The Quakes

250_30[1]So after a few days off and mostly away from my computer, as many of you have noticed, I am back in the office and was on the phone for much of the morning working on a couple of stories and then scaveging the web for any phone numbers in Baja Mexico. There were two large earthquakes in the middle of the Gulf of California. I spoke to a man in english in Ensenada and he had “not felt a thing” and to another man in spanish from a little village on the Gulf side and he too didn’t feel the quakes.


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  1. Any chance this will lead to the BIG quake?

  2. doggiesallover Says:

    I read the other day that parts of CA are having many more quakes than normal-like hundreds more of the little ones. The expert was quoted as saying they can’t predict the BIG one from this, but that it does give them pause. I think I like living in southeast Texas.
    Did ya’ll ( 🙂 ) see over the weekend where there was an earthquake in NC?
    News (Fox, of course) said it was definitely a rarity.
    And just noticed that I was logged in w/my name again, but I changed it before I posted. Curiouser and curiouser!

  3. doggiesallover Says:

    I just read the story about the earthquakes there in the Gulf of CA (Sea of Cortez)-reminded me of that horrible tsunami a few years ago. Immediately prior to that, there were freak waves in Hawaii-the surfers called it a ‘once in a lifetime’ event.
    Although I never read of a correlation, I just knew there had to be one! Too close together to be a coincidence.

  4. doggiesallover Says:

    I was glad to read they don’t predict one from this.

  5. Cheryl,
    I don’t believe in coincidences either.
    As for quakes, our daughter lived in the Palm Desert area for 2 years and hated the tremors.

  6. what was the local time when the quakes hit?

  7. Hi Max,
    I guess you’re busy getting ready for the big move.
    BTW, we had a tremor in Cincinnati many years ago and it was scary. I can’t imagine living with that on a regular basis.

  8. doggiesallover Says:

    Found this on CNN. (Sorry, Adam)
    “Two earthquakes hit within minutes of each other, just before 11 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (2 p.m. ET). A third one hit about 30 minutes later and a fourth 10 minutes after that.”

  9. Adam Housley Says:

    You heard it here first. MJ toxicology report is in. Not sure about when there wil be a presser.

  10. I bet the tox screen shows drugs…..enough to be lethal.

  11. Hi all.

    Like someone said at facebook about the MJ tox report….”it was food poisoning!”

    Well, the heat has found us back. We had such a wonderful reprieve for a few days. Turned the ac back on yesterday after a week of it being off. Dont know that I have ever left it off in July before!
    I had a great 3 day weekend with our grandson, he’s such a joy to have around!!
    Hope all are well here!

  12. btw Susan,
    Ms. Kevin is outside! All pets are outside at our house. 🙂

  13. We are having non stop rain all day with thunderstorms thrown in for entertainment. Yesterday was beautiful and today is the pits.

  14. We had lots of rain/wind during the night Sylvia. Today is just “hot”. Going to steam up another storm for tonight no doubt.

  15. Hi all, Did the earthquake hit the San Diego area? I thought that I heard that somewhere.

    Well I am finally home from the travels. Made it to Michigan, even after reading the departure time wrong. At 7:00 am I realized that my flight was at 7:55 not 855, I rushed to the airport and walked on the plane just as the door was closing. I had a wonderful time there, on the nostalgia tour and the reunion too. Coming home on Sunday was a day from, you know where. I got up at 2am and got to the airport at 445 for the 630am flight. As an employee standby passenger I am always thrilled when they give me a seat assignment. About 6 they gave me a seat assignment and then at 630 they said there was a delay for maintenance. It turned out they canceled the flight and so all those people were put on the other flights all day long. After not making any of the 6 flights out, I bought a employee ticket on another airline and got home at 1130pm. I got up Monday morning and headed to Charleston to join Steve’s family on vacation. We came home today after a great time in Charleston.

    The weather in Michigan was great, in the 70’s and a little rain. Here it is in the 90’s with humidity of over 100%, or it feels like it is. The heat feels oppressive.

  16. Welcome back Barb.
    The rain in Cincy finally stopped at 6:45 last night but the humidity is still extremely high. Fog this morning. The temps never got out of the 60’s yesterday. We could get more rain today and tomorrow. I don’t remember a summer as cool and wet as this. The grass has stayed green all summer, but the pool has had much less use. Win some, lose some.

  17. This is a test to see if the link will come up when you click on my name.
    This is the full text from the killer’s blog. I found it fascinating. I am so glad he left it, and so glad LE found it-I’m sure it will be analyzed and used for teaching.
    What a horrible horrible experience.

  18. doggiesallover Says:

    Wow. It worked! Thank you to whoever posted how to do that. Never thought I’d be using it, but I did remember.

  19. doggiesallover Says:

    …and another thing:
    Just what ARE those Russian submarines doing off of the Eastern seaboard? I know they’re in international waters, but that’s a long trip! For what?
    Still no official word about Michael Jackson’s toxicology results. Wonder why not…

  20. Good Morning All.

    Cheryl…..lots of questions but no answers.

    LDG….HELP!!!! What’s up with Russia?

  21. cheryljones Says:

    Hey-good call, Sylvia! LDG has been MIA for too long.
    Good morning, everyone.

  22. @Sylvia and doggies (Cheryl)

    Not MIA, but thanks for the concern. Just busy.

    “What’s up with Russia?” ~ I’ll presume you mean about the submarine patrols:

    not much. the only things noteworthy about the report of recent activity is that Ivan managed to get *two* attack submarines (that means naval warfare; they aren’t the ballistic missile type) out into the open Atlantic at once… rarely seen since the collapse of the Russian economy ~15 years ago… and that the current U.S. administration thought it was in any way a good idea to mention publicly what we can (and by inference can not) detect… not the brightest move if there were in fact three subs out there.

