that the rest of the year, they *are* for real.

    ’twas a fun game. More fun if one was a Bengals fan, granted, but still a fun game.

    We’ll get a shot at yours next year. Makes it easy to be a good sport about it all. (note: the same does not apply to Ice Hockey, esp Pens vs. Flyers. That’s not a game; that’s war.)

  48. LDG,
    I do not follow ice hockey. I went to a couple of games MANY years ago and didn’t like it. Too much fighting. Also didn’t like having a puck flying in my direction. Football is violent enough for me. And I never watch boxing or wrestling.
    Did you play hockey?

  49. @Sylvia

    Spectators like different things about different sports, and that’s all fine in my opinion. The people that scare me in this life are the ones that can’t bone a chicken because cooking is “icky” and yet love to watch Boxing for the blood… there is a fundamental detachment happening there that is just wrong.

    “Did you play hockey?” ~ as a kid. Still skated up to about age 20. Then didn’t or couldn’t for a long time. Tried to play a little with some of the fellows here, but can’t skate well enough any more to play.

  50. LDG,
    I tried ice skating as a kid but spent most of the time sitting on the ice instead of standing! Our daughter was a good skater in high school. She took free style, figures, and ice dancing lessons. She lost interest and hasn’t been on the ice since high school. Several skating coaches made alot of money giving her lessons! I was the only Mom at the rink who kept telling her kid to be careful…the others were yelling “get up and try that jump again”. LOL….I couldn’t stand to see her “crash” when learning new jumps.

  51. Hehhehheh, please forgive my amusement, but the image of “Sylvia, the Safety Mom” is just priceless.

    ((big grin))

  52. LDG,

    The free style coach asked me to leave the rink because I was hindering Michelle’s progress with the jumps! I was actually YELLING “BE Careful”. True story!

  53. morning-

    dithering– a lot of that going on- was just reading about Obama’s talk and his warnings directed to North Korea- (yawn)

    saw Axelrod on John King last night- he sings a pretty song- and of course I listened to Obama addressing the students while in China- shaking head-

    Japan, I see, has jellyfish issues- (no global warning here)

    I watched the Cardinals game– good job guys! yay!

    Ken was an awesome ice skater- I had the pleasure of going ice skating with him here- I hung on to the sides while he graciously ice skated- still have his skates~ On November 27th we are going to see the Coyotes play the Dallas Stars. Ken has several pucks here- including a Road Runner puck-

    cute story about the “be careful.”

    😀 to LDG’s bone picking and boxing! that is one sport (?) I don’t care for- never have- or bull fighting- did one bull fight in Mexico City and end of that story! I was praying for the bull to knock the crap of the matador and picadores– don’t like blood sports-

  54. Isn’t Adam due to post a picture of the vineyards from this week-end?

  55. he has a cool twit picture- just checked it out

  56. oops– bullfighting is one word-

    speaking of blood sports, LDG- My blood pressure hit the skies yesterday- I had Chammy in the living room and I went to get Tama from this room to put him in the larger bedroom so Chammy could have reign of the house- I opened the door carefully and Tama was so frigging fast… he got out and OMG— I slammed the patio door closed so they couldn’t get out as the cats flew– I screwed up the glass patio door as it is off track now–(have to it fixed) I was screaming at the top of my lungs- Obama in China heard me– I panicked- even picked up the phone to throw it and changed my mind– make a long story short, I think the screaming freaked Tama out as he went under the bed- I was so pissed off at him yesterday– And nope– it doesn’t look like I can get these two to get along- I now stick my foot in the door when I open it- thank God, no one got hurt as I checked them both- poor Chammy for he was visibly shaken- so I punished Tama- he stayed in the larger bedroom all day! And I was shaking big time!

  57. just checked out Paul Martin– 😀

    “Mr. Dithers” because he appears to vacillate so often on policy issues. They refer to “a fiscal cafeteria” because he seems to have handouts for so many different groups….

