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Black Eyed Peas w/ Slash – Sweet Child O’ Mine – live Rose Bowl, October 25, 2009

It was great to see this at the concert. It sounded much better in person, but still cool to see it on YouTube!


In London

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I haven’t had the chance to make it across the pond in more than a year, so what better reason than for a wedding. My buddy Joe from Sky News is tying the knot and I have come to town for the big occasion. Max, where are you? Here are my first pics.

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Ride to Recovery

So where have I been the last two days you ask? Check this out and you will see. Also, take a lok at the Twitter feed.

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California’s Poaching Problem

Our video system in New York went down, so we grabbed Lt. Jeff Longwell for a live interview to give us the latest info about yet another tough situation here in California.

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‘Mobile and Flexible’

This is one of our first reports of the day. Very cool to be back on board the USS Milius!