So, I got some time of and headed to the northeast! First stop Boston and then into Maine. My first time in Maine, even though I have lived two summers on the Cape. Now 42 states down and 8 more to go.


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  1. I’ve been to Boston and New Hampshire but not Maine.
    Enjoy your vacation Adam.

  2. Adam Housley Says:

    Thanks Sylvia!

  3. Say hi to Stephen King– doesn’t he live in Maine? 😀

    going to be there for your birthday?

    Is Wyoming one of the states you have not visited? well, now you will have a good reason to stop by and say hi to Max once he is there!

    Have a good time! beer summit!

  4. @LDG–

    i found Roman’s pictures he took of Tatiana before she was murdered- (Adam used one of his pictures for one of his entries)

  5. she sure was beautiful!!!

  6. @Susan

    Aren’t those just amazing? He took them, what, the day before the incident? Within the week for sure. Memories are where one can live forever, so in that way she’s still alive… but what a loss to the world…

    @Adam Housley

    Lucky you! Summer in that part of the world is a pretty darn good thing. If you get the chance, slip across the border and go out into the Maritimes if you can. Best time of the year to see that area too. Slip up to P.E.I. for a special treat.

    Have a great time!

  7. Adam… sounds like you had a good trip, I like the photos also. Maine is one of the states that I have just been across the border into and would love to go back and spend more than a day there. What are the 8 states that you have not been in?

  8. doggiesallover Says:

    I bet it’s cooler in Maine than it is here-wonder if it’s stormy and rainy there. I’ll have to check the weather. What’s the zip code for Maine? (ME)
    LOL-that reminds me of a cartoon I saw the other day-guy wearing one of those I (HEART) t-shirts. His friend says, “Just doesn’t work for MainE the way it does for NY, dude.”
    Everyone have a good day-I’ll check in later.

  9. Hi Cheryl.
    Going to be another hot, humid day here. Could get some t-storms later.

  10. cheryljones Says:

    Hi, Sylvia! Yeah, we’re under a 40% chance of t’storms here, too. Got the thunder yesterday, but no rain. Right now it’s 87, bright blue sky and partly cloudy. Humidity is probably about 70%. Heat index will be 105.
    LOL-Morris said the other day he sure was glad to see August get here-HUH?
    Said that just meant October was only a couple of months away.
    Smart aleck. 🙂

  11. I love summer but not the high humidity.

  12. Adam, enjoy the great state of Maine……….But be sure not to go skinny dippin’ in the Atlantic Ocean while you’re there. No, not because the water’s too cold, but because its home of Homarus americanus………the American lobster, also known as the Maine lobster. They may just mistake you for a Pacific Tube Worm…………….ouch.

  13. John,
    Your mind works in strange but funny ways!

  14. @LDG–

    She sure was beautiful and I so remember how upset I was- she was just given a mate so she could have babies– (Tony?) (the one in the one picture with the both of them?)

    Adam– celebrating your birthday there? two more days and you hit another one!! 😀

  15. John—


  16. Adam Housley Says:

    John. John. John. John.


    Loving my vacation everyone. I will put together a cool slideshow when I get the chance.



  17. doggiesallover Says:

    Glad you’re having a good time!

    Anyone heard from Max, lately? I haven’t seen him since he asked what time the earthquakes hit.

  18. Cheryl,
    Max is suppose to be in Toronto prior to going to Casper. I’ll let you know if I hear from him by e-mail or FB.

  19. doggiesallover Says:

    Thanks, Sylvia. I knew he was going, but I just figured he’d have a laptop w/him. Maybe he’s just too busy having fun. I hope so!

  20. Max posted on FB that he is in Canada. That’s all so far. I asked him how he was doing but no response yet.

  21. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    In case I miss you tomorrow – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AND MANY, MANY, MORE

    Have ya hit 40 yet????????????????

