ABC’s John Stossel coming to FBN

This is a John Stossel report that represents his strong journalistic values….and he is now coming to FBN!


4 Responses to “”

  1. John Stossel is a great addition to FBN. When does he start?
    BTW, ER’s are over crowded now and will only get worse if this administration passes the health care bill as it is written now. We will become Canada.

  2. If we have to become anything at all, I’d rather be like Mexico……..They have all the drugs one desires, readily available anytime of the day for a very competitive price. They have a wonderfull open border policy with their neighbors ( no official ID required ). They shun those laws that interfere with their way of life and they promote self governing when it comes to settling domestic disputes.
    Of course there is another reason…………….. ( )

  3. Those are great reasons to be like Mexico if you like to “party”.

  4. Adam Housley Says:


    You are officially….CRAZY! Now….continuing with your sarcasm….if everything is going so well down south, then why is everyone coming here?! LOL

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