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Here is our latest LievShotsΒ  blog on what it is like to become a trapeze artist!


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  1. I saw you on Shep’s show. You are braver than I am. There is no amount of money that could get me to try that trapeze stuff.

  2. Hiya.

    I see Adam asked about Max….ADam, he’s “hanging in love”…kinda like Johns costume! *LOL*
    shhhhh I didnt say that!!
    Seriously, He’s with his girl friend.

    Ldg…i know you missed me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    KC…definitly missed you!! (but you gotta keep you johnny cash turned down!)

  3. We have to get KC on FB.

  4. saw you on Shep and then I took several anxiety pills to get over the vertigo, acrophobia, altophobia, and batophobia…

  5. @Adam–

    thank Sylvia– she sent us over here from FB– looks like she is your Personal Assistant now as she is doing a much better job than me!

  6. Barb-

    your comment, preceding post- you are way tooooooooooo kind- we ended watching horror movies- Danielle feel asleep on the couch when she got here and I did not have the heart to wake her up- she was so tired.

    John- do you do FB? WE are looking for you! LOL

    and did anyone catch the pack of Camel in Adam’s picture of Slash? Wow- did he get the details or what?

  7. grammar? oops– better job than I?

  8. and yes– Max is in the land of love–

  9. Speaking of KC and Johnny Cash–

    this one is for her– Sunday Morning Coming Down LOL

  10. And back on topic–

    the daring man on the flying trapeze

  11. click on the YOU Tube– not the arrow- LOL

  12. oops– Danielle fell asleep… (just reading again)

  13. @Patty

    You know I missed you, you big silly, you πŸ˜›


    Oh this is fun… trapeze school. Our good host gets to have all the good jobs, doesn’t he? …well, other than the MJ coverage…


  14. LDG,
    Trapeze school would be a nightmare for me! I would fail….and fall.

  15. @Sylvia

    you could always try this…

    …you’d be hooked in. no falling. but not as much fun as a trapeze.

  16. Thanks..but no thanks. I don’t like flying outside of an aircraft. I am not a bird or a daredevil! LOL

  17. πŸ™‚
    cloudy and dreary here again. ugh, this makes the days seem so long.

    Sunday Morning…Susan, we played that at Wally’s funeral, its just so “him”.

    Ldg, that link, you could have used to that rescue adam from the MJ saga.

  18. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    WELL, WELL, WELL – – – – –
    Welcome home kids – missed all of you on THIS blog. Good to see you all back.

    You have been MIA way tooooooooooooo long. Missed your humor – lol Where in the world did you get the idea I like Johnny Cash??? I am married to a drummer so we listen to all types of music – good and then not so good, loud and then not so loud, and I must confess that in our library of over 1900 tunes/songs in the jukebox – there is not one of Johnny Cash.

    Susan – thanks for the video – up above – Sounds like you had an OK Halloween even tho Danielle slept thru it. We did our usual Halloween thing – shut the blinds, turned out the lights and ate by candlelight. Just to paranoid to be opening our door to strangers.

    LDG – a big wave to you ! ! ! !

    Slyvia, Barb, Doggies and everyone else – glad to see you back here.

    P.S. OH, by the way – it is 81 degrees here today. Don’t have a clue when we are going to get autumn weather around here.

  19. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Enjoyed your “swinging” live coverage yesterday. Is there anything you won’t do?????

    Very cool costume this year. Did anyone ask you if you were Howard
    Stern????????? Just kidding

  20. KC,
    Only in the low 50’s here. Wish it were 80!

  21. my feet have to be on the ground– πŸ˜€

    Hey Adam– we came around but wherefore art thou?
    and as a side note- do you know Major Garrett?

  22. we broke the record yesterday- 96!

  23. @Sylvia–

    I would fall and then fail– off in a bag! πŸ˜€

  24. LDG,

    Any comments about last night’s election results?

  25. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    Wow Susan – 96 degrees – it is crazy isn’t it – especially for November. We are going to be in the mid 80’s again today.