    Hubby and I celebrated our birthdays over the weekend and even tho we were not in Maine – we pigged out on lobster, crab, and shrimp – YUMOOOO – It was soooo good

  22. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    Hope all of you are doing well

  23. KC,

    Happy Birthday to you and hubby. Sounds like a great birthday celebration.

  24. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Thanks, we love having our birthdays 1 day apart. It makes celebrating so much fun.
    Went to the beach for several days as usual – actually wore sweats which was really nice compared to the weather we are having here. Still HOT HOT HOT. Can’t wait till fall when it cools down hopefully. Maybe this year we just might get some much needed rain.


  26. doggiesallover Says:

    Well, happy birthday from me, too! Hope your day is filled with fun!

  27. doggiesallover Says:

    KC, happy birthday to you and your hubby. Morris and I got married the day after my birthday, so it’s always a double whammy. I went back to work that next Monday and said, “Guess what I got for my birthday!” LOL

  28. *clearing my throat*
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to ADAM,
    Happy Birthday to yooooouuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

    Hi everyone!

    Happy belated Birthday KC and hubby!

  29. oh John….how funny you are!! I really think you missed your calling (whatever it is) because you should be doing stand up comedy on a stage!

  30. Wow, its been a whole year + since Susan did the terrific book of all of us. Doesnt seem possible. Where did the time go??

  31. Does that mean we’re all getting

  32. sylvia…just adam is!!! haha

  33. Happy Birthday “Old Man”……………here’s a video you may enjoy………….nothing to do with your birthday, the news or anything else for that matter, but it should put a smile on your face.

    If it doesn’t post, try clicking on my name. If that doesn’t work………….oh well, it was the thought that counts.

  34. @Adam Housley

    Happy Birthday, compadre. Am I mistaken, or do you share the same birthday with Christy Mathewson?


  35. Happy Birthday Adam– as sung in Mexico~

    Estas son las mañanitas, que cantaba el Rey David. Hoy por ser día de tu santo, te las cantamos a ti.

    Despierta mi bien despiertam mira que ya amaneció. Ya los pajaritos cantan. La luna ya se metió

    Que linda está la mañana en que vengo a saludarte. Venimos todos con gusto y placer a felicitarte.

    Ya viene amaneciendo. Ya la luz del día nos dio. Levántate de mañana. Mira que ya amaneció.

    @LDG– Adam gets to share the same birhtday with one of my favorites: Alfred Hitchcock~

    (KC– I believe he is just turning 37— and the sad part about this is by the time he turns our age, we may not be around) ….. LIFE IS SO SHORT AND IT GOES BY SO QUICKLY~ )

    Happy Birthday, dear Adam–

    Your friends,

    Susan, Ken, and all my animals~

  36. @John–

    that was cool– you swing by now and then to let Adam know you are around and I am so sure he totally thinks you are cool, even as demented as you, 😀 ….. Because I think you are~ 😀


  37. Patty–

    I still kept all the pictures in my puter-

    It is in one of my files and I go check it out now and then and think about our energy we had back then— and it makes me somewhat sad as I have seen some people just drop out for what we had back then but yet at the same time it makes me feel like I have kept the memories for what happened for that moment, which was good!

    I just took a camping trip to a place called Five Springs– so remote and so desolate– I had to have a break from just always being so concerned.

    I had my daughter stay here so she could carry on my rescue shelter so I could just have a break.

    I took two bottles of wine, a tent, a boom box, two coolers filled with food and insulin, and I drove to Five Springs, and set up a tent, first time at this, and put Ken and mine chairs out.. and said.. this is my time for not caring about anything….

    It was beautiful~~~ not a soul around for miles- and all you could hear were critters. I brought my dog and she was a happy animal.

    It was the best therapy I have had in years— just nothing around~ just music and my two bottles of wine which sedated me.

    We listened to all the good music from the 60’s, 70’s. 80’s, and moving into the 90’s— It was about feeling so free for such a short time—

    And I thought about how short life is and about death~ and how memories should be what goes with the dying~ so how these should give one when dying, a better relief!

