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WEDNESDAY UPDATE: One of our sources has told me for a couple of days that he does believe the release of the toxicology report will come next week. Having said that, anything can happen, so we remain prepared to cover the release when it is anounced. This all comes as we also prepare for the court battle coming Monday over custody of the Jackson children and control of his will. I have just been e-mailed this statement from the Special Administrators listed in the 2002 Jackson will, who are preparing for that courtroom battle on Monday. Since being appointed by the Probate Court as Special Administrators of the Estate of Michael Jackson, John Branca and John McClain, who were specifically designated by Michael Jackson in his will to be executors of his Estate, have been focused on preserving Michael’s legacy and carrying out his wishes. According to two of my sources from different offices involved in this search…..They insist, this is NOT a raid. A raid “is when we go in with guns, knock down doors and arrest people.” He continues, “This is serving a search warrant as part of an intense ongoing investigation.”
The Special Administrators have and will continue to provide timely information to Mrs. Jackson’s counsel regarding potential business opportunities for the Estate. Any inference that we have not been forthcoming in providing information to Katherine Jackson’s attorneys is not accurate.
There is one agreement being requested by Mrs. Jackson’s attorneys where the other party to the contract has agreed to provide the document to Mrs. Jackson and her attorneys but requested that the terms be kept confidential and not be shared with third parties. Mrs. Jackson’s lawyers have refused that offer.
Based on comments made on The Today Show by one of Mrs. Jackson’s attorneys it appears that they want to rewrite Michael’s will to make Mrs. Jackson “Guardian of the Estate” and have her appointed as an Executor and Trustee of Michael Jackson’s Estate.
In his will Michael was very specific that his mother act as the Guardian of his children and that Mr. Branca and Mr. McClain be the Executors of his Will and Trustees of his Trust.

The reason why the raid is taking place in Las Vegas today and not last week is due to complications with obtaining a search warrant on Dr. Murray’s home. As one tells me “Justice is sometimes slow and there is a strict protocol and method we have to follow. This is not a totalitarian state and we have to absolutely respect the right of someone being investigated like Dr. Murray.”
6 Agencies are taking part (state, Fed and local). This is very similar to last weeks search warrant in Houston. It is under seal, initiated by Las Vegas Police and led by LAPD. The investigators are looking for documents and records. They are building a very detailed case and much of this stuff can’t easily be destroyed without obvious.
The DEA is taking part in this investigation NOT due to a possible manslaughter investigation. They are strictly looking at Doctor Murray and his connection to the drugs involved in this case and possibly others.
Remember, last week we reported there might be more searches of locations connected to Dr. Murray.
I am also told: Investigators DO NOT feel that Dr. Murray is a flight risk. As of right now, they don’t expect to arrest him any time soon, but that could always change on short notice. They suggest this investigation closely resembles the Anna Nicole investigation, which took months to wrap up.
I am also told, “prosecuting a person in a case like this is extremely difficult and some prosecutors would argue almost impossible. It is so hard to prove.”


39 Responses to “Jackson Investigation Latest”

  1. Adam,
    I think this MJ saga is going to last as long as Anna Nicole’s. There are people who want to get rich off him, people who want to exploit his kids (if they are really his kids), and you have an enabler with an MD degree. Same story, different names.
    And the beat goes on…and on…and on!

  2. and given the time inbetween, I am sure Dr. Murray has had plenty of time to get rid of much evidence as I sure as heck would not be hanging on to anything knowing someone might be coming knocking on my door with a search warrant—- and what is with those ladies who went to the storage a few hours before Michael’s annnounced death and took out boxes? I think Michael was already in slumber land WAY before the 911 call came in–

    I sure hope this time around, these eager doctors to make some good money and are so willing writing prescriptions have learned their lesson as it appears after ANS and a few other celebrities dying, they didn’t pick up the message– YOU DON’T FILL OUT MEGA PRESCRIPTIONS JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE A CELEBRITY!!!!

    Whether Dr. Murray gets prosecuted or not– he is sunk– his good name, if he had one, is now tarnished– all for $$$$$$$$$$? All that schooling just got flushed down the toilet and this is punishment in itself–

    But bottom line, MJ was the cause to his own demise– he was addicted to everything under the sun and he is to blame for his own death– he just had help- because these people could be bought- He is a tragedy as he had so many issues– dad and image~ but he was a great entertainer at one point in his life–

    and may all the scumbags who enabled him rot!

