‘Ring of Fire’

This is one of our many lives the last few days on fire coverage.


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  1. Amazing video. Keep safe Adam and crew. Looks like you are in for a very busy day.

  2. Hi K2. Long time no see! How are you?

  3. I agree with K2, that is amazing video. I am not sure that I would want to stay with that headed toward me. Although I can understand that they want to be there to “protect” there property. Not sure how much they can do to help and still stay out of the way.

  4. Having survived the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire in 1977 (May 28) I don’t ever want to be around fire again. When told to evacuate the club we followed instructions immediately while others waited too long. It saved our lives by minutes. Being seated close enough to an exit hallway and knowing where to go kept us from being trampled to death.
    BTW……165 people died that night.
    And as an aside to John….we took our cocktails with us when we ran out of the building! The fire shot through the roof just as we reached the outside and I needed that drink!

  5. Hi Sylvia. I have been so busy. We have never had so much company in one summer! That, and completing a couple home improvement projects. We redid a bathroom -by replacing the counter tops, sinks, faucets, mirrors, lights and painting. We are do-it-yourselfers so, it took longer than if we had a professional do the work. We have a one week break before the next round of visitors. Then a couple week break, another round of visitors, then off to North Carolina for a wedding!

    How have you been? Did i see somewhere that your daughter is visiting?

  6. K2,
    Michelle and her dog Jasmine are here for a few days. We are really enjoying the visit.
    Hope your home improvement projects go well. You must be exhausted from all the company too.

  7. 🙂 Hiya.
    Adam, have you cooled off yet?

    I have a really silly question or 2, why do they continue to allow these people to rebuild where they KNOW its going to burn?
    We have a thing here called a flood plain, (enter sarcasm) you dont get to build there, period.
    and, why do they not do perscribed burns to beat this to its punch? Those burns keep the grounds healthy, more managable, better for the animals and silly humans in the long run.
    Everything seems so backward out there when it comes to being caretakers of the ground.

  8. Oh and John, re your fatlady…*LMAO*

  9. Good news today…. I have been mildly looking for a job for a while and last Sunday there was an ad in the paper for a new baby Store that was opening up here. So I went in today and applied and they called back and said that I was hired. YEA! They do a 90 day part time temp, and if they like you they hire you full time. The first couple of weeks is getting the store stocked and training, then the opening. I spent many years in Customer Service so instead of getting people on airplanes I will sell them baby stuff. I am out of my comfort zone in retail, but feel that it will not be all that different than the airport, customer service wise that is.

    Bad news.. Panthers lose again. Hope the regular season is better than pre season… the surprise of the pre season is that the Lions are winning, who would have thunk it.

  10. Barb, Congrats on the new job. As for football…the Bengals won also but the real season will be a challenge. Remember, the Lions can only get better…they can’t do worse than last year!

  11. Good Morning all….

    Barb, Congrats. Since you worked in Customer Service, you will have no problems in retail. Your people sills will serve you well.

    Patty, The answer to your second question……. environmentalists. I don’t believe there are any restrictions on building near the mountains. Just higher fire insurance premiums.

    Sylvia, Are you still enjoying company? I have a few more days until the next guests arrive. Need to get busy cleaning, but am very busy procrastinating!

  12. Hi Karen,
    Our daughter goes back to Scottsdale tomorrow morning. Then I’ll be busy cleaning and doing laundry.

  13. doggies all over Says:

    Hello to everyone, and we are home.
    Morris’ surgery was about 5 1/2 hours long, and the dr said it went well. A little more involved than they’d anticipated, but he feels sure that the margins are clear, and as you all know, that’s the main thing.
    Methodist Hospital in Houston is absolutely the best. I told one nurse they do everything for you but volunteer for the surgery. LOL
    We’ve been home about an hour, and now I need to take our little Jimmy to the vet-can you believe this? But it’s Friday afternoon before the Monday holiday, and he’s developed a very bad ear infection. Nothing else to do but to bite the bullet and go.
    I’ll try to catch up later. Thank you, all of you, for your kind words of encouragement and your prayers.

  14. Cheryl,
    I am SO happy it went well. Been thinking about you and Morris and hoping for the best.

  15. doggies all over Says:

    Thank you, Sylvia. Some of the stress is gone, anyway. Now we wait for the path results, but are anticipating good news there, too.
    Now trying to get back into the routine.

  16. Does the routine include blogging?

  17. Adam Housley Says:

    HAppy Saturday everyone. Wow….what a busy week!! Fires and then Jackson. Catching up, doing laundry and just plain relaxing! How is everyone??


  18. Adam,
    Are you sure MJ is finally buried? LOL

  19. Good Morning all,
    Enjoying a quiet weekend (and working in a few chores).
    The weather has been absolutely beautiful. In the upper 70’s, low humidity and NO winds. As my FIL would always say, ‘another fine day in paradise’.

  20. @All

    ((waves and smiles))

    Heh, our good host gets a day off… a little recovery time is a good thing.

    Getting by, here. Not the easiest of times but things will be right soon enough.

    At least there are no wildfires here… I think…

    My congrats to Barb about the new job, and it sounds like Sylvia and K2 are having fun with guests. We’ll be having a guest this coming week as well. Yay!

    FYI @ All : SusanAZ lost the fight to save one of her kitties this weekend. If there is a way to send her your sympathies, please do so.



    Best of news on your husband, and may all your family’s medical matters come out well.

  21. LDG,
    Good to hear from you. Hope things are OK with you. Keep us informed on how it’s going in your part of the world.