    Life is so damn short– so while in it, make the best of it without taking guilt when it is done~

    Which is what I am working on right now! 😀

  38. OOPS— it should have read Seven Springs—–

    I drove to trail four and then went on a side road and hit the bumpy terrain for about two miles, parked, set up camp, and ….. it was magic after this~ just nothing~

    no worries- just the sky- the stillness, the solitude— and good music-
    what a wonderful get a away– and of course, coming back to my reality, home, well, it is here!

    Obama is still President and the news still seems to be what it was when I left for just one day…..

    And my rescue shelter still is running! 😀

  39. @LDG–

    Matty was born on August 12th– (Christy)
    (August 12, 1880 – October 7, 1925)

    Lineup for Yesterday
    M is for Matty,
    Who carried a charm
    In the form of an extra
    brain in his arm.


  40. @LDG—

    but thanks to you, I know who Christy Mattheson is now! Right handed pitcher in Major League~ also a career with the Giants~

    you just got the wrong birth date and I decided to go check it out and I know his name now–

    so once again, you have taught me something! 😀

    In 1936, Christy Mathewson was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame as one of the famous “First Five” inductees into the HOF, along with Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson and Honus Wagner. He was the only one of the five who didn’t live to see his induction….

  41. @Patty-

    your clearing your throat and singing the happy birhtday…. I could hear it from here–

    it was wonderful!!!!

  42. @LDG—

    I should have said~ wrong birth-day instead of birth-date—

    It doesn’t matter– LOL


  43. and guess who else was born on August 13th?

    13-Aug 1888 John Logie Baird
    13-Aug 1895 Bert Lahr
    13-Aug 1899 Alfred Hitchcock
    13-Aug 1935 Rod Hull
    13-Aug 1927 Fidel Castro
    13-Aug 1933 Madhur Jaffrey
    13-Aug 1952 Marie Helvin
    13-Aug 1958 Feargal Sharkey
    13-Aug 1970 Alan Shearer

    (Fidel Castro!!!)

    this is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. @Susan

    Ah so… My mistake. Thought our good host’s Bday was the 12th. Silly me, I wasn’t paying attention.

    Thanks for the assist!

  45. Mrs. Carrie Says:

    Hey Adam!

    I could not get to my computer until now… 12 hours at work….

    I hope you had a good birthday!


  46. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    John – great video – loved the skittle commercial also

    Patty & dogies – thanks for the Birthday wishes – we had a great celebration as usual. Of course, we have a celebration every day around here. (grinning)

    LDG – howdy – have missed seeing your smiling face here lately

    Max- Have you arrived in Casper yet to start college??? Can’t wait to hear of your experiences and experiments with food!!

    Susan – welcome back – glad to hear you had a peaceful time even tho it was soooo short. Your explanation of the peace and solitude is exactly how we feel every time we go to the cottage at the beach. So quiet, all you hear are the waves breaking and see the sun setting. Very relaxing indeed.

    Mrs. Carrie – wow – have not heard from you in ages. How’s it going???

  47. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Hope you had a great birthday and hope you are still in Maine and not headed back to cover the big fire we are having right now in the Santa Cruz mountains.

    1000 homes threatened and 2000 people told to leave.

    Tis the season again – unfortunately

  48. Hey KC—

    and a happy belated birthday to you and hubby– And yes, time out was too short~ but I was soooooooooo worried about my pets– and my daughter was so happy for me to get back as I left her two pages of instructions on just cat care~ LOL (She even said to me when I came back how she would go crazy with my particulars– bond with the Siamese at night- make sure the mist comes on around noon– make sure all water is fresh and blah and blah! She said I am OC when it comes to animals!) and yikes again to the fire– we had one going too by Prescott-

    @LDG– NO, THANK YOU! You are always teaching me something~ even if it is just a detail–

    and I get a birthday too– next week– send black! 😀

  49. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes – your’s is next (big smile). I bet Danielle did go crazy with your list of to do’s. She probably was so nervous as to forget something. I bet she was glad when you got home. Will she do it again???