    Sylvia – send some of your cool weather to us – also – some rain would help tooooooooooo

  26. @Sylvia

    “Any comments about last night’s election results?” ~ the ones in the ‘States? not really. Most of the notable results were fairly well predicted. The current administration is trying to play down the losses, though, and that’s something of a good joke…

    I did see that two of your Ohio mayoral elections went opposite… where there had been D’s before, two Independents won. Good sign for getting rid of Gov. Strickland next chance, don’t you think?

  27. @KC and Susan

    You two are living in, well, uncommon environments. The rest of us in the Northern Hemisphere are catching the clue that it is autumn. But as you both are desert-dwellers (Fresno being semi-desert), aren’t you getting cold nights about now? Big temperature swings from noon to night?

    Here, it was the first fire in the fireplace of the season last night. Nightime lows just touching freezing, daytime highs in the ((~calculates~)) about the low 50’s, first snow on the mountains overlooking us. Cold rain down here on the flat land, then crystal clear nights… the stars put on a very fine show indeed.

  28. @All

    Oh, by the way…

    …please scroll down and see the picture on the right side of who threw out the first pitch.


  29. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Semi-desert dweller indeed (big grin). Hey I am still picking tomatoes, strawberries, bell peppers, hot peppers, and onions almost every day so that should say something about our uncommon environment.

    As to our night temps – we still sleep with the window open and the ceiling fan on so not to cold here. We do have morning dew on the lawn and moisture on hubbys truck windows and that is about it.

    Actually, our mornings start off cool, then by afternoon warming up quite a bit and then by dinner, doors are open. It has just been crazy this year, but I guarantee you – that we will be loving our gas and electric bill this month! ! !

    It sounds more like winter than autumn in your neck of the woods. Shucks, we have to go out of town to burn a fire in the fireplace. We have more NO BURN days than not – so that is a big issue in our town.

  30. @KC

    “We have more NO BURN days than not –” Thankfully we are spared that nonsense here, by a combination of weather conditions and reasonable thinking… neither of which would apply to your situation in CA.

    My understanding is that, now, in the SF Bay Area, one can not even get a building permit for a structure with a fireplace or wood stove. Yet they pack in the population density and motor vehicle usage that goes along with numbers… how much longer before they ban the resale of existing homes with chimneys, eh? It is just someone’s property the State would be condeming. Not like that is anything important or anything. /sarcasm

  31. LDG,
    I loved that picture of former President Bush throwing out the first pitch.
    As for Ohio, the sooner we can get rid of Gov. Strickland the better. I hope John Kasich runs and wins.
    All I can say about the current administration is they are creative with excuses or denials about the big losses yesterday. My favorite one : the President was at a Miley concert with his kids and didn’t pay attention to the election results!

  32. LDG–

    I saw that on the news- Bush– I forgot to ask you about it!

    and this one is for John- off of FB- not disclosing the name-

    Apple Computer announced today that it has developed a computer chip that can store and play high fidelity music in women’s breast implants. The iTit will cost between $499.00 and $699.00 depending on speaker size. This is considered to be a major breakthrough because women have always complained about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them.

  33. and yes– the temps do drop at night (LDG)– but I did have the fans on last night- it was still a bit warm inside here-

    KC– I went on the Equalizer plan after the second electric bill which put me into shock– so now I just pay 107.00 every month– and APS will be ahead in the next few months because my bill would drop to about 50.00 or a bit more-

  34. Adam Housley Says:

    YES!!!!! It is good to see everyone back and the opposites that are the calm LDG and the crazy I know how to share from youtube now….SUSAN!!!

    How is everyone?

    AND to answer several of you, I love my job and will do mot anything. MOST…JOhn. I know how you think.


  35. @Adam Housley

    Going good here, thanks.

    So, between the World Series and whatever feeds you’ve seen of the Japan Series, are you getting to see enough* good baseball right now?

    There was a superb game here today (your Wednesday), where the kyoujin came back to win in the 9th. Pity, as I’m for the Fighters this time, but this was still a very good game.

    (*note: “enough” is a dangerous concept… I could watch certain sports everyday and it might not reach “enough”.)

