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FBI ART THEFT TEAM VIDEOHere is a behind the scenes look at the FBI Art Theft team. Special Agent Chris Calarco giving us a look at a painting that sold for about $5,000.

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America’s Affordable Pastime

Our first live report from Banner Island Ballpark!

Minor League Baseball….still a BIG hit.

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Hit hard by a tough economy, small town America, like Stockton California, finds release in a pastime long known for enduring America’s ups and downs. Attendance at minor league baseball parks is once again up. Around the country people are not taking the big trips this summer, so staying close to home and watching the local team provided a mini vacation, at the fraction of the cost.
For example, Rich Handel has lived in Stockton, California for all of his life and he say’s everyone here has felt the economic pinch.
“I have a house for sale, that isn’t moving. Wish it would. So I can come here and forget about it…at least for a couple of hours.”
Forgetting the economic downturn in Stockton these days is tough to do. Foreclosures are second highest in the country, an economic drag for people like Donna Barlow. Out of work for a year, Barolw’s trip to watch the Stockton Ports minor league baseball team is a perfect break for her and her family. “We have fun and yell and scream and cheer on the people who do have jobs and those are the ball players ((laughs))”
Minor league baseball is all about being family oriented, fun and affordable. On average, on a night like tonight, a family of four will spend less than $50 on a game like this…and it’s good baseball. Between these two teams alone 6 players who played here last year are already in the big leagues.
The new stadiums also are being used by small cities and towns across the country as part of a larger revitalization project. Here in Stockton the stadium has been joined by a new events center, marina, rebuilt downtown waterfront and movie complex. Even in an economic tough time, minor league baseball brings several thousand people downtown to stadiums like this about 70 nights or so a year, not a bad way to energize and provide a new hit for hometown folks.

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‘Cooler’ Carnivals

Here is the now infamous Ferris Wheel Live shot!


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It seems like yesterday. I used to remember my grandparents tell me this as we walked around the Napa Town and Country fair with my mom and dad. The smell of fried food, the call of hawkers and the latest invention. Of course there’s the rides and games, but nothing compares too the 4H barns and animals lounging in the shade. I remember being so excited for the fair each summer and while I no longer get to enjoy it with my grandparents, I love watching my niece and nephew with their parents and mine. In this case, on this day, I get to watch others while gnawing on a fried twinkie! Here is our report!
Live at the San Mateo County Fair


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So, I got some time of and headed to the northeast! First stop Boston and then into Maine. My first time in Maine, even though I have lived two summers on the Cape. Now 42 states down and 8 more to go.