  22. Hi LDG, Hope things smooth out for you soon. Thanks for the info on Susan. Enjoy your upcoming company. We always have a good time when we have visitors.

  23. Susan,
    Sorry about the loss of the kitty. Losing a pet is really difficult.

  24. Karen,
    I love company but am exhausted when they leave.

  25. doggies all over Says:

    LOL, Sylvia, I hope blogging is in my future!
    LDG, I thank you so much for your kind words. They do help. And I so hope your rough patch smooths out and it’s clear sailing ahead.
    Susan, So sorry about your kitty baby. Sometimes all we do just isn’t enough, no matter how much we want it to be.
    Morris is really doing well. He’s only taken 1-2 pain pills/day since we got home, and says even then it’s not excruciating.
    Hope everyone’s Monday is the beginning of a good week. I’ll see you then.

  26. @LDG—

    I just saw what you did! now I know why I got my very nice emails from Sylvia and K2–

    TO Sylvia and K2— THANK YOU!

    To my very best friend, LDG, who would totally understand what I went though as he did too with a couple of his… you know, I fought this to the end…. When I thought enough was enough, I changed my mind– my bud, Maru, aka Cat in the Hat, I tried to save… and there is a big void here in my home… I feel like death has been here~

    Tuesday he is being buried in my backyard– as he sits in my vet’s refrigerator presently as I was not sure whether to have him cremated or just bury him– He is being buried in my backyard Tuesday.. as my vet is closed tomorrow, Labor Day… I am going to pick him up Tuesday, with a cooler and ice, and he will be buried here Tuesday– so if any of you are not doing anything Tuesday, say a prayer for my very beloved animal… The time is not relevant…..

    @LDG— xxxxxxxxx

  27. @ doggies—

    this is about all I can say for you!

    xxxxx and my hands folded in prayer for you

  28. as for MJ’s burial–

    I saw a bit, not much…. he is a icon? pathetic drug abuser who manipulated those to enable him? and Di Vinci is sharing with him through art with the masoleum? spelling?

    May he is be in peace~ as it was probably needed!

  29. @LDG

    (((( waves and sends a bunch of kisses))))

  30. oops– May he be in peace… @10:14

  31. Hi All,

    Susan, sure hope you are doing better each day. Will say a prayer tomorrow for Maru.

    Doggies, so glad to hear Morris is doing so well. Wishes for a speedy recovery.

  32. Our e-mail isn’t working so I may have to send smoke signals to everyone instead! LOl. I notified Cincinnati Bell and they said they have complaints from others too. That’s nice to know!

  33. doggies all over Says:

    Thank you, Susan and Karen 2 for your nice thoughts and it’s nice to have a caring site to blog.
    Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day. It lived up to its name around here, for sure-never notice what the spouse does until he/she doesn’t do it!
    Please read the following article about Swine Flu. It’s not what you’ve been told:
    This came to me from a friend, an retired teacher of advanced placement classes who has a master’s degree.

  34. doggies all over Says:

    Sylvia, I’d be very interested in what your hubby doc has to say, too, if he’s inclined to share w/us.
    ***And of course the above link is not intended to substitute for your own physician’s advice.***
    There-that should cover the caveats, lol.
    I do think the article brings up some valid points. ‘Way back, I had to quit using any contact lens solution that contained Thimerosol, so I was really interested. Now, of course, they’ve quit putting that in as an ingredient, because so many people were adversely affected.

  35. Doggies,
    thanks for the article……I heard the vaccine did NOT include thimerasol (sp?). Interesting.

    was not planning on getting the flu shot or swine flu shot…….
    last time i got the flu shot, i got sick!

  36. Answers to Flu questions….
    Larry said if you are working in a place that can be a hotbed for flu (hospital, school) he feels you should take the vaccine. If your immune system is surpressed by all means take the flu shot. However, if you’ve had an adverse reaction after taken the flu shot aside from a mild case of the flu, don’t take it . As for mercury, if it is in the vaccine it is probably an insignificant amout. Likely less than eating seafood and I wouldn’t quit eating fish.

  37. doggies all over Says:

    Thank Larry for all of us! If you ever have an electrical question, I’ll reciprocate and ask Morris for you.
    Have a blogger friend whose granddaughter, age 7, just got out of the hospital with this H1N1-evidently it progressed pretty rapidly into pneumonia. Bless her little heart-I’m glad she’s so much better.
    And have another blogger friend whose son has just come down w/it. Young adult.
    One’s in Alabama, one’s in Georgia. You carpetbaggers might want to stay north of the Mason-Dixon line for a while!

  38. doggies all over Says:


  39. doggies all over Says:

    Why is it that pushing “submit” immediately makes me see what I said in my post should have been said differently?
    NOT “you carpetbaggers” but in general only…
    “Carpetbaggers may not want to venture south of the Mason-Dixon line for a while…”
    omg-am I banned?
    *Hangs head and going to the naughty mat”.

  40. Speaking of “carpets”, I need to vacuum mine. So I will now become a carpet “sweeper” instead of a “bagger”.

  41. Wish I had a magic carpet! LOL

  42. doggies all over Says:

    Wish I had a magic sweeper! I think my naughty mat needs it. (I’ve been spending a lot of time on it lately).
    Thanks, Sylvia. You made me smile instead of grimace!
    Now-I’m about to hit ‘submit’ again. Reading this over, and I think this one’s OK. Geez.
    Adam, can we have a little trash can, please, for our ‘oopsies’? Or at least for me to hide in? 😉

  43. Adam Housley Says:

    New Post on Hijacking!! I am twittering from the chair as I talk with officials. You can comment on that thread!


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