    (I like the fiscal cafteria too)

  58. Susan,
    Maybe Adam is still sipping wine!

  59. @Sylvia

    re: “True story!”



    Yeah, I can see how you got overwhelmed there. It takes some practice to just presume cats are faster and trickier than “you” are and always be prepared. Even that isn’t a 100% successful, so don’t blame yourself or the individual cats… it is just how it is.

    Screaming and throwing would not have been the “right” answer. Thing is, once they are in a fight, you can’t reach in or you’ll get torn to shreds. A water squirt bottle, a fairly strong one, set to stream (not spray) is about the only way to deal, and you’d have to nail each of them in the flanks to break up the fight. Worst case, you grab a thick towel and go in, but you’ll still get cut.

    The thing with any animal-training is that any time you have to raise your voice for impact (not just to be heard at a distance), you’ve done something wrong. I still make that mistake, but I’m working very hard on not repeating it.

    Ah well; Mother Nature’s little treasures, and all that…

  60. OH my…you go away for a week and you can get very far behind.

    Have enjoyed reading all that has gone on in the last week, too many posts to comment on all.

    We were in Illinois at Steve’s moms for a week. It was the first Anniversary and birthday since Dad died so were very glad we had vacation and could spend the week with her. Started cleaning out the basement and raked the leaves, 33 bags total. The first day I was using the rake and wished she had a blower, as I was nursing the blister on my hand I mentioned that I wish she had a blower and she said the blower was in the basement. LOL! Needless to say that I got it out and used it the rest of the time.

    Nice to be back to somewhat normal and have my own computer again.

    Hope all have a good week.

  61. @All

    Oh, just for reader’s wry amusement:

    Mr. Obama and handlers get seriously handed their political asses er, heads on platters by the Red Chinese thought-control team.

    (I link that to the ‘blog, not the original article, because JWF did just too good a job of rubbing it in.)

  62. Welcome back, Barb!

  63. great article from the link you posted, LDG– I laughed my (what you scratched out)— love the last part about FOX– 😀 😀 thank you!

    I thought about the water bottle LDG– but I didn’t have one on hand and these guys were flying- I couldn’t even see them– it was so damn fast! but I do have a water bottle on hand now– I was on chara mode not thinking clearly at all!

    Hi Barb– I was raking your leaves on Farmville when you were gone! 😀

    Sylvia– sipping a headache? 😀

  64. Welcome back Barb.

    That article was amusing.
    As for yelling….I need to work on that, especially when watching football.

  65. Wow, miss a week around here and you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I’ll have to go back and read the posts. In the meantime. here’s something to ponder on……………..


  66. Sorry, looks like that link doesn’t like it here. Will try another approach later………

  67. @LDG–

    I saw on CNN, yes CNN, some remarks about Obama’s bowing to the tennou heika– is this bowing considered to be “obsequious?”
    (CNN was actually questioning Obama’s etiquette!)

    John– link did not go through~ dang!

  68. @John

    Welcome back! Hope it was a week in the tropics for you.


    re: “saw on CNN,…”

    What it was, was foolish. A mishmash of a handshake and a floor dive. People do bow that low here in really bad situations… abject apologies… *but not while standing*… and nothing like that would ever happen upon first meeting, even with a vastly socially superior individual.

    (What should have happened, as both men are representatives of their nations of the highest level, would have been: an approach to about two armlengths; both, near simultaniously, bow slightly (I mean slightly… from the waist… 5~10 degrees.) Then, *if* tennou heika offered, a step closer to shake hands.)

    The real screams in the media have been over the fact that most all visiting Heads of State simply don’t bow, and that American Presidents “aren’t supposed to bow”… both are actually not very important diplomaticly speaking. What should prompt outrage is that the man looked utterly awkward doing what he did. otokorashikunakatta (jp: “that was unmanly of him”) in my opinion.