    Wishing all a great weekend – Talk to you all Monday

  50. Mrs. Carrie Says:

    Hey KC!

    all is well, thanks! I’m not online as much anymore now that I have internet on my phone… and now I’m working 50-60 hours a week so really not online much. I don’t so much have to work so much, but I want to return to Mexico sooo badly! that’s why I’m working to make as much as I can and maybe someday my honey will say lets go! I hope you had a good birthday as well!

    Susan, I know your birthday… I remember because its the day before mine! 🙂

    Saludos a todos!

  51. KC–

    I hope you are having a fun week-end– and a safe one~
    LOL– about Danielle- I paid her so she would do it again if there is time in her schedule… I would love to do more of these road trips- it was great–( I had received an email about an old friend of mine who was also my neighbor where I lived years ago and apparently she had died in her sleep– she was up in her 80’s and I felt so guitly as I had told myself a thousand times to stop and visit her when in Phoenix– and I didn’t– so I decided to take off because I was saddened by news and angry at myself– Now you know the story!! )

    Carrie– Check out Mexico before you go– the drug cartels are really at it-I guess it would depend where you go– my daughter was just there a few weeks ago and my sister-in-law just got back– I saw just recently the bloodshed they created in Veracruz=-

    and there are a few Leos in this group– I will remember your birthday now too!!! and send you birthday abrazos!

  52. Where is everyone? The weekend is over. Time to check in!

  53. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Morning Sylvia and everyone else

    Don’t know about anyone else – but boy – this weekend just flew by. Can’t believe it is Monday already.

  54. KC,
    This summer is flying by.

  55. Adam Housley Says:

    Sylvia….summer is lying by!!!!
    KC, Carrie and of course SUSAN…..LOL…….Happy belated and early Birthday’s!!
    vacation is great, but now catching up. Live on tuesday at the fair. I will post some stuff on here tomorrow!

    Hope you guys are well and I plan on getting back to blogging better. 🙂


  56. @Adam—

    You are a nice guy~ You have no obligation to even recognize us, but somehow you fit us in, whether it be through a rush comment and include some names! Your mind just must swirl as to remember everyone you know!

    Like I have said before, many a time, you are a good guy.

    BTW– your bud, Hugo is at it again– wailing about US bases in Colombia, doing more trade with Argentina, to cut off Colombia.. and Eva Golinger is side by side with him, defending his buy of weapons… as I saw on her blog with an interview she posted from youtube

    (La Novia de Venezuela as Hugo calls her)

    Obama is supposed to be by that area around and about August 28th~
    I hope the Arizona sun did not fry his mind so he is sharp!


  57. Susan,
    Let’s hope the Arizona sun didn’t fry his teleprompter. That’s more important than his mind.

  58. doggiesallover Says:

    Sylvia, Sylvia, Sylvia-LOL! You are bad to the bone. You make me laugh!
    Hope everyone has a good day.

  59. Cheryl,
    Glad I could provide a laugh. Hope your day is good also.

  60. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes – much appreciated

    Morning everyone

  61. Hi KC,
    How are things in your part of the world?

  62. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Hot, Hot and Hot around here – At least we are down to 102 everyday, but it sure does get old. Looking forward to fall, cooler weather, air conditioner OFF and windows open.

    That was funny about the teleprompter – wonder if he uses one when he is at home – talking to his family every day – (big grin)

  63. Hi everyone.

    Wow, work has just been crazy busy.
    Its nuts!
    I think I need a vacation, but that wont happen, so I wont even wish.

    Susan, your get away sounds great!! Glad you were able to do that.