  36. doggies all over Says:

    You lost me w/the climb up. Acrophobia, thy name is me. Never have liked heights. But oh, how I respect those who make things happen.
    Hope everyone is well.
    LDG, ‘kyoujin’ translation, please? If I’m going to learn Japanese through you, I have to know what I’m saying!
    Hi, everyone. So sad about our military men and women here at Fort Hood. They’re asking for blood donations. I’m a perfectly healthy female who, because of my breast cancer 3 years ago, can’t donate because they won’t accept it.
    I would gladly drive the 200 miles.
    So instead, I pray.

  37. πŸ™‚

    afternoon all. (well almost)

    KC…i spead read that last blog…cash came up in there, thought it was you. Thats what i get for whizzing by!

    LDG… desert dwellers..sounds like a scifi movie!

    doggies…hiya, and thats all we can do, pray.

    We get 70’s for this weekend! YEAH! I actually shut off the heat this am, and opened the windows!

  38. @doggies

    “β€˜kyoujin’ translation, please?” ~ Oh, my regrets… didn’t explain that. It means “huge person; a giant” and is the common name for the yomiuri toukyou jaiantsu (The Yomiuri Group Tokyo Giants) professional baseball team.

    …which by the way was the team that H. Matsui, the World Series MVP this year, played for in his years in Japan.


    My commiserations about the Fort Hood attacks.



    ((laughs)) Funny you should mention that, because it does, doesn’t it? I’ll mention you thought of that the next time I talk to an old friend who was a Special Effects guy on the “Tremors” movies…

  39. That poor guy LDG…they should have gave it up after the first one. The rest were lame! *LOL*
    But dont tell him that!

  40. @Patty

    heh, he knows… he knows…

  41. oh, speaking of that, on directtv
    my 2nd fav channel is now called syfy
    WTH is that??? some punk just dont get it!

    there, i feel better! *LOL*

  42. Hi all,
    Busy doing errands today and soon will take a walk. Am very sad about the FT. Hood murders. Horrible thing to happen.

  43. @doggies, and All

    You were looking for a way to help about the Ft. Hood attack recovery, yes?

    Here’s one way how to help:

    SOLDIERS’ ANGELS STANDING BY FOR FT. HOOD– Collecting cards and NEW stuffed animals for the families and children of the fallen/wounded heroes. Please send cards and stuffed animals/blankets/anything NEW that may brighten the life of a child to:

    Soldiers’ Angels Warehouse
    4408 PanAm Expressway
    San Antonio, TX 78218

    WE WILL FOCUS on the HOLIDAY OUTREACH as a major push.

    hat-tip to the great folks at Blackfive for getting the word out.

  44. Hey Adam:

    How is the Santa Fe trail doing?
    I saw Robert Shaffer posted on your FB- I will never forget the posts on your old news blog when you were in Ireland and the one where he puked after having dinner with those guys in Iraq- (embedding)

    Imagine that~ I would remember the most disgusting post! πŸ˜€
    Don’t forget to send him the U2 video!

    THANKS for the address- will see what I can do! As you know, you know where I spend my extras– Maggi had a garage sale to round up moolah for her shelter and I cleaned out many of my closets as well as my garage and loaded my car up and took to her plus paying the intake fees to 4 Paws for the cats I brought in. *I also gave Maggi a check for $100.00 for the meds she needs.

    But I think I can do stuffed animals~ just go to the local ROSS store and find a few…

    Fort Hood incident– I don’t know how to take this as the red flags were all around him– I saw before his shootings he was giving away his property including the Book of Koran–

    Maybe more notice will be noticed in the future~ as this man surely had some issues!

  45. Patty—

    desert dwellers is SCIFI– we look like a bunch of burnt out lizards inhabiting the desert! πŸ˜€ (skin looks like this)


  47. OOPS–

    That went through– trapeze act- (topic)

    Batman Forever has a great trapeze act– saw it on the tele last night~ forgot about the movie and I watched it– Gotham Circus! πŸ˜€

  48. doggies all over Says:

    LDG, thank you for spreading the global culture! *Sigh* Now to work on the pronunciations! LOL
    And thank you, too, for giving the way to help @ Fort Hood. I just can’t imagine what they’re going through right now. I will get those in the mail on Monday.
    Patty, I, too, had noticed the new ‘syfy’ tag. How silly. Does everything have to be dumbed down? I guess so.
    Taking Mr Max to the groomer, today,and then going shopping while I wait for him to get all spiffy. (I’m not very interesting this morning).
    Hugs to all!

