It seems like yesterday. I used to remember my grandparents tell me this as we walked around the Napa Town and Country fair with my mom and dad. The smell of fried food, the call of hawkers and the latest invention. Of course there’s the rides and games, but nothing compares too the 4H barns and animals lounging in the shade. I remember being so excited for the fair each summer and while I no longer get to enjoy it with my grandparents, I love watching my niece and nephew with their parents and mine. In this case, on this day, I get to watch others while gnawing on a fried twinkie! Here is our report!
Live at the San Mateo County Fair


19 Responses to “LIVE AT THE FAIR!”

  1. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Fried Twinkie – YUMMMMMMMMMM
    What else are you having that is good and nourishing??? (big grin)

  2. so that is what is done now for the teenagers to come in– text and video competition! that is a pretty good idea to get their attention but I still like the old fashion way– rides and more rides– when I was not so apprehensive on getting on them–

    did you end up riding the ferris wheel?

    I never had a fried twinkie– So when one eats one, one gnaws? πŸ˜€

    looks like you were having fun~

  3. scratch the ferris wheel question- twitter says you did~

  4. Good Morning All.
    Hope Adam didn’t get stuck on the ferris wheel!

  5. doggiesallover Says:

    Aw, makes me look forward to our South Texas State Fair, which for all my life was in October every year. Now it’s in the spring, not during hurricane season since it had to be canceled twice in 4 years.
    They changed the venue to the county about 10 miles away.
    *Sigh* Nothing ever stays the same.
    But we could never ever have a fair in the summer. Instead of roasted peanuts and fried twinkies, it would be, “Get ’em while they’re hot, right here-red hot fair goers on a stick!” LOL

  6. doggiesallover Says:

    OK, there’s definitely a glitch in the system today. I tried to post w/a website in the space just like Barb did, and mine wouldn’t take, either.

    Our nation has become a neighborhood. Sylvia emailed me last night-she’d heard about our tornado and wanted to make sure we were OK.
    Thank heavens, we are fine.
    The national link above states that the tornado skipped over our Walmart, but in the local link shows the extensive damage to it.
    Unbelievably, there were no critical injuries or deaths.
    (I can only remember about 5 tornadoes in this area in my whole life.)
    Thank you again, Sylvia. Not only do you make me laugh, you make me smile.

  7. doggiesallover Says:

    2 links is a sign of spam? There’s a post from me awaiting moderation… 😦

  8. It may sit there for awhile…at least until Adam clears it.

  9. Cheryl,
    The internet has brought people together from all over the world. It’s amazing to see the friendships created due to modern technology.

  10. doggiesallover Says:

    Good-he got to it. Thanks, Adam.
    I know. And it makes what used to be colloquialisms not! lol I don’t think anyone but Greta sounds regional any more. πŸ™‚
    Did you see where she said she ‘might’ have an accent, but she didn’t know about midwest? I thought that was cute. I’ve always been asked where I’m from because I don’t sound ‘south’n.’ I tell people I have relatives in the deep east Texas piney woods that are bright, wonderful, talented people, it’s just that I always want to put their speech on fast forward…now Californians? Them I want to s-l-o-w motion. πŸ˜‰

  11. cheryljones Says:

    Aww, just saw on Fox where Don Hewitt, father of “60 Minutes” has died. RIP. 1922-2009.

  12. Cheryl… glad that I am not the only one with the problem….was beginning to get a complex. πŸ™‚

    One of the things that I had in that post is this website…. B O’s Teleprompter. It is really funny… tongue in cheek.

    Adam… saw your report last night and that looked like you were having a great time at the fair.

  13. twitter says Adam is going to London?

  14. Maybe to see the Queen??? LOL

  15. I want to go too…. If he gets to Cambridge there is a Greek place that we used to eat that is really good. YUM!! Now I am wishing that I could go back.

  16. Never been to Europe. Maybe we should all go….keep Adam company!

  17. Sylvia…. works for me….

  18. Well, London is not his first time– he actually was there last year and had the pleasure of having coffee with Max– πŸ˜€ *the King πŸ˜€

    I would love to go to Europe– maybe Adam can set up a deal for his blog friends so we can all fly together? (And keep him company?)

    But do not fear Adam, I will leave you alone to do your own thing while Barb and et al go eat Greek food ~ Cambridge~

    Is that still there Barb?

  19. It probably is, I was last there in the summer of 2001 and it was still going strong. The name of it is the Gardenia and it is a hole in the wall, one room wide with 3 levels. Great food.

    Hope everyone is having a great week.

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