  3. He was a great entertainer. So was Janis Joplin. So were many others who died too young due to drugs. They were responsible for their own behavior, but the enablers shoulder some of the blame. Especially the ones getting rich off of the drugs. Now the father of MJ wants to send his “kids” on tour to make money off of them. The brothers of MJ want to go back on tour to make money off of the Jackson name. The doctor in charge of keeping MJ well enough to tour was getting paid to keep him “happy”. It is a sick story. Greed is a dirty word and unfortunately it best describes the whole cast of characters.

  4. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Well said Ladies

    howdy everyone – (waving)

  5. doggiesallover Says:

    Brings to my mind the old cynical saying “Everyone has their price.”

    Unfortunately, sometimes those on a one-way road to self-destruction meet those who enable them to do so.
    And the list just gets longer…

  6. doggiesallover Says:

    Hi, KC. Long time no see. You OK?

  7. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Hi doggies

    Yep, OK here, just busy and hot, hot, hot.
    Had a sore throat for a few days, so it hurt to talk (grinning)
    Veggie garden is going crazy, so I am walking up and down the street giving everyone veggies.
    Trying to sell our house next door – been in escrow since June 22nd. Suspose to fund today and record tomorrow – so we will see. What a hassle.
    Other than that, been great – LOL
    How is your hubby doing????

  8. doggiesallover Says:

    KC, he’s good. Keeping busy, which is also good. We should be hearing from the dr in Houston any day now. I’m getting antsier-he takes things more in stride than I do. *Sigh*
    Sure wish I lived up or down your street, LOL.
    Good luck w/the closing. And you’re right-they’re always a hassle. You might want to consider something very cold and not good for you when it’s over. Just sayin…

  9. Cheryl,
    What is cold and not good for you? LOL

  10. doggiesallover Says:

    Oh. It must be that prickly pear ice cream! Sure wasn’t good for me, anyway. LOL
    Do you have prickly pears in Ohio?

  11. Cheryl,
    I don’t know what that is.

  12. doggiesallover Says:

    Well, you could ask Montana. She lives with them.
    It’s a cactus! Broad thick leaves, and hairy little bristles all over it! In the spring, it produces a beautiful flower, which leaves behind a hard red ball. I guess in someone’s imagination, it reminded them of a pear. Definitely prickly! You can’t get anywhere near them without getting them all over you. Trust me. I know this.
    And yet wild burros eat the things!
    So ice cream made out of prickly pears-had to try it! And it was very very good-but not with the cheese/ketchup/onion chili. Trust me. I know this, too. LOL! What a trip!
    What? You don’t eat cacti in Ohio? πŸ™‚

  13. Sylvia…. check out the link on my name and it is 2 pictures of prickly pear cactus in bloom. I took them last year when we moved daughter 2 to Vegas. When I was a kid we went to visit my great aunt in Tucson and I fell in love with these, I never did see it in bloom till last year.

    I will be off line till next Monday night. I am headed to Michigan tomorrow morning for my 40th High School Reunion. That means that I graduated when I was 5. LOL

    Talk to you all next week, and will post a few pictures.

  14. Thanks for the info Cheryl and Barb. I wasn’t thinking cactus. Guess that’s why I didn’t know what it was.

    Have a fun, safe trip Barb. I haven’t attended high school reunions since the 25th. I still live in the city I grew up in and went to a very large high school. We had the smallest senior class…520. The class after mine had about 750. I decided not to attend any more reunions because the people who were snobbish in high school were still the same way 25 years later. I cross paths with many of them throughout the year and some of them barely say hello. My best friend from high school died in 2002. My other close friends from back then have all moved away and don’t return for reunions.
    BTW…..I was the class of 64 and that makes me VERY old. Of course I too was only 5 when I graduated from high school!
    Have a safe trip.

  15. doggiesallover Says:

    Hooray for Barb! I wanted to do that, didn’t know how.
    And I don’t go to my reunions any more, either, Just seems that my ‘group’ is never there. Graduated in ’68 w/about 700, and if I remember correctly (hmm…) we had like 15 sets of twins. Sylvia, so sorry about your friend.
    Barb, hope you have a great time. Those were the good old days. I did NOT want to graduate!