  49. Adam Housley Says:

    Doggies….LDG is Alway spreading some sort of new info. He would have been a great Pepperdine instructor when I was there and would have taken his class. AN D LDG…I am not getting any feeds from the Japanese series, so feel free to keep me updated!

    Susan, figures you would remember the gross part.

    Patty….I don’t get some of these cable name changes.


  50. KC–

    When you come back from your week-end honeymoon, here is an article I found about tai chi– don’t you do this on Tuesday mornings?

    @ Adam– πŸ˜€

  51. I see Joe Francis (Girls Gone Loca) got one year’s probabtion– I remember when Greta covered his story when he sat in the Vegas jail-

  52. Two movies I want to see- Scrooge and Pirate Radio-

  53. @Adam Housley

    re: Japan Pro Baseball Series

    Here’s the place to look for general reports:

    h ttp://
    (link disabled)

    Game 5 was pretty darn good… I’ll see if I can find video of it with English commentary… hmm. Anyway, we played Game 6 today and…

    …so you can see how that came out.


    Thank you for the kind words. They are muchly appreciated.

  54. @Susan

    Hi there and great to see you here! Thank you so much for your concern about *everything*. I worry you do too much, but you are a fine judge of that so I’ll just say “Bravo!”.


    Heh, most welcome. Trying to teach pronunciation in text is a bit of an art, but if you want me to try sometime, I will. Fortunately Japanese has really simple pronunciation.

    Thank you for sending aid as well. Even a nice card “To Any Soldier and his Family” helps.

  55. –test post–

  56. never mind. all good now.

  57. Thank you for the info about sending stuff to Tx.

    Susan, ldg is right, you do SO much!

    Sad day here, (those with facebook already know) the only cat that we actually got attached to, got run over on the highway 😦
    All of our crittiers are farm critters, they hang out outside.
    There is a tom cat that goes back and forth from our neighbors house to here. Dont even know what house he really belongs at. My guess is that Kevin followed him to get a “piece of the action”. I hope at least, he was on his way home πŸ™‚

    hes the black and white one in here.

    If I had ever taken classes from LDG, he’d have thrown me out! haha

  58. Oh and Adam, my smart@ss post at FB on a pic..your welcome to delete it! You’ll know which one i mean! πŸ™‚

  59. Patty,
    You make a smart@ss comment??? Never! You don’t have a tude! LOL

  60. Patty–

    that totally sucks– your kitty- I am sooooooooooooooo sad!!!!
    and I made it to the vet, 20 minutes late- I sure hope I didn’t get another ticket- there was a mobile radar on the side of the road and I was going ten over- (how many miles over is one allowed?) and I now see the SYFY- I hadn’t noticed the change until you pointed it out!

    LDG– I had to buy birthday presents for a birthday party I went to earlier and I did pick up two stuffed animals which I will send out on Monday- and not too far away is Texas- I asked for the address on the Afghanistan FB to send a carepackage earlier today- I hope it is a US address-
    And Maggi, in Florida visiting her parents, texted me today to tell me they obtained the dollar amount they needed from the garage sale- Yay!!!! 4 Paws called me this morning so next week out goes the trap for a new cat to be rescued- three legged kitty is doing fine- got his teeth cleaned too- (I didn’t tell you Patty because my cat stories get old, but I rescued a three legged kitty a couple weeks ago and took him to 4 Paws)
    And back to LDG– Donald Trump never emailed me back! πŸ™„

    Did anyone see that George Bush and his lovely wife went to Fort Hood (secretly) to console the soldiers? Isn’t that awesome? I did wipe tears– not to bash Obama but he should have done this- he can go to concerts, nothing wrong with that, but he should have gone to Fort Hood- or has he?

    Adam~ LDG is a great teacher but imagine taking one of this tests? Lord!! his trivia questions were sooooooooooo hard!!!!

    And Patty– again– Kevin and Maru aka Cat in the Hat are together right now— so this makes me happy….

    out of breath here– πŸ˜€

  61. crap– I shouldn’t have looked at Kevin’s pictures– I am so bummed out!!!! who is the white cat? did you know many white cats are deaf?
    I am soooooooooooooo bummed out– hugs to you!

