Black Eyed Peas w/ Slash – Sweet Child O’ Mine – live Rose Bowl, October 25, 2009

It was great to see this at the concert. It sounded much better in person, but still cool to see it on YouTube!


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  1. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning all

    Well, I listened to the video you have here – I must say – Iam way TO OLD for this music. It is like putting tin foil on a filling! ! ! ! (laughing).
    Where is Alan Jackson or Willie Nelson – LOL Even Johnny Cocker or Hiatt would be more pleasing to the ear. Just saying

  2. Alright Adam……….let’s have a “Battle of the Bands”. KC, this will feel like pulling the filling out……….with a pocket knife.

  3. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Not to bad – loved the drums! ! ! That kid needs to put some clothes on as he looks pretty gross (laughing)

    No one can do this song like Eric Clapton (Cream) however

  4. Adam Housley Says:


    You are going old school! And John….I am going as Slash for Halloween! Seriously! LOL

    Oh where, Oh where has Susan gone?



  5. KC…………You just brought a tough competitor to the Battle of the Bands. “Slowhand” is definitely one of the top 5 all time great rock guitarists ever, IMO. Allow me to post your entry for you………I figured you may prefer this over “Cocaine”…………then again, you are a California girl. LOL

  6. Adam–

    I was just checking out your FB– I haven’t been on in days- busy but not your kind of busy-

    U2 concert was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    John- I love Knocking on Heaven’s Door in all versions- starting from Bob Dylan to Guns…

    Joe Satriani is another great guitar player—

    I could go on and on– I love most music–

    I can’t wait to see Adam as Slash– no Elvis this year?

    Hi KC!!!

    There is a theater here- Dodge Theater where one can see many of the older groups at a very reasonable price- now that the weather is nicer, I like going to Cricket Pavillion- outdoors- For Ken’s birthday he gets a hockey game and a concert- these are his passions– LOL

    As for Halloween, my daughter is coming over and we go trick and treating- We go as the traditional witches and this requires no work on my part! LOL (the candy goes to the Adapted Gym)

    Adam- did you bring me back a magnet from your travels? You ignored my request on FB, I saw when I first posted it before you left- 🙄

  7. BTW–

    The top earner amongst the deceased is not MJ or Elvis- Yves Saint Laurent… ( I am sure you JUST had to know) 😀

    Adam saw This Is It, MJ– He said it was good– I have heard that from several others-

    Adam: Did you wear your I Heart MJ t-shirt KT sent to you when you were covering him 24/7? 😀

  8. Just got back from a week in Scottsdale visiting Michelle and Michael. Had a wonderful time. Didn’t get much time for the computer.

  9. Hi everybody…
    Can’t add to the battle of the bands as I was never a fan of hard rock.

    Susan… sounds like you will have fun on Halloween and, it will take alot of work, remember I have met you and know what you look like.

    Sylvia.. am glad that you had a good trip. It is always good to spend time with family, even if you have to travel a long way to do it.

    Next Friday we are headed to see Steve’s mom and celebrate her 87th birthday. It will be the first since his dad died earlier this year, so we are glad that we will be on vacation and can spend the week there and not just a day or two.

    Have a great weekend everybody.

  10. Here’s a preview of Adam’s “Slash” Halloween costume. OK, so it still needs a little work. But……….do you notice the resemblance? And how about that family name, Addams. Is he really going to be Slash, or just another member of “Adam’s Family”????

    My costume will the same as years past. I strip down to the buff, tie a big old Idaho spud around my private parts and there you have it……………..I’m a dictator.

    Have a fun (and scary) Halloween everyone…………

  11. John,
    Post a picture of your costume! LOL.

    Happy Halloween Everyone. Going to be a chilly one here. Temp dropped from 80 to 47 overnight. Still raining this morning but should dry up later.

  12. Adam,
    Post your Slash costume here for all to see!

  13. I am with Sylvia… that is a great picture that needs to be seen by all!!! 🙂

    And John, your costume sounds interesting but I am not sure that I would like to see a picture of it!

  14. If this link posts, Here’s Adam as Slash………

  15. ((wave; smile))

    Hope All are well, you had a fun weekend, and that John wasn’t arrested…



  16. doggies all over Says:

    John, shouldn’t that be an Idaho STUD instead of SPUD?
    Hi, guys! Very glad to be back amongst you all.
    We got an excellent report from Morris f/u. < .1. It has to stay less than .2 for us to stay out of the woods. Dr did say, however, that this turned out to be a very aggressive form of prostate cancer, so instead of seeing him in 6 months, we go back in January. We said, "No problem." He said he likes to keep up w/all his patients, and learns something from every one of them. Major kudos to him for that!
    I need to join in w/ya'll on F/B. I'm thinkin' Adam needs a lib or two on there, just for show, if nothing else. Think he'll have me?
    See ya'll later. Hugs.
    Idaho dic-tators! Omg, John. C'mon. LOL!

  17. Cheryl,
    Hope Morris continues to do well.
    I’m sure Adam would welcome you to his FB page. You are the nicest lib I’ve ever met.

  18. Adam Housley Says:

    Glad everyone is showing up on the blog again. I am getting everything integrated so that I can post all over. Would rather have a conversation here than on facebook tho! Seriously, more private here! LOL

    Slash picture coming soon…also new post. AND….where did Max and Susan go??????

  19. See how you are Adam, hiding us behind the curtain! *LOL*
    Dont blame ya………

  20. cheryljones Says:

    Aww, Sylvia! What a wonderful thing to say. *Blushing* You’re going to ruin my rep!
    So OK, if it’s better here, I’ll stay put ‘behind the curtain.’ But then not near as much opportunity to cause a little havoc, LOL.
    Hmm…or do you think Adam’s just saying this to keep his F/B nice and tidy?

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