    So that’s what was up with that. Hope that helps.

  69. Maybe Obama’s bow will make it to SNL for some humor. If it had been done by Bush it would be the lead off skit.

  70. @Sylvia

    today’s IBD editorial cartoon (by the great Michael Ramirez), just for you:


  71. LDG,

    OMG…that is hilarious. It’s also quite sad because of the truth “behind” it!

  72. I bow that low when I have sciatica! thank you, LDG–

  73. OMG again–

    that was funny! I wish I had seen it first and posted on FB– going to copy the picture and email out! 😀 😀

  74. hehhehheh…

  75. LDG,
    News media has been vicious toward Sarah Palin and her book. Are they that fearful of her overtaking Obama in next election?

  76. doggies all over Says:

    Good morning. I think I’ll wait for…ahem…a change in the climate…
    Going to make my cherry and chocolate chip fruitcakes today. I have a mission!

  77. LDG… that is very funny.

    Patty are you out from under the snow yet?

    As for Sarah Palin…She is a normal person and doesn’t follow the usual political pattern. I think that she frustrates them because how can someone not like them be successful.

    Happy Wednesday everyone.

  78. @Sylvia

    re: “Are they (news media) that fearful… ”

    Maybe. More likely, those that own the media in question have an agenda.

    The most famous example of the exaggeration is the apocryphal story that artist Frederic Remington telegrammed Hearst to tell him all was quiet in Cuba and “There will be no war.” Hearst responded “Please remain. You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.”




  79. LDG,
    Yellow Journalism……alive and well!

  80. Hello everyone-

    Ken and I are celebrating his birthday here in the 15th District- I just got hired to work here- I get to count the cacti- so far I have seen one!

    LDG– GOOD one= Hearst!


  81. check out what Judge Napolitano said on his FB–

    Today, the President of the United States of America, while on an official trip to China, will sign an executive order directing the government not to waste money. He might as well order water to run up hill or command the earth to be flat…

    😀 😀 😀

  82. doggies all over Says:

    Oh, Lordy. Shoulda signed that law in the US. Now people are going to want to see its birth certificate.
    LOL-good morning, everyone.
    Could it be that the more some on the left are against Palin the more some on the right are for her?
    No, seriously…I’ve wondered that for a while now. Works the same w/Limbaugh. The more the right quotes him, the more the left rant against him.
    (I don’t think either one would be such a benchmark if the other side would shut up).

  83. Cheryl,

    Interesting observation. Could be true. Who knows…but Palin is getting alot of excitement these days. People are buying her book and showing up to see her.

  84. to be honest, I am tired of the Palin saga- just let her be! and good morning-

  85. doggies all over Says:

    Well, I came back to “take my medicine” and find out it’s OK, after all.
    Whew! Thought I’d be in trouble.
    So-Fox reporting that they have canceled the Dear Santa program after finding out one of the volunteers was a sex offender. Just like one of the Santas that was fired last year after fondling kids on his lap.
    *Sigh* They are insipid and omnipresent. Seem to know all the angles and how to manipulate any situation.
    LDG, is the ses offender/sexual predator problem as big in Japan as it is here?
    And God love ’em, Florida seems to get so many.
    OK-didn’t mean to be such a downer.
    What’s for supper? 🙂

  86. Santa Sex Offenders is really pathetic. That has got to be a new low for human behavior. I hope Rudolph behaves himself!

    As for dinner, it’s either going to be leftover chicken Parmesan or a reservation!

  87. @doggies

    “…as big in Japan as it is here?”

    two part answer:

    1) it is worse in many ways. some legal reasons, some cultural, some societal.

    2) it is not so bad here, and it isn’t as bad as you think it is there.