  62. LDG–

    did you watch Red Wings and Maple Leafs? I am going to the stadium Tuesday to buy tickets for two upcoming hockey games- going to let Ken pick out the games as it is part of his birthday present–


  63. Susan,
    I know you are an animal lover as much as I am. I hate to see any animal hurt or killed. I especially hate to see anyone lose their beloved pet. All your work to save strays or abandoned animals is commendable. And I too feel very bad for Patty losing her cat.

  64. When we were visiting Michelle and Michael we put together a big care package to send to their brother-in-law serving in Iraq. The UPS store in Scottsdale charged us $90 to box and ship the package to an APO address in the northeast then on to Iraq. Does anyone know if that was normal or were we overcharged? Just wondering.

  65. susan…white cats deaf? really?
    oh, and thats whitey πŸ™‚
    Mr pats cat (kindasorta)
    but probably my new lap buddy…he was so lonely today he clung to me like glue.
    ya know, i didnt know it at the time. but when i went out on the front porch this am at 2, whitey and the grey tiger (runt) were right out by the butterlfy bushes…1/2 way to the road from the front porch. they came running….thought it was odd they werent tucked in some where for the night.
    guess they were trying to tell me something 😦
    oh well thats done.
    on to the next drama. we seem to have our share.

    sylvia, smart@ss?…ya, that be me! *LOL*

    wow, that shipping was dang expensive 😦 surely that cant be right!
    not very many can afford to ship care packages at that rate.

    I think its a terrible tradegy if Ob didnt go to Ft Hood!!! Those are HIS men and women dammit!
    Now if he went, thats fine, secret is good and understood. But they really should tell us after the fact. Just cause.
    The thought of him not going makes me very very angry.

    And who would have guessed tha tthe Bush’s would be there.(sacasm)

    They always had thier hearts in the right place. Just shows whos the bigger man!

  66. Patty,
    I agree with you about the Bushes. Class act.

    The $90 included the carton. Bargain! I just hope the package gets to Iraq. UPS said it would take at least 2 weeks. I assume the military ships it from the APO address on the east coast. I doubt UPS goes to Iraq. I know Delta doesn’t. LOL

  67. *LOL* sylvia.

  68. Good Night All. My college football team is on TV and making me nervous. They are undefeated and I am worried they are screwing up! They still lead but not by enough.

  69. We have a bday party tomorrow, so if im not around, dont send a possee(sp?) Our grandson Zander turns 3…amazing!

  70. @Patty

    Sad to hear of the fate of your kitty. You have my sympathy.

    …oh, and had you actually been one of my students you probably would have either hated me or had a blast. I tended to pick out those students intent on proving they are better than me and giving them a chance to prove it. Some of them did. It was the ones who simply didn’t want to be there that I graciously held the door open for… which worked out better for all involved.


    Yay for you, yay for Blistered Whiskers and 4 Paws. Jobs all well done.

    President Obama has penciled in a Ft Hood visit for next Tuesday, presuming he doesn’t have anything else to do. We’ll see.

    I did not see ‘Leafs vs. Red Wings. Sounds like it was fun, though.


    Re: mailing a box to an APO

    Unless you were mailing a ton of stuff… literally… you got overcharged. Here’s an example of a USPS Flat Rate Box that can go to APO’s and Embassies.

    ((hopes that really long link works))

    @Patty, again

    Susan is right about white cats, esp. ones that retain their blue eye color into adulthood, having near-certain neurological deficits… deaf; often nearly blind; spasms… a whole lot of bad comes from that.

    Your remaining kitties will certainly miss their colony-mate, and if they heard him die (sounds like they did) they will be very very upset and need lots of love and care. Would that I could help…

  71. LDG,
    Thank you for the info. I don’t think the postal service boxes are large enough. We did send alot of stuff ( not tons) so maybe that is why the price was so high. We had a wish list and tried to get almost everything on the list. That way he can share with the troops he commands. We got stuff at Costco so things were in larger quantities or multiples.

    I wish I could take a class with you. I could learn so much. Unlike my friend Patty, I loved school but I always knew I could get away with some wise ass remark with certain teachers. I never could resist humor and got away with it because my grades were high. Of course there were a few teachers (very few) who had no sense of humor and I tried very hard to keep my mouth shut. Man….was that hard!!!