  16. I loved high school too. Those were fun days. Yes, I did work hard to make good grades but I also found time for fun, fun, fun.

  17. MJ: lt looks like Catherine will keep the children with Rowe having visitation rights– yay for the children staying with Catherine–

    Now the beer summit meeting today!

    Hope your sore throat is gone KC– usually when I start with a sore throat, I end up with a cold– send me some veggies! My yard is scorched– my rubber tree on the exterior is fried! it breaks my heart– I gave up trying to grow anything within the retainer wall I built– it was useless- grrr!

  18. Wish I could send some rain and cool weather (and humidity) to you. We are having a very cool, wet summer. Can’t even use the pool much.

  19. cool weather would be great!!!! I can’t wait to see what my water bill is going to be as I run a mister for several hours a day to keep the Siamese cool– oh well!!! I will make up for it in other ways– less laundry and less showers!! πŸ˜€

    I just got a phone call from someone I haven’t seen in over 40 years but we have been in touch just lately- He is coming to Phoenix for a business trip and he will stay over one night to have dinner– he is bringing a Venezuelan also– I told him to tell his friend to bring me a magnet with Chavez’s face on it so I can spit at it all day! πŸ˜€ (Chavez is at it again with Colombia- I just got an email from Carlos Gutierrez with a link on the latest) — Chavez freezing ties in Colombia as well as his new attempt at laws/media–

    I also received a link on Iran surfing the internet to hunt down online protestors — they are really going at it!

    @Adam– it was coca Chavez’s birthday a few days ago– did you forget to send him a birthday card as I did too? Oh darn!

  20. I just went on Gretawire after months of not being there– it is so changed as I was looking for the name of the book which has to do with Teddy Roosevelt as she interviewed the author a few nights ago– I saw a cute video of when Adam had lunch with Greta and crew– Adam– how much dessert did you eat? πŸ˜€

    I still can’t find the title to the book–

  21. Susan,
    The book is by Douglas Brinkley and it is called The Wilderness Warrior.

  22. Adam,
    So it seems you have a sweet tooth!. Greta lets out your secrets!

  23. Sylvia–

    that is it– thanks so much! I just ordered it– I read the first five pages on Amazon– I never realized he was so involved with wildlife and this is why I want to read the book– what an inspiration!

  24. *pulling back the curtain*



  25. Ok, sorry I just “disappeared”.
    Didnt really mean to make you wonder or worry, but have been in a terrible funk. Been some crappy stuff going on around here and am just tired of it.
    Just plain crabby I guess, not sure why, just am.
    Anyway, I’m back!
    Im sure I missed lots, you have to catch me up if it’s “important”! *L*

    I see there was a healthcare post.
    You don’t want me to even start!!
    Im not very healthy and I sure as the hell am not very wealthy, so Im just totally screwed if this thing ever has a chance of passing.

    Susan, remember when you mentioned the scifi movie Soylent Green?….thats my internal image of this healthcare crap.

    speaking of health…doggies….how’s hubby?

    I know your going to ask, might as well get this over with.
    Bear (baby coon) got killed 😦 by the blue eye dog, Ike.
    Ike inturn got killed, by the pissed off famer, Pat.
    In 33 years of marriage, I dont know that I have ever seen Pat so upset over both the coon, and having to put down the dog. (there were other prob’s with the dog, that we’ve been trying to overlook, it just all came to a head that day)
    Dont think less of Pat, he’s kicking himself enough and seriously wishing he could go back in time. But whats done, is done.

    We do have a new rescued cat…Pat found him in a grader ditch when they were working on the road, out in the middle of no where. He has the cutest markings. Gavin (grandson) named him Kevin. Not sure how Kevin feels about having female body parts…*LOL*
    Yes, Kevin is a girl kitty.

    Cynthia and Gavin moved to a much better appt. Im so thrilled that she is out of the trailer house where they were. Poor Gavin, had to give up his cat, Fatcat. They cant have him at the new place. It just so happened that my boss’s little girl’s cat had ran away. So i convinced him to try Fatcat at home. They love him and he’s been a perfect “gentleman”! Fatcat gets his name honestly…he weighs 20 lbs!!!! Gavin has to be heart broken tho, fatty was his confidant and best friend. I always hate seeing a pet taken from a kid. 😦
    Gavin will be here this weekend, hopefully we can go visit fatty.