    **stop here if you wanted the short answer, please**

    (What I mean by #2 is that is that with large populations you will always have some number of dangerous/predatory social deviants. Imagine that one person in 10,000 is that messed up… a pretty low incidence of a type of anti-social behaviour… that implies the city of Beaumont, TX (pop. ~113,000 back in 2000) would have proportionally 11 or 12 such offenders *at any given time*… and every single such case becomes major news on the T.V. when they get caught. Given normal population replacement rates, you could catch an offender *every year* just in that one city, and never make much of a dent in the predator numbers. But…

    …your news reports don’t just cover your city; you get news from all over east and south Texas, the big cities, from across the line over in La. , and all across the nation and the world. Even if you limit your attention to domestic news… U.S.A. is ~300 million people… ~30,000 predators out there now… catch rate of a couple thousand a year… ~6 cases reported nationwide everyday…

    …six cases a day. Sells a lot of newspapers, reporting that.)

  88. LDG,
    Great answer. You really make the numbers understandable.
    Now tell me how many Santas are deviants. LOL

  89. @Sylvia

    all but the original.

    oh, you meant a certain kind of “deviant”. my mistake.
    ((big grin))

    (If you want a serious answer, you can likely form one yourself from the following observations: the 1:10,000 number, while imagined, is roughly in line with other all-population measures of anti-social behavior excluding extremes like murder; people who play Santa are almost all men; people who play Santa are most likely adult, tending toward middle aged or older; people who play Santa as a public character are less likely to be regularly employed in a workplace. All imply a skew of the probability toward greater incidence, but to what degree is debatable. maybe a tenfold skew? 1:1,000? maybe a lot more? How much do you trust or distrust people in those demographic groups? Your guess is as good as any, I think.)

  90. doggies all over Says:

    LDG, you have got to be one of the most patient humans I have ever known. LOL-no wonder you have cats! Oh…sorry. No wonder the cats have you! Apologies to your furbabies.
    Thank you for your explanation, using the way too-low # of 1:10,000. I do understand that your example is cumulative, though, and that’s a very good point.
    And it just seems that they all congregate in the same general areas. I have a feeling it’s economics 101-has to be somewhere cheap, in the first place, due to lack of employment opportunities. Second, I imagine they’re either a)very or b)too comfortable with others like themselves.
    Oh-and one 19-year old boy having sex with one 16-year old girl does NOT, in my mind, a sex offender make.
    We are creating a nation of criminals.
    Thanks again, LDG-and Sylvia, you always know exactly what to say.

  91. @doggies

    Most welcome, as always. A pleasure to help.

  92. doggies all over Says:

    PS Had to look it up.
    According to our research there were 421 registered sex offenders living in Beaumont, Texas in early 2007.
    The ratio of number of residents in Beaumont to the number of sex offenders is 263 to 1.

    Read more: http://www.city-data.com/city/Beaumont-Texas.html#ixzz0XMKsRcRs

  93. doggies all over Says:

    Thanks again, LDG. Indebted, as always.

  94. LDG and Doggies,

    You both are very bright. I’m learning from both of you.

    BTW, I agree that a 19 year old with a 16 year old is not deviant.

  95. Adam Housley Says:

    Dang! I was gone a few days and you guys got all serious on me. More than normal! 🙂

    I have a new post coming!


  96. @Adam Housley

    Welcome back!

    “…and you guys got all serious on me.” ~ clearly a failure to imbibe of the grape on our part.

    Looking forward to what you have new… as your twitter feed has had a bit of everything, who knows what this will be.

  97. Adam,
    Has the wine sipping party ended? Shame we couldn’t join you.

  98. doggies all over Says:

    Wine? I was thinking Welch’s. LOL-j/k.
    This is lighten up Friday, everyone:

    The 98-year-old farmer from Ireland was dying.

    The sons gathered around his bed trying to make his last journey comfortable.

    They tried giving him some warm milk to drink but he refused it.

    One of the sons took the glass back to the kitchen and remembering a bottle of Irish Whiskey received as a gift the previous Christmas, he opened it and poured a generous amount into the warm milk.

