Captain Kevin Norman awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross

Kevin was a good friend who I had the honor of playing summer baseball with at our home field at the Veteran’s Home of California in Yountville. I knew of this accident, but just learned of this honor. At third base, he always had my back.


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  1. I’m sure our good host has seen this, but just so folks don’t have to go searching, here’s the story on the DFC citations and presentations:

    @Adam Housley

    I saw you have a longer version of the write-up over at Onthescene as well. Do you want that linked to here as well?

  2. great link LDG– but it made me sad–

  3. how cool Adam you had the pleasure of knowing Kevin-

  4. Kevin had everyone’s back-

  5. has anyone ever heard of Libera? a British choir of some so talented boys- I posted on FB–

  6. Adam Housley Says:


    I will link the On The Scene Story here. I was planning to today. Thanks also for the report link, I had not seen that one.


  7. LDG,
    Great link. Brought tears to my eyes too. And I also don’t know the words to Amazing Grace!

  8. @Adam Housley

    Happy to help. Wish it was over something happier, though.


    Yay for stuffed animals! Well done, Susan!

  9. @Sylvia

    It was a very fine telling. Bravo to the Army for posting it.

    re: “And I also don’t know…”

    That’s not a problem. There likely aren’t very many folks here who know the responses to (the Mourner’s) Kaddish, after all.

  10. LDG,
    LOL……you are the best!

  11. yes– LDG is the best-

    did you see this story about the lost Persian Army (swallowed by a sandstorm)–

  12. @Sylvia

    ((small bow))


    ((to you, too))

    and yes, saw that article… very cool. I love historical “detective stories”.


    and a hearty G’morning all around!

  13. doggies all over Says:

    What a team player Kevin was, Adam. How tragic and selfless. I know you’ll remember him always.
    Loved your tribute to him.

  14. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Thanks for the tribute on Kevin – very moving indeed. I am glad you shared it with us.

    LDG – Thank you too for the link – our package went out yesterday. It makes one feel good that a “little” help goes a long way, along with thoughts and prayers.

    Susan – Yep – another wonderful “honeymoon” weekend has passed. Great article on tai chi – thanks – hadn’t seen or read that one. You are right, I go to tai chi class every Tuesday and Thursday morning. I feel it is very good for this old body of mine. Really keeps the balance in check which us old people need to keep from falling.

    Patty – Really sorry to hear about your kitty. It is always so sad and heart wrenching when we lose a member of our “family”.
    I cannot believe YOU would ever make a smarta$$ comment about anything. (really laughing hard here). Also, I cannot believe that grandbaby is that old already. My goodness, didn’t you share photos with us when he was born. Seems like only a few months ago. I guess time flies when you are having fun.

    We have finally had a weather break around here. Went from 81 degrees to 67 degrees in 24 hours. Yipeeee. If it continues – guess we will have to shut some doors and windows around here. Now if it would only rain.

    And a BIG good morning to all of you

  15. @KC, and All

    I put a little trivia item up for folks today over at CompHyp, if such would amuse.

  16. oops… hit return…

    (more for KC)

    And thank you so for getting that package out.

  17. LDG,
    I am clueless….as usual. Any hints?

  18. I cheated and got the answer by googling!

  19. @Sylvia

    My regrets, I was obliged elsewhere for a bit there… so too late for a hint.

    Glad you got it with a search, though. Surprised?

  20. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Trying to put my answers on your blog – but the password I thought was correct does not work – so now I do not know what my password is – old age you know

    Anyway I am going to take a stab at it because I think – today is the birthday of the Marines. (Maybe)

    l. Major Samuel Nicolas
    2. Group of Marines lay the wreath
    3. He created the Marines???

    Just guessing

    Oh, let me know what my password is so I can comment on your blog in the future

  21. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Oh Lord – I was using the wrong user name so of course the password did not match.

    It is now posted on your blog – sorry – sometimes it sucks to be a blonde (hee hee hee)

  22. @KC

    Good job! The first two answers are fully correct, the 3rd is substantially so. (He was the first commander of Continental Marines, and raised much of the force, but it was “created” by resolution of the Continental Congress. The Nov. 10th birthday celebrates that resolution.)

    Sadly, I can not help you about that matter of your password. That is between you and Google (the operator of Blogspot); it is not visible to the ‘blog “owner”.

  23. @KC

    Ah, very good. Glad you solved that.

    (we crossposted, so I didn’t see your last when I posted)

  24. Hi everyone.

    Adam, Thank you for sharing this story!

    Thanks for all the concern about the kitty.
    Whitey now takes the lap spot whenever Im outside. Funny, he used to be so scared, he wouldnt come anywhere near us.

    KC..the 3 yr old, was grandbaby before last. So ya, it probably did seem like i just shared pics πŸ™‚ 3yr old is Zander, newest is 1 1/2 already, he’s Kalem.
    Kalem is the one in the leaves here:

    Ive got new pics of the bday boy to scan at home, maybe tonight. There is one in the link above.

    Ldg, I’ll admit i had to look up your trivia, very cool!

    noticed while i was there it said “the west wing was added to accomadate the Women’s Monthly Meeting”…I hope to hell someone locked the door on them….too many women at the wrong time of the month and the men would never stand a chance! πŸ˜‰

  25. Sylvia, Im impressed…you’re mulitasking!

  26. @All

    Glad you had fun with that trivia item. Thanks for playing along! I’m done for the day at this point… oh-dark-early local time here…

    Be well and safe, All.
    ((departs for the day))

  27. LDG,
    I was surprised.

    I’m impressed.

    LOL…..and sometimes I multitask without screwing up!

  28. On this Veteran’s Day we honor all our military, past and present. Thank you for all you have done and all you do.

  29. ‘morning

    THank you to all the veterans!

  30. Adam Housley Says:

    KC & Patty-

    Thanks for reading the story about Kevin and taking the time to make a comment here, I really do appreciate it.

    Also, new post.



  31. Patty–

    who is in the black and white picture? great pictures-

    and irony– two Kevins on this thread-

  32. Tim Norman Says:

    Adam, I just read your story about Kevin. As you can imagine, very difficult days have gone by since August 13, 2003. Your story and other such stories from Kevin’s friends have made these days better and , in some cases, quite enjoyable. You have brought a smile to my face and a warm feeling in my heart. I remember you, Mickey, Dave, and many of the other team mates. I used to watch these games never knowing how their memory would be so important in later years. Thank you for remembering my son and telling everyone about his qualities of humor, friendship, and courage. Tim

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