    Adam, what ya doin at the fair?
    Our county fair was 2 weeks ago.
    Since they use our truck sheds, the flies are all that are left and they are knocking each other out to get to my a/c’d office! *LOL*

  64. I haven’t been to the county fair in many years. Never been to the state fair.

  65. Ive only gone to the state fair once, many years ago. Way too many people, just not my thing.

    The ocunty one here, I dont mind. Since you know everyone, makes a difference. We are always in the parade with the donor group.

  66. Barb is having trouble posting here and I wonder if anyone can figure out why.

  67. oops, that should read….. *county one here

  68. Sylvia, I dont know how to help barb. Sorry 😦

  69. Sylvia–

    that was REALLY funny, the teleprompter comment-

    ditto to the too many people at the State Fair– I like the concerts they have at the fairs and that is about it– It is hard to go to crowded places because of Ken- people don’t seem to notice he has a weak gait — we went to a grand opening for a restaurant a few weeks ago- the girl who works there gave us tickets to go to this event and eat for free- all family and friends were invited and the place was packed and people were basically shoving into Ken- it totally pissed me off- and I did say something- like pay attention to what is around you- 😀 (they were so eager to get to the free food!) – and we left because it was not worth the trouble~

    HI KC– ditto to looking forward to cooler weather- at least my grass is green again- I have been watering it big time- Water bill is high but I went on the equalizer plan for the electric- so now I only pay 107.00 each month instead of the close to 300.00 during summer months- take from Peter to give to Paul- 😀 (we live in a small house and the electric bill is too high for the size of this house- doesn’t help that the living room, kitchen , and dining room walls all face west!)

    that was funny about the flies, Patty!

    and a good day @ all– dentist day- cleaning~

  70. I am not sure what is wrong, but I have posted 3 times and it will not accept it…. soooo here we go again…

    Last weekend in FL at my niece’s wedding was great…It was an outdoor wedding in the morning, it was warm, but we had shade so it was not unbearable. Then Sat and Sun we spent with my brother, his wife and her sister’s and mother. It was great family time. Then the topper was on the way to the airport at sunrise we saw something launched from Cape Canaveral. Not sure what it was, but it was beautiful. Click on my name and there are pics of it and one of the family at the wedding.

    As busy as I have been with Steve’s family here and going to my family in FL, I am glad that I now back to normal, what ever that is,
    and can get things back in order the way that I want them.

    Sylvia.. I am with you, where did the summer go. Also have you seen the blog “Barack Obaba’s Teleprompter’s” I have read it several times, it is written tongue in cheek, and has been pretty funny. this is the address.

    I took out the website by my name, lets see if this works

  71. That must have been the problem

    This is the website for the space pics and one of my brother and his family and me and my family. Steve was on his way so he is not in the pic. Because he had to work till midnight Fridayand the wedding was at 1030am Saturday he got there after the reception, but was there for all the family time on Sat and Sun.

  72. Barb,
    Glad to see you back on again. What was the problem?

  73. I had to take out the website that I had under my name.

  74. Weren’t you able to post with a web site under your name before?

  75. Yup.. no clue why now it would not work this week.

  76. Adam Housley Says:


    I have no idea either. For this blog, unlike the Fox one, I get an e-mail when something is waiting for approval. Never got one and there is nothing in the cue! Damn North Koreans!
    Yep, at the fair. Not my hometown one, but still fun like any county fair in any county across this great nation. It is sooooo refreshing. Really.


  77. Adam,
    You need to tell us what junk food you are eating at the fair! That’s the best part.

  78. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Yep – you don’t even want to know what we pay for running the air conditioner at 68 degrees 24-7. We are lucky in that the only rooms we use that face west are the living room and we are only in there in the morning while having our coffee. All of the extra bedrooms are on the west, but we don’t use them. We make up for our high bills in the summer at winter time as we rarely use the heater. We just layer up and stay toasty.

  79. KC,
    We keep our air conditioner at 76 and our heat at 68 and our bills are still high.

  80. Mrs. Carrie Says:

    Adam and Susan,

    thank for the birthday wishes!!!

    Susan….. Happy Birthday!!!!!

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