  72. @Sylvia

    Most welcome. I’m *certain* the troops will greatly appreciate the effort.

    And thank you, (thanks to All; I’m most flattered) I wish there was a way to do a seminar with folks sometime. Maybe someday a way will come.

    Heh, I know what you mean about teachers like that. When I was a student, I didn’t quite have that degree of restraint… but fortunately it was rarely a problem.

  73. Heeeeeyy
    I graduated HS with a 4.0!!!

    be back later to catch up!

  74. Morning–

    how is Patty? yes, your cats were missing their girlfriend– I had to go through this too with Tama- he was in a closet for a week and in the garage meowing away at the carrier– it broke my heart– but now he is too busy hating my new one- Chammy, the Siamese, whom I have decided to keep as he was definitely a project– turning a feral cat into a gentle, domesticated cat… and we sleep together with his head nestled on my side!!! too cute!

    Sylvia, Patty, and LDG– I SURE do appreciate the support because at 8:00 am this morning I had an argument with Bible thumping Dorothy, across the street, about my animals…. She started her chara about me spending money on the animals to which I reminded her they are part of the kingdom and she came up with a lame argument about this and blah and blah!!!! I was sooooooooooooo pissed off at her thinking. I also reminded her I don’t limit myself to animals, I also help humans! (I think what the underlying thought is she wants me to go to her services she has there at home Sundays, where only one person comes, to give her tithings! She always invites me but I don’t go because I don’t believe in her version of her Godly ways! LOL) Plus, I give her delinquent grandson odd jobs to do here with pay to keep him busy… maybe she should do this too? Anyhow, do I care what she thinks? NOPE!!

    Pelosi is probably dancing today– and I just read how a new idea is in the makes- ASPIRE ACT– (giving each baby $500.00 and the indigent more– …. now encourage everyone to have mass births so they can get moolah!)

    Sylvia– wow– you did get ripped off!!! What you did though is way nice!

    LDG– Penciled in? πŸ˜€ Means he can erase it!! πŸ˜€

    I pulled a Sylvia last night– I fell asleep early but I did get up to do insulin, snack, lock up, etc… so my energy is up today!!! maybe clean?

    Patty– have fun at the party– the one I went to yesterday was fun but man there were a lot of people and children there!!! We only stayed for a short while as Ken was tired and so was I~

  75. I can’t find Patty’s smart @ss comments on Adam’s FB–

  76. doggies all over Says:

    Good morning.
    Patty, so so sorry about Kevin Kitty. There are never any words to make it better. Sympathies, Patty. He was just beautiful-oops-typo. I meant handsome, of course.
    LDG, I think I’ll just monitor the classes and enjoy the friendship. That way I won’t have to worry about a grade-how’s that? LOL
    And it’s true about white cats, just as it’s true about Calicos. Life is strange, just as Mother Nature intended.
    I’m off to look for the perfect stuffed animals. Thanks again for the information.
    Adam’s right. I always learn something when I’m here.

  77. Susan,
    Look at the picture of Adam sitting by himself in a stadium.

  78. The Bearcats, Buckeyes, and Bengals all won this weekend. A good football weekend for us.

  79. ‘Morning all.

    Hope all are well!

    Susan, you just always make me smile!!!

    Ldg, this white kitty has orange eyes, so maybe she will escape the hearing deficit. (from what i read)

    Did you all see the email warning going around for all Males..about a email with embedded pics of a naked nancy pelosi?
    Dont open it, she really is naked!


  80. patty—

    hugs again–

    and i haven’t received the horror email yet~

    LDG– taking ken to the gym in a few minutes and then headed to mail the stuffed animals- thanks again!

    Sylvia– thanks — need to check out the comment! (cardinals aren’t doing too shabby)

  81. Adam Housley Says:

    MY POST from yesterday did not show. HMMMMM.

    Anyway, the 49ers can’t stop anyone on 3rd down.

    New thread.


  82. “MY POST from yesterday did not show. HMMMMM.”


    the beast bites the master.

  83. I think I saw that movie on the syfy channel– The Beast Bites the Master…

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