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Penalizing College Sports

Here is our report that went out to all the Fox affiliates in the country and also was featured on



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P1000175Based in ‘Tinsel Town’, we get our share of famous faces walking through the hallways of the LA bureau. From Actors to politicians, reality stars to bands, few cause a stir like the one caused today. Sure we have swimsuit models and the single guys or girls (depending on the models gender of course) take notice, but this star has a following that brought a number of us downstairs to the LA studio. He weighs in at only a few pounds and sports a nice and quite familiar shade of blue. My mom might even argue that next to my immediate family, he was one of the few figures I recognized at an age where I could barely walk. Funny thing is, those standing with me now downstairs cover about 13 years from one end of the age spectrum to another. Whether we watched TV in the bell-bottom 70’s or were initially glued to the tube during Bush 41, most kids in this country know … ‘THE Cookie Monster’.P1000172

As the rumor he was in the building filtered around the newsroom, the buzz of excitement barely could be kept in. Did he actually have cookies with him and were they good? Like many in LA did have an entourage and was a certain 7-foot bird along for the ride? So many questions. Chocolate Chip is his choice and now we know oatmeal is his second. BUT … this trip wasn’t just to talk flat-baked treats, THE ‘Cookie Monster’ was here talking healthy eating and specifically eggs as part of a balanced diet. It seems America’s egg farmers are partnering with Sesame Street on their 40th anniversary to donate eggs helping fight hunger. Called ‘The Good Egg Project’, for every American who signs the pledge to eat good every day, the farmers will donate an egg to the food bank up to 1-million white ones. Not bad. And Cookie Monster reminds us … after a balanced meal, there is nothing wrong with throwing down a chocolate chip one! Which make me think right about now … “Me want cookie!”, “Me eat cookie!” They better be soft!

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Chardonnay Harvest 2009

This is where I have been the last few days. Away from the computer and enjoying the harvest season.

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ABC’s John Stossel coming to FBN

This is a John Stossel report that represents his strong journalistic values….and he is now coming to FBN!


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Watch the tweet to the right of the main page and then comment here!

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‘Ring of Fire’

This is one of our many lives the last few days on fire coverage.