California’s Poaching Problem

Our video system in New York went down, so we grabbed Lt. Jeff Longwell for a live interview to give us the latest info about yet another tough situation here in California.


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  1. Adam Housley Says:


    Left you a comment on the previous thread.


  2. @Adam Housley

    Thank you kindly, sir. This topic looks to be a good one as well, and it is great to hear you may have found SocalSurfer. This sort of report (FishandFeathers) is right up his alley.

    Bet it is nice to be back to “Man of Action” reporting, rather than another celebrity funeral story…

  3. Who is SocalSurfer?

  4. @Sylvia

    Socal is an old hand from our good host’s days at Onthescene ‘blogs… the FOXNews ‘blog before Liveshots. He (Socal) is very tuned in to California matters and had a lot of information for us all about the situation for Game Wardens there.

  5. Thanks LDG.

  6. Adam Housley Says:

    You guys have to follow the liveshots blog tomorrow (Friday) and also my twitter feed, which can be seen here on the main page of this blog in the upper right side. I am riding with the ride to recovery folks….basically wounded warriors. We are pedaling from Solvang to Ventura. Wish me luck! I will post pics and Video also!

  7. @Adam Housley

    Good luck on the ride, and thank you for doing that.

  8. Anything to help our military is a good thing. These brave men and women deserve all our support.

  9. LDG,
    Any comments about the president winning the peace prize? Reminds me of Carter!

  10. @Sylvia

    forgive the link, please, but here would be the comment:

  11. LDG,
    Carter, Gore, Obama….Larry, Curly, and Moe!

  12. @Sylvia

    hehhehheh… silly.

    Just remember: Larry, Curly and Moe were only *playing* Stooges.

  13. So how did Obama celebrate the day that he was given the Nobel Peace prize for his quest of ever lasting peace?

    He tried to blow up the moon, that’s how.

    On subject ( I know, I know……..that’s two threads in a row I’ve done this. I don’t know what’s wrong with me either ) here’s a website from the Humane Society that ties in with Adam’s report and gives some advice on how you can help in the state you live in.

  14. Sylvia and LDG…pretty funny!

  15. Sylvia…………. Here’s an exclusive coverage of a recent White House dinner with ” Carter, Gore and Obama “……….and remember, you’ll only see this on Fox.

  16. John…..ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. John,
    Thank you for that humor!. Hilarious.

  18. Adam Housley Says:


    Who was the correspondent covering this story? LOL!!


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