    But operational capabilities of the Russian Navy are still pretty low. If you’d like something to keep you awake at night, you might want to know that the P.R.Chinese can and do sortie more attack submarines in the Pacific than the Russian do these days.


    Be well and safe, All.

  23. cheryljones Says:

    Thanks, LDG! And very glad to know that the kitties’ daddy is OK. Don’t be a stranger, OK?

  24. LDG,
    Thank you for the info. Now I have to worry about the fact that our current administration is naive and the Chinese are even more dangerous than I ever realized.
    And I wish you a good day too!!!

  25. cheryljones Says:

    One more thing, LDG-where in the Pacific?

  26. @All

    Thank you again for the concern. Things will free up for me a bit mid-weekend, so I should have time to be around again from then. Heh, at least I didn’t have to travel on short notice this time…


    “where in the Pacific?” ~ regarding the P.R.Chinese, yes? Talking nuclear-powered or long range patrol submarines, yes?

    They run at least one “boomer” (ballistic missile submarine) out in the open water of the north Pacific as part of their nuclear deterrent; and then they run attack submarines in two major areas of interest: South Fleet covers the South China Sea, the approaches to Taiwan and the Philippines, and is the designated counterforce to go into the Indian Ocean were another Sino-Indo War to start; Middle and North Fleet(s) have the responsibility of patrolling approaches to Japan and the American bases there, the Guam-Hawaii-San Diego sea corridor, and providing some presence in the North Pacific to watch for Russian (Vladivostok) or U.S. (Puget Sound; Alaska) activities. Note that both AO’s overlap around Taiwan, providing a much heavier presence on the Pacific side of that landmass than anywhere else.

    The PRC (their navy is called the PLAN, btw) also has scads of smaller short range coastal submarines, which are used all the way up and down their Pacific coast, but you won’t see them very far from home.

    How’s that for an answer?

  27. Also Off-Topic @All

    Remember the pond scum who got their “friend” and Tatiana (SF Zoo tiger) killed?,2933,537720,00.html?test=latestnews

    busted for stupid in public, several counts.

  28. LDG,
    Justice in strange ways!

  29. @Sylvia

    Beg to differ there. this isn’t “justice”. This is simply *another* arrest for those two career petty criminals. They’ve got a rap sheet of length already (each).

    Justice, hypothetically, would be the two of them killed in the commision of a crime by the property owner in defense… because that is exactly what Tatiana was attempting and I so dislike seeing a good job unfinished.

  30. LDG,
    If they have lengthy rap sheets why aren’t their butts in jail?

  31. California is a catch and release state for crimes commited as minors, crimes of no violent result, and crimes committed while in the possesion of an expensive lawyer who gets a big cut of the settlement forced on the SF Zoo under CA’s 100% liability for keeping dangerous animals, in a city where the City Council itself is virulently anti-Zoo.

    They’d need 2 felonies and then anything else to get 3-Striked into a lengthy jail term. Anything else is measured in weeks unless it is a major felony.

  32. sorry; that last is @ Sylvia re her question

  33. @LDG–

    they won over 900K? this so makes me angry- your post @ 10:08– so, so, so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you weren’t around when i went to the wildlife zoo here and did a tribute to Tatiana and Carlos– new year’s day– i will have to find the link and email you the pictures– or just send you a couple of the pictures in which these two were mentioned with my posters i created in their memory- it was a fun day and i had spectators wondering what i was doing with my posters- i was so distraught upon hearing of Tatiana’s so not deserved death– and now you brought back that awful feeling i had back then–

    and thanks for posting the link but i am with you on the post of 10:08– this would be justice–

    obviously these two have not learned anything– except making money off two tragic deaths because of their stupidity and cocky behavior~

  34. @Susan

    I can’t remember for certain, but I think the US$900k number was the total settlement including the death gratutity to the family of the deceased. Of course, any such sum comes before court fees and the lawyer’s cut… Our good host here would know the details far better, though.

    re: “you weren’t around…” Hah. So thinks you. I read every thread posted on Onthescene while Adam Housley was up at S.F. Zoo on this story. I just did not comment, as I had nothing to contribute (my sources were at the Zoo and at the S.F.P.D., and those reports were already covered). I certainly saw your pictures of your tribute at the Wildlife Zoo, and remember them.

    Righty-oh. It is long since daybreak here. “See” you All on the ‘morrow!
    ((departs for now))

  35. Adam Housley Says:


    HMMMMM. In regards to the tiger attack, which I cannot believe was a year and a half ago, they did get $900,000 in total. Funny how things come back around. I wonder if more is coming their way. Whether you believe in God, Allah, a Divine being, or just a tree, it always seems to come back to get you. Sometimes it seems like it takes too long to get those who deserve it, but they get it.


  36. @Adam Housley

    Thank you kindly. BTW, you did a heck of a job on that story. It was one of a couple ones you did that caught my attention, back then.

    re: “Sometimes it seems like it takes too long to get those who deserve it, but they get it.” ~ yeah, pretty much. Takes a bit of arranging sometimes, though.

    ‘course, the flip side of that is tha one that doesn’t always come in during their lives, eh? …lots of people out there doing good who have little more than “the reward of heaven” come of it. But IMO, presuming one posseses a functional moral compass, that does suffice.

  37. Happy Birthday “Old Man”……………here’s a video you may enjoy………….nothing to do with your birthday, the news or anything else for that matter, but it should put a smile on your face.

    If it doesn’t post, try clicking on my name. If that doesn’t work………….oh well, it was the thought that counts.

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