    Back at his father’s bed, he held the glass to his father’s lips.

    The farmer drank a little, then a little more and before they knew it, he drank the whole glass down to the last drop.

    “Father!” the son asked with earnest, “Please give us some wisdom before you die.”

    He raised himself up in bed and said, “Don’t sell that cow.”
    Everybody have a good one.

  99. Doggies,

  100. Adam………..Who’s getting serious? How dare they? Don’t they know this is Fox News……….the home of likes of Bill O’ and Geraldo?

    Here, have those serious thinkers log onto this for a while. According to the American Society of Gastroenterologists, this is the best cure for severe cases of the seriousies…………


    Now, if you want to look at something serious…….. here’s something that will make you think………


  101. Doggies, LOL Very Funny!!

  102. doggies all over Says:

    LoL-glad you liked it!
    John, think I’ll pass on the first link.
    OMG. Did I really type that out loud?)
    No pun intended, but since it’s there…*blush*. (I have no shame).

  103. doggies all over Says:

    Wow, John. What a difference. Just looked at the 2nd link. I have blog friends in Michigan that won’t go NEAR Detroit.
    Interesting, because I got pictures from one just yesterday of the absolutely breathtaking scenery that state. I have to say I had no idea it was so gorgeous.
    Thanks. (I think).

  104. doggies all over Says:

    Oh, LOOK!
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska — North Pole elves have good reason to celebrate again, thanks to a decision by the U.S. Postal Service to resume a Santa Claus letter program that’s thrilled children from around the world for decades.

  105. John,
    First link was a gas!
    Second link was shocking.

    I have no shame either. And I’m glad there is good news from the North Pole.

  106. doggies all over Says:

    Happy Saturday, everyone.
    I have a new granddaughter! Kamdyn was born yesterday evening, and we’re going to see her Thanksgiving weekend. Can’t wait…
    Sylvia, laughing at you! You’re worse than I am.

  107. Doggies,
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving with the new granddaughter.

  108. Congratulations to the delightful daughter of descendents of doggies!

  109. doggies all over Says:

    I will, Sylvia. Can’t wait. Thanks.

  110. Adam Housley Says:

    November 19, 2009 at 7:11 pm
    Dang! I was gone a few days and you guys got all serious on me. More than normal!

    I have a new post coming!


    Susan says from the land of the forgotten to Adam:
    you posted this on the 19th and this is now 21… maybe I may be confused here on time, but when is this new post coming?

  111. John:
    you are one sicko! LOL!

  112. LDG~

    Scratch the welcome back to Adam–
    He wants us here but then he forgets us!


  113. LDG,
    You certainly have a way with words! LOL

  114. doggies all over Says:

    Ah! Alliteration! I love it! Thank you, LDG.

    One of Morris’ blog friends posted, “I hope you’ll do your stretching exercises before you see her for the first time. It will make it easier when she wraps you around her little finger”. Aww….

  115. Susan,
    Is Dismay related to Daisy May?

  116. doggies all over Says:

    LOL, Sylvia-that’s how you tell ’em apart. There’s dat May and dis May.
    Good morning, everyone. Going to be busy all day today (or what’s left of it) so ya’ll behave, OK? Hugs…

  117. Doggies,
    We always behave….some days better than others!

  118. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    I see you are back at the border – great report this morning

    Good morning everyone
    I see I have some catching up to do with all of these posts and links. Hope everyone is well

  119. Adam Housley Says:


    Thanks for watching and for the support!! Susan is on me again for not following through on the post time. I had planned on getting a new one in on Sunday night, but got caught up in trying to organize my papers/bills/life/Xmas present ideas. SO…..watch out Susan or I will sick John and LDG on you. I would say Max, but he is in love and gone awol. I do see his pics on facebook tho. 🙂



  120. YAY for Adam!!!

  121. welcome back KC– how was the honeymoon vacation?

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