    Ok, so there’s my re-introduction πŸ™‚
    Glad to be back!!

  26. oh ya, and “on topic”

    I dont give a rats @ss about the MJ saga.


  27. Welcome back Patty.
    Hope life gets better at your part of the world.

  28. Thanks Sylvia. It will. Its never as bad as we think. For example,
    Yesterday there was a 2 vehicle accident here, killed a 28 yr old. Injured 2 others, 1 is 19 and one is 24. All local kids and the fatality has 2 small children at home.
    So very sad.
    Its just tiring asking “why?” all the time. Even though we know there is no answer, we still ask in our own minds.
    And of course, those sort of days bring Kathy’s accident right back to the front and center of our lives. All we can do to get through it is to be so thankful that we had her while we did. And be so very thankful for the friends we have in person and on the other side of this screen!!! You ALL have gotten me through some really tough days, even if you didnt know it!!

  29. Patty,
    It’s nice to know that those of us who are behind the computers are of some help. Feel free to write here or e-mail whenever you need to talk.
    We all have our bad days and our worry days. None of us have a perfect life.

  30. Yikes Patty– my heart started to drop when I heard about the ‘coon’s death and then my heart hit bottom when I heard about Ike– and I stop here-

    Soylent Green– great story as I always argue about overpopulation depleting resources-

    I have been following the story of the 8 year old Liberian girl raped here by three young boys and she was shunned and disowned by her family- she is in CPS but this story has hit the nation and the cries for help and outrage to help and or adopt this girl has been numerous– (my point is thank God there are still some good people)

    I also watched a clip on the CNN hero last night- a man by the name of Brad Blauser, who worked in Iraq, and since 2005, his Wheelchairs for Iraqi Kids cause has distributed nealry 650 free pediatric wheelchairs to children in need– (these type of stories helps me deal with all the other ugly stuff) I recognized him on FB– Maybe you saw it over there-

    Kudos about Ms. Kevin– where is she going to live? In or out? I am assuming you will get her fixed? or Pat will have many grandchildren.. πŸ˜€
    Looking forward to seeing a picture of Ms. Kevin– My now gentle Siamese is getting a gazebo put up today for him– as well as his mist running all day, plus his cush lawn chair he likes to lie on at night– LDG helped pick a name out for him– Thai = Siam, so the Thai name is Chamraj– easy as it sounds gentle when I call him– Unfortunately, I can’t bring him in as he turns feral when he sees my two other cats– interesting, he gets along great with the dog– I can let the dog out now without having to go outside as they too tolerate one another to where they are only feet apart– so until I can find a good home and I mean good home as my screening is just so intense, I will give him as much comfort and love as I can as well as the upkeep on the shots et al! πŸ˜€ Maybe Ms. Kevin and Chamraj can be email friends? πŸ˜€

  31. as for the doctor~ MJ– he is 750K in debt and will be moreso now– maybe he will figure it out! KARMA BABY!!!

    I am not into the MJ saga– just the abuse of these doctors with their free handing out and the misuse or illegal use of meds– with no regard as to consequences… I was so into the ANS story as I wanted HK$ to go down so bad– I still dislike him— because it was so personal to me– I fought so hard for Ken’s well being because he was and is my friend and these a**holes for the love of money who call themselves friends enable a demise–

  32. and I think ANS was way dead before the 911 call came in as MJ too– ( COWARDS too! )

  33. Adam Housley Says:

    OK….you guys have gone off on a few extra things. Sci Fi????? Dang, mixed with the MJ saga. I am off to my class reunion. WOW…..time flies.


  34. Adam,
    Have fun!

  35. @Adam–

    wait a few more years and see how time really flies~ and you have a birthday coming up real pronto!!!

    have a good time!

  36. Adam,
    Have you recovered from the reunion….or are you still partying?

  37. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Relaxation is important for recharging the batteries.

  38. Weekend is over and time for everyone to come back on line. Good morning to those who are awake.

  39. Adam Housley Says:


    We had a fantastic time at the reunion and the weekend in the wine country was amazing as usual. Now back to work. Everyone else seems to have taken a vacation also. πŸ™